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Higgs writes: "Rocky Anderson is always deferential to Occupy Wall Street when asked about the movement ... But for inspiration, the Justice Party candidate points to Tahrir Square, not Zucotti Park."

Rocky Anderson announces his run for the Presidency of the United States on the Justice Party ticket, 01/13/12. (photo: Reuters)
Rocky Anderson announces his run for the Presidency of the United States on the Justice Party ticket, 01/13/12. (photo: Reuters)

Rocky Anderson:  "Overthrow the Dictatorship of Money"

By Steven Higgs, CounterPunch

08 February 12


ocky Anderson is always deferential to Occupy Wall Street when asked about the movement, most recently in a Jan. 31 interview with the online environmental magazine Grist. Occupy has been a "very healthy thing in this country," and there’s an "enormous convergence" between its concerns and his. But for inspiration, the Justice Party candidate points to Tahrir Square, not Zucotti Park.

"One of the great inspirations for us was what we saw in much of the Arab world, where people were intent on overthrowing their nations’ dictators," he told Grist's special projects editor Greg Hanscom during a wide-ranging Q&A. "… They put their lives on the line, utilizing democratized means of communication through social networking and engaging in classic grassroots organizing — and they succeeded."

The same sort of populist, new-media-driven movement can succeed in this country, the former Democrat and Salt Lake City mayor said. The American people are disgusted with Congress, hold President Barack Obama in low regard and are ready for fundamental change. They understand that voting for Democrats and Republicans simply reaffirms a failed system and accomplishes little more than moving its players around.

"There really is a perfect storm in terms of the resonance that the idea of a major new political party has with the American people," he said.

And, Anderson argued, it won't require a billion dollars in special interest money to "overthrow the dictatorship of corrupt money in our government." His website says he is fighting corruption by not accepting campaign donations of more than $100.

"What the Justice Party and my campaign are about is to radically change that system so that we can eliminate the plutocracy — that is, government by the wealthy — and ensure instead that our government finally represents the public interest," he said.

To get money out of politics, the first priority in an Anderson presidency would be passing a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling.


Beyond the corrupting influence of money in governance, Anderson further burnished the antiwar, supergreen reputation he earned during two terms as mayor of Utah's capital city from 2000 to 2008. Ending the wars and taking the lead on climate change were next on his list.

"First and foremost, the wars," he said. "I would end them immediately. They have been devastating to this country and to the world. And they just feed into the corrupt military-industrial complex."

Obama, he noted, started and ended this year's State of the Union speech with a militaristic, cheerleading appeal, seemingly channeling George W. Bush. The president claimed that, through the tragic, wasteful and illegal war of aggression in Iraq, the U.S. is safer and more respected around the world.

"If the American people still buy that, after all the disclosures about the debacle of that war and the lies that led us into it, I really fear for this country," Anderson said.

As for combating the "most catastrophic consequences of the climate crisis," Obama had one "throwaway line" in the speech, which was one more than he had in the prior year's, he said.

While neither the Republican nor the Democratic parties have or will provide the "essential international leadership on climate change that’s required," Anderson said he has spent more than a dozen years working on climate issues. He has spoken all over the world, received the World Leadership Forum’s world leadership award and received the EPA’s environmental protection award.

"I reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 31 percent in three years in city operations when I was mayor, then took our successes and worked to communicate best practices and provide inspiration to mayors not only throughout United States, but many other countries," he said. "I co-founded, with Robert Redford, the Sundance Summit."

For three years, the summit brought together dozens of mayors to learn about climate change, energy policy and the role that cities have in addressing those issues, he said.

But the impact mayors and municipalities can have is limited, Anderson said. Their role in raising public awareness of climate change is vital. And they can adopt policies that save money, demonstrate they are good for everybody and help change national policies.

"We don’t have any time to lose," he said. "It’s absolutely vital that we have far more aggressive and honest leadership on the federal level, because for the long term, there is no more important issue for the United States and the international community to be addressing right now."


Anderson said he wasn't impressed with the rest of Obama's speech or his presidency. He was especially irked by his talk about the kind of country everyone wants, where everybody plays by the same set of rules.

"We have a two-tiered system of justice under this president and his predecessor that is unprecedented," he said.

Obama, Anderson said, has raised more money from Wall Street than any other candidate in history and hasn't prosecuted a single person for the financial fraud that helped lead to the economic meltdown, from which "these criminals" still benefit.

"That’s a very good return on investment for these Wall Street bankers," he said.

On jobs, Obama's speech and job performance have been pathetic, Anderson said. Getting done everything he says he wants to do wouldn’t come close to meeting the needs of the nation's working people.

"How does he, with a straight face, talk about getting jobs back to the U.S. without even mentioning free trade agreements and the need to significantly renegotiate those agreements to put them in better balance in terms of worker rights and environmental protections?" he asked.

The answers don’t even have to be creative, Anderson said. Obama can hearken back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration programs. He could put people to work rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure – bringing every one of its buildings over 30 years old up to LEED certified standards, for example.

"He’d be hiring hundreds of thousands of people, putting them to work, reducing energy usage and ending up with a far improved federal infrastructure," he said.

As president, Obama should make the case to the American people the way FDR did on Social Security.

"FDR went out and fought for Social Security because it was the right thing to do," he said. "He didn’t throw it out there and let Congress fight over the little pieces and end up with this horrific compromise."


Real leadership, Anderson told Grist, is bringing the American people along to a vision of what is right. It’s not following the polls. "It’s about standing up for what is right and making your case for it and getting the job done."

And that is something Obama has utterly failed to do, he said. "He ran a great campaign. He was in a wonderful position with the support of this country for real change. And he has absolutely blown it."

Anderson's recommended course of action is for the American people to stand up and say they won't take it any more. Regardless of their political affiliations, citizens should be join together and insist on certain fundamentals.

"None of those will be met by either the Republican or the Democratic party because they helped create the system, and they thrive from the corruption in the system," he said.

Obama, for example, didn’t just wake up one day and decide it would be a great public policy decision to veto the EPA’s efforts to reduce ozone emissions, Anderson said.

"There’s only one reason he did that, and it’s the corrupting interests of those polluting industries," he said. "It’s the same thing with climate change. We’re never going to see the kinds of fundamental changes that need to be made to reverse the tide toward catastrophic climate disruption unless we change our system. And to do that we need to get beyond this Republican and Democratic duopoly."

Anderson's prescription starts with the grassroots in 2012.

"The best thing we can do is essentially occupy the elections," he said.


Hanscom is the former editor of the award-winning High County News and Baltimore-based city mag Urbanite. Anderson, he wrote, is no stranger to him or Grist.

"When we last spoke with Rocky Anderson," the interview's introduction begins, "he was kicking some serious butt for the planet from his position as the supergreen mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. Anderson, an unflinching champion of issues ranging from climate action to gay marriage, quit politics in 2008 after two terms in office."

Anderson's presidential bid is backed by a tiny, mostly volunteer staff, Hanscom reported, noting that his Facebook followers reportedly came up with the Justice Party name. Anderson said the campaign, which has upgraded the website and has not focused on fundraising as yet. He estimated the campaign has received $10,000 to $12,000 so far.

"But Rocky is fierce and determined," Hanscom wrote. "And he’s pissed about what short shrift American workers and the environment keep getting while the political elite and Wall Street fat cats get ever fatter. Given the outrage we’ve seen in the Occupy movement in recent months, his message is bound to strike a chord."

Steven Higgs edits the Bloomington Alternative. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . your social media marketing partner


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-89 # bugbuster 2012-02-08 16:57
Just what we need: someone to siphon votes away from Obama, in effect deliver votes to the Republicans. I've never heard of this guy, and I hope we don't hear of him again.
+72 # Billy Bob 2012-02-08 18:16
Maybe it's time for Obama to stop acting like a repuglican so we have an honest choice.
+31 # John Locke 2012-02-08 19:59
Billy Bob: Thank you Billy Bob.
+69 # Cambridgemac 2012-02-08 18:45
Rocky Anderson got a lot of press - and coverage by Truthout - during his two terms as Mayor of Salt Lake, standing up to the Mormon Church and advocating for gay people and peace, among other things. Try reading up on him before you comment. You can start with Wikipedia
+23 # noitall 2012-02-08 22:51
Typical head-in-the-san d American democracy in action. Too lazy to learn, too ignorant to think. "You have two choices, pick one" They'll both kick you in the balls but one uses lighter shoes and they're shined really nicely. Just like Nader is labeled a jerk just because he did the patriotic thing and offered the American voter an option. Without him, there wasn't an option then either, policy-wise, by the "approved" candidates. If everyone that is unsatisfied with this freak show that we have going, vote your conscience and feel patriotic about it; its the right thing to do. Who knows, it might even pan out. Make them draw their guns to stay in office, then maybe we'll wake up.
+27 # Karlus58 2012-02-09 08:15
What we need, my dear friends, is for all of us to muster the courage necessary to end the corruption brought to us by both parties. For all of you who do care and do participate in our democracy, now is the time to make a total change. Give Mr. Anderson serious thought. I hear you about taking away votes from Mr. Obama, the lesser of two wrongs. But I, for one, am willing to take the chance at this point in time. So many had true hopes of correction with Mr. Obama...but we've been left holding the bag of dreams. He has not taken the lead when necessary. He has not acted as a transformationa l leader we had hoped for. It seems, what difference does it make to continue to support him. He is a mirror image of his opponents, and seems happy taking back seat to their wishes.
+4 # Cambridgemac 2012-02-11 17:02
Here in Massachusetts, I don't have to worry that voting for Anderson will help Romney carry the state.
+25 # Observer 47 2012-02-09 09:18
Obama has essentially continued George Bush's policies, and in some cases, has done worse things, such as escalating the war in Afghanistan. Why in the name of all that's holy would we want him re-elected? If the Republicans won, it would merely be more of the same---same evil, just a different face in the White House. It's long past time for someone truly, actually, genuinely, fundamentally different.
+14 # BenECoyote 2012-02-09 20:24
Hey, a vote for Obama in effect delivers a vote for the republicans. NDAA, Indefinite detention (which he has worked for since 2009) tax cuts for the rich, cut funding for SS for the poor, Appt monsanto to FDA, I mean geesh, he even gave us a watered down version of Romneycare! 12 years of Bush policies has nearly killed our country.
We need Rocky Anderson to syphon votes away from Obama and the republicans and their hot tub t-party time machine. It's the ONLY way to UNspoil this already rotten election.
+11 # SOF 2012-02-10 01:26
Signing the NDAA was the last straw for me. I will not vote for him again. He is not better than Mitt or Grinch. The most important thing is to vote Democrats into the Congress so they can prevent the worst of Republican or Obama actions.
+10 # Vision is Clear 2012-02-10 08:57
Until the Repub/Dem party goes away NOTHING will change in this country!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
+68 # BobHG 2012-02-08 17:18
Perhaps this is the change we can really believe in?
+32 # cadan 2012-02-08 17:31
I think Anderson is worth considering (as is, for example, Jill Stein of the Green Party), at least for people in states which are strongly red or blue and third party votes are unlikely to affect the outcome. (For example, a vote for the Greens increases the chances that they will receive Fed funding for the next election.)

California is such a state: it will never go for Romney.

But can Anderson be voted for in CA (without writing his name in)?
+39 # barkingcarpet 2012-02-08 17:46
Our system is busted and corrupt. "Rome Is falling."
Yes we can, has been a resounding sell out to corporate interests, Monsanto, and oil....
We have the choice folks, change and take care of nature, or crash and burn. More of the same is just more insane corruption and cake.
Yes WE can, so lets.
-7 # Coleen Rowley 2012-02-08 17:48
Rocky Anderson seems like a much better candidate than Obama, Romney, Gingrich and Santorum but I'm not so sure that Anderson's anti-war stance is as strong as Ron Paul's when it comes to the "humanitarian" war rationale used by Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and others in the Obama Administration- -as well as for ginning up new war on Syria. Take a look at Rocky's recent exchange:
+3 # Granny Weatherwax 2012-02-09 08:54
Sorry to bother you but just to make things clear, are you THE Coleen Rowley?
When people call themselves John Locke or Granny Weatherwax chances are these are pseudonyms - however Coleen Rowley is a current public figure and I would like to know what to think.
Best regards
-4 # 2012-02-09 15:05
Granny Weatherwax: Who is the public figure you are speaking of? thanks
+4 # Billy Bob 2012-02-09 17:20
Coleen Rowley. I looked her up. She's pretty well known and outspoken.
+5 # Granny Weatherwax 2012-02-09 17:54
+21 # MidwestTom 2012-02-08 17:50
To correct this country we ned to do a lot more than overturn Citizens United. If we really want our people employed and good jobs available we have to readjust our whole financial system. In a slow painful way we are seeing this in housing as decent houses are now selling for reasonable prices. The problem is that nothing has been done to actually balance the scales between the top 5% and the rest of us. Raising taxes on incomes over $1.9 million will help. But many people at the top are walking around with 100's of million in assets accumulated during the low tax period of 1970 to today. To more balance our society I would suggest that we have a one time net worth tax starting at 5% for those over 5 million up to 60% for net worths of over $50 million. This would still leave them plenty of money, but would end up lowering the cost on a lot of things, because the markets for $20,000 ladies purses would take a big hit.
-17 # Zagreus 2012-02-08 18:11
Rocky Anderson contacted me ages ago, when I first launched my own run for the Presidency.

I wasn't interested in him then, but he was certainly inetrested in me. In fact, if you look at my facebook campaign page- Nicholas Pierotti for President 2012, you'll see that he has lifted most of his progressive rhetoric from my campaign.

But he's got the bucks, so he gets the coverage, even on RSN.

Forget Anderson. If you want the real thing, come see me on facebook at Nicholas Pierotti for President 2012.

I offer solutions beyond the lobbyist bought-and-paid -for rhetoric of Obama AND the Republicans.

My name is Nicholas Pierotti. I am running for President as an independent candidate who works FOR the People, unlike the bought-and-paid -for Republicans and Democrats, who answer only to Wall Street and the rich. Together we will break the gridlock in Congress.

And that is why I am encouraging YOU, the Working People, to run for Congress, to run in tandem WITH me.

I want to fill the Congress with factory workers and Wall Street occupiers, line cooks and laborers, schoolteachers and homemakers; people who carry a lunch box to work and who pack that lunch box so that a worker can eat while they slave for Obama and Wall Street; folks who work two jobs to make ends meet. People like YOU and ME, who know what it is to live paycheck to paycheck,
or with no paycheck at all.
+4 # KittatinyHawk 2012-02-08 21:44
In fact all the people who bitch and moan never run for anything. I wonder how many run for their municipality or boro jobs no less townships. We and our friends have, and we have made differences by doing so.
I went into Organization for fighting Enivronmental and Social even animal problems. I had to do lot of work but I learned so much about what is happening in USA and world.
Most people on these forums are good talkers but most have yet to go to an OWS Meet no less have a local meeting for oWS, Move On or any other problem but they are on every forum you can imagine ranting.
I appreciate the fact you are running so thumbs up for having the guts to be an American and prove anyone can run for Office. Rest can stick their thumbs somewhere else.
+16 # Billy Bob 2012-02-08 22:52
It really annoys me when you get on your soap box about the rest of us not doing anything. What makes you think we aren't? You speak just as much as anyone else on these threads and respond to just as many. We all have lives outside of cyberspace. Some of us keep them closely guarded and for good reason. You seem to think you're the only one marching AND talking. You're not. Not even close.

AND... What's so wrong about arguing politics here. Where do you think we're more likely to be heard:

On AM radio while we're carrying a picket sign that almost no one will ever hear about?

Or on a web site with a million readers, and where we can write complete sentences, paragraphs and hash out entire thoughts?

We can even take on conservative ideas head on here. We also encourage each other and work on honing our message. If you think that serves no purpose, you know nothing about politics. What do you think all of those right-wing think tanks are for? It's not for handing out t-shirts and protesting. It's for honing a message.

We ALL have our strengths to bring to the table. Yours might be marching. Others might be arguing. Others might be running for office. Who are you to judge what the rest of us do with our lives, or our commitment to what we feel is right? Who are you to tell the rest of us how much time to spend with our children or whether we should put them in harm's way?
+9 # 2012-02-09 15:09
Billy Bob: You're my Man! You tell it like it is!
0 # 2012-02-09 15:08
KittytinyHawk: Sadistic? You think?
+16 # Billy Bob 2012-02-08 18:19

Are the paul-bots out there? I'd be interested in your commentary about how "paul is the only one who.... blah blah"


There! I screamed his name in all caps again, so we can stop pretending he doesn't exist.
-6 # Majikman 2012-02-08 18:23
I've followed Rocky since he was major of SLC and admire him greatly. I'd vote for him in a NY minute if or when I believed he'd stand a chance. The last thing I would want is another Ralph Nader/Gore scenario. For now, I'll hold fire.
+8 # Billy Bob 2012-02-08 22:57
I like to point out that he exists and that the option is available for people who'd otherwise not vote or worse (vote for paul).

As for me, I'm just like you. I'll probably vote for Obama in the end, even though I wish we had a liberal to choose who represented the Democratic Party. Anderson can serve the purpose of puting a little scare into Obama, so the President can actually start acting responsive to the people who elected him. So far though, Obama's still mostly just talk.
+9 # BenECoyote 2012-02-09 20:30
The difference between now and then is that there was a difference between the candidates then, but now you can't tell the two parties apart anymore based on their actions. A vote for Obama is a vote for more of the same, it makes ZERO difference. Obama, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, all will say whatever and sell their mamma to get that corporate cash.
+25 # John Locke 2012-02-08 18:34
Actually I like what he has to say. It is more credible coming from a third party candidate. He is right, Obama is merely a puppet on a string.... and Romney would be no different...sam e money same handlers...we need someone who is legitimate not another 4 years of the same...I may look more into and vote for Anderson he does appear to be the only real d he can pull the Mormon states. Interestingly he could actually hurt Romney more than Obama... but if he could win? and means what he says...I would be concerned for his life...We have seen what happened to JFK and his brother Bobby...
+22 # The Saint 2012-02-08 19:26
This is the kind of voice we had hoped the democratic party would produce but is seldom heard amidst all of the equivocating.
We really need an alternative to the two Wall Street run parties. Of course news outlets like CNN (forget FOX) salivate continuously over the light weight in-fighting of the Repubs and don't have time for let alone even see real alternatives. Wish Obama would heed this message but I fear it is too late.
+24 # John Locke 2012-02-08 20:02
Obama sold out when he took the wall street money...thats how it works...
-2 # KittatinyHawk 2012-02-08 21:48
Change the change the USA run yourselves. There really is no excuse not to. Cannot see why it would count, then you have a problem.
Republicans depend on people like you.
I am working up to it, taking classes for past 6 mos on Leadership. I want change, no one is going to do it for me so time I take a chance and make a difference. That thankfully is why I do not spend my life on every forum.
+13 # Observer 47 2012-02-09 09:28
And some of us.....actually go out and march in the streets, work to help in our communities, attend public meetings to protest things we feel are wrong....all without feeling the need to take classes, run for office, or make sweeping criticisms without the basis to do so.
+4 # 2012-02-09 15:13
Love ya', Observer 47. You said it better than I could!
+2 # Cambridgemac 2012-02-11 17:08
Thank you for your efforts. Keep up the good work.
+20 # m... 2012-02-08 21:58
Its time to 'RISK IT' en masse. Its time to cast our votes for other parties out there.
I know many rational American voters who fear the Global Corporate Republicans and having another Republican President, and because of that alone, they vote Democrat because of their fear of the whacked out Republican Party coming back to power is so huge.
Its time to forget BOTH Parties. Take the risk, even if it means siphoning votes away from Obama. Look at 'OBAMA REALITY.' He is not a leader. He is part of what is broken. He is a pathological Compromiser at best. Obama views 'The Center' somewhere between the Corporate Run Democrats and the Insane Corporate Run Republicans, when the actual 'Center' is '''THE PUBLIC GOOD'''.., and its at least 1000 miles to the left of EVERYTHING known as current mainstream politics and the talk-talk of so called Mainstream Media, which is almost all owned by just a few Global Corporate Conglomerates primarily beholden to increasing the wealth and power of their Global Shareholders.
Its time to VOTE for OTHER Parties. Its time to FORGET the broken, corrupt, indifferent, Corporate Run, so-called Two Party System. IT DOES NOT WORK. IT DOES NOT ACT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, NOR FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD!
As sad at it might be, Obama spent the last 4 years demonstrating that he is a part of a very broken system.
I refuse to vote for any part of that broken system anymore.
+4 # Richard Raznikov 2012-02-08 22:49
I agree with him but where is Anderson on the California ballot? The Justice Party evidently missed the deadline for qualifying. What exactly is the plan given that many long-time Democrats like me are lost to Obama and looking for a more honorable place to put our votes?
+9 # Billy Bob 2012-02-09 13:29
You can write him in, can't you? If not, how do you plan to vote for paul? Paul WILL NOT be the repugnant candidate. Sorry to be the first to break it to you that he's the only one who hasn't yet won a primary and is polling very low. How do you expect to vote for paul in the general election if he isn't even running?
+17 # stonecutter 2012-02-09 01:19
I have have been advocating Rocky Anderson on RSN for a while. If progressives are intellectually serious about supporting progressive policy across the board, he is a serious alternative to Obama, who so far is a failed center-right DINO president. At the very least, support for Anderson this year can force Obama leftward, where we say we want him to be. This is hardball, folks, not badminton.
+20 # john.schoonover 2012-02-09 07:15
Rocky Anderson and Bernie Sander would make a great ticket.
+10 # terrison 2012-02-09 09:01
I love what Mr. Anderson is saying, on all fronts. I would vote for him. He is articulate and accomplished. I am impressed. But $12,000 in campaign cash? That's not going to get him a very loud mouthpiece. I fear very few will ever even know he is running. Especially with Obama's recent decision to accept SuperPAC help. Ugh. It's a fight I fear is too big fight with $100 donations alone.
+10 # BenECoyote 2012-02-09 20:38
Which is why it will take those of us who support him to speak loud and clear, and to take the initiative to volunteer. I am organizing the effort to get Rocky on the ballot in VT, where our strong progressive base is feeling really left out in the cold by Obama's rightward Ho! t-party presidency.

This campaign can't win by playing by corporate rules, we need to work together to remind the government that they can't play by those rules either. Government is by the people, and we are the people dammit!

We are so complacent and lazy, Oh I can't vote for him because I have to write his name down, suck it up! Do you know what lengths people have gone to secure their right to vote? If he's not on your ballot, put him there!

If you are complacent about Obama and the corporate control over govt, then you are complicit as well.
+3 # John Locke 2012-02-10 13:37
BenECoyote: Organize an email campaign, Count me in and keep me posted
+9 # RJB 2012-02-09 09:21
Trying to navigate our corrupted political system and figure out whether to vote Dem and hold your nose, vote our hopes and not out fears and vote third party or blow the whole election off is difficult. All three positions have legitimacy. Take two minutes to figure it out, and do something real: OCCUPY!
+5 # lark3650 2012-02-09 12:14
I always vote my conscience so that I can look myself in the mirror the next day and know I did the right thing instead of voting for the less of two evils. I think we should be more concerned about WHO is counting the votes.
+10 # lark3650 2012-02-09 12:15
Greed is the destroyer of man and it is destroying the country that Abraham Lincoln referred to as "the last great hope on earth."
+12 # Davethinks 2012-02-09 13:12
It is unlikely that Rocky can be elected to the presidency. It is not likely that he will undo the Democratic voter count as Nader was said to have done. But his value is in bringing up the things other candidates refuse to discuss. We need his voice in the dialog.
+9 # Observer 47 2012-02-09 15:40
And the sad thing is, because he will not be deemed "electable" by the MSM, Rocky will not get a place in the debates, so he can bring up those things that other candidates won't discuss. That's what happened to Dennis Kucinich in 2004 and 2008. He freely admitted that he was in the race to publicize the issues, and as it got closer to the convention, he was shut out of the public forums that the front-runners were invited to.
+8 # BenECoyote 2012-02-09 20:44
The debates are controlled by a corporation owned by the dem and rep parties. srsly. The two parties decide on everything about the debates, from format to specific questions. It used to be run the the league of women voters, but the two parties were tired of having to answer hard questions.
Ralph Nader sums it up pretty well, but if you google the commission on debates you will see much much more.
+9 # Billy Bob 2012-02-09 20:46
Yes, but the internet is an important medium as well. Anderson is already making waves because the Democratic base that elected Obama in the first place are the kinds of people who like to pay attention. If CNN won't discuss the fact that he exists, there are probably already a few million Americans who are aware of it anyway. He has been on MSNBC a few times that I know of. Even if they try to black out coverage of him, he still won't be invisible and Obama will at least have to deal with him from a strategic perspective.

Obama himself, was elected as a liberal. The fact that he was lying all along doesn't disprove the electability of liberal ideas. It just proves he was lying to get elected.

His purpose is to remind the Democratic Party that it can't take its base for granted. We'll see if the Democratic Party ever starts to pay attention and fix the problem.
+4 # Cambridgemac 2012-02-11 17:11
Ummm. The "mainstream" (corporate) media aren't paid to ensure that issues get discussed. Their job is to ensure that issues DON'T get discussed.
(Sort of like Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, whose job was to distract the electorate, so that they wouldn't notice who was really running the galaxy.)
+1 # bobby t. 2012-02-09 22:25
the fact that he is talking about a ccc or another depression era makework job is not good. obama would love to create those jobs. but they cost the revenue the republicans refuse to give him in new taxes on the uber rich. thus he looks like he can't do the job. that has been their plan from the beginning and is the essence of their strategy. looks like it is working as most of the people online still don't get it. spin spin spin. dizzy dizzy and bingo. they win. come on folks. the system is really in a down spin, and we are getting ready for a crash landing when the droughts and storms pick up. no water in texas towns? ironic?
+2 # Steve5551 2012-02-09 23:27
Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former pastor, the one with whom he cut all ties, is a truth teller, a man of justice. When Obama broke ties with Jeremiah, we the free-thinking American voter should have broken ties with Obama. Yes, let's go with Rocky and this Justice Party. And to borrow from the prophet Amos, "But let justice roll on like a river, and righteousness like a never failing stream" (Amos 5:24)
0 # Martintfre 2012-02-15 08:48
money is a tool.
Like a hammer it can be used for good to help create a shelter for the homeless or it can be used for bad as a tool to smash those who oppose.

In a free market money is freedom to store value and later voluntarily trade it as one sees fit. In a government controlled monopoly where money is debased and can be printed at whim - massive amounts of money can be given to low friends in high places then it is a tool of destruction.
0 # geanark 2012-02-20 12:24
Government murders citizens w/out trial.
Citizens fined for not having health care.
War crimes prosecutions a fixation on the past, requiring incriminating evidence to be secret.
Legislation on indefinate detention reviled because it would "restrict our options" concerning ongoing processes that are extra-legal.
Record amounts of Defense & Finance indutry funding.
This is not Bush, it's Bush plus.
0 # geanark 2012-02-20 12:31
Killing US citizens w/out trial.
Complaining of the legalization of indefinate detention of citizens w/out trial, because it "restricts our options" concerning ongoing processes, and may not be legal.
Fining citizens without health insurance to make sure health ensurance is available to all.
Making evidence incriminating war criminals secret too avoid "fixating on the past".
This not Bush admin, is Bush Plus.

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