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Moore writes: "This destruction of our democracy can only be stopped if the majority of us make it clear that we will ONLY vote for those candidates who sign a pledge to make it their TOP legislative priority to push for a constitutional amendment prohibiting any person or entity from donating ANY money to a candidate's campaign (and that includes a millionaire candidate buying his own election)."

Portrait, Michael Moore, 04/03/09. (photo: Ann-Christine Poujoulat/Getty)
Portrait, Michael Moore, 04/03/09. (photo: Ann-Christine Poujoulat/Getty)

Get Money Out of Politics in 2012

By Michael Moore, Open Mike Blog

28 Decemeber 11


have many things I'm planning to do in the New Year - walk three miles a day, use an eco-friendly laundry detergent, write fewer anonymous letters to Wolf Blitzer - but I want to declare, right here, that one of my top priorities in 2012 will be to spearhead a drive to remove ALL money from our electoral process, period. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - we want to accomplish, from creating jobs to protecting the environment to preventing wars, will happen as long as those who hold the purse strings are the ones who own our Congress.

This destruction of our democracy can only be stopped if the majority of us make it clear that we will ONLY vote for those candidates who sign a pledge to make it their TOP legislative priority to push for a constitutional amendment prohibiting any person or entity from donating ANY money to a candidate's campaign (and that includes a millionaire candidate buying his own election). Plus, they must pledge to back a law banning elected officials from working as lobbyists after they leave office.

The majority of Americans already support strong campaign finance reform and lobbying bans. So what are we waiting for? Now is the time to act!

Here is the wording to the constitutional amendment we need:

Section 1. All elections for President and members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate shall be publicly financed. No political contributions shall be permitted to any federal candidate, from any other source, including the candidate. No political expenditures shall be permitted in support of any federal candidate, or in opposition to any federal candidate, from any other source, including the candidate. Nothing in this Section shall be construed to abridge the freedom of the press.

Section 2. The Congress shall, by statute, provide limitations on the amounts and timing of the expenditures of such public funds and provide criminal penalties for any violation of this section.

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) has already introduced a "Plan for Washington Reform" that, among other great things, creates a lifetime ban on any member of Congress becoming a lobbyist.

So here is the copy of the pledge we expect those running for office to sign this year:

"I, (name of candidate), promise to make it one of my TOP priorities to introduce and vote for a constitutional amendment that bans all financial contributions to all candidates running for office. I will support legislation that publicly funds all elections and legislation that bans lawmakers from working as lobbyists after they leave office. If I do not do this, I promise not to run for re-election."

One of the first candidates running for Congress to sign the pledge removing money from politics this year is in my hometown Congressional district of Flint, Michigan! His name is Dan Kildee. He not only wants the money out of the electoral process, he wants corporations declared as NOT people. Dan is already refusing to take any corporate PAC money or any money connected to Wall Street or the banks.

And how have the people in Michigan responded to a candidate like this? The early polls show Dan in the lead - because the voters are sick and tired of the way it's been for so long.

But, until Dan (and others like him) get elected so they can overturn the rule of the 1%, none of this will change. And under the current system - irony alert - they can't get elected without money. Wouldn't it be great if this were the last election I'd have to write a sentence like that?

Will you help me show how powerful the public's support is for cleaning up Congress by backing the only person running for Congress from Flint who is on our side? This is not just some symbolic cause. I believe Dan will get elected - especially if he has our grassroots support.

Please take a minute to click here and donate $10, $25 or more to Dan's campaign. He's pro-peace, pro-choice, and ahead in the polls. He will fight to tax the rich and the corporations like General Electric and Bank of America who pay no taxes at all. I have known this man since he was 18 - when he first won a seat on the Flint School Board. He comes from the working class and he has been a local public servant his entire life.

I'm asking you to do this also as a personal favor to my hometown which is still suffering from crushing unemployment. More people per capita live in poverty in Flint than any other city (100,000+ population) in America. They have no money to donate to a fighter like Dan. That's why I'm asking you to help in their stead.

Many of you have been writing to ask me what "practical" things you can do to be part of the movement sweeping the country. Well, here's your chance to do something tangible, even if it's just kicking in five bucks. Send Dan Kildee to Congress!

And insist that those running for Congress in YOUR district sign the pledge and commit to removing money from politics. We have to start somewhere - and I guess Flint, Michigan, is as good a place as any to begin! Please join me in doing so.

P.S. The New York Times this week had a story about how nearly half of all members of Congress are millionaires - and many of them got that way after getting elected to Congress. This is a disgrace. Congress's wealth has gone up 15% in 7 years while the average American's has gone down. Congress is bought and paid for by the 1%. Instead of the rich having just 1% of the influence in Congress, they have 100% of the say. This has to stop now. Let's elect 435 Dan Kildees this coming year! your social media marketing partner


+80 # Kayjay 2011-12-28 18:58
Kudos to Michael Moore for at least getting the issue of campaign finance reform on the front burner. I have always said that it would be a true measure of any candidate to publicly find all campaigns, give each candidate a stipend chiseled in stone, on which to run a race and see what they could do with the same amount of money. Why you just may have candidates maturely discussing the issues sans attack ads. Such a approach would outline how creative the candidate is and the skills needed to stick to a budget etc. Secondly, I REALLY like Sen. Bennet's plan for a lifetime BAN on any member of Congress from ever lobbying this body once leaving office. We are all sick of these rats enriching themselves after a career of preaching austerity for the masses in order to lessen government debt. We need to boot the bucks outta congress, so support all Kildees running for office and take it one step at a time!
+69 # Tippitc 2011-12-28 20:23
I think that Cabinet level appointees should be included in the lobbying ban - we have all heard stories about the revolving door between Cabinet positions and Wall Street.
+18 # AndreM5 2011-12-29 09:52
In any such amendment we have to include high-level military officers (say colonel/captain and above)in the lobby ban as well. The grip of the military-indust rial-congressio nal complex has to end.
+7 # fancygapva 2011-12-29 11:24
Let's also make sure that those high level ex military officers not become News spokesmen using their careers to influence voters.
+13 # barkingcarpet 2011-12-28 23:00
There has to be a lever here someplace.... besides meditating 20 hours a day? How to be active and embodied ethical moral sane sustainable just fair loving kind nuclear ninjas for peace, and end all the insane bullshit of Corporatocracy, Bureaucracy, and inept governance which sets corrupt policy?

Mr Wizard? It is up to us to fix this mess and our world , if we want a livable future. Today's leadership is corrupt, inept, and using our taxes to kill people and destroy worldwide.

Life is just not about money and ownership, and we do NOT own the earth folks.
+8 # ruttaro 2011-12-29 12:13
I just gave you a "like". We need responsible leadership that reflects our wishes and views. Our earth is in deep distress and unlikely to want to keep human beings around much longer. But to get policies responsive to our views we need a chance to elect people that will do just that. I am asking everyone who read Michael's essay to donate whatever they can to Dan Kildee's campaign. And to pass this on to everyone they know who feels the same. If this works, it might create the momentum to get the amendment in Congress. Grass roots donations are not the ultimate answer because it cannot match the money flowing in from the 1%. But Kildee would be one of us in Congress and if we then pledge that we will not vote for anyone who does not support this amendment, we will be doing the greatest service to humanity.
+10 # HerbR 2011-12-28 23:19
Dear Michael, as we said in the old country, "From your mouth to God' Ear !"
+29 # jon 2011-12-28 23:28
Until we get all money out of elections, and restore the fairness in broadcasting act that Reagan destroyed, we are inexorably headed for a fascistic police state run by the corporatists Norquist, the Koch brothers, and Rupert Murdoch - most certainly NOT the common citizen.
+20 # 2011-12-28 23:58
Michael Moore has come up with a plan to get to eliminate money from the politica process. Kudos to Michael Moore. I hope he sends out petitions to be signed by citizens in the U,S.
+13 # roostergirl 2011-12-29 00:48
Imagine the splash when guys like Dan get support from people like us who don't even live in Michigan. Help start a movement. I've made a contribution to support Dan Kildees' campaign tonight; please join me.
+6 # peggym 2011-12-29 14:52
Yes! I've made a contribution, too, and I don't live in Michigan either. But we have no candidates like Dan running in my state.
+19 # ruttaro 2011-12-29 00:57
Finally! This is the key to true representative democracy. All the problems we face as a country cannot and are not being addressed because those with wealth have the power to set the agenda. They and their money have corrupted our public institutions to the point that it is no wonder Congress, the Executive and the Supreme Court are loathed. I have been advocating for months now that the current calls for a Constitutional Amendment taking away personhood from corporations is only a half-measure and not enough. It will not keep corrupting influence of money out of the system. We need the amendment to state unequivocally that all public elections are to be publicly funded. Only with this amendment in place will we have our democracy of, for and by the people - the one that millions have fought, bled and died for- only then will we have it back. Last month I wrote my representatives stating that my vote would not be cheap; they only will get it if they pledge to introduce, sponsor, advocate and demand this amendment. Without that pledge, they will not get my vote. That is my pledge to them. If we follow Michael on this, a movement worthy of the OWS sacrifice is in the making. If we show our resolve we can succeed in making votes the currency of democracy and not money and the agenda will be set by what the people want. Let us show the Masters of the Universe who is boss. Let us make the Titans tremble. Let us show them what people can do when they unite in common cause.
+14 # panamericans 2011-12-29 01:19
Now this is a focused demonstration that works!Every potential candidate should be publicly approached with this written pledge. Let the public know before the election where each candidate stands on this!

This is a message that the main stream media can't ignore and above all it will work!
+11 # angelfish 2011-12-29 01:46
Wonderful idea, Michael, but with the ReTHUGlican majority in the SCOTUS and our Congress over-run with Millionaires, it will be an up-hill battle! Not to say that it can't be done, but, it WILL take lots of effort from those of us who are sick and tired of being Shahoolahed by the Mega-Wealthy Me-Firsters who have almost DESTROYED our Country in their egregious quest for MORE and MORE wealth! Justice IS coming on Election Day 2012. The People UNITED, will NEVER be defeated!
+14 # noitall 2011-12-29 01:49
Way to go Michael. You even talked me into a donation. Wouldn't it be amazing if we had a government made up of REAL representatives of the People?! Michael speaks the truth; as long as it is an politician auction, the People will always be out bid. Is our government up for sale? YES. And it's been sold. Let's change that!
+13 # artmensor 2011-12-29 03:34
I've been saying this for months.



And someone told me that no candidates would sign such a pledge.....well the Republicans and a few Democrats signed a pledge 'never' to raise taxes.....they' ll sign anything put in front of them.
+11 # m... 2011-12-29 04:06
Could not agree more Mr Moore.... I just do not believe it is possible to get the corporate owned beneficiaries of the current status quo in Congress to do anything but stuff any and all such amendment efforts in the crapper upon arrival while using their extremely narrowly owned Global Corporate Media Empire to denounce it all as an anathema to Free Speech, Freedom in General and the most UnAmerican thing ever proposed (as per their usual flag pin chest thumping nonsense)...


MILLIONS of Americans loudly take to the streets and dare the Police industrial Complex to put down their corporate badges stand with them..!
+12 # Rita Walpole Ague 2011-12-29 04:47
I certainly support the use of 'shall' vs. 'may' in Michael's proposed constitutional amendment. And, I intend today to research what sounds like a very good proposal, on Sen. Bennet's part, to ban lobbying Congress once an elected congressional official leaves office.

I do believe heavy duty penalties (i.e. mandatory, stiff sentencing) need to be included in both aforementioned proposals, should failure to comply occur. We the 99% must restore rule of law, in order to.....

0 # James Marcus 2011-12-29 04:56
Get the Money out of Politics. YES.
Constitutional Amendment to do so? I'm not so sure.
As I write this, the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments to our Constitution, 4 of the 'Bill of Rights', are being recklessly violated., without challenge. The Patriot Act , Homeland Security Act, and last weeks Defense Authorization Bill, giving the President Unconstitutiona l Authority, are All seriously Treasonous. When the President and the Congress are in deliberate and on-going Constitutional Violation (while talking 'Rule of Law' out the sides of their mouths), why have yet another 'Amendment'? They Will Violate At Will!
+7 # ruttaro 2011-12-29 12:01
I disagree. The amendment written clearly and unambiguously will steal the march on all of them. They couldn't do it without violating the supreme law of the land. In fact, if we think about it, I believe every politician in Washington would welcome this with jubilation simply because they would be free to represent us and stop having to kiss the feet of the moneyed powers. Lobbyists could no longer threaten them with a donation to the other guy but now would have to show that they had the votes from the public to unseat them. That's a huge undertaking for the lobbyists. If it wasn't they would save their money and go directly to the people every time. The reason they spend the money is because they know their interests do not coincide with the peoples. With this amendment a representative could ask the lobbyists "How many of my constituents support you?"
The current system is why we see no movement to address serious and possible calamitous problems facing our society. We need to do this for the OWS movement who have awakened us to the real core problem: the 1% is all that is represented in Washington because the game is rigged. It's time for the 99% to reclaim Washington. This is the real step to Occupy Washington and represents the final, ultimate and strategic victory for the people.
+16 # cvm79 2011-12-29 05:33
Corporate money is to a politician what crack is to a drug addict. Just as the addict becomes bedolden to the dealer so too the politician becomes beholden to the donor. We, the voters, need to intervene.
+11 # Barbara K 2011-12-29 06:52
The old saying "Money is the root of all evil" is really obvious in our politics.
+2 # angelfish 2011-12-29 16:02
Quoting Barbara K:
The old saying "Money is the root of all evil" is really obvious in our politics.
I believe, Barbara K, that the actual saying is "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil". Money, by itself is not evil at all. It's the stuff that dreams are made of and can make or break one depending on how it is utilized. As we have seen, when Evil men use the power of their wealth against those who have none, chaos and grief are the harvest.
-10 # MidwestTom 2011-12-29 07:05
So if 15 of us from the 7th Distract all want to run for the House, do we all get funded equally? What about 35 of us?
+10 # ruttaro 2011-12-29 11:35
Good question but not as big a problem as you suggest. The current system holds a possibility. Anyone can run but as to viability, that's another matter as one has to gather so many signatures to get on a ballot. Set a bench mark that shows a candidate has enough support - a percentage of total eligible voters, for example - and that might do the trick. Another way could be through creating new parties that again would have to show it crossed a threshold to garner public funding. If the candidates have good ideas there are enough independent minded voters today who would sign for their placement on the ballot. As to existing political parties, this amendment would have no sway over how much money they raise nor could it interfere with their primaries. But once the candidates are selected, then the amendment would clearly state that by a set date (right after nomination, say Labor Day) all funding is public. Midwesttom, I see no reason why we cannot do this. After all, it is our Constitution, our republic, our democracy. As of now, what is missing is that only the Constitution is ours. The rest has been incarcerated by the moneyed plutocracy. Conservatives and liberals should not be afraid of letting the power of ideas set the agenda rather than the interests of the moneyed class.
+5 # noitall 2011-12-29 12:40
So MidwestTom, you like the current screen? You can be a mouth-breather and run for political office as long as you're a millionaire? That's sure to guarantee us status quo. Good idea Tom...NOT!
+12 # diacad 2011-12-29 07:06
Having recently (May 2011) been there close to election time, we believe in the Swedish idea - private or corporate contributions to political campaigns are considered political bribery and rewarded with jail terms rather than, as here, lucrative contracts, pliant Congressmen, and compromising Presidents. Campaigns in Sweden are financed from a modest government budget which is doled out to all qualifying political parties according to their percentage showing in the previous election. At present, there are seven such parties. To qualify, a party must get 1% of the vote, otherwise the funding is unbiased. For instance recently, the leading party, the Social Democrats (Center-Laft Party), got about 40%, the Sweden Democrats (Right Party) got about 8%, and the reconstituted Communists (Left Party) about %7. The funds are administered and calculated on a local basis, so there is considerable variation in these percentages across the country. The Social Democrats have in the past governed in coalition with the Communists, most recently with the Greens.
-6 # ruralhorseman 2011-12-29 09:32
Mr. Moore's plan is a viable one but a plan that has one drawback. This will force candidates running for office to increase their reliance on corporate donations (bribes) to get elected. Mr. Moore is assuming that grassroots donations are a necessity for the candidate. They aren't. I would like to propose another solution to be used in tandem with his proposal perhaps. Withdraw your affiliation with the Democratic Party, the Republican Party (those few that are reading this) and the Independent Party. Doing this will send a powerful message to state and federal elected officials that their game of influence is finished. Then to make your divorce final, go to your voting registrar (everyone should be checking to see if you are still on the books to vote and to see if your state has adopted anti-voting laws that prevent you from voting) and re-register your vote with a Party who platform is election without corporate money. The Justice Party is that party. And Ross Anderson, aka, Rocky Anderson is their candidate for President. "Google" them and do your research and see if their and his platform does not meet your qualifications for change and honesty in the man you want in the presidency. They sure met mine. Mr. Anderson is the most intelligent, politically savvy, honest, ethical and moral politician I have met. And he can debate with the best of them. Do your homework and change this country for the better. RE-register and start a 3rd party with principles not princes.
+10 # mwd870 2011-12-29 09:38
Passing a Constitutional Amendment banning all money from electoral politics would be the most important accomplishment in 2012. The success of any effort to ban lobbying and to reform campaign financing will help to make our country a democracy for the people again.

It was encouraging to hear we have another good Senator, Michael Bennet, who has already introduced a "Plan for Washington Reform" that, among other great things, creates a lifetime ban on any member of Congress becoming a lobbyist. We need to pressure Congress to enact and pass this legislation.
-5 # fancygapva 2011-12-29 11:31
Trying to pass such an amendment would bring on such a flow of corporate money and noise against it that it would become impossible. If that didn't work there would be thugs with baseball bats at the polls when people went to vote on it--or if it was to pass through Congress (yeah, right!) the thugs would show up there with pockets full of money. We are dealing with a very corrupt system.
+7 # noitall 2011-12-29 12:44
So you're saying to not try? When that series of events that you predict come to be, that would be the best rallying incentive against them.
+2 # ruttaro 2011-12-29 17:31
Your cynicism is understandable. But to do nothing about the current corrupt system is unacceptable. Even if the worse case scenario developed as you say (which is such a huge "If") and thugs were at the polling stations, the tidal wave of decent Americans would so overwhelm them with everything from law suits to surrounding the them at the polls in peaceful confrontations, that they would think about using those bats for what they are intended and find the nearest sand lot. Really, think about it: does anyone really believe the moneyed interests could sustain such tactics in the face of millions law abiding decent people? Even the Tea Party would howl in protest! What we will encounter is the powerful throwing everything they got into the last campaign under the current "rules" and try to elect their people. But it is votes that count and if we have the most and can get candidates to pledge support and work for this amendment, it will be money down the drain. And there could not be a better result, if you ask me! So instead of giving up before there is even a fight, though your dismay is understandable, let's go a few rounds with the 1%. Nothing is worse than taking a dive because the opponent looks too strong. I think those must have been Goliath's hopes when he saw David take the field. This is our shot!
+8 # reiverpacific 2011-12-29 10:30
I hate to be pessimistic but good luck on this one, much as I admire and respect Mr Moore!
I mean, when you have an INCUMBENT president with a weak-looney-tun es opposition field tripping each other up at every debate, trying -seemingly successfully- to raise a BILLION $ for his re-run and further selling influence by running a lottery with the prize being "Dinner with the Ob's", what does that say about the whole idea?
"diacad" is correct in referring to the Swedish model and others in Europe and around the more or less Democratic demographic as a good way to go (Of course right-wingers will predictably hail this as "Socialist / Government control of elections"): fine but like Universal Health Care, everybody gets a fair shot. In Australia, everybody HAS to vote as an obligation to exercise their Democratic privilege.
And if I may posit another partial solution, the "Fragmented States'" election cycle begins almost on inauguration day intensifying post mid-term elections, which is far too long, given the average American's state of socio-political amnesia. Does this not reek of a tilted playing field in favor of the wealthy influence wielding-and-bu ying zealots, in that only they can afford to sustain pressure and bend the minds of the amnesiacs through the expensive medium of the commercial flickering screen over a sustained period of time?
I like the UK model: two months heavy campaigning and Bang! It's over -for everybody!
+3 # ruttaro 2011-12-29 11:47
Yes, very good observations! The amendment can set the time frame. And since campaigns would be publicly funded this would naturally limit the amount of time of campaigns. As I stated above, political parties and their members would be not be restricted from spending as much money as they want to select a nominee during their primaries but once they are selected, they cannot spend a dime nor funnel the money to those 504's (I believe)that have sprung up. I think this might appear to be a problem for "getting money completely out of politics" but if we think about it, primaries and conventions are offer possibilities of an insurgency that could fluster the designs of the moneyed interests. As an "investment" it might be too risky and that could lower the amount spent within party primaries. Nevertheless,li miting the time for campaigns (we could even ban all ads paid for by outside groups in the last two weeks of the campaign) would be dictated by the market if not by the amendment.
+6 # panhead49 2011-12-29 10:30
Thank you Mr. Moore - I've been spouting the same meme for a couple of years. Nothing can change until this does - we now have the lousiest government HUGE amounts of money can buy.

Yes Midwest Tom - all who want to run should be allowed to give it a try. Perchance some states will need to have more run-off elections. I'd rather We The Peeps pay for that than having the feckless (yet still so full of feces) well funded car o' clowns we now suffer every other year.
+7 # tapelt 2011-12-29 13:34
Don't forget:


Electronic voting machines are easy to cheat without the cheat being detectable.
+5 # prim 2011-12-29 15:04
OCCUPY! When the movement started, I was filled with hope, but this expectation is fading. Money is too powerful. The enriched media, part of the 1%, effectively confuse the demands of the 99%. This is easily done. There are many problems and each singular one splinters the demands into many fractions. The umbrella, that covers all these ills, is MONEY!

If the 99% can focus on this factor and eliminate this tool of the 1%, it will give us an all important system whereby we can start correcting the other problems.

I am so encouraged that Michael Moore has taken this position. The occupy movement has lacked a prominent spokesman, and he has now stepped in. Please spread this concept, and follow Michael’s suggestion.
+3 # ruttaro 2011-12-29 17:54
Absolutely, prim! I could not agree more with your call. We got the ball in our hands. Let's just put our heads down and run forward, yard by yard until we have our victory. If after reading Michale's essay and the wonderful comments that follow and one agrees with this powerful idea but then does nothing, this will end up as just another round of rants and replies, and like McBeth's idiot, signifying nothing. Instead, pass it on like you said! Forward it to everyone. That is step one. Step two is donate to Kildee's campaign. Why? Demonstrate that we are legion and cannot be ignored. And to those who feel that the system is too corrupt and the fight is useless, all I can say is that is your choice. For me, I choose to fight rather than roll over!
+1 # ruralhorseman 2011-12-29 23:35
Mr. Moore: I did not have the time to read all of the above comments but as far as I know there is only one candidate that meets your criteria. That candidate is Ross "Rocky" Anderson of the Justice Party. He has pledged to take no more than one hundred dollars from each and every person who joins a grassroots movement to get his party into the primaries, if possible this year. The Justice Party has been fully commissioned by the Federal Election Commission and has been certified by many states already as a party. Mr. Anderson is an accomplished politician, a humanitarian, is ethical and moral by character and is willing and able to take the progressive lead in getting this country back to where it should be. He supports the OWS and repealing the Citizens United ruling, the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, as well as other presidential declarations that have been used to deny the American citizen their Constitutional Rights. Please , everyone, google the Justice Party and read everything you can on what their platform is and look at the debates Mr.Anderson has participated in and how he handles himself. If you are a California resident you have thru Monday, Jan 2, 2012 to change your party affiliation to the Justice Party. California is a do or die state and he needs your support now in 2012. Please give yourselves the chance to have a real champion of the people represent you. You need to make this go viral, you need to drive this to a victory. Read!
0 # jky1291 2012-01-02 12:08
While I totally agree with your sentiment, I found your candidate guilty of the problems to which so many 3rd party candidates fall victim. Attempting to be all things to all people, (pandering to too many special interests), diminishes support with every controversial issue one endorses in an attempt to expand an electoral base. In fighting the most corrupt and powerful forces the world has ever seen, it is necessary to adopt a limited laser focus on the essential issues required to advance progressive improvements in our political and economic systems upon which everyone agrees, uniting a majority needed to achieve those goals, rather than diminishing support necessary to achieve any progress with a laundry list of issues that generate controversy. The Contract for the American Dream developed last summer by grassroots participation would serve as an excellent guide for future activities to build the momentum needed to overcome the inordinate influence of the wealthy, special interests, and multinational corporations. It is essential that a candidate that genuinely supports and will fight for the fundamental issues presented in the Contract for the American Dream is identified, recruited, and elected as an Independent 3rd party President to wrestle our country out of the death grip of the multinational corporations.

If one only votes for the lesser of 2 evils the result still cannot be acceptable.
+1 # jabo13 2011-12-30 15:12
Thank you, Michael. This is exactly what needs to happen to take back government of and for the people. The ultimate responsibility for who is sent to Washington lies with us, and if we all pledged not to vote for "1% candidates," and backed as many "ordinary" Americans as we could, we could end government of, for, and by the plutocracy in just a few election cycles. All we have to do is recognize and use the power we already have!
0 # claycutter 2011-12-30 20:22
As addendum I would suggest that all candidate communication on the media, at least television and radio, should be limited to a MINIMUM time to comment, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes. Thus 30 and 60 second spots, which are usually no more than character assassination of opponents, would be eliminated and the candidate would be forced to actually speak about issues. This may be unconstitutiona l, but I would hope that someone could write an amendment that would encompass this concept.
-1 # Fight the Reich 2011-12-31 10:16
WHOA Folks ....slow down ....THINK. I almost always agree in most part and applaud Michael Moore; But I am absolutely certain that allowing ANY foot in the door of opening the Constitution for Amendments would be absolutely disasterous considering the MIC / fascist Amairka Inc. / Fourth Reich that permeates all 3 branches of our "democracy". Literally millions of people support and would back an Occupy type movement for LEGISTLATION to make ideas like Michael's LAW; Especially making any corruption or bribery within our government a criminal offense for the sake of preventing lawmakers from rationalizing differently, with very stiff criminal penalties for the filthy scumbag lawmakers that celebrate if not revel in corruption all the way to the bank. There is no need for the extreme danger in opening the Constitution for the fascist Fourth Reich that's running our current government amd runs the minds of a critical mass of citizens that eat up the Reich's lying red, white and blue toilet paper like it was manna from heaven. Never ever EVER let this Reich even THINK about even discussing opening our Constitution for any change, lest the Reich's storm troopers rams the Constitution's door right off of it's hinges once a foot is in the door; As they've incessantly tried to do for the last 25 years or-so.
0 # Fight the Reich 2011-12-31 10:42
Any Citizen can introduce legislation into Congress, but is seldom successful if it even suggests upsetting Congress's or their puppeteers golden apple carts. But an Occupy type movement with a sizeable Public Interest Law consortium on board as well as expert Journalistic Public Relations talent, could stand an excellent chance of writing, introducing and publicizing legislation / LAW to uproot and dismantle the MIC / Amairka Inc. / Fourth Reich and reclaim our Democracy for the People it belongs to by birthright of the Declaration of Independence (there's VERY pointed words in that document) and of the Constitution; Maybe / probably (?) even try and convict particular criminals of the Reich and send them to Guantanamo. I feel certain that once such organizational initiative / movement accelerated it would of itself rather rapidly recruit experts standing in line to create and publicize wave after wave of exposing and deposing the MIC / Amairka Inc. / Fourth Reich through Legislation. I can even envision an extended People's Congress Convention of delegates separate from the U.S. Congress, to refine the People's demands into waves of legislation to return our government and Democracy back into conformity with our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. But I fear the USA selfishly & ignorantly acquiesed our dear country to the Reich that won't relinquish it back without insurrection that the Reich will surely make quite violent.

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