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Leslie H. Gelb writes: "They're back! The neoconservatives who gave America clueless, unpaid-for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus a near doubling of military expenditures during the Bush years, have risen from their political graves. Someone, maybe a media tiring of President Obama's interminable plight, pulled the stake from their heart. Now they've returned to the op-ed pages, the talk shows, the think-tank discussions, and the advisory ranks of Republican presidential candidates."

Bill Kristol. (photo: The Daily Beast)
Bill Kristol. (photo: The Daily Beast)

The Neocons Are Coming!

By Leslie H. Gelb, The Daily Beast

20 October 11


No, no, no, writes Leslie H. Gelb, to the neoconservatives once again rising from the undead to lead America to another war, bigger Pentagon budgets, and a bizarre blame game over Iraq.

hey're back! The neoconservatives who gave America clueless, unpaid-for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus a near doubling of military expenditures during the Bush years, have risen from their political graves. Someone, maybe a media tiring of President Obama's interminable plight, pulled the stake from their heart. Now they've returned to the op-ed pages, the talk shows, the think-tank discussions, and the advisory ranks of Republican presidential candidates.

Once again, the neoconservatives mount their steeds. They hint that we need another war or at least a little military strike, this time against Iran. They're pushing to increase military spending; the China threat, you know. They're also trying to further weaken Obama by charging that he's losing Iraq to Iran by not keeping US forces there (without mentioning, of course, that Iraq is throwing them out).

I find it hard to believe that any of these new tricks will work, but I have come never to underestimate the neoconservatives, that formidable group mostly of Republicans who sprang from the loins of the great Democratic senator from Washington, Henry "Scoop" Jackson. They are very smart and far tougher than their liberal and moderate opponents. They write and speak with far greater simplicity and force. (Democrats just must make 17 complicated points about everything.) They are always relentless and on the attack. The only ones to stand up to them effectively have been other Republicans, specifically the best of the foreign-policy realists such as George Shultz, James Baker, Brent Scowcroft, and George H.W. Bush.

Here's a standard technique for the neoconservatives: One of America's many nasty enemies does something provocative, as they inevitably do. The neocons say the president has to get tougher. Then the enemy does another nasty thing, and the neocons say the president wasn't tough enough. And so on until they're off to the races and suggesting that the only effective means to stop the devils is a bombing attack, or a hundred thousand troops, in and out quickly, of course. If some poor Democratic president doesn't follow their advice, he's labeled a wimp who is endangering US security. If the wimp starts a war, the game continues with charges that the president isn't really trying to "win" the war and should be adding more troops. We've heard this routine so many times, you'd think that the wimpy Democrats would have built up some immunity, and that the media would stop providing the bullhorns. Alas, it goes on and on.

Iran sits atop the neocons' list of priorities. Beyond argument, its leaders are dangerous. They are probably trying to construct nuclear weapons. On top of this, we seemingly have some Quds Force general buying a hit on the Saudi ambassador in a D.C. restaurant. Bill Kristol is leading the charge, calling the recent alleged Iranian assassination plot "an engraved invitation" to use force. He continued: "We can strike at the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and weaken them. And we can hit the regime's nuclear weapons program, and set it back." Were these mere musings? No! He goes on to say that if the White House doesn't use force, Congress should authorize force against a variety of Iranian targets, and against its "nuclear weapons program."

Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer and a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, is equally direct. He approves the administration's current efforts to tighten and target. "But they will not scare it," he wrote in The Wall Street Journal. "The White House needs to respond militarily to this outrage. If we don't, we are asking for it." And what of the likely wave of terrorist attacks that will follow worldwide from such attacks? The Iranians are not going to just cower in the corner because we talk and act tough. Alas, that just doesn't happen. They escalate, too.

And in case you believed that Republicans, faced with America's economic calamity and indebtedness, won't press for higher military spending, take another look. Mitt Romney, the moderate establishment candidate, wants to put a 4 percent floor on the baseline defense budget. According to The Wall Street Journal, that would amount to about a $30 billion increase over the current base. In his recent foreign-policy speech and white paper, Romney proposed increasing Navy ship production: "I will reverse the hollowing of our Navy and announce an initiative to increase the shipbuilding rate from 9 per year to 15. I will begin reversing Obama-era cuts to national missile defense and prioritize the full deployment of a multilayered national ballistic missile defense system." Those bills would be incalculably high.

The neocons' Iraq caper irritates me particularly because of its blatant hypocrisy. Their line is that Obama will "lose" Iraq to Iran because of the decision he made to take out all US forces from that country. The formidable John Bolton puts it this way in The Daily Beast: "The consequence of an Obama policy that continues the withdrawal of American forces down to zero in Iraq would unquestionably strengthen Iran." Well, Obama didn't invent that policy - George W. Bush did. He was the one who approved the agreement with Iraq to completely withdraw all US forces by the end of 2012. Bush had little choice because the Iraqi government would accept no less. Obama also has little choice because Iraq won't give American soldiers immunity from prosecution. Frankly, if anyone lost Iraq to Iran, it was the neocons. It was they who pressed to crush Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and when they did, they destroyed the only regional counterweight to Iran. Take a bow, neocons. your social media marketing partner


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+59 # fredboy 2011-10-20 10:52
Get ready for the ultimate creep show!

Sat next to one on a plane last year, a dweeby thick-focaled blank-staring nut case set in what he proclaimed as his "annual reading" of The Fountainhead.

These folks are WAY out there. I'm talking goose steps.
+59 # Barbara K 2011-10-20 10:54
Let them crawl back into their cesspools. We don't need the crap they are spewing and the garbage they are shoving down our throats. They just want to destroy more of OUR country and we will not let them.

+15 # Glen 2011-10-20 13:28
Barbara, NEVER mistake a "TBagger" or republican with a neo-con. The neo-cons are, along with the neo-liberals, the rulers of the U.S.
+2 # boudreaux 2011-10-21 10:43
I'm kinda new at this so would you pls tell me just what a neocon is and if we know that they are coming. what are we so scared of?
+2 # Glen 2011-10-21 14:45
The neo-conservativ e movement began with Irving Kristol, who was a moderate conservative. His organization was concerned with certain improvements in the U.S. government and society. His son William (Bill) Kristol took over the organization and along with that established the Project for the New American Century. His motives are far more heinous than his father's and included domination and control and war internationally . You can read their published paper (The PNAC) online and check out who signed it. The signatories are a bit predictable of course, but there are also those connected to the agenda that did not sign, but who are aligned with these wealthy, powerful, people who have carefully crafted their web in the neo-con movement. They also participate in the Bilderburg Group.

Bill Clinton definitely fell into line. Obama, if you will read the PNAC and compare that with his actions and agenda, is also an obvious participant, and was no doubt approved to run for the office of president through them.

There are those who continue to consider the neo-con movement mere conspiracy or hyperbole, but they are easy to research. They include some of the most powerful people in the world, bar none.
+3 # RSJ 2011-10-21 17:57
Glen, you are badly misinformed. PNAC wanted Clinton to invade Iraq in 1998 and he refused (see link to letter below [1]) -- if he was 'in line' he had an interesting way of showing it; an Iraq incursion was at the top of PNAC's 'to do' list. BTW, it would have been pretty hard for PNAC to 'approve' Clinton's run for president in 1992 since they weren't founded until 1997 [2].

If Obama was truly a puppet of PNAC, he would have increased the number of troops in Iraq and started a war with Iran by now. I don't know where you're getting your information, but it's woefully incorrect. You aren't a fan of Alex Jones by any chance?


+2 # Glen 2011-10-22 06:12
The neo-con movement was under way long before Clinton got into office. I should have been clear to say it is the neo-con agenda, and that agenda is outlined in the PNAC. Rumsfeld, et al., began organizing under Reagan and Bush sr.

As for Clinton, he bombed the shit out of Iraq, was pushed to do so, attacked the Balkans under pressure from the neos, not for humanitarian reasons, and bombed Africa, taking out nothing close to a military establishment.

Obama, if you will pay attention to his dictates, has expanded U.S. attacks, increased military manufacturing, such as drones and higher technology, has refurbished or built military bases in South America, which is definitely in the PNAC, and built another bunker type embassy in the middle east, and allowed for the militarization of space, which came formally into being under Bush, etc. Ever wonder why that rocket blasted into the moon last year? What has Obama truly done for the country?

Of course, with the money Clinton accrued, Bush was fully funded in his endeavors.

The agenda of the neo-cons, along with complicit corporations and extremely powerful people, is being carried out as we write. Never think there are independent individuals capable of running for president without the permission of these same folks.
-15 # Martintfre 2011-10-20 14:57
Actually, you have no one to blame but your self If you vote for Obombya again - after he proved to be a liar about getting out of the existing wars and you also ignore the new wars - that hillary and Obomya are getting us into don't hypocritically whine and complain about NeoCons and at the same time blindly support Democrats who do the exact same stupid things.

Dr Ron Paul voted against all of the wars - has spoken out against them for decades.

IF you re-register as republican for the primaries and vote for Ron Paul you will teach Obama a lesson that you are not to be taken for granted no matter how badly he acts
you can teach the neoCons the only lesson they can learn from - to have their chosen ones lose in their own primaries.
It is a WIN - WIN if your opposed to wars foreign and Domestic (Paul is also opposed to the War on Drugs).
-6 # futhark 2011-10-20 18:16
Ron Paul has consistently and courageously opposed the continuation and expansion of American foreign military action and the expansion of the surveillance state, speaking out against the leadership of his own party. Few Democrats have done as well in standing up for the ideals of the American Revolution. Only Dennis Kucinich comes close to Dr. Paul in diagnosing the political illnesses that beset our country. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, voted for the infamous FISA Act while a senator, giving large corporations a green light for running roughshod over the Bill of Rights and has promoted extensions of the PATRIOT Act was president.

Let's give Dr. Paul some credit here for speaking out against the criminal cabal that is misdirecting American foreign policy to the detriment of the nation and the world.
-3 # Martintfre 2011-10-21 06:42
Why do liberals flag this comment about Ron Paul opposing the NeoCon agenda?

Is it because they love war just like the NeoCons they pretend to hate?
-3 # Glen 2011-10-22 08:20
Good question, Martin. Perhaps these folks grew up knowing nothing but dems or repubs, left or right, with no middle ground calling for sanity. Or - they don't read carefully.
-14 # MidwestTom 2011-10-20 10:56
Do not forget Obama sending troops into Uganda last week. I wonder what Obama donor's asset in Uganda will be defended by our troops?
+19 # Activista 2011-10-20 12:00
"Africa's exports of oil to the United States, largely from Nigeria and the dictator state of Equatorial Guinea, are roughly equal to those of the Middle East."

Read more:
+4 # RSJ 2011-10-21 12:59
Yeah, Midwest Tom, Obama sent in forces to stop a vicious group that massacres and rapes their own people. What a thug Obama is. Did you hear Obama helped bring an end to Gadaffy's tyranny in Libya and set the stage for democracy there without losing a single American life? What kind of president is that?!
-4 # Glen 2011-10-21 14:53
Dang, RSJ, you need to do some research. There is enough propaganda out there to blanket the world and cloud the thinking of folks like yourself.

Sure, there are thugs and ruthless creeps in the world (the U.S. has supported a lot of them) and always have been, but never imagine that the U.S. has the best interest of citizens at heart when going into a country now. Consider how many thousands have died in countries the U.S. has attacked.

Do you know anything about Libya or are you parroting our government? Just like Iraq, Libya was not perfect, but they had a hell of a good system for citizens.

We are not being shown the reality in these countries or told exactly why the U.S. goes in - as in Uganda, without congress being involved - or what resources the U.S. is more interested in than the citizens.
+4 # Texas Aggie 2011-10-21 16:12
While it is true that Uganda recently made some major oil discoveries under Lake Victoria, they aren't enough to warrant military intervention. The Lord's Army, however, is a particularly vicious terrorist organization albeit at the local level, not of any international import. Museveni, the Ugandan president for ever, isn't a very nice person himself and a lot of the powers that be in Uganda are heavily influenced by the C St. Family, hence their recent legislative attempt to make homosexuality a capital crime.
+6 # RSJ 2011-10-21 17:42
Glen, you need to stop making assumptions based on right-wing talking points.

1. Prove that Obama does not have the best interests of the Ugandan people at heart in stopping this band of murderers. Otherwise, that is merely your opinion.

2. You say Libya had a hell of a good system under that tyrant Gadaffy? Not only did Gadaffy sponsor inetrnational terrorism until he made a deal with Junior Bush, but what about all of those happy citizens cheering Gadaffy's death? In fact, Gadaffy tortured and murdered his own people and the reason the UN called for a peacekeeping force to intervene was due to Gadaffy's vow to kill everyone in Benghazi. Is this what you call a 'good system'?

Seems the one who has to do some research is you, Glen, and not at NewsMax or WorldNetDaily.
-2 # Glen 2011-10-22 06:52
Ah, to assume one is a right winger because they presume realism is the mistake most American citizens make. Must there always be a party or philosophy adherence?

1. Did Obama have the best interests of Libya's people when he supported the bombing? What part is he really going to play in improving the country?

2. What we saw was a small number of folks rejoicing over Ghaddafi's death, not citizens who supported the man. Remember the staged support of taking out Hussein and the phoney pull down of his statue? Did Obama do anything about continued deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan due to our maneuvers? Do you really know who are "terrorists" blowing themselves up and who are U.S. operatives?

3. Did Obama have citizen welfare at heart when he called out drone strikes on Pakistanis and now he and Hillary threatening Pakistan?

4. The U.S. and Britain, France, have been interfering in the Middle East for decades. Iraqis are worse off now than under Hussein, Libyans will be worse off without Ghadaffi. Ghaddafi, did not threaten anyone until all this recent turmoil began. To continue to assume a police status for the U.S. is to continue a lie that is creating never ending destabilization.

5. If Obama has the best interests of the Ugandans at heart why didn't he send troops in last year? The situation is nothing new.
-1 # Glen 2011-10-22 06:53
Oh, and RSJ, you won't see television talking heads at Fox discussing most of what Obama really does.
+2 # kelly 2011-10-23 11:10
You're right. They prefer to deal with the interpretations of what the president does. It fits their agendas. Each posting you make proves our point, little echo chamber.
-1 # Glen 2011-10-23 16:14
Thumbs down certainly is telling, kelly. Folks want a hero on a white horse as in days of old. That hero is not out there, but recognizing that fact is tough for most folks.

Obama is doing much that most "journalist" types are overlooking in their reporting, preferring the same old yak yak rather than recognizing publicly other than the agenda set up by corporate media.
+2 # RSJ 2011-10-23 17:55
Glen, I'll answer your other posts tomorrow when I have more time, but Fox News has been twisting itself into a pretzel finding ways to criticize anything Obama does. As I asked before: where are you getting your *real* information?
0 # Glen 2011-10-24 07:08
Do read futhark's remarks. Read the Patriot Act. Read bills passed under Bush that Obama has done nothing to rid us of. I spent literally days reading bills, the PNAC, listened or read interpretation of that document, researching the Bilderburg Group and every other organization that has an influence on the U.S. government, including Israel and their operatives. I did that due to extreme anger at what was happening to the government and country at large, and after realizing it is a purposeful endeavor on the part of those folks, now understood to be the worst, the most powerful, the wealthiest, oh, and corrupt of course.

Television yakkers talk only of surface issues, the "campaign", without ever mentioning anything else that has a huge affect on the U.S.
0 # Glen 2011-10-24 09:17
Be do counter the policies and actions of Obama as being a positive force, such as increasing manufacture and use of drones, etc.

It would be beneficial for citizens to stop with the democrat/republ ican loyalties for at least a day to do some research on the motives of those in power. Criticizing Obama does not a crazed right winger make.
+35 # pernsey 2011-10-20 10:57
Oh Lord no more neocons!! Not another war, I cant believe anyone would believe them, but they are based on fear and hatred so Im sure the repuklicans will promote it.

Im more afraid of whats going on in this country rather then Iran...which starting that war would be such a bad idea I cant even voice what I think. Bush ruined this country, him, Cheney, Rummy, and the turd blossom. I cant believe anyone would be fool enough to believe their crap...hurry stick the stake back into their hearts YUCK!!!
+17 # noitall 2011-10-20 12:43
The only reason these neocons and teabaggers exist is because they are supported by America's voicebox. What we see and hear pertaining to 'news' is owned and controlled by the multi-nationals . Their lackies who are elected to manage the affairs of the People, lease OUR airwaves to these treasonous bastards. this is another ROOT CAUSE of our situation today.
+7 # kyzipster 2011-10-21 06:53
True but they're also enabled because Democrats have refused to investigate and put them on trial for their treasonous lies to Congress and the American people. The voters gave them the power to do so in 2008.
+11 # in deo veritas 2011-10-20 18:10
Call the bastards what they really are-neonazis!
+3 # X Dane 2011-10-20 23:06
Pernsey, believe it, those nasty bastards will NEVER give up. You have to realize that they want NON STOP WAR. That is how all those contractors live in luxury.

Bolton, Kristol, Gerect and many more live to make others go to war. They don't give a damn how many of our young people loose their lives and how many countries get destroyed. We HAVE to fight them here all the time. We can not loose sight of that.

+30 # michelle 2011-10-20 11:11
Look out at the landscape neocons-- the people are coming, in America, in Europe, all over the world.
+33 # Donald 2011-10-20 11:19
Lots of Americans are fed up with war and its cost in lives and treasure. Many militant types think we should be contiually militaristic. As long as that situation prevails, certain Republican/Tbag gers will have a willing audience. We need a cultural shift in this country, a return to realism and social awareness.
+20 # noitall 2011-10-20 12:39
EDCATION! Do you get Netflex? Stream "Virtual 'JFK'" "Filmmaker Koji Masutani's documentary poses a provocative question: What would John F. Kennedy have done in Vietnam had his presidency continued through a second term? Using newly available behind-closed-d oors audiotapes and other sources, the program suggests answers to this question by candidly examining Kennedy's approach to other crises of the day, such as the Communist uprising in Laos in 1961 and the Cuban missile crisis in 1962."

Watch it, you'll see the beginnings of today. There's the last president that got murdered for his committment to PEACE.
+10 # RSJ 2011-10-21 13:10
Many years ago, in an interview, "JFK" director Oliver Stone said he had interviewed people from the 'black ops' parts of the MIC as background for the film. According to these anonymous sources, JFK was secretly bugged in the Oval Office and White House residence by both Hoover's FBI and the CIA. They knew that should JFK be reelected in 1964, which was likely in 1963, he planned to end our involvement in Vietnam, break up the CIA, lower defense spending considerably, and fire J. Edgar Hoover as head of the FBI and put the Bureau directly under the control of the AG with increased Congressional oversight. If you'd like a reason for 'Official Washington' to want JFK gone, there are five of them.
+36 # msleepyhead 2011-10-20 11:47
Anybody out there just feel totally overwhelmed? The money, the power, the lack of any do we fight this? Wish Obama would realize the best thing he can do is re-asses and stand up against the ultra right wing forces. We need a leader that stands for US!!!
+47 # noitall 2011-10-20 12:29
To get a leader that stands for US, we need Publicly Financed Elections! AND we need to impeach the Supreme Court Majority! (for their treasonous act giving corporations People status, for seating Bush, etc.). These are needed and will catalyze and start good things happening. Stop the bleeding. We begin to feel overwhelmed when we look at all the injustices. Focus on the root causes and it will become clear what our mission is.
+5 # X Dane 2011-10-20 23:17
Yes noitall, and I hope the OWS can grow and keep hammering at the injustices
We need the majority of our people VERY ANGRY, and ready to support Publickly Financed Elections.
Untill the majority is TRULY ANGRY, not much will happen.
-6 # futhark 2011-10-20 18:20
Barack Obama was elected on the promise of returning the United States to the will of its people and had not been in office for many days than it became apparent that he was working hard to appease the neocon-led military-indust rial oligarchy.

How many chances do you want to give a flim-flam artist before you wake up to the fact that your hopes and aspirations have been betrayed?
+4 # X Dane 2011-10-20 23:28
Futhark, It would seem, you are too blind to see all that was stacked up against Obama. And having the republicans DETERMINED TO MAKE HIM FAIL

They have been non-stop obstructing.
Unfortunately there are too many
BLUE DOGS in the democratic party and they are obstructing too. Nelson of Nebraska is a very bad joke. He always vote republican.
So take off your blinds and realize what is going on
0 # futhark 2011-10-22 05:04
Obama made a conscious choice to vote for the FISA Act in 2008 to let big communications companies off the hook for violating the privacy of American citizens. Obama made a conscious choice to promote extensions of the PATRIOT Act. Obama made a conscious choice to stand in the National Archives before original copies of the Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, and propose a program of "indefinite detentions". Obama made a conscious choice to employ drone aircraft against people in the Middle East who had not in any way threatened the United States. He needs to be held accountable for these actions. He was elected to correct the errors of the Cheney/Bush Administration, not continue them. And, by the way, some of the posters here do not seem to realize that Ron Paul is NOT a neocon.
+10 # Obwon 2011-10-21 07:32
Quoting futhark:
Barack Obama was elected on the promise of returning the United States to the will of its people and had not been in office for many days than it became apparent that he was working hard to appease the neocon-led military-industrial oligarchy.

How many chances do you want to give a flim-flam artist before you wake up to the fact that your hopes and aspirations have been betrayed?

He, like anyone else we elect, find themselves mired in the same swampland, stuck and unable to move much at all, because they are surrounded by the creators of that swamp. As long as we support the system full out, while detesting where it's going, it's going to have the power to continue down that road, no matter who holds the offices.

Don't blame Obama "the repairman" for being unable to repair the incredible damages done. We need to first "drain the swampland", by draining power from those who support it. Hopefully it will not require "the laying down of our tools". Hopefully they will see that coming and reverse course.
+5 # RSJ 2011-10-21 13:14
Futhark, look at the burgeoning Occupy movement -- it seems, in an odd way, Obama has kept his promise, even if he had to piss us off to do it. I don't know if he designed things to happen this way, but the truth is in the streets making the 1 Percent shake in their shoes, the change is happening.
+7 # Obwon 2011-10-21 07:26
Quoting msleepyhead:
Anybody out there just feel totally overwhelmed? The money, the power, the lack of any do we fight this? Wish Obama would realize the best thing he can do is re-asses and stand up against the ultra right wing forces. We need a leader that stands for US!!!

This is exactly what OWS is, a more highly evolved form of protest/resista nce, designed so that it cannot be confused (no issues) nor coopted (no leaders). But it continues to build as the nation continues in the direction guided by the few. Soon, if they don't get the message and begin moving in the right direction, shouldering their real responsibilitie s of governing, instead of just chasing the armoured cars, the people will lay down their tools, something that neither military nor police action can do much of anything about. So it's a: they dump us, we dump them, game.

History already tells us who wins that contest.
+32 # msleepyhead 2011-10-20 11:51
I ache for my grandchildren. My granddaughter has known nothing but war. She's 11 years old. And worse, this is all going to get much worse before it gets better. I will do my part for them...the children. What kind of world are we leaving them? War, Chaos. Abject poverty. Environmental tragedy. It is going to get ugly.
+21 # noitall 2011-10-20 12:24
It is ugly already. Do your granddaughter a favor. take her with you when you go to the march. Not going to the march?! Then you are not aching. Teach your granddaughter that it is her responsibility in a Democracy to stand up for her rights. If she doesn't who will?
+15 # truthquest 2011-10-20 11:52
They get labeled neo-conservativ es or maybe even neo-liberal but first and foremost they are Zionists and they have sizable numbers in both parties.
Iran will be yet another war for Israel and fought by US.
Read Haaretz the Israeli paper and something is sought by that government and a short time later some politicain or media person is promoting the idea in the US.
+7 # Activista 2011-10-20 11:57
Neocons have more power than ever before -
Clinton foundation rules - Obama is puppet.
+23 # noitall 2011-10-20 11:59
This is an account of Lizzie Phelan's observations and experience in Libia, much different than what we hear.'Neocons' can be lazy, they just cut and paste the old lines from articles leading up to the Iraq attack, about how terrible Sadam treated his people; as if we cared. Now in Iran its "accusations of abuses in Iran". "Accusations", cant get more factual than that. When you don't get REAL news on the same channel that the football game is on, America doesn't get it. "LIES" are the power of the neocons, they have the bully pulpit. forget the democrats, they're the 'good cops'. Unfortunately we can't excuse them because they're inept. They play their role for the amusement of the same god. To expect something else is to waste time and approaches to informing the People. Steer people you know to this site, RSN is doing the best from my observation. They have it first and from excellent sources and writers. Their site is un-cluttered and accurate. RSN is a great weapon when the prey is mis-informed People. Throw RSN a bone after you forward their articles. They have to work too hard for SUPPORT. As a READER, it's NEWS that is REAL. The war is information and the bullets are the truth; the mission is to get the word out there. Don't let nerds like Crystal spin their BS w/out People hearing the REAL NEWS supported by US.
+20 # David Starr 2011-10-20 12:24
The neocons are a latest strain from the Right who attempt to propound a tradition of appealing to fear & hysteria to overly fund perpetual war. A major part of justifying this is an old tactic of protecting/savi ng "freedom & democracy." Thus, e.g., the Orwellian-like named "Foundation for the Defense of Democracies." The bottom line however is the attempt to expand a profit-driven empire, & thus at the least contradicting concepts or versions of democracy. Bush's criminal Iraq War was of course a prime example. They may have persistence, but it contributes to prioritizing elite interests, & thus a tidal wave of many responding persistently.
+18 # km0591 2011-10-20 12:28
I never believed that they went away. Their agenda has dominated the Obama administration in Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Israel, etc. with only minor, tactical modifications.

They and their media cronies just do not see any reason to diminish their profile. There is absolutely no serious discussion of national security policy anywhere in public life, so they just fill our nation's empty headed vacuum on these issues.
-32 # Robt Eagle 2011-10-20 12:48
Gelb is so far off base that it is laughable. Thankfully our military leaders have pushed Obama to do the appropriate things militarily. Who do you think is targeting the bad guys, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan? The drones are dropping the munitions, but who do you think are actually directing the drone strikes? Most think it is the game player with a joy stick back in the US...yes, but who is directing where to strike? It is the brave Special Operations Forces (SOF) putting themselves in direct harm's way to get the intelligence to make certain they hit the bad guys and limit collateral damage. SOF are CIA operators, SEALs, Special Forces (Green Berets), Air Force forward air controllers, Army Delta force, Marine Recon, Army Rangers. It is not hundreds of soldiers or Marines massing on innocent civilians. The SOF guys operate in very small groups of sometimes jsut 5 or 6 men infiltrating bad guy territory to do very dangerous work, never firing a shot, just observing and directing others to take out the bad guys. The military is trying to downsize regular troop numbers and increase SOF to reduce costs, however it takes a long, long time to train someone to be a Spec Ops guy. SEAL trainees take a minimum of 18 months just to get pinned as a SEAL, and more time to get accustomed to the Team they are assigned to before they can actually operate.
+22 # Glen 2011-10-20 13:39
Pride in methods of war is pride in the immoral, no matter how you frame the methods of the participants. This is not defense, Robt, it is aggression, pure and simple. Thousands of people have died, regardless of the skills of the operatives. Downsizing the numbers in the military means nothing in the grand scheme of the U.S. and neo-con intent. Read the PNAC. It is all there, all plans.

Please don't forget mercenaries in your assessment of military action, also. The U.S. does not operate as they did 100 years ago.
+5 # Activista 2011-10-20 13:43
great reference -
read the above before you open "democratic" propaganda.
+14 # KittatinyHawk 2011-10-20 14:00
Yes special forces, just what we need, teaching more people to kill with total disregard to Faith, to Human Dignity in the name of Paranoia and Greed.

I knew a lot of these 'types'. They were not such nice people ask their battered families, Military wants to down size, let us start at the Pentagon and start some retirement today. We want military spending cut, but you will never see that. More weapons to do more killing to innocent men women and children. The percentage of Evil is small like the greedy of Corporate magnitude. Whackos are a percentage others are serving some stint so their family stays alive (many do not).
We want to clean things up, let us start at home.

Instead we are looking to kill our own with not labeling food, growing food that is laced with herbicides and Roundup, drilling for that which will destroy our water and air, probably ground.

Where is these Sterilization Programs, let us start now.
+8 # lcarrier 2011-10-20 16:51
How is it that you can identify "bad guys"? You seem to have bought into the notion that we are the "deciders" of the fate of those in other countries. That's something George W. Bush thought, too.
+17 # jrk8z 2011-10-20 12:56
47% of Americans are Democrats, 12% are independent, 32% are stupid, and 9% are evil.
+8 # KittatinyHawk 2011-10-20 14:01
I believe the percentage of evil is higher or could be added to stupid.
Believe the Independent Numbers are growing now all we need are good candidates.
+2 # futhark 2011-10-20 18:22
I think that "stupid" and "evil" and Democrats are not mutually exclusive.
+11 # Obwon 2011-10-20 13:14
Well, I guess that's it folks, they must have replaced all voting machines with Diebold ones, so that now Dick Cheney can control the vote from the comfort of his ranch in Wyo. We don't stand a chance!
+4 # X Dane 2011-10-20 23:43
Vote absentee
+1 # boudreaux 2011-10-21 10:34
Quoting X Dane:
Vote absentee

Way to go Dane!!!! And so righteously right...
+14 # pernsey 2011-10-20 13:15
Neocons operate off of fear and hatred of everyone who isnt them. This country is torn apart. Have you ever read comments on other news mediums like yahoo news...the hatred, name calling, and condescending attitude is appalling. I posted some of my views and was basically called every name in the book for having a different point of view. I was taken aback that people are still so ignorant, rude, and nasty. Thats all that comes out of any of it!!!
+13 # KittatinyHawk 2011-10-20 13:52
They never left, they bred more. Very scary but they have been around for decades do not know where author has been but you can pick these people out like a rotten egg, they have an aura about them...

I believe in spay and neuter programs
+10 # David Starr 2011-10-20 14:20
To support the U.S.'s imperial foreign poilcy, neocons especially would view the world in B/W terms, e.g., propounding infantile assumptions of who the "bad guys" are, which in many cases turn out to be wrong & unjustified. But w/ U.S. intervention, the biggest exception was opposing Nazism & fascism. Also, I cringe at the prospects of a Taliban theocracy, given their religious fanaticism which is on par w/ Christian fanaticism, & thus cringe at the prospects of a Christian theocracy. BUT that doesn't change the fact that U.S. foreign policy is still imperial. BUT it's not just that: it's used for attempts to extend a profit-driven empire. Tragically, the U.S. military, & thus soldiers, SOFs, etc., has generally been used to support this. Confining the issue to strictly B/W terms w/ neocon-like commentary-e.g. , the childlike, Frank Burns-like attitude of dividing the world into "good vs evil," of the "good guys" & the "bad guys" is at the least not helpful; at the most potentially dangerous.
+5 # Martintfre 2011-10-20 14:31
NeoCons coming back?

Hell they never left
- they just became high level democrats - we are in more wars now then ever before, Top level bankers have their hands deep into the tax payers pockets, Mega corp CEO's are the presidents Staffers.
+9 # reiverpacific 2011-10-20 14:41
More military-worshi p?
Is this "savings" when the US economy is choking on more miltary spending including the Black Budget, than the rest of the world combined including China.
It's attitudes like this (War is good!) that keep this country backsliding. The energy and $ that the military brass expends in brainwashing and brutalizing the referenced SEALS (and no denigration intended personally to these no doubt courageous and resourceful men) would be better used in humanitarian efforts to help the needy and defend the defenseless at home and abroad, wherever the Imperial urges of the "Neocons" are felt if morphed into reality.
Your name wouldn't be Oliver North by any chance, would it?
How about sending the smooth-talking, turn-coating Krystol and his buddies to Iran if they feel so pushed? They are really cowards in suits who do no service themselves but gladly send young people out to hostile lands and climates to feed their Neocon sadistic power-seeking appetites!
Depends on who you term the "Bad Guy" innit?
B.t.w, I'm no "Knee-jerk" pacifist (although I detest war with all it's falsehoods and collateral damage) lacking physical reality; I'm an old rugger-scrapper in later life who has never been a'feard to stand up for my beliefs against all comers, especially these bastards who seem to want power over all.
-18 # Robt Eagle 2011-10-20 16:18
You think our military is doing the bidding of evil folks? Hey, I was looking at the Twin Towers burning after the bad guys flew the planes into the WTC. Good people died in the Pentagon defending your sorry butts to write the lunacy you put on this site with no knowledge of what is going on, just the BS you are fed by the far left nuts. My oldest is an officer in the SEALs and they take very seriously their duty to only take out the bad guys. My daughter, like my son, graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, currently serving as an Engineering division officer out of Norfolk. They serve with the finest people you ever want to meet. The highest echelons of the military take their jobs very seriously and do what is needed to protect Americans, and that involves a "Global War on Terrorism". Unless you have been living under a rock you must have heard of it. They will be over here, and they have tried diligently to harm us on US soil, unless the brave men and women of our military keep them at bay where they eminate from. If you don't believe that then please leave the US and go whereever you think it safer and you can prosper better. Go ahead and leave, PLEASE!!!
+6 # futhark 2011-10-20 18:27
I'm sorry to hear that your offspring have devoted their lives to saving us from the threats posed by Iraqis and Afghans. My own personal experience with Muslims is that they are fine, decent, upstanding, reliable, and compassionate people. I've never felt threatened by any Muslim and don't like my tax dollars being used to make enemies for America in other countries by killing innocent civilians.
+5 # Capn Canard 2011-10-21 12:05
Robt Eagle, you are as fine an example for the support of the Plutocracy as I ever encountered. Do you kick puppies too? Listen, Robt, we don't need no more cowardice. What we really need is courageous defenders of liberty, those who can make the important distinction between friend and foe. It is not a game that is driven by fear but a deadly confrontation that is best won by men of courage.
+15 # lcarrier 2011-10-20 16:46
The neocons are the spawn of that academic Chicago hack, Leo Strauss, who advocated Machiavellian policies to ensure that the "elite" ruled the world. The neocons--Cheney , Pipes, Wolfowitz, et. al.--think they're elite. However, they are really miserable, rotten, sniveling scumbags. Why is it the case that a "terrorist" never targets one of these guys? Maybe it's because "terrorism" is simply a pretext for endless war.
-2 # Martintfre 2011-10-21 06:59
Lcarrier - sounds a little less then academic yet nails it.

Just don't think that the lust for power is purely a republican NeoCon thing - Dems (like the current admin) doing the same thing are equally guilty.
+1 # Glen 2011-10-22 18:18
Forget your thumbs down, Martinfre. You are correct. There are many folks who don't understand what has happened in the U.S. or the major changes within the government and who is truly in charge. Both parties are subject to those in power and it ain't pretty.
-4 # Activista 2011-10-20 21:25
"One of America's most senior diplomats claimed at the United Nations security council that Muammar Gaddafi is supplying his troops with Viagra to encourage mass rape, according to diplomats.
Susan Rice (Clinton/Obama admin), the US ambassador to the UN made the claim while accusing Gaddafi of numerous human rights abuses. Earlier in the week Rice also claimed, without offering any evidence, that IRAN is helping Syria suppress internal dissent?.
Foreign affairs specialists expressed scepticism about both claims."
Obama Neo-cons took over the UN - women under Qaddafi had the most rights in ANY of the African/Arab country.
-2 # Activista 2011-10-20 21:34
Quoting Robt Eagle:
SEAL trainees take a minimum of 18 months just to get pinned as a SEAL, and more time to get accustomed to the Team they are assigned to before they can actually operate.

It costs $1 million per year per person in Afghanistan - and what they are doing there is what gangsters do in our cities.
They are already trained - worship symbols - just put US uniforms on them and send them to fight the "bad" guys - other gang. Killing sick man in the bed and getting tons of medals for it!
+8 # reiverpacific 2011-10-21 09:59
To the eagle guy. Your perspective is as blinkered as your reading abilities.
I meant NO disrespect to anybody in uniform if you'll read the post. My point is that it's such a huge waste of human potential and these "Neocons" are happy to advocate imperialism using force without having served a day in the military themselves, like 99% of the Bush administration who are of similar bent.
Having family in the military does not give you the perspective to condemn others -you (and they) get to know only what they need to know to serve the machinery unquestioningly.
-And "War on Terrorism" is as much a joke as the so-called "War on Drugs"! They are fabrications of a power-and-war-a ddicted government structure.
And b y the way, I intend to leave this country when I'm done with what I'm doing and when it's MY IDEA. I don't need any push from the mind-bogglingly empty-headed Redneck siren-call, "America, love it or leave it -duh!" One can love a country and it's amazing potential for good, whilst despising and criticizing it's methods of self-destructio n and that of so many good people, when that county's potential to either be a great benefit or a destructive force on the planet has proceeded so far down the path of annihilation and we don't have that right, ever!
+2 # lin96 2011-10-21 10:22
It took George Herbert Walker Bush at least a minute or two to answer a question that Larry King asked him. The question was: Do you think you're going to heaven? That WOULD require a lot of thinking on his part given his past and all he's done to this country.

"Good Actions good reactions. Bad actions bad reactions. As you give so you will receive.
-6 # Your Master 2011-10-21 12:50
Incredible! You are quite the assemblage of morons. I have never seen so many asinine and unwarranted comments in my life. Why do you psuedo-sophisti cates engage in name calling. Here is a suggestion. Take a bath. Yes, I know that it is not yet Saturday night. After that you may want to contemplate washing that Cheeto stained T-shirt and joining the some of us who are out working to pay for the 50% who do not. One last thing. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC. That stuff will rot your brains. Opps. Too late!
+4 # reiverpacific 2011-10-21 19:36
Quoting Your Master:
Incredible! You are quite the assemblage of morons. I have never seen so many asinine and unwarranted comments in my life. Why do you psuedo-sophisticates engage in name calling. Here is a suggestion. Take a bath. Yes, I know that it is not yet Saturday night. After that you may want to contemplate washing that Cheeto stained T-shirt and joining the some of us who are out working to pay for the 50% who do not. One last thing. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC. That stuff will rot your brains. Opps. Too late!

So what's your point other than hurling insults and name-calling as you just did? You're perfectly at liberty (for now) to sit around and make asinine near-threats but I hear nothing constructive other than a bunch of badly-stated metaphors.
Congratulations on having a job but don't get smug about it; you are just as vulnerable as everybody else. And I really DO take exception to y'r assumption that the 50% (where do you get these statistics by the way?) "who are not (working)" don't want to? That is crass and wanton ignorance, pitiful insularity. I'd love to see you mouth off in the faces of any of my mates, who have been out of work for one or two years, lost homes and everything else they WORKED for and whose hearts are breaking at their inability to find work.
Whose master are you?
+2 # David Starr 2011-10-22 12:23
To the Eagle guy, I'll draw you a simple map for you: The more the U.S., as an empire, attempts to push its ideological objectives, the more consequences will occur, & the more peoples wordlwide will get outraged/pissed off; & thus, ironically, the more chance of blowback occurring against the U.S. The U.S. for over 100 years has established a historical pattern of pushing almost perpetual war. Use common sense. Inevitably, it is case a of accumulating "bad karma." How about this? Instead of sending the U.S. military, how about sending neocons & other arm chair "warriors" who are so fond of conveniently kicking back w/in the status quo & spouting off, supporting imperial wars?
Then we have "your master," judging from an ivory tower of amateur sarcasim, notably, the vainglorious assumption of having to support 50% of the population who "don't want" to work. I've heard this bourgois cliche before, reflective of the selfish myth of "survival of the fittest." It's a B/W outlook on par w/ the neocons' imperial one, disregarding social/collecti ve/economic conditions which have a major impact on individuals, & in turn many.

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