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Moore writes: "C'mon, MAGA Nation! Losing sucks. Give up!"

Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: The New York Times)
Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: The New York Times)

Know This: Fascism Loses. Racism Loses. Right-Wing Crazy Loses.

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

15 January 21


’mon, MAGA Nation! Losing sucks. Give up! Just meet us half-way! The reason our side ultimately wins is because we’re on the side of love, peace, science, hip-hop, healthy food, libraries, quilts, gardens, every kid gets a trophy — and we’re the ones working to see that you’ll never pay a doctor bill again, and we’re gonna instantly see that your wage gets DOUBLED at your crappy minimum wage job, and we’re gonna get you that vaccine NOW and fucking kick Covid’s ass for you. You’re gonna get to keep your licensed hunting guns, no one will force you to have an abortion or get gay-married, and we will defend your rights no matter how much we disagree on things. But know this: Fascism loses. Racism loses. Right-wing crazy loses. Sadly, none of these sicknesses lose before they do an immense amount of damage. We’re a forgiving lot - maybe too forgiving - because the liberal mind believes the way forward is paved best with redemption and tolerance and one for all and all for one. So stop with all the losing! Otherwise, you give us no other choice. If you continue with your violence and hate and your knee on the neck of an unarmed black man for 8 minutes and 46 seconds or you brutally crush the head of a Capitol Police officer with a fire extinguisher, we will stop you and stop you for good. Ask Robert E. Lee. Ask Adolph or Benito. Ask George Wallace or Bull Connor or Donald Trump himself. We crush all haters and killers because we love the people you’re trying to hurt. And love, yes, conquers hate. You’re now going to see how that works. your social media marketing partner
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