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Excerpt: "We're getting killer e-blasts from the Democratic Party with your spot-on warning that Trump could win again. Like you, we're terrified."

Voting in Ohio. (photo: David Goldman/AP)
Voting in Ohio. (photo: David Goldman/AP)

An Open Thanks to Michael Moore ... and a Plea to Help Us Protect This Election!

By Bob Fitrakis, Joel Segal & Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News

06 September 20



We’re getting killer e-blasts from the Democratic Party with your spot-on warning that Trump could win again. 

Like you, we’re terrified. But it’s NOT inevitable, and now we need you where it really counts … at the grassroots, where the election must be protected. 

In 2016, Hillary Clinton ignored our warnings that (as in 2000 and 2004) the election was being stolen. In Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, where the theft was most obvious, she refused to fight for recounts and left us all twisting in Trump’s evil, idiot wind.

This time around, she’s thankfully urging Joe Biden not to concede. And the public has begun noticing the myriad ways the Republicans are lining up to steal it again.

That’s where we need your help. Especially in the Upper Midwest, the Trump Cult wants to corner the “trifecta” of election theft.

First, they’re stripping the voter rolls, disenfranchising some 17 million voters, nearly all of them (of course) non-millionaires of youth and color.

Then, they’re attacking Vote-by-Mail and Early Voting, sabotaging the USPS while erasing election centers where citizens can come in person to fill out ballots or drop off the ones they got in the mail.

And at the end, they’re set to flip the vote count, undermining the digital devices meant to create electronic images of the paper mail-in ballots and quickly give us reliable, recountable outcomes while still preserving the paper ballots for recounting.  

Trump is set to spend $20 million to hire 50,000 armed “regulators” to flip the election his way. 

But in opposition, we are recruiting grassroots activists to protect the vote. We need them to recruit new voters while they safeguard the registration rolls and make sure all who think they’re registered really are.  

They need to tend to the many details that will make Vote-by-Mail work. 

They’ll guard the voting centers (many of which will now be sports arenas) with nonviolent resistance against Trump’s armed vigilantes set to terrorize our grassroots electorate.

They’ll stay at the voting centers after 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 3, to make sure the ballots are protected and accurately counted.

To get all that done we need MILLIONS of grassroots election protection activists affiliated with the many excellent democracy organizations operating throughout the nation.

Your warnings that Trump could steal this thing are right on target, Michael. We thank you for them.

And that theft can be stopped in part by your own personal high-profile push to recruit canvassers, registrars, poll workers, poll watchers, ballot certifiers, vote counters, and all those great Americans who can protect this election from yet another horrendous theft.

Especially in swing states Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, your PSAs, short films, public appearances, media interviews and all else you do so well could underscore how we CAN save this election. YOU could have a huge impact, especially in explaining the details of how this election must be protected. 

Please contact us at, where we do a weekly zoom, have a guide to protect this election, a list of state coordinators, affiliate organizations and more.

Or just keep letting the public know how, with just two months to go, we can cut through the mainstream complacency that killed us in 2016 … and do the nitty-gritty grassroots work that can save us in 2020.

A Trump victory is neither impossible nor inevitable. The grassroots activists you so brilliantly inspire can make the difference.

See you on the airwaves, in the email, at the voting arenas … and, if we are sufficiently effective, at the post-election liberation celebration!!

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman’s Strip & Flip Disaster of America’s Stolen Elections is at, where Bob’s Fitrakis Files reside. Harvey’s People’s Spiral of US History awaits Trump’s departure at Joel Segal helped craft the Affordable Care Act. They co-convene at your social media marketing partner
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