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Moore writes: "Planning a trip over the holidays? You do realize the rest of the world has placed us in our own private prison, right?"

Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: Sacha Lecca)
Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: Sacha Lecca)

The Rest of the World Has Placed Us in Our Own Private Prison

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

12 August 20


lanning a trip over the holidays? You do realize the rest of the world has placed us in our own private prison, right? We are now prohibited from traveling to and entering without restriction nearly every single nation on Earth. Only EIGHT countries will currently let anyone holding an American passport in without any restrictions (no quarantine, no pre-testing, no visa, no nothing). Here are the only nations you can freely travel to without question or a doctor’s note as an American:

North Macedonia
Dominican Republic
(there are 23 other countries that’ll let some of us in - but with restrictions and quarantines)

We are considered such a major health risk by the rest of the world, they would rather forgo any visits from American business people, bankers, tourists, students, scientists, Walmart executives, filmmakers(!), Coca-Cola salesmen, golfers, relatives - you name it. We’re all a threat (not that that’s anything new). They have witnessed our abysmal failure to treat this pandemic seriously. They have watched our ho-hum indifference of doing little while letting 165,000 of our people needlessly die (165,000 dead is the equivalent of fifty-five 9/11s, an incident which made us go nuts with anger, demanding an immediate goddamn response!). The rest of the world is aghast that we are being led during this crisis by an idiot and a sociopath. To the world we are a plague. We are dangerous. We are sick. So they’ve locked the gate, pulled up the drawbridge, slammed the door. Most of us have no idea that the world has put us under house arrest. That’s because the vast majority of us never leave the US our entire lives. Nearly 60% of us do NOT have a passport. We have little interest in the rest of the planet — and that’s just fine with them. They’d rather now we just stay home, chanting our national motto (“WE’RE #1!”), and celebrating our God-given right to not have to wear a face mask. 

(Don’t forget to visit Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia - pictured below! Rooms at Hotel Old Konak on Kujundjiska St. are just $21/single, $32/double a night - and Old Konak himself will carry your bags for you up to your room!) your social media marketing partner
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