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Moore writes: "Media, please - start using the correct language when describing people and events."

Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: Sacha Lecca)
Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: Sacha Lecca)

Mike's Journalism 101

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

18 November 19


ike’s Journalism 101. First edition.

Media, please — start using the correct language when describing people and events. Whenever you say “El Chapo” you always precede it with “drug lord.” Do the same for these:‬

1. Always refer to a “School shooting” as school terrorism or an act of gun terror at school.

‪2. Always refer to Rudy Giuliani as “Trump’s PERSONAL Attorney. ‬” Just saying his name keeps Trump’s crimes one step separated from the actual criminal.

3. Do not use State Dept-speak by calling what Sondland and Giuliani were doing in Ukraine an “irregular channel.” It was a shadow operation and a bribery attempt.

4. Stop with the “quid pro quo.” In English it is called extortion.

5. Deval Patrick may be “the former governor of Massachusetts,” but he is CURRENTLY the Managing Director and a Co-Partner at Bain Capital — Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, the private equity firm that has closed businesses and destroyed towns. Say what he is NOW. (HuffPost has it right — they call him the “Foreclosure Mogul”).

6. Sorry if this one isn’t popular, but getting a seat on the Boards of both a Ukrainian and a Chinese mega-company while your father is VP of the USA is the first cousin of getting your kids into USC when they don’t know how to row a boat. (Note: there is NO equivalency between Biden’s son and Trump’s criminal actions which have cost the lives of Ukrainians as he tried to rig another American election. THAT is treason. Do not let the Republicans force you to change the subject — the only subject.) your social media marketing partner
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