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Reich writes: "Friends, it is illegal and impeachable for a president to do any of this. Period."

Robert Reich. (photo: Getty)
Robert Reich. (photo: Getty)

How Many Smoking Guns Are Needed to Impeach and Convict Trump?

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page

18 October 19


ow many smoking guns are needed to impeach and convict Trump?

1. Today, Trump’s chief of staff says Trump withheld $400 m from Ukraine to pressure it to investigate political rivals. 

2. Meanwhile, Trump’s Ambassador to EU says Trump delegated Ukraine policy to Giuliani, and Trump personally directed the drive to make investigation of Biden a condition for White House visit by Ukraine president. 

3. Trump’s former adviser to Sec of State says he was disturbed by attempts to enlist foreigners to get dirt on Trump pol opponents.

4. Trump’s Energy Sec says he sought out Giuliani at Trump’s direction, to address concerns about Ukraine. 

5. Ukraine special envoy Kurt Volker provides text messages showing Trump wouldn’t agree to meet with Ukraine president unless he promised to launch investigations of Biden. 

6. Official transcript of July 25 conversation in which Trump asks Ukraine president to dig up dirt on Biden. 

Friends, it is illegal and impeachable for a president to do any of this. Period. End of story. Case closed. your social media marketing partner
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