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Moore writes: "‪There's no reason to drag this out any longer - we now have all the proof we need. So let's keep the Impeachment SIMPLE."

Michael Moore. (photo: Where to Invade Next)
Michael Moore. (photo: Where to Invade Next)

There's No Reason to Drag This Out - We Have All the Proof We Need

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

25 September 19


here’s no reason to drag this out any longer — we now have all the proof we need. So let’s keep the Impeachment SIMPLE. Here’s the timeline the House should follow, beginning today:

1. ONE WEEK for the committees to compile the case based on Trump’s existing confessions, the whistleblower’s report & the special prosecutor’s already well-documented evidence.‬

2. FOUR DAYS for a single joint committee to hold the hearings (let the committee’s attorneys ask the questions and steer the case).

3. ONE HOUR for the Committee to call for a vote of the committee’s members as to whether the Impeachment charges should be sent to the full House.

4. FOUR DAYS of debate on House floor.

5. ONE HOUR for a roll call vote of the House.


By October 17th.

Then move on to removing Trump on 11/3/20‬.

(Note: The House is scheduled to go on a two-week vacation (!) this Friday. Speaker Pelosi must suspend this vacation due to the national emergency facing the country.) your social media marketing partner
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