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Moore writes: "Give no quarter. Take no prisoners. Be relentless in your pursuit of our goal: Trump Gone."

Michael Moore. (photo: The New York Times)
Michael Moore. (photo: The New York Times)

We Have 59 Weeks to End This Madness

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

18 September 19


xactly 59 weeks from TODAY this madness could be over. Or not. It’s 1) Up to us; 2) Imperative that the DNC not eff it up; 3) Mandatory that the House take just one month to show some guts and IMPEACH him; and 4) It is incumbent upon all of us to pick a streetfighting progressive candidate who will crush him - and then she or he, with our help, must piece the country back together, seize its control from the 1%, and move us finally into the 21st century.

You/We have 59 weeks to accomplish this. Pick just one thing to do each of these weeks. Map out your own personal Trump Removal blueprint: “59 WEEKS—59 THINGS I’LL DO TO CRUSH HIM”. Start with just this week and the next. Share it and do it with others. Form your own personal Avenger Unit - You, 2 family members, 2 friends. The Fab Five. The Fearless Five. The Flint Five. Call it what you want but name it/form it/fight for it every day of these 413 days. Give no quarter. Take no prisoners. Be relentless in your pursuit of our goal: Trump Gone, a TRUE democracy —politically AND economically — an America for ALL. #59weeks #OrangeCrush #AgentOrange your social media marketing partner
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