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Moore writes: "We need millions of young adults and Americans of color to create a stampede to the polls next year. They are not inspired by moderation and centrism."

Michael Moore. (photo Getty Images)
Michael Moore. (photo Getty Images)

Voters Are Not Inspired by Moderation and Centrism

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

10 September 19


es, Dan McCready must win this seat tomorrow in NC. I sent him $500. But when we support cowards - because we must win at all costs!—and we MUST win tomorrow— keep in mind we carve away a piece of our soul each time we do this. In the end, it could wreak havoc and cost us the bigger battle in 2020. Timid moderates believe McCready’s action gains voters in the middle because he takes a brave stand against a Somali refugee woman! That’ll teach her!

No, that’ll convince just enough people in our base whom we need next year at the polls to possibly stay home. The depressed voters who are too quick to give up on the Democrats because they see the Dems as weak, ineffectual or hypocritical — the “party of the people” who does nothing to arrest the politicians who poisoned the water in Flint. The party that lets Detroit die. The party that left 30 million uninsured and 50 million underinsured with a half-way-there health system. Yes, fellow white people over the age of 40 — I know you have an answer and a rationalization for all of this. Keep talking to each other. But we need millions of young adults and Americans of color to create a stampede to the polls next year. They are not inspired by moderation and centrism. They are only fired up by the possibility of not just getting rid of Trump but by the hope that their daily lives will get better because there’s a party and candidates who are going to FIGHT for them and never back down. It was not that long ago that Democrats dared not support gun control for fear of the NRA defeating them. Not that long ago when Democrats dared not fight for abortion rights. And it was even in the first decade of this 21st century when Democrats had to make damn sure they never called themselves a “liberal.”

Now, in 2019, they are being told by pundits and moderates that it is dangerous to question how the Palestinians are being treated! They are warned that they should not go all the way and support Medicare for every American? They they should stop all this “socialist” talk about free college and day care? I can promise you that if we don’t fight for these things, we risk paving a path to another upset defeat next year. If your big idea is that hatred of Trump will speed us to glorious victory next year — well, I’m sorry, I refused to ride your rickety, ill-conceived train in 2016 as you drove it off the cliff, and I will not hop on board this time either. If we must, I and millions of others will build our own bullet train for 2020, riding with the American majority — 70% of the electorate are women, people of color and young adults (or some combination of the three). They are our ticket to a true victory — and they don’t have any time to waste on cowards or bloviators who keep telling them they have to wait “just a while longer” in the middle of road, while those in power try their “best” to find them a seat at the table.

Those days are over. The table is ours — and we’ll make sure everyone sits there. your social media marketing partner
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