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Borowitz writes: "Four Democratic congresswomen issued a brief statement on Monday urging President Donald Trump to go back to Russia and improve the dire conditions of that country."

Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. (photo: Instagram)
Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. (photo: Instagram)

Democratic Congresswomen Urge Trump to Go Back to Russia

By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker

16 July 19


The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, "The Borowitz Report."

our Democratic congresswomen issued a brief statement on Monday urging President Donald Trump to go back to Russia and improve the dire conditions of that country.

In the tersely worded statement, the four lawmakers—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of New York; Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota; Ayanna Pressley, of Massachusetts; and Rashida Tlaib, of Michigan—indicated that Russia was “broken and crime-infested” and required Trump’s immediate attention.

The statement went on to suggest that, once Trump had fixed the problems plaguing Russia, he could return to the United States and “show us how.”

In a tweet, Trump mocked the congresswomen, contrasting them with the “real revolutionaries” honored over the weekend on Bastille Day. “In 1789, these brave people stormed Louis XVI’s airports,” he wrote.

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+5 # DongiC 2019-07-16 14:07
Trump never too sure of chronology urged the four Congresswomen to study Russian History, particularly the Revolution of 1861 where the Czars were finally defeated. The Russians definitely had jets by that time, he duly noted.
+9 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-07-16 15:09
Yeah, this is good. Trump and Putin could ride horses with their shirts off and all that other manly stuff.

I wonder why it is that Americans are always telling someone to "love America or leave it." There seems to be so little tolerance for different views. Lincoln wanted to send freed slaves back to Africa -- thanks for your work but now go home. This is a really weird thing about America. I've been told to "love it or leave it" all my life.
0 # hwmcadoo 2019-07-19 14:36
It has worked for Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Kim.

If you are not a MAGA the Zinn quote may help, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”. It is also supported by many Jefferson quotes, some about rebellion to dishonest authority.
+8 # librarian1984 2019-07-16 15:17
Instead of fighting each other, Trump and Pelosi both attack these Congresswomen and, in recent months, Pelosi has urged the Democrats to support the Trump-McConnell agenda.

Under Pelosi and Schumer Democrats have given up without a fight on DACA, deregulating Wall Street, fast tracking Trump's judges and, most recently, border funding.

THIS is why we should vote for ANY Democrat?!

Polls show Americans, including Republicans, support a progressive agenda, while the party leaders surrender to Trump and McConnell on EVERY issue -- and attack their own caucus members instead of the GOP.

If we get more establishment turncoats forced down on throats even MORE people will stay home instead of voting.
+10 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-07-17 12:27
librarian -- good points. I think we are at a really critical moment. Pelosi's inaction or as you say affiliation with the Trump-McConnell agenda is forcing the rise of the younger progressives. Trump thinks he can force the split in the Demo party by giving attention to the "Squad" and ignoring Pelosi. Trump does not think ordinary people support the Squad. I think they do. Now is the time to show strong support for them.
+1 # MikeAF48 2019-07-16 17:11
Why am I not laughing? Oh! I know why it was locker room talk.
-5 # babaregi 2019-07-16 20:10
The Left is doing God's work, right?
+9 # revhen 2019-07-17 07:35
I consider President Trump’s idea to send people back to their country of origin to solve their problems just marvelous! He himself could go back to Scotland, the part of Great Britain from which his mother legally, I suppose, immigrated. Then, based on his great success in foreign affairs (think Russia, China, North Korea, the European Union, and so forth), he could solve Britain’s Brexit Crisis. Or he could return to Germany from which his paternal ancestors came. He then could solve Germany’s immigration crisis as he has so wonderfully solved ours. He could replace Angela Merkel as Chancellor who, although she holds a doctorate in quantum chemistry, is not as intelligent as he. Being from another country should pose no problem. An individual from Austria became Chancellor some time ago
+3 # ddd-rrr 2019-07-17 08:28
The United States of America *IS* a nation composed almost entirely of immigrants
and the descendants of immigrants! To be so stupid as to say (or to believe)
that immigrants are "somehow undesirable or harmful to our country"
is to reveal a fundamental condition of "STUPIDITY"!

It may be useful to point this out, forcefully, whenever and wherever such stupidity
is displayed. It may be that shaming "the stupids" (those who appear
to be unable to think, or who appear to choose not to think),
whenever and wherever such is displayed,
in both public and private

Nobody likes to be considered "stupid", so doing the above MAY "jog"
enough people, over time, to reconsider their obviously stupid
opinions about immigrants, and by doing so, diminish
one of Trump's greatest powers over people.

Isn't this certainly worth at least a try?

And, maybe the same can be done concerning racism,
and any of the several other stupid trumpian
"dog-whistle" claims and issues!

Call people out for expressing obvious stupidity!
Doing so MAY help save our country!
+1 # hwmcadoo 2019-07-19 14:32
It seems Germany went through this nationalist stupidity, so there is nothing new with Trump—except there is no USSR or USA ready to save the world and the old Allies hate the USA.
+4 # Texas Aggie 2019-07-17 10:02
Probably Phat Boy really would feel better in Russia. It would relieve a lot of strain and he could spend his time in a dacha somewhere in the Crimea. His three kids would fit in better there than here where they get no respect. The rest of the family might not like it, especially Melania because she already has had experience with that type of life.
+4 # elizabethblock 2019-07-17 10:03
With Andy Borowitz, who needs MAD Magazine?
+3 # chrisconno 2019-07-17 10:48
lol. Yes the Bastille and airports. Good advice.
+1 # hwmcadoo 2019-07-19 14:29
It is getting harder and harder to distinguish tragic satire from truth. Thank you for stating that this is Borowitz satire.

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