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Pierce writes: "Right now, at this very moment, the United States government is committing crimes against humanity on its southern border at the command of a certifiable vulgar talking yam."

Nancy Pelosi speaks to reporters. (photo: Bill Clark/Getty Images)
Nancy Pelosi speaks to reporters. (photo: Bill Clark/Getty Images)

Nancy Pelosi's Leadership Now Constitutes a Constant Dereliction of Duty

By Charles Pierce, Esquire

11 July 19

The Speaker is beefing with her own caucus while failing, repeatedly, to hold a lawless administration to account.

ight now, at this very moment, the United States government is committing crimes against humanity on its southern border at the command of a certifiable vulgar talking yam. The opposition party controls exactly one center of power in the tripartite government and two seats—occasionally, three—on the Supreme Court. And under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives has chosen to do precisely squat about the situation, choosing instead to pick a fight with its youngest and most charismatic members who, by the way, are pretty much the only members of the House who have gone to see the atrocities first hand.

I tried to warn everyone that nothing good comes of spilling your guts to Maureen Dowd, but nobody listened. Instead, we have a public hooley between Pelosi and the group of left-leaning rookies made up of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tialib, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She keeps telling them to sit down and they keep telling her to get stuffed and then going down to the border to give witness to the ongoing atrocities there. I'm not seeing a lot of the Blue Dogs in Clint or McAllen. In fact, I'm not seeing the Speaker there much herself. The spat started when Pelosi, with no little reason, forced a vote on a border security bill produced by the Senate. She did so on a pledge by the administration* that it would not conduct massive immigration raids all over the country. Like every other promise from this administration, this one didn't age well.

Pelosi resolutely refuses to consider opening even an impeachment inquiry, and Robert Mueller isn't going to force her hand next week, either. She even announced that Alex Acosta was solely a White House problem.

"It’s up to the president, it’s his cabinet. We have a great deal of work to do here for the good of the American people and we have to focus on that.”

What in the name of Uncle Joe Cannon is that supposed to mean? Acosta is the biggest fish in the smallest barrel. How about using him to give the White House a good solid kick in the 'nads? Wouldn't that be fun, at least? More fun, anyway, than picking Twitter beefs with some of your most popular colleagues while the kids are still in cages and the raids may begin Sunday. What was once leadership now stands as constant dereliction.

The real irony is that, when the Democrats took over the House in 2018, it wasn't these people who threatened Pelosi's speakership most seriously. It was the Tim Ryan-Seth Moulton crew, most of whom thought Pelosi was too far left for Ordinary Americans. Moreover, it was that same bunch who threatened to mutiny over the border security bill if the House didn't approve the Senate's more draconian measures. In addition, the same people on whom Pelosi is doing her drive-by's are under constant assault from the right-wing media apparatus. AOC drives them bughouse and, the other night on Fox, Tucker Carlson went on a rant about Omar that belonged on a Stormfront podcast, or on a short-wave set in the forests of Upper Michigan.

On Thursday, Pelosi was asked if she regretted what she'd said last week. This was her answer:

“I have no regrets about anything. Regrets is not what I do."

Kids are in cages. The raids may begin Sunday. The Speaker still has Maureen Dowd's phone number, so the kids in cages have that, anyway, and I'm sure it will come as a great comfort to the people who find their doors kicked in.

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+74 # DongiC 2019-07-11 16:31
Pelosi, at least, could go to the border towns and witness first hand the awful things that are happening there. She might then recalibrate her position on Trump's impeachment remembering there are those who recall her refusal to impeach GW Bush for his unjustified invasion of Iraq. She apparently is reluctant to use her power against the rich and famous Republican presidents who cross her path. Why in God's name should Trump ever be afraid of her?

Criticizing those fiery progressives in the House shows her true feelings vis a vis Donald Trump: a member of the financial elite who must be protected despite all his faults. Let's see if he keeps his word about not having immigration raids all over the country. If Trump does, in fact, conduct them , Pelosi will have been suckered once again.

It is time for the Speaker to stand up and lead. Those kids in cages and sleeping on the floor in overcrowded conditions are depending upon you. Measure up, Nancy, measure up!
+17 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-07-12 05:28
DC -- she does not need to go to the border towns to see awful things. Just look at her home district of San Francisco and the appalling homelessness and tent cities growing up out of control. There's so much human poop on the streets of SF that google maps now tells people where not to walk.

Or she can go to any town in the US and see cops shooting and beating up black and brown people.

The border is just consistent with all US policing. We have squadrons of goons who roam the nation looking for black and brown people to terrorize. Nothing has changes from the old days of the "slave patrols." Pelosi could mobilize congress to stop all of this. But she's actually part of it.
+41 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-07-11 19:32
This is good. Clearly and maddeningly Pelosi sees her biggest battle as keeping the new progressive members of the party from growing stronger.

We need to face the reality. We live in the Age of Sanders. He has set the agenda for the next decade or so. People brought into congress by his example will eventually control two branches. The Supremes will pretty much be what they are for a long while. Pelosi does not want the old to die and the new to take its place. She's already lost.

I with congress would use Acosta to give Trump a good kick in the nads. If Acosta is fired, he will be able to speak openly about the FBI "back off" order to protect Epstein. That would blow the Epstein mystery wide open. That's worth far more than any kick in Trump's nads.

Pelosi is the defender of the demo party establishment. These are really abominable people. They are corrupt beyond imagination. The are centered on the Clintons. This generation needs to go. I think the next 18 months until the election of 2020 will be the last we ever see of these MOFOs.
+2 # dquandle 2019-07-12 22:07
"I think the next 18 months until the election of 2020 will be the last we ever see of these MOFOs."

It is with the deepest regret, that I sincerely doubt it.
+18 # HarryP 2019-07-11 22:30
Pelosi is consumed by a sense of entitlement (the very same disease that afflicted Hillary Clinton and now Biden.) Instead working with the four women in question (AOC et al.), she demands absolute fealty. Along they, she ridicules and insults them. But it was these women, and others like them, that returned Pelosi to the speakership.

If politics is the art of counting, she should take into account that it wasn’t just the four women who voted against what was essentially a Republican border spending bill. They were joined by another 91 Democrats voting against a bill that simply gave Trump more money. It’s a fool’s errand to believe that Trump’s policy will change - unless pressure is brought.

Pelosi better be careful, it just may be that she, rather than the four women, who will ingloriously go down in flames.
+2 # dquandle 2019-07-12 22:05
Why the hell "those women" supported Pelosi's disgusting return to the speakership, is absolutely beyond me.
+17 # Liebermania 2019-07-11 22:50
+22 # crispy 2019-07-12 00:13
Does anybody remember when a republican offered an amendment That would have prevented NSA to spy on US Citizens without a court order? Pelosi opposed it and put pressure on other democrats to vote no.
With republicans and those democrats (DINOS) the amendment failed.
This tells you who Pelosi really is.
+23 # futhark 2019-07-12 02:02
Nancy Pelosi on Donald J. Trump: "We have a great deal of work to do here for the good of the American people...)

Ms Pelosi should know by now that DJT does not "work". What he does is attempt to force his warped view of reality on everyone else, resorting to insults and ad hominem attacks if he thinks that will advance his position. I doubt if this cretin has ever "worked" in his life, finding it much easier to bully and otherwise intimidate others than look for common ground upon which to forge policy.
+7 # economagic 2019-07-12 20:35
So, how does that differ from what Ms. Pelosi does?
+4 # futhark 2019-07-13 10:15
My impression is that Ms. Pelosi does not bully those with whom she disagrees. Rather she tends to patronize them, taking on an "I know better than you do" attitude that renders her impervious to acquisition of facts or viewpoints that could possibly alter her positions. Her conceptual universe is rigid and beyond alteration. This approach has allowed her to advance to an office with great political power and a mansion in the exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco. Why should she jeopardize all this by listening to some malcontents?
+2 # economagic 2019-07-13 20:17
". . . impervious to acquisition of facts or viewpoints that could possibly alter her positions."

My point precisely. The "True Believer" (Eric Hoffer), or a member of theologian Martin E. Marty's "People of The Book" (his definition of fundamentalism of any kind).
+19 # Mountain Man 2019-07-12 08:51
The billionaires have spoken! And Speaker Pelosi has her orders.
+20 # farbie 2019-07-12 09:24
I have absolutely had it with Pelosi and the Dumbocrat party - they forget that its the progressive wing that drives people out to vote, NOT the Blue Dogs. I expect that Mueller will affirm next week that Trump likely committed 10 impeachable offenses obstructing justice on the Russia Election Interference investigation. He has also committed a host of other impeachable offenses, including violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. He has also had muitiple affairs. If Trump were a Democrat, the Republicans long ago would have begun impeachment proceedings. SHAME ON PELOSI!
-22 # BKnowswhitt 2019-07-12 11:32
Another non issue by the Dems who have NOthing to offer the American people .. so they point and blame .. though they drove those to the border via usa cooked left media on the subject .. and they swarmed en mass to our border falsely expecting the open arms the dems pretend they represent .. however OBumma nad HillBillery both had same policies as Trump ..
+10 # dandevries 2019-07-12 17:54
Writing as a San Francisco long-timer, whose home was for a while in her district, Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace. She needs to be replaced and retired. (Note: not all of SF is her district right now. Jackie Speier is hardly perfect as a progressive rep, but at least she's not obviously enabling Herr Drumpf.
+6 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-07-13 08:05
dd -- Calif is a very strange state when it comes to politics. Its politicians are about as right wing as they come. Why did Feinstein have such a successful career in SF? California is a heavily democratic party state but these are neo-conservativ e and corporate democrats, much closer to the Blue Dog Clinton democrats of the South.
+7 # economagic 2019-07-12 20:33
"We have a great deal of work to do here for the good of the American people and we have to focus on that."

Fine. I hope I live to see it.
+4 # dquandle 2019-07-12 22:01
She's busy obliterating your chances for healthcare, in fond hopes that you don't....
+8 # dquandle 2019-07-12 21:59
Pelosi does do kids in cages really well, though.

Almost as well as she does drone attacks, infinite war, and laying out the banquet for Wall Street and the Health "Insurance" parasites, on the backs of the American people

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