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Cole writes: "The reporting on the fighting between Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Israelis the past few days, as usual, has mostly lacked context and proportionality."

Maryam El Shawa standing in the wreckage of the Hassona building after Israeli warplanes bombed the building in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City. (photo: Anadolu Agency)
Maryam El Shawa standing in the wreckage of the Hassona building after Israeli warplanes bombed the building in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City. (photo: Anadolu Agency)

Gaza Palestinians and Israelis Wounded Past Year by the Numbers: 31,691 v. 250

By Juan Cole, Informed Comment

07 May 19


he reporting on the fighting between Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Israelis the past few days, as usual, has mostly lacked context and proportionality.

Number of Gaza Palestinians killed by Israeli snipers in past year: 304

Number of Gaza Palestinians injured by Israeli snipers in past year: 31,691

Number of Israelis killed by Gaza Palestinians in past year: 6

Number of Israelis injured by Gaza Palestinians in past year: 250

The below ReliefWeb chart reflects the numbers before this weekend’s further violence, reported here.

Israelis in southern cities such as Sderot and Beersheva have been targeted by unguided little rockets from Gaza, which is a war crime since it is illegal to endanger civilians in that way. However, that most of the Palestinian families in Gaza, some 70 percent, were chased out of those cities in 1948 and after by the Israelis who have now settled them is not irrelevant even if it cannot excuse a wr crime.

The Israeli emphasis on the number of rockets fired is propaganda, which most US newspapers fall for by putting it in headlines. These 700 rockets are not missiles but for the most part high school science experiments and almost all of them fall uselessly in the desert. All those rockets killed 4 persons. Those deaths are deeply to be regretted, but it should be obvious that the hundreds of rockets number does not tell us anything significant about the conflict.

The rockets are so ineffectual that Israel opened schools in the south on Tuesday, which the government wouldn’t have done if it was terrorized by 700 rockets

Moreover, the emphasis on 700 rockets rather takes the focus off the actually effective bombing, which is done by Israeli fighter jets that committed war crimes by striking 310 residential buildings. You can’t just drop bombs from 20,000 feet on cities where people live, and especially on apartment buildings! That is a war crime.

The Israelis conducted 300 airstrikes just in the past 3 days, with huge, effective bombs, which explains the 154 Palestinians wounded.

Moreover, Palestinian casualties have been disregarded, not only in these two or three days but but for the past year, during which Israeli snipers have injured thousands of unarmed, peaceful Palestinian protesters and killed a couple hundred more. These killings and woundings are also war crimes, this time on the part of the Israeli army. You can’t just shoot people down by arbitrarily declaring that they are in a kill zone where they may be shot at will. They have to pose a clear and present danger to the troops.

Via Reliefweb

The Ma’an News Agency reports:

“GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — An Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestinian factions in the besieged Gaza Strip was declared following Israeli escalation since predawn Saturday until predawn Monday.

The Egypt-mediated ceasefire comes after Israeli warplanes carried out at least 320 airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, while about 600 rockets were fired from Gaza towards southern Israel.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, confirmed that 25 Palestinians, including an infant, toddler, and two pregnant women, were killed in the Israeli airstrikes. In addition, a husband and wife were found to have succumbed to their wounds under the rubble, as a result of the airstrikes.The ministry also confirmed that at least 154 Palestinians were injured.

It is noteworthy that Israeli airstrikes caused extensive damage to 310 residential buildings, fishing ports, and two universities across Gaza, and completely destroyed 18 residential buildings and family homes, a mosque, several schools, three media offices, and three ambulances.

The Israeli escalation came after Israeli forces shot and killed four Palestinians in the 57th “The Great March of Return” Friday protests, during which thousands of Palestinians take to the borders to peacefully protest the 12-year Israeli siege.The destruction from three Israeli offensives over the past six years, including damage to the enclave’s water, sanitation, energy, and medical facilities, coupled with slow reconstruction due to the blockade led the UN to warn that Gaza could be “uninhabitable” by 2020.”

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-8 # mbrenman 2019-05-07 18:12
It is very highly unlikely that 31,691 Palestinians were injured by Israeli snipers in the past year. That would mean that an average of 87 were shot every day. This also is a stupid statement: "These 700 rockets are not missiles but for the most part high school science experiments." In addition, the Iranians are providing and assisting Palestinian groups with missiles. This article is far too ideological, which detracts from its credibility.
-9 # Salburger 2019-05-08 03:54
Cole is just repeating Palestinian propaganda--he' s an apologist for terrorism as long as it's in the name of Islam or Palestine.
+4 # Glen 2019-05-09 07:47
Salburger, you and mbrenman both need to do some serious research concerning the founding and ongoing existence of Israel and the war and killing that country has loaded on the entire territory. If Israel is being threatened it is because of the violence Israel and the U.S. has engaged in all over the Middle East. Israel, as the United States was founded with violence and continues to engage in the same.

Take the time to research witnesses and their testimonies and videos. Israel kills. Palestinians defend.
+8 # banichi 2019-05-07 19:24
The numbers, while shocking in their proportions, are not really surprising to anyone who has followed this. The Israelis have access to real war-fighting weapons, while the Palestinians do not, in anything like the same proportions to do more than make mosquito bites relative to the Israelis.

These statistics put the lie to the Israeli claims of being the subjects of a war they do nothing to further.

I have nothing against Jews, but can not stomach the lies of the Israeli government, and particularly Netanyahu, when they are clearly trying to end the resistance of the Palestinians by any means necessary, while stealing their land and targeting them - and the comparison to the Nazis in WWII and their behavior and attitudes towards Jews has become impossible to ignore.

Religion has little or nothing to do with it. Zionism does, but its definition has built into it no limits to what constitutes a Jewish homeland, or what moral guidance should be applied to anyone - such as inconvenient Palestinians - who have owned land that the Israeli government wants to take over for Jewish settlers.

The fact that Netanyahu got re-elected again seems to demonstrate that the majority of Israel's voters approve of the actions of him and his government.

So what does that say?
+4 # PABLO DIABLO 2019-05-07 20:30
-4 # logical1 2019-05-07 21:39
Whether the numbers are correct or not,
The Israelis do not park there weapons in schools or locations that have large groups of people and then attack from that location.
What does that say about the Palestinians hiding behind the young and innocent to do their attacks?
+6 # dickbd 2019-05-08 14:54
Oh, come on! That is what our government says, too, when they bomb civilian populations. As Noam Chomsky has said, the Gaza Strip is basically an open-air prison, since Israel controls everything that goes in via the wall and blockade via the shore.

My wife was of Jewish descent, so I am not anti-Semetic. I simply believe that Zionism is bad for the Jewish people in the long run.

We get definitely biased coverage here, and our government sends billions of dollars to Israel, which they use to buy tanks and planes. It is an indirect gift to our war machine, which must be fed.
-7 # Salburger 2019-05-08 03:04
Some of those "high school experiments" have a range capable of reaching Tel Aviv with several hundreds of pounds of high explosives. Cole says that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are committing war crimes, but then goes on to justify them. He's an apologist for theo-fascist war criminals.
-4 # joejamchicago 2019-05-08 07:12
3,000 Americans were killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 75,000 Japanese were killed by Americans dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. What's your point?
-2 # joejamchicago 2019-05-08 07:16
In 1948 Israeli prime minister told all Arabs living within Israel's borders that if they supported Israel or remained neutral when Israel was attacked, unprovoked, by neighboring Arab countries that those supporting Israel or who remained neutral would be permitted to stay once Israel won the war (which EVERYONE knew was impossible). After Israel won, Arabs who supported the destruction of the state of Israel were deported. Makes sense to me.
+7 # Anne Frank 2019-05-08 13:16
Zionist Israel is simply Nazi Germany warmed over, but this time the victims of racial purification are the native population of Palestine. The Judaism I was raised with was in the forefront of the movement for civil rights for all Americans; the bloodthirsty Zionism of Israel has no resemblance to true Judaism. Zionist Israel no more is a "Jewish state" than Nazi Germany was a "Christian state."
+3 # Glen 2019-05-09 07:49
Right, Anne. We aren't criticizing Jews, we are criticizing Israel. No other victims of WWII received such privilege, much less their own country.

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