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Wasserman writes: "So the Mueller Report confirms that the Russians intervened to elect their money launderer of choice. What else is new?"

Russian president Vladimir Putin. (photo: Getty)
Russian president Vladimir Putin. (photo: Getty)

Trump's Real Russkie Running Mate Is Jim Crow ... and WAR!

By Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News

25 April 19


o the Mueller Report confirms that the Russians intervened to elect their money launderer of choice.

What else is new?

Putin and company will be back in 2020 on behalf of their wholly-owned asset. They’ll be more powerful and sophisticated than ever, marching in lockstep with their fellow mega-corporations and terminal polluters. A victory would let them complete the fascist assault on what’s left of American democracy.

They’ll also be poised to destroy our ability to survive on this planet. It should be clear to all that the human species will not survive another five years of Trump’s fossil/nuke-crazed attack on our ecological support systems.

And they’ll have two other key allies: Jim Crow, and War.

The debate over how much to focus on “Russiagate” is futile … and misses the point. As outlined by Craig Unger and David Cay Johnston, Trump has been owned by Russian oligarchs for decades. He was bankrupt and in debt by up to $6 billion. Then he was doing mega-deals in cash.

All those rubles came from the rising mafiosi who emerged from the gulag and carved up the corpse of the Soviet Union. In 1999, with the help of the CIA, Putin whipped them into shape. They used Trump to launder their cash into the American banking system and real estate markets. He’s been the Russians’ wholly owned subsidiary for decades.

That they intervened in the 2016 election is beyond obvious. Their net impact is unclear. But they worked in tandem with the usual American mega-billionaires and corporate polluters. Trump paid them back with gargantuan tax benefits, huge subsidies and ecological pork. Along with the evangelical Christians, they’ll be out in force to complete the coup in 2020.

Their prime ally will be Jim Crow. Key to all Republican presidential “victories” in this century has been the race-based disenfranchisement of citizens of color. Governor Jeb Bush stripped more than 90,000 in Florida 2000. Secretary of State Ken Blackwell stripped more than 300,000 in Ohio 2004. Core operatives stripped untold millions in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and elsewhere in 2016.

Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton have yet to say or do anything about it.

Now Trump is taking the lynch mob to a new level. He’s manipulating the census, injecting a citizenship clause (likely soon to be rubber-stamped by the Supreme Court), demanding ID, and escalating the usual fraud, intimidation, and theft. Come Election Day 2020, millions of suspected anti-Trump voters (mostly of color) will find themselves off the registration rolls all across the nation.

Despite advances in vote counting technology, GOP manipulators will also hold onto touchscreen, scantron, and other voting devices that will allow them to flip the vote count where stripping the voter rolls has not been enough.

Rest assured the high-priced Trump-Putin-Koch-corporate-evangelical-polluter operatives are hard at work figuring out how to strip and flip just enough votes to make sure the Electoral College cements American fascism for all time to come.

They do face a formidable task. Even the redacted Mueller Report fed a substantial plunge in Trump’s ratings, indicating at least some of his base may be cracking. As more of his criminal filth continues to seep out, the nation is likely to turn even harder against him.

The hopeful Sandernista transition of the Democrat party from its corporate death grip to a more progressive reality complicates things. And thanks to Stacey Abrams, the issue of stolen elections is finally on the table. In addition to real social and ecological progressivism, the candidates who take most seriously the issues of election protection are the ones who must be most strongly supported.

But then there’s the Kill Factor: WAR. When presidential advisor Karl Rove realized in 2003 that George W. Bush was about to lose re-election, he did the obvious thing: he went full military. The attack on Iraq was never about 9/11 or terrorism … it was always about making the very unpopular W. a war president.

It worked. John Kerry and the mainstream Democrats rolled over. To this day, they’ve said nothing about the theft of Ohio 2004. And some still defend their support of a worthless, useless, trumped-up slaughter that killed millions and cost trillions.

Never doubt that Trump is about to do the same. Be it Venezuela or Iran, Korea or Grand Fenwick, rest assured GOP operatives are hard at work mapping the target, scope, and timing for the coming conflagration.

Count on it coming on the heels of a “terror attack.” And remember that the Sedition and Espionage Acts are still on the books.

In the 1790s, John Adams used the Sedition Act to lock up journalistic critics (including Benjamin Franklin’s grandson). Exactly a century ago, the awful Woodrow Wilson used the Espionage Act to imprison the great Socialist Eugene V. Debs. Under cover of a useless, worthless war opposed by most of the American people, Wilson concocted a “Red Scare” to forcibly crush the American Socialist Party, which revered and respected the Bill of Rights far more than our “Democratic” president. 

Today, as American Socialism is being reborn, we can expect the same from Trump. As his criminal roots are progressively exposed and his ratings plummet, he will do the Rovian obvious. A “terror attack” will occur. The roundup will begin. The registration rolls will be stripped. The Supreme Court will back him (5-4). The coup will deepen.

Most likely we are entering the most terrifying and trying time in our nation’s history. We need politicians and activists ready to withstand the whirlwind. The stakes could not be higher.

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-36 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-04-25 12:57
Wasserman -- "That they intervened in the 2016 election is beyond obvious. Their net impact is unclear"

These statements contradict. If Russian intervention was obvious (i.e., clear) the impact would also be clear.

If you read the Mueller Report you see that he really has no evidence at all that there was any Russian interference or intervention. He only follows the narrative he was hired to promote. But he does not and cannot prove a thing.

All of the Mueller Deadenders need to listen to this.

At one point (p. 108ff), Mueller retails a bogus story from Dimitri Simes (i.e., a Russian, though he has been an American neo-con since the 1980s) about Russia video and audio taping Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky. Simes claims (according to Meuller) that he offered the tape to Kushner, who turned it down because it was too old.

Simes is about the only Russian Mueller could find who offered anything about a Clinton to a Trump player. The Bill/Monica tapes were actually made by the CIA which had Bill under surveillance most of his term.
+14 # 2019-04-25 13:54
this whole comment is utterly ridiculous. radion, whoever you are, you can do better.
-10 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-04-25 18:33
solar -- you should be more clear about what you find ridiculous. My comment is well founded. You have the same problem as Mueller. If you know something, you should be able to be clear about it. You can't say the Russians intervened in the election but then say it is unclear what they did or what impact it had. It is clear to me that Mueller is just blowing smoke. (or is that smoking blow.)

I actually know what I'm talking about. I've read most of the Mueller report and it is ridiculous. Don't take my word. Here is Larry Johnson, ex-CIA analyst --

"A careful reading of the report reveals that Mueller has issued findings that are both disingenuous and dishonest. The report is a failed hatchet job. Part of the failure can be attributed to the amount of material that Attorney General William Barr allowed to be released. It appears that Bill Barr’s light editing may have been intended to expose the bias and sloppiness of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team."
-15 # Anne Frank 2019-04-25 14:57
Disappointing but not surprising to see neocon Wasserman trying to perpetuate the stampede toward World War III.
+7 # Jim Rocket 2019-04-26 09:01
It's not WW3 that concerns me it's the idea that democracy doesn't work and needs to be done away with. The Republicans seem to agree with Vlad that a state/oligarch/ mafia coalition is the best way to run a country. Their animosity to Russia (USSR) in the past was because of communism. McConnell and the Koch bros. look to modern Russia and think "What's not to like?"
+13 # johnescher 2019-04-25 16:06
It isn't just Mueller who has documented the great extent of ongoing Russian interference in our elective process. Previous documentation came from a large number of intelligence agencies during the Obama administration. Do you think everybody was in cahoots to work up a false narrative? Would that even be possible?

I understand that you are a Russiaphile. So am I when it comes to 19th century Russian fiction. The comic novel DEAD SOULS even pre-figures later Russian meddling in bureaucracy anywhere. But 21st century Russian fiction is not the same and neither is contemporary reality.

Since you just told me what I should listen to, RR, I will now tell you what to read-- it's only fair: TRUMP'S RUSSIA, by Anna Politkovskaya. You needn't consider what happened to this brave author after she wrote this book-- just to avoid falling into Wimsatt's "intentional/bi ographical fallacy" while reading it.

I am confident that if you gave this book a good reading however you would revise your rosy view of present day Russia. But congratulations on your pre-FBI-investi gation statements on the probable phoniness of the Steele Report. Mueller seems to reinforce that.
+1 # lfeuille 2019-04-25 23:20
I remember a quote from the former president of France, I think it was Mitterand about the Iraq WMB intelligence debacle. It was something like "all these intelligence agencies are intoxicating each other". I think it is happening again. Intelligence analysts, at least the ones selected by Clapper to write the report have conspiracy theory mindsets similar to the Pizzagate theorists. They collect random facts and put them together in ways that might possibly be true, but by no means are the only feasible explanation for those facts. But unlike novelists, many of them actually come to believe their story lines.
+1 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-04-26 07:19
je -- " Do you think everybody was in cahoots to work up a false narrative? Would that even be possible?"

This is really a good question. The US is an oligarchy, one of the most sophisticated oligarchies on earth. These people have been cultivating an elite media for about 100 years. That history has been documents very well by hundreds of scholars. Russiagate is the product of a well-oiled media machine that can, indeed, gather nearly everyone in cahoots over a false narrative.

Here is one point from the Mueller Report. He talks about 15 or so people who were either Russian or had Russian connections who were in contact with with Trump campaign (Mifsud, Sater, Veselnitskaya, Simes, and many more). He names all these people and give a background sketch on all of them.

What is the one thing they all had in common? Not their connection with the Russian government or Putin, since none of them had that. Rather, they all have in common that they are assets or informants for the FIVE EYES intelligence agencies -- the US, UK, Australia. Mueller and all of the US media dwell on the false Russian connections and never mention the fact that all of these people were either intelligence agency assets or were maneuvered by other intel assets.

Take Felix Sater who approached Trump and Cohen about real estate deals in Russia. He has been an FBI informant since 1998. His handler is Andrew Weissman, one of Mueller's Probers. Why is this not talked about?
-1 # Caliban 2019-04-28 17:38
"Russiagate is the product of a well-oiled media machine" - Ridiculous # RR. The media has barely enough information about Russian interference in 2016, for instance, to make the topic believable to readers and viewers.

No - governmental agencies like the DOJ and their representatives (i.e. particularly the Special Counsel and his largely prosecutorial team) did the investigations and provided the media with just enough to make a few headlines.

Personally, I believe there is more to come - both from Mueller's files and work still to be done that is provoked by Mueller discoveries. Mueller has the Real Story; # RR either does not have it -- or has it but doesn't want the American people to have it.
+2 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-04-26 07:30
Anna Politkovskaya died in 2007. I'm not aware that she wrote a book called Trump's Russia? Maybe I misunderstood your reference. I'm a little aware of her story and at the time I did read her accounts of Putin's war in Chechnya.

I know the allegations that she was killed on orders from Putin. That could be. I tend to be skeptical on this. Clearly she was a journalist who was very critical of the Russian government and Putin in particular.

I'll read her work again. Maybe you can send a better title. I googled it and did not see a book called Trump's Russia.

PS -- I think the Putin-Kim summit yesterday in Vladisvlostok was very interesting. Both of them repudiated Trump. They said initially there was some hope he would be different but now they see he is not. He cannot be trusted. They will leave the door open, but they have no interest in talking to him anymore unless he can show some independence from the neo-cons. We now have President Bolton. Trump is just Bolton's Bitch -- as someone on RSN said months ago. Now Putin and Kim know that. Maybe they read RSN.
0 # MikeAF48 2019-04-25 20:48
The President has self-imprisonme nt himself in the White House but that's good we know where he is at all of the time.
+2 # janie1893 2019-04-26 00:32
I have come to believe Rodion uses this site to test what crud he can get readers to swallow. He then reports his opinion back to his boss. I am not, by nature, paranoid but I find Rodion is a very erratic and suspicious character.

I have, often lately, expressed my opinion that Trump will start a war within the coming year so he can be a war president and thus walk away with reelection. I believe his victim country will be Iran. He won't even think about North Korea because Kim now has a new buddy in Putin.
+4 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-04-26 17:56
Janie -- why would you believe that? I'm just someone who actually reads and thinks about issues that confront us. I may not write things that you agree with but I'm sure there are lots of people who don't agree with you.

I do, however, agree that Trump will start a war in the next year or so. Iran is probably the most likely target, as you say. But this is not really Trump. He just does not know enough. Rather it is the neo-cons like Bolton and Netanyahoo. They've wanted a war against Iran for decades.

I do think this a new war will help Trump win in 2020. It will sink him. The war will go very badly.

You should try not to think that anyone who does not agree with your thoughts is erratic and suspicious. There's something egomaniacal about that.
+3 # DongiC 2019-04-26 09:41
Before Trump effects a war in Korea, Venezuela, Iran or any combination thereof, he will have to win the battle with Congress. This conflict is increasing in tone and animosity and may result in actual violence in the days ahead. What will be the fate of white house staff who do not honor Congressional subpoenas? Will marine helicopters land on the White House lawn seeking out recalcitrant office workers hiding in the basement?

0 # 2019-04-28 15:43
does anyone have an actual number on the cost to us taxpayers for trump's residency at his golf courses?
+1 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-05-02 11:33
solar -- you'll have to check this, but I remember reading that Trump is taking no salary for being president and charging the government nothing for the work he does while at Mar-a-Lago. He meets with a lot of people there. I would guess they pay to stay there. The government does pay for all his flights aboard Air Force One.

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