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Excerpt: "The president has exaggerated threats but ignored the hazards his border policies created."

Trump's Oval Office. (photo: Carolyn Kester/AP)
Trump's Oval Office. (photo: Carolyn Kester/AP)

The Crisis Is in the Oval Office

By Editorial Board, The New York Times

09 January 19

The president has exaggerated threats but ignored the hazards his border policies created.

ow fitting is it that President Trump’s first Oval Office address, which he requested be televised live in prime time by every major network, was aimed at stirring up the American public about a crisis largely of his own making?

Not that the border crisis is one of Mr. Trump’s self-serving political fictions — like the deep state or widespread voter fraud. It may have started out that way, but the situation has, with the president’s nurturing, become something far more tragic.

Pursuing poorly thought-out and even more poorly executed policies on the pretext of battling a nonexistent national security crisis, Mr. Trump has helped create a pressing humanitarian one. Desperate migrant families being detained en masse at the border are overwhelming a system pushed beyond its limits by an administration that chose to ignore the implications of its actions — overcrowding, children falling gravely ill and, paradoxically, the haphazard release of throngs of detainees into border communities stretching from California to Texas.

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+50 # kyzipster 2019-01-09 13:52
This isn't about Trump creating this false narrative, the imaginary threat of hordes of illegals crossing our borders to rape our women, pillage the welfare system and vote by the millions to help the Dem Party advance its 'Marxist' agenda. Millions of Trump voters believe every bit of it, right-wing propaganda has been pushing this narrative since the Bush Administration failed to get sensible immigration reform passed in Congress. Years of pushing these lies, brainwashing millions of voters. This is why the GOP base is unmoved by seeing children in cages, people tear gassed at the border, etc.

This is what Trump has on his side and we need to understand it, when Trump is gone, these delusions will remain. This article makes it sound like Trump is standing alone against the will of the electorate, the Republican base is still on his side.
+72 # BetaTheta 2019-01-09 15:31
Trump is just another fear-mongering demagogue. He launched his political career on fear of a “Kenyan-born” black man, and irrational fear seems to be the only tool in his kit. He always returns to it and has too little intellect or imagination to change. Other than that, he is defined only by graft, greed, and an unhealthy need for adulation. The antithesis of what is needed to govern a diverse nation of immigrants.
+32 # Jaax88 2019-01-09 19:24
Watching Trump and his antics in trying to lead the nation and run the government is to watch a 3-ring circus and seeing Trump as clown in the pejorative sense. As for the GOP,it and many of its elected and other members do not deserve to be in Congress or other elected positions or to be considered American patriots. Money and power flow through their veins, not principles and honesty.
+2 # hereandnow 2019-01-10 03:43
There is a sad truth that good people like most of the readers of sites like RSN fail to want to come to terms with. People who think like most of us here are, in actuallity, in the minority in the US when push comes to shove. People who support most of the policies of candidates like Trump (or the foreign policy of candidates like Ms. Clinton) are virtually impossible to have a reasonable and meaningful conversation with.
Basically the entire political system is rigged so that only two parties have any real chance of being elected on a national or state level. And whether we admit it or not, the basic stance of the two parties are very close when looked at from an objective point of view. Of course there are some policy differences which I like to call window dressing, but deep down it is all the same. If it were not we would not have the astronomical disparity in income and the lack of any meanigful health care system.
In addition to the above, the system of choosing a president is so antiquated that, the truth be told, the rest of the world doesn't know if they should laugh or cry while scratching thier heads at the absurdity of the Electoral College, not only because it is strange and so more than two centuries old, but because a minority of actual votes can determine a President who directly influences world affairs, war and policy decisions in the countries of the aforementioned citizens of our planet who routinely scratch thier heads every four years.
-2 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2019-01-10 12:09
"Pursuing poorly thought-out and even more poorly executed policies on the pretext of battling a nonexistent national security crisis, Mr. Trump has helped create a pressing humanitarian one. "

Gee, this is what the Bush administration did in its panic response to 9-11. The invasion and destruction of Iraq was very poorly and dishonestly thought out. And it created a humanitarian disaster without rival in the 21st century. And the NYTimes supported all the Bush policies right to the letter. (note, the NYT did make a weak apology for getting some things wrong on the WMD story).

The interview with William Arkin now on RSN suggests that the crisis is the major media who are hysterical about Trump.

To be sure, Trump's positions on immigration and the border are wrong. But they are being dealt with in the constitutionall y required manner. Congress is refusing to fund bad policies and courts are over turning bad executive orders. That's how the system works.

Now if congress would just de-fund the illegal global war on terror we might be getting somewhere. But the NYT will never call for de-funding the global war on terror.

TDS -- Trump Derangement Syndrome. The sickness at the NYT.
+1 # Caliban 2019-01-12 14:19
So, #RR, are you suggesting that terrorist groups around the world should go unopposed?

And if not, exactly what do you see as the solution for nations besieged by violent groups like ISIL and Al-Qaeda?
+1 # DongiC 2019-01-10 13:37
And, like it or not, we are the dominant country of the 21st century. We have the strongest military machine, the biggest economy, the most powerful currency, the most far reaching scientific impact and the most influence of any nation in history. How we use this vast influence is the big question of our times. Will we settle for own place in the sun or shall we lead the planet to a new level of civilization where the environment has first priority. The decision is in our hands, may we worthy of this incredible challenge.
0 # chapdrum 2019-01-11 22:55
If it was a true crisis, then Congress and/or the Courts would have already addressed it. Instead, the crisis has entered its third year. Duly noted, Owners.
+1 # jazzman633 2019-01-12 18:03
Attention, Trump-voters: put a reality TV star in the White House, and this is what you get. Jeb Bush (not my choice) called him a "chaos candidate," and that is what he has been.

His "forgotten Americans" (sorry guys) will continue to be forgotten as he pursues his wall and enriches family and friends. He's the reason half the world is laughing at us, and the other half, bombed and droned,is terrified.

The next Presidential campaign has already begun. Nothing will get done. Deficits and wars will continue. It's all a game to them, paid for by us.

I admire Dongi's optimism, but I think we've already blown it.

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