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Chait writes: "The Trump administration has been promising they would respond to any charges by Robert Mueller with a devastating point-by-point defense: a 'counter-report' written by none other than attorney at law and esteemed cybersecurity expert Rudy Giuliani. Let's check in on the progress of the response."

Rudy Giuliani. (photo: Al Drago/Getty)
Rudy Giuliani. (photo: Al Drago/Getty)

Giuliani: The Dog Ate My Counter-Report to Mueller

By Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

06 December 18


he Trump administration has been promising they would respond to any charges by Robert Mueller with a devastating point-by-point defense: a “counter-report” written by none other than attorney at law and esteemed cybersecurity expert Rudy Giuliani. Let’s check in on the progress of the response.

Actually, “progress” does not seem to be the appropriate term. More like the opposite of progress.

On July 30, USA Today first divulged the coming counter-report. “Giuliani’s own team worked on its ‘counter-report,’” the story noted, “which he said would be released after his team reviewed whatever Mueller filed with the Justice Department,” which he expected to occur by September 1. That gave Giuliani less than a month to finish.

On August 12, the Wall Street Journal included a brief update: “Mr. Trump’s attorneys are preparing their own report, part of which rebuts accusations from James Comey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation director fired by Mr. Trump in May 2017, according to Mr. Giuliani.”

On August 30, the Daily Beast had a much more extensive update on the counter-report. It was “quite voluminous,” Giuliani boasted. “The first half of it is 58 pages, and second half isn’t done yet … It needs an executive summary if it goes over a hundred.” Giuliani said the first draft would be “in pretty good shape by next week,” though a more cautious source told the Daily Beast that “those involved expect the counter-report to be ready to go in the next two to three weeks.”

A profile of Giuliani in The New Yorker, published September 10, included another counter-report update: “Giuliani said that this ‘counter-report’ is already forty-five pages and will likely grow, adding, ‘It needs a five-page summary—for me.’” Note that just a couple weeks before, the first half alone had stretched to 58 pages, but now the entire thing was just 45 pages. This was perhaps a sign that the report was not proceeding quite as fast as promised.

Today’s Atlantic reports on the state of the administration’s overall response to Mueller, which is as shambolic as one might expect. The numerous difficulties include the fact that nobody is willing to face up to the actual guilt of everybody involved (“There have also been few frank conversations within the White House about the potential costs of Mueller’s findings, which could include impeachment of the president or the incrimination of his inner circle”) as well as the president’s characteristic inability to follow any plan at all. But it also contains a brief reference to Giuliani’s counter-report, the centerpiece of the entire strategy. He’s been furiously compiling it since July.

How’s that report going, Rudy?

Giuliani said it’s been difficult in the last few months to even consider drafting response plans, or devote time to the “counter-report” he claimed they were working on this summer, as he and Trump confronted Mueller’s written questions about the 2016 campaign.

“Answering those questions was a nightmare,” he told me. “It took him about three weeks to do what would normally take two days.”

So we’ve gone from the first half alone being 58 pages, to the entire report being 45 pages, to “it’s difficult to even consider drafting” the report at all. This is like an episode of Matlock that lasts all season long and where the client is actually guilty and Matlock is going through early-stage dementia.

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+46 # Elroys 2018-12-06 19:28
Trump's in good hands with Guiliani - could not be a better match. Goons of a color (lily white, old, demented and depraved)
-52 # BKnowswhitt 2018-12-06 20:02
All a pile of unnecessary horseshit money and tax payer dollars and time .. in extroadinary powers of presidency will over ride ANYTHING that is not impeachable .. and it won't be .. all those who buy into it are being gamed by the Losing Left .. get a life .. get onto criticising policy .. not people .. would better serve those still in office in the left .. who GOT ELECTED TO SERVE the PEOPLE .. and not this witch hunt divert from that responsibility ...
+9 # jon 2018-12-06 23:55
That is so funny!
-28 # BKnowswhitt 2018-12-07 01:14
Bigger picture .. the left media including this site has mislead you all into thinking this stuff is real .. now down the wrong road .. you only care about 'killing the dog' instead of having brains of your own .. and realizing you are being used both by major left leaning media and this site .. and they don't care one red cent about any of you or your welfare ..
+20 # they said what? 2018-12-07 09:09
Anyone whose tax bill included a $15 million benefit for himself only is not serving the people.
-16 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2018-12-07 10:27
"Giuliani: The Dog Ate My Counter-Report to Mueller"

We would all have been better off if the dog had simply eaten Giuliani a long time ago. We may have had a sick dog but the nation would be OK.

I'm not sure what this article is about. Mueller has not submitted his report to the Attorney General. He has not set a date to submit it. There are only rumors in the press about it. Mueller may not submit a report for another year. No one knows. It may happen that a new Attorney General demands that Mueller submit a report by a certain date, but we are far from that.

Giuliani cannot write a counter report or response until he sees Mueller's report.

My suspicion is that Mueller's report will be a big let down. He's really found nothing of substance.
+14 # Freddy 2018-12-07 17:47
How does 30+ indictments/gui lty pleas qualify as "nothing of substance?"
-9 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2018-12-07 20:09
None of the indictments has anything to do with what he was charged to investigate. They are all nothing burgers. The Petersburg Troll farm case may be tossed out of court. The judge can't get Mueller to say what the crime was. Buying adverts on Twitter is not a crime. No one was defrauded. The Russian intelligence hacking case will never go to court. All of its "substance" came from CrowdStrike, a source that would never stand up in court. The evidence would be excluded because it was tainted.

Mueller has found no evidence of "collusion" between the Trump campaign and Ruaais, no evidence for obstruction of justice, and nothing of any substance. They are all perjury pleas to traps that Mueller set for people.

There needs to be a real crime. There are real crimes in US elections but Mueller is not interested in those.
+3 # MikeAF48 2018-12-07 16:52
No need for any report. 12/07/18 Dark, dark day for all Republicans enough said.

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