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Rather writes: "Despite the storms that rage across our political landscape, despite the threats to the norms of our democracy, our Earth continues on its cosmic dance around our brilliant sun."

Dan Rather. (photo: USA Today)
Dan Rather. (photo: USA Today)

We Will Continue to Fight for Our Democracy

By Dan Rather, Dan Rather's Facebook Page

27 May 18


espite the storms that rage across our political landscape, despite the threats to the norms of our democracy, our Earth continues on its cosmic dance around our brilliant sun. And the seasons change. The forces of nature are bigger than all of us.

The official start of summer is a few weeks hence, but unofficially many of us are already on its doorstep. We are in what euphemistically we call a "long weekend"- this one of course made so by Memorial Day. For me, it is always a time of churning and mixed emotions. I seek out the cool rivers of the blossoming fishing season. I tune the old radio to the familiar patter of a summer ball game. But I am also aware that this Monday marks a solemn day in our calendar, one in which we should all really pause from our pursuit of pleasure to reflect on those who have died in service to our country.

This year, my shoulders seem to be bearing the added burden of trying to make sense of so much dysfunction. But I am resolute. To the best that I can, I will choose to reconnect with family, nature, and my broader country. I will seek out walks, and books, and chats over perhaps an adult beverage or two with those I love.

Meanwhile, in my thoughts, will be those whose lives were cut short, often in distant battlefields and on far-flung seas. Many died before they could taste much of life. They fought not just for a land, but for all of us - citizens of an ideal as well as a physical home. We can honor them by vowing that we will continue to fight for our democracy, in our own neighborhoods, cities, towns, farms, and country. And especially at the ballot box.

This is a moment of reckoning. It will require vigilance and stamina. But it is summer - a time when optimism seems to be the order of nature. your social media marketing partner


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+14 # tedrey 2018-05-27 18:50
Of course we will continue to fight for our democracy, in our own neighborhoods, cities, towns, farms, and country. And especially at the ballot box.

But this fighting is by non-militant civilians without killing and destruction. It is fighting for democracy in democratic ways.

But when we send Americans to fight "in distant battlefields and on far-flung seas" it is almost always to rape other countries and to murder their citizens if they resist. The military that commit these crimes, the leaders who order them to do so, the media who repeat deceiful excuses for them, and the populace who swallow those lies, are all complicit in their ways for aggressive war. This is a very different thing, Dan. It's schizoid to claim both modes of "fighting" are equally worthy of praise or honor.

As one whose words and opinions move multitudes, can you at least consider this?

+7 # mashiguo 2018-05-27 19:30
Dripping with faux sentimentality.
Since WW II, not one American has fought for our Democracy.

Before you vote it down, That's a quote from a very famous navy seal.

Pretending we are fighting for anything other than chaos abroad and the benefits of empire for a few at home is the height of hypocrisy.

That's the first part. The more important question is
"What democracy?"
But I won't enter into that one just now, except to say that your support of Hillary was anti-democratic and belies your trite tribute to the deaths of our democracy.
+3 # chrisconno 2018-05-28 12:13
mashiguo, You had my full support until your last sentence. As far as I can tell the republicans have been usurping our democracy ever since they stole the election for W Bush. Hillary was not perfect but she would have been a far cry better than the malevolent lard for brains we have now.
+2 # mashiguo 2018-05-29 13:51
Since Hillary winning the primaries is still open to question given the massive frauds carried out during the primary season, my statement stands.

Our democracy has not been usurped by Republicans, it was usurped in 1787 with the composition of the constitution, with the electoral college and the senate.

Trump IS our democracy. That's what american democracy yields. Just wait a few years and Trump will be rehabilitated just like Bush is being rehabilitated now in the light of the next groan-worthy president that comes down the pike.

I don't write to make anyone happy. The truth should make everyone uncomfortable.

Trump is American democracy.
It's not about Trump, its about US learning and moving forward.
-2 # ericlipps 2018-05-28 15:00

How does supporting Hillary Clinton when SHE WON THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES AND THE GENERAL ELECTION (at least with regard to the popular vote, which after all is the democratic part of our electoral process)work out to be "anti-democrati c"?
-4 # ddd-rrr 2018-05-28 05:13
Thank you, Dan Rather, for writing such a concise and wonderful overview of life,
and of what it means to live, centered on the meaning of Memorial Day
even as we decry the state of our current politics.

It was a welcome breath of fresh air and good advice.
+4 # librarian1984 2018-05-28 09:13
Once a village stood by a roaring river. It was not easy to get to the pure clean water that raged nearby but Roc built a good strong boat and opened a store, selling the water to thirsty customers on a pay-what-you-ca n basis .. because Roc didn't want anyone to go without, and trusted people to do the right thing .. and the people tended to be fair and it usually worked out.

But after a while the village faced a crisis in leadership. People were not thriving. They began to pay less. Roc started to get water closer to the shore, where it was not so clean or so pure, and left notices outside the shop accusing the villagers of being cheap. Then Roc closed the regular entrance and installed a very narrow door, so not as many customers could get to the water.

Some found other stores, or just quit drinking water. (There were plenty of other venues selling even more potent potables.)

Fewer people came to Roc's shop, and the ones who showed up had to wait in line, sometimes for hours. They grew testy and got into fights. Instead of being a joyful place, as it used to be, Roc's shop struggled. No one was happy.

Roc, increasingly bitter, put up even more abusive signs, accusing customers of spying for other shops. Soon only old people of the village came by, out of habit, and to see their old friends. Each of them could tell Roc what had happened but Roc, behind the narrow door, could not hear them.

Unclear what happened to the shop.
+4 # Earl1936 2018-05-28 16:12
Dan Rather is a lying, media and government controlled individual that should not be honored at anytime let alone on Memorial Day. Remember what he said on September 11, 2001 about the destruction of Building 7, but then refused to say anything thereafter. I'm disappointed that RSN would give him such coverage.

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