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Borowitz writes: "In a week when Donald J. Trump suffered the worst hair day of his Presidency, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un taunted his American nemesis by releasing a photo of his own hair easily withstanding a gale-force wind."

North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. (photo: Reuters)
North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. (photo: Reuters)

Kim Jong Un Taunts Trump With Photo of Hair Withstanding Gale-Force Wind

By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker

09 February 18


The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, "The Borowitz Report."

n a week when Donald J. Trump suffered the worst hair day of his Presidency, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un taunted his American nemesis by releasing a photo of his own hair easily withstanding a gale-force wind.

The photo showed a broadly smiling Kim, his hair seemingly unperturbed by what the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claimed were winds gusting up to fifty miles per hour.

According to KCNA’s news release, “Dear Leader’s mighty wind-resistant raven mane easily overmatches the American dotard’s sparse bleached strands.”

Perhaps in response to Kim’s taunt, the White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, held a hastily scheduled press conference to give an upbeat assessment of Trump’s hair.

“I have thoroughly examined the President’s hair, and in my medical opinion it is substantially thicker, lusher, and more luxuriant than Kim Jong Un’s hair,” he said, adding, “I hate myself.” your social media marketing partner


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+46 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2018-02-09 15:37
I don't think we should do or say anything that might jeopardize the fragile but possible peace between North and South Korea. We should treat the leaders of these two nations with all the respect we can muster. The US is for this moment and should always be irrelevant to the relations between the North and the South. Whatever spat may have existed between Trump and Jim Jong Un should be forgotten.

This moment at the olympics may actually prevent a nuclear holocaust. The presidents of both the North and the South are to be praised for this. Let the american generals and Trump do something else.
+22 # candida 2018-02-10 03:01
This is absolutely hilarious! Keep us laughing, Borowitz, and taunting tRump! I only wish the article had a photo of the bad hair day.
+3 # intheEPZ 2018-02-10 18:17
Here you go:
+19 # librarian1984 2018-02-10 08:57
Notice the aloof stance VP Pence has taken at the event, giving Kim Jong Un's sister the cold shoulder -- and in a spat with gay Olympic athletes.

Pence looks and acts the part of Winter King while totally lacking warmth, the embodiment of inhumane religiosity.

Here's to rapprochement!
+12 # hectormaria 2018-02-10 09:49
Finally, the BALD truth.
+5 # futhark 2018-02-10 10:31
Those who wish to emulated Mr. Trump's coiffure can do so for a mere $8.26 by ordering this item on eBay: "This politically incorrect costume accessory includes one fabulous Mr. Billionaire Donald Trump wig. Trump wig. Wig only. Politically incorrect." However, it is virtually guaranteed to blow away in the slightest breeze.
+9 # Wise woman 2018-02-10 11:11
It's rumored that trump had scalp reduction surgery whatever that is. Perhaps that's why he's half brained, witless and bald with a comb over.
+4 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2018-02-10 12:08
It is now being reported that Kim Jong Un has invited South Korean president Moon Jae-in to a meeting in Pyongyang. The hand written letter was carried by Kim Jong-un's sister.

South Korea is now in a difficult position. Cleary it wants a face to face meeting between leaders. This has happened twice before and both resulted in very positive better relations between the two parts of Korea.

But the US will oppose this meeting or try to undermine it.

Let's all hope that good sense prevails in Korea and the North and South both realize that there is nothing between them that would be a cause of war. The problem is the outsider, the US which as made a fateful "pivot to Asia" and is now flaunting its military might all over Asia.

Pence even made the really stupid mistake of telling an audience in S. Korea that the US and Japanese would come to their defense if the North did anything. Pence probably does not know that Koreans really don't want Japanese soldiers in Korea, or American soldiers either. They all remember the 1940s and 50s, when US and Japanese soldiers fought side by side to conquer Koreans -- both in the North and South.

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