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Wasserman writes: "All tortured explanations of Donald Trump and his Russian handlers can be boiled down to one simple word: Mafia."

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. (photo: Reuters)
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. (photo: Reuters)

Will Trumputin’s State of the Union Be in Stormy Russian?

By Harvey Wasserman, Reader Supported News

30 January 18


ll tortured explanations of Donald Trump and his Russian handlers can be boiled down to one simple word: Mafia.

He dare not mention it in the State of the Union. But with Trumputin, it’s all about rubles.

Republican hackers didn’t need the Russkies to strip and flip the 2016 election.

As Greg Palast has shown, Kris Kobach of Kansas (KKK) and his GOP minions stripped from the voter rolls countless citizens of youth and color. As Bev Harris has shown, GOP insiders flipped more than enough hacked electronic vote counts to guarantee Republican dominance.

They’re all set to do it again. Unless there are serious changes to our electoral system, Trump won’t need the Russkies in 2018 or 2020 either.

And who are we to complain? Our own CIA has stripped and flipped countless elections in foreign lands. That includes Russia itself, where we installed the drunken buffoon Boris Yeltsin. And Honduras, where Hillary’s latest dictator of corporate choice is still causing untold deaths in service of her Wall Street minions.

The Trumputin connection goes far beyond mere elections. The Donald’s KKK dad was a New York developer, i.e. neck deep in the mob.

When his idiot offspring squandered the inheritance and hopped in and out of bankruptcy, only Putin would invest. His interests were obviously other than financial. The money was laundered through Deutsche Bank and all those chintzy condos sold at huge markups.

Where’s the evidence? demand his enablers.

In his tax returns, is the obvious reply.

But you haven’t seen his tax returns.


So let’s technically leave Trump’s Russian ownership in the realm of speculation. But if you wanna bet, contact me directly. And if you want to name the organ of Donald’s body now firmly squeezed in Putin’s vice, ask Stormy Daniels.

Which brings us to sex.

Anyone hoping Trump’s dalliances will bring him down is missing the point. They HELP him.

It’s called the Sukarno Syndrome. Sukarno was a 1960s nationalist leader of Indonesia. The CIA wanted him out, and coughed up a compromising orgy video. They threatened to circulate it if he didn’t leave town.

Sukarno replied by making copies himself, and sending them all over Indonesia. Instead of sinking him, it hugely enhanced his standing with the nation’s macho men.

Likewise Trump’s base. For most of it, the idea of shtupping Stormy Daniels while his wife was home with the baby and then having the $130 grand to pay her off is the ultimate distraction. The stuff of admiration and envy.

That includes his “Christian Evangelist” Puritan enablers, whose Rolex watches and bulging tax-exempt collection plates guarantee their holy worship of Saint Donald’s every amoral outrage.

Melania? Home with the kid while Donald courted Stormy? Let’s see if she divorces him.

And let’s see where Mueller (if he survives) goes with this. Mere obstruction of justice won’t cut it. Not with this crew of spineless Republicans and worthless corporate Democrats.

Perjury. Money laundering. Bribery. Extortion. Grand theft in the billions. Wetsuits made of Russian cement.

That might get us to Mike Pence.

Then, at the next state of the union, we can hear about the Resurrection in the original Latin.

In his upcoming America at the Brink of Rebirth (, Sluggo Wasserman rates Trump’s corruption ahead of all other US presidents except Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon, who committed actual treason. On that, the Trump jury is still out. your social media marketing partner
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