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Moore writes: "Run your own candidates locally, do the grassroots work and get them elected."

Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: Sacha Lecca)
Filmmaker Michael Moore. (photo: Sacha Lecca)

The DNC Will Cost Us the Election in 2018 Unless You and Others Run for Office

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

16 December 17


t the DNC, a Bernie supporter goes off on the corruption of the party hacks who... spent over $700 million on 5 consultants?! (Watch video below.)The DNC will cost us the election in 2018 unless you and others get out there and run for office on your own. I drove for miles and miles around northern Michigan in October of 2016 and never saw a single Hillary yard sign. When I asked why, local Dems said the party told them they were not sending any more signs to Michigan because — get this — “too many Hillary signs might remind Trump voters that they have to get out there and vote against Hillary!” Can u fucking believe this? I heard the same kind of thing from Wisconsin. Hillary lost Michigan by an average of only TWO votes per precinct!!!!!! Her campaign and the DNC just tossed Michigan and Wisconsin away! My friends, if we let the old guard, the party hacks of the Dem party call the shots next year, we are doomed. The DNC didn’t want to give a dime to Doug Jones in Alabama. They want to save their money and spend it only on the old time Dems who’ve already been in Congress for years and who don’t want to lose their cushy jobs. WE ARE THE MAJORITY! Run your own candidates locally, do the grassroots work and get them elected. There is a rumble taking place across the land. The people want the Republicans OUT! We can do this. The Dem party hacks won’t. No more whining about them. Buy some poster board, cans of spray paint, wooden stakes and a hammer. Then save the hammer for the next Dem Party meeting. Maybe a stake, too - to drive it right into the heart of an apparatus that lost the White House with a victory of more than 3 million votes! Pathetic. your social media marketing partner
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