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Lee writes: "People, let's get the story straight. I fully support my brother Kap - 100 percent."

Director Spike Lee with NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. (photo: Spike Lee's Facebook Page)
Director Spike Lee with NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. (photo: Spike Lee's Facebook Page)

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Colin Kaepernick at NFL Headquarters

I Fully Support My Brother Colin Kaepernick

By Spike Lee, Spike Lee's Facebook Page

09 August 17


eople Let's Get The Story Straight. I Fully Support My Brother KAP 100 Percent. I However Find His Situation Very Suspect. How Is It Possible That All 32 Teams In The NFL (NO FREEDOM LEAGUE) Can't Or Won't Find A Spot For Number 7 On Their Rosters With His Proven Talent? Do Some Research And Peruse The Current Rosters Of All 32 NFL Teams And Check Out Who Are Their 2nd And 3rd String Quarterbacks (And There Are Teams That He Could Be The Starting QB) . After Doing That, Scratch And Shake Ya Head. Now About This Rally, I First Heard About The United We Stand Rally This Morning. I Did Not Organize It, This Is Not My Brainchild. I Don't Know Who Started This, But It Wasn't Me. The Fact Is I Can't Even Make It To The Rally. I Have A Shoot The Very Same Day Which Was Planned 2 Weeks Ago That I CAN NOT Reschedule. Nonetheless I Will Be There In Spirit And Solidarity. I Truly Hope And Pray That 1 Courageous Owner And General Manager Will Step Up And DO THE RIGHT THING. Kap Needs To Be In Uniform In The NFL For The 2017-18 Season. Onward And Upward, Spike Lee. YA DIG - SHO-NUFF?

And Dats Da "COLLUSION" TRUTH, RUTH your social media marketing partner
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