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Moore writes: "The ACA has never been more popular and you can see it at town halls across the country."

Rep. Paul Ryan. (photo: Getty Images)
Rep. Paul Ryan. (photo: Getty Images)

Republicans Are Still Lying About Obamacare and Americans Aren't Having It

By Jack Moore, GQ

12 February 17


The ACA has never been more popular and you can see it at town halls across the country.

or years, one of the dogmas of the Republican party was that Obamacare needed to be repealed. Forget for a second that many of the most controversial sections of Obamacare (like the individual mandate) began their life as ideas from the Republican party; Republicans have spent the years since the ACA was passed spreading lies about the bill. Paul Ryan has said that it's bankrupting Medicare, when in fact the truth is just the opposite. This comes from

As for Ryan’s claim that Obamacare had worsened Medicare’s financing, that’s not the case, either. In fact, the law both expanded Medicare funding—adding a 0.9 percent tax on earnings above $200,000 for single taxpayers or $250,000 for married couples—and cut the growth of future spending. Additional revenue and savings actually extend the life of the trust fund. The trustees’ 2010 report estimated that the ACA had added 12 years to the life of the Part A trust fund.

That's right! Literally the exact opposite is true. The ACA has PROLONGED Medicare's life. But the worst of the lies that Republicans have trotted out is the trusty old "Death Panels.", or the idea that a government panel would decide if elderly people weren't worthy of care anymore. (It's funny how Obamacare has now been in place for years, and yet there have been no death panels. It's almost like it was never true at all. Oh right, that's because it wasn't even a little bit.)

Well, that's not stopping some GOP officials from trotting that idea out in the debate over the potential repeal of Obamacare, and this time Americans aren't buying that shit. Take for instance this amazing moment from a town hall in Florida when local Republican official Bill Akins tried to use "Death Panels" as an argument for the repeal of a law that gives 20 million people healthcare. The reaction? Angrier than you can imagine! We're talking angrier than Donald Trump is every time he looks at Sean Spicer levels of anger.

And then the guy had the gall to be offended by being called a liar for, well, lying about something that has been debunked over and over again SINCE 2009! That's eight solid years of debunking and this guy still is trying to sell this shit.

Americans are done with the same old tricks from the same old snake oil salesmen. This is what an effective resistance looks like. Show up at town halls. Make your voices heard. Let them politicians know that there's a reason why Obamacare is more popular today than it has ever been before. your social media marketing partner
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