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Moore writes: "We are Americans. We don't believe in captivity of anyone without charges or a trial. Julian Assange hasn't been charged with anything."

Michael Moore. (photo: unknown)
Michael Moore. (photo: unknown)

Today I Went to See Julian Assange

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

13 June 16


i, this is Michael Moore. I’m standing outside the Ecuadorian embassy, where inside Julian Assange has been under siege, seeking asylum for nearly four years now (it will be four years next week). I just came out from visiting him for a couple of hours and I have to say this is absolute madness that this individual who is responsible for informing us the American people of the lies that our government told us. Things we never would have known had not wikileaks put the truth out there.

He has been holed up in this embassy here. This is not an apartment building. This is a tiny little office on one little part of this one floor in this building and it’s just wrong. It’s shameful. We are Americans. We don’t believe in captivity of anyone, right? Without charges or a trial. The man hasn’t been charged with anything. He can’t come out of here because if he does the UK (or if he goes back to Sweden they) are going to deport him to the U.S. The U.S. has already taken Manning into prison for telling us the truth and of course that’s what they want to do that to the person who put the truth out there.

I just want to say I’m standing here as one American, proud American citizen, a country that believes in democracy, believes in transparency, hopefully, right? Folks, this is wrong and the United States should stop this.

President Obama, if you see this, come on. However he may have upset our national security agency, the greater good that this man did and Specialist Manning did for us far supersedes anything else here. So, let’s end this. Let’s tell the U.K. to end this. Let’s us end this. Sweden, come on, you’re Sweden for Christ sake. Let’s stop this. Let’s let him out of this four-year prison. His crime was to tell us the truth - that’s not supposed to be a crime, and I’m going to continue to do what I can do to get him his freedom. So, do what you can do. Be supportive of this. Thank you. I appreciate it. your social media marketing partner
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