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Greenwald writes: "Already this morning, the stocks of the leading weapons manufacturers - what is usually referred to as the 'defense industry' - have soared. Note how immediate the increases are: the markets could barely wait to start buying."

Glenn Greenwald. (photo:
Glenn Greenwald. (photo:

Stock Prices of Weapons Manufacturers Soaring Since Paris Attack

By Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

16 November 15


he Paris attacks took place on Friday night. Since then, France’s president has vowed “war” on ISIS and today significantly escalated the country’s bombing campaign in Syria (France has been bombing ISIS in Iraq since last January, and began bombing them in Syria in September).

Already this morning, as Aaron Cantú noticed, the stocks of the leading weapons manufacturers – what is usually referred to as the “defense industry” – have soared:

Also enjoying a fantastic day so far is one of the leading Surveillance State profiteers:

France’s largest arms manufacturer, Thales, is also having an outstanding day, up almost 3%, even as the leading French index is down:

Note how immediate the increases are: the markets could barely wait to start buying. The Dow overall is up today only .12%, making these leaps quite pronounced. Reuters, as published on Fox Business, starkly noted the causal connection: “shares of aerospace and defense rose sharply on Monday in reaction to the attacks in France.” The private-sector industrial prong of the Military and Surveillance State always wins, but especially when the media’s war juices start flowing. your social media marketing partner


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+55 # RMDC 2015-11-16 16:31
Just incredible. War profiteering is soaring. Peter Dale Scott calls these wall street profiteers "the deep state." Their desire for ever increasing profts drives US policies.
+18 # Jayceecool 2015-11-17 00:39
Yes, please see Dr Scott's book, "Deep Politics and the Death of JFK" as it will open your eyes...
+4 # RMDC 2015-11-17 06:32
I'm reading it now. Scott has always been very good.
+22 # ritawalpoleague 2015-11-17 08:22
So true, RMDC. Endless war, war, war for $$$$$ most certainly includes endless profits for both the MIC (military industrial complex), the fossil fuelers, and the Wall Street CEO's.

Oops - I just i.d.ed who the 1% are - the true oligarchical rulers in the U.S. today.

The death of our pol. saints - JFK, RFK, and MLK (the holy 'K' trinity), most assuredly came about because they, in their day, dared to take on the 1%ers.

Lots and lots of courage and determination it takes, to take on evil greed and need for power over all. Let's give Bernie Sanders and his 12 Point Plan and Political Revolution a try, cause that's far better than what looms - a bloody revolution.

Wake up folks, evil ain't nothin' new.
+26 # Capn Canard 2015-11-16 18:09
Profit. It is the American Way...
-18 # guomashi 2015-11-16 23:04
-44 # Roland 2015-11-16 23:05
What if these companies didn't exist? What if Obama or the left had gotten rid of these bad companies 7 years ago? What if financial incentives for such companies didn't exist?

Would we be better off today or worse?
-27 # guomashi 2015-11-16 23:13
Quoting Roland:
What if these companies didn't exist? What if Obama or the left had gotten rid of these bad companies 7 years ago? What if financial incentives for such companies didn't exist?

Would we be better off today or worse?

our trade deficit would multiply 1000 times.
+9 # wantrealdemocracy 2015-11-17 13:22
Our trade deficits are due to NAFTA and sending our jobs over seas and destroying any manufacturing in this nation. The munition makers keep some jobs in this nation by making parts of their weapons in every Congressional District in our nation. Most of the stuff is made in low wage nations.

WATCH OUT!! Here comes the TPP and more lost jobs. You want to see our trade deficit multiply by 1000 times just don't try and stop the TPP. If, on the other hand, you want jobs in the United States you better fight hard to get your representatives to vote NO on the TPP. Good luck on that. Our 'Representative s' don't seem to care much what we the people say---but keep trying!
+39 # Jim Rocket 2015-11-17 01:34
You're asking the wrong questions, Roland. We have wars because people make money off them. It's that simple. Maybe executives of these companies should have to serve on the front lines of wherever for a month every year to keep their jobs.
-4 # Roland 2015-11-17 12:29
Is ISIS making money off of war? IF so and if we don't defend ourselves then what?
+5 # DJStuCrew 2015-11-17 13:52
So ISIS is a group of investors? Seriously? SMH.
+4 # Cassandra2012 2015-11-17 18:03
Or their sons and daughters have to serve by law!!!
+5 # mebemo 2015-11-17 08:37
Quoting Roland:
What if these companies didn't exist? What if Obama or the left had gotten rid of these bad companies 7 years ago? What if financial incentives for such companies didn't exist?
Would we be better off today or worse?

What if there were no more hypothetical questions?

It must be a drag to live with such a commitment to paranoia. Check out this link:
+13 # Radscal 2015-11-17 12:53
I was surprised to read in Stone's "Untold History of the US" that our Congress seriously debated nationalizing weapons/war equipment manufacturing after WW I.

Apparently the public was outraged when they saw the enormous profits made on the blood of the tens of millions of casualties, and a huge movement to take the profit out of war rose. Obviously, the greedy psychopaths won that fight, too.

BTW: Samuel Bush, father of Prescott, Grandfather of GHW Bush and Great-Grandfath er of GW Bush made a fortune selling rifles to both the Germans and the English, before Wilson got us into WW I. Then, as a Federal Government official, he made even more by giving contracts to provide the US with the rifles he sold.

Although weapons manufacturing is only one field that profits from war, and therefore encourages war, it is a significant one.

So, yeah, I think the US and the world would be better off if weapons manufacturing was taken out of the private sector.
+1 # DJStuCrew 2015-11-17 13:44
But those profits would STILL be generated, and guess where they would go? TO THE GOVERNMENT! Governments that wage wars! So what could go wrong with THAT plan? I'm from Detroit. I know a bit about corrupt government.
+7 # Radscal 2015-11-17 14:43
Corruption of government has also gotten much worse since Wilson's Administration, and banning all forms of bribery and severely prosecuting governmental corruption is a necessary goal regardless of war profiteering.

Still, combine profitable warmongering with a corrupt government and we have the worst of all worlds.

MediCare is non-profit, and so costs considerably less than for-profit health insurance, yet provides healthcare results at least as good.

The for-profit healthcare industry has little interest in preventing disease; they make their profits in treating them. It's the same with for-profit war industries.
-8 # Roland 2015-11-17 17:45
When you count the annual $58 Billon dollars of fraud in Medicare, it throws your argument for less costly govt. healthcare out the window.
+6 # Radscal 2015-11-17 19:30
The rate of fraud in Medicare is far lower than in for-profit insurance. Still, fraud is fraud, and should be prosecuted. Further, administration costs for Medicare are less than 10% of that for private insurance.
-9 # Roland 2015-11-17 21:28
Why do you think for profit is more expensive? To a great degree it is because they spend money to fight fraud and the govt. doesn't.

The administration costs for Medicare do not take the fraud in that program into account.
+8 # Radscal 2015-11-18 01:40
LOL. You're just making stuff up( again).

For-profit organizations are more expensive because part of their revenue gets sucked off for.... PROFITS.

It never ceases to amaze my how little pro-capitalists understand the system they believe they're defending.
-4 # Roland 2015-11-18 07:33
Corp. Profits vs Govt. Fraud
I see which one you support.
+43 # janie1893 2015-11-17 00:17
The stockholders of these companies are as guilty of murder as are the ISIS group that carried them out. These shareholders are planning on more attacks and counter attacks--murder with forethought. Disgusting. Enjoy the blood money!!
-15 # Roland 2015-11-17 12:32
Why don't you think of it as protection money? Money that you have to pay to defend yourself from ISIS? Thank god these companies are there for cases like this.

That people are rewarded for making better weapons to protect us is a good thing.
+5 # marind 2015-11-18 11:34
Because our corporate masters have been sooooo successful in the Middle East.

My god, man - do you even READ??????????? ???
0 # djean102 2015-11-19 13:51
God, you're an ASSHAT!
-6 # DJStuCrew 2015-11-17 13:41
If they were buying stock in ISIS, I might agree. But they're buying stock in products that can be used for good or ill, like all others. The fact is that you can sleep safely at night because armed men and women protect your streets, your borders and your world. I'm sure that Ford does not want its products used as getaway cars, and I'm equally sure that weapons makers don't want their products used to kill innocent people. Lest we forget, these products also SAVE lives.
-1 # Nominae 2015-11-20 20:13
Quoting DJStuCrew:
.. Ford does not want its products used as getaway cars, .... weapons makers don't want their products used to kill innocent people. Lest we forget, these products also SAVE lives.

Yeah .... except that Fords have uses other THAN killing. Assault weapons and 30-round pistol clips do *not* successfully "double" as, say, kitchen appliances or hunting equipment.

So, your argument above comes out of the "Logic Machine" with the tag: "Invalid, by reason of false comparison."

As a former rancher in Wyoming, and a Vietnam vet, I know that guns have a place and a *sensible* use in our country. That fact does NOT, however, preclude *SENSIBLE* gun laws and restrictions.

The Second Amendment does NOT guarantee me my own private ICBM Silo out at the ranch - NOR my own private M1-A1 Abrams tank to take into town on a Saturday Night. ("Why NOT ? The 2nd amendment allows guns, and a tank is simply a gun on wheels !")

The 2nd likewise does not protect a "right" that allows one to amass a private personal armory in a suburban basement like a paranoid pack rat. The neighbors, their children, and the pets have a RIGHT to live in a SAFE neighborhood.

The main problem in this country with guns is STUPID, FRIGHTENED and insecure little people needing to feel macho. Not the SENSIBLE application of gun use in police service, Military protection, and all of the OTHER "Red Herring" distractions you seem to insist upon tossing out there.
+32 # dyannne 2015-11-17 00:53
It's incredibly disgusting. Why want peace when there's money to be made? I'm glad I'm very old, because the future looks bleak.
+11 # bardphile 2015-11-17 05:36
These figures in themselves don't mean much. They represent fund managers and average invertors rushing to make a buck after the fact, and in anticipation of new facts. Defense stocks always move when the international situation destabilizes. The big boys are already in.
+14 # ericlipps 2015-11-17 05:47
As Casablanca's character Ugarte put it, "Vultures, vultures everywhere."
+12 # REDPILLED 2015-11-17 08:56
These corporate bloodsuckers should be highly taxed to pay for the care of all the victims of their greed.
+14 # Old Uncle Dave 2015-11-17 10:51
When the nation is at war, nationalize the weapons makers. Make it illegal to profit from war and peace just might break out.
0 # Nominae 2015-11-20 20:21
Quoting Old Uncle Dave:
When the nation is at war, nationalize the weapons makers. Make it illegal to profit from war and peace just might break out.

Just SO. Also, sadly, part of the reason that this country has not been in a LEGALLY DECLARED war since WWII.
+12 # Radscal 2015-11-17 13:03
When the Bush II team "rolled out" the big marketing/PR program in the Fall of 2002, to sell us on Iraq War II, a coworker put all his savings into Halliburton. He more than quadrupled his investment when he sold a couple years later.

If an average Joe like him can sell his soul for a few bucks, imagine what those who make enormous fortunes are willing to do to start and continue wars.

Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?

How about 9/11?

Who benefits from last Friday's horrendous terrorist attacks?
-9 # DJStuCrew 2015-11-17 13:33
A prime example of warped logic! If a disease breaks out and the pharmaceutical companies see a spike in stock prices and sales as a result, it's considered expected. When police, the military and authorized civilians buy weapons to combat an oubreak of crime or terrorism, though, somehow it's the INDUSTRY'S fault???

The author might have a point if they somehow fostered the situation, but they did not. They simply manufacture products that are suddenly in-demand. We should be glad they do.
+5 # Radscal 2015-11-17 19:33
What weapons do you or police buy from Raytheon or Northrup Gruman or Lockheed?

Or do you even look at articles before spamming them with your ignorant blather?

These contractors don't spend $ hundreds of millions lobbying Congress "just in case" some future need might arise.
-11 # Roland 2015-11-17 13:37
Everyone here has it backwards. No one here appreciates that there is a threat. And that threat isn't coming from the weapons manufacturers. The answers to that threat is coming from the weapon manufacturers.

Heavens forbid any company makes a profit.
+5 # Cassandra2012 2015-11-17 18:07
Warmongers that seek to make big bucks at the expense of other people's children's lives, and against all logic in terms of creating more terrorists..... should be jailed and/or taxed.
-5 # Roland 2015-11-17 21:31
Only in a deranged section of the far left are companies that make weapons to protect us thought to be warmongers.
-11 # skylinefirepest 2015-11-17 13:51
I hate it for you Roland and simply can't talk sense to people who believe firmly that ISIS is a response to American imperialism and respond to a president that simply can't bring himself to say the words "muslim radicalism" or terrorism! What they need to do is serve this country by themselves and then see how their attitudes change. We are in no way responsible for the acts of the islamic extremists...we are the Great Satan and these people will die for that belief. And for too many years we've had leadership, both Democratic and Republican, who would not close our borders.
0 # Nominae 2015-11-20 20:43
Quoting skylinefirepest:
.. Roland and simply can't talk sense to people .....

You and Roland should join and form the American Paranoid Party. Your bumper stickers can read: "Chicken Little was freakin' RIGHT !"

You can put the Faux News Mantra to music: "Be 'a-feared', be VERY 'a-feared'!"

I hope you finally got that Right To Carry permit that has been "giving you wood" for the past few years.

Only *now* can you reasonably walk from your living room to your bathroom *fully* strapped and *finally* SAFE !

Except ... wait a minute ... was that a *shadow* in the bedroom that you just passed in the hallway on your way to the commode ?

Are you SURE it didn't it just now *MOVE* ?

Oops! Sorry Grandma !

Bye the bye, Pest, in a Country this size our "borders" CANNOT be "closed". We only have two dirt borders, and they are like, *REALLY* long. And, do you think that, however high we build walls, that Mexicans and Canadians can't build ladders two feet higher than THAT ?

We are also bordered by TWO LARGE oceans.

Additionally, we have a LOT of airspace, and *MOST* illegal immigrants simply FLY into this country and then "forget" to go home when their Visas expire. Duh !

Are you and Trump going to build borders that exceed 33,000 ft. high to block the air traffic ? Seal off the Oceans ?

If SO, you had better think TWICE about getting rid of all those hard-working immigrants who are *NOT AFRAID* of heavy manual labor !
+9 # VernonHuffman 2015-11-17 15:45
If the USA had any interest in defeating ISIS, we would follow the most basic military thinking to cut off the supply lines. Everybody knows Saudi Arabia has been supplying ISIS while the USA cut the biggest arms deal ever with the Saudis. Meanwhile, the two most effective ground forces fighting against ISIS, the Kurds and the Syrian government, are both being attacked by the USA and allies. Which side are we on?

At least since the fall of the USSR a primary objective of US foreign policy has apparently been to generate enemies sufficient to justify obscene military budgets. More than 80% of all the weapons now used in conflicts, including those fired at US military, originate from the USA. The best way to protect ourselves is to stop fighting.

Abe Lincoln told us to get rid of enemies by making them into friends. If the USA redirected funds from the military toward meeting genuine human needs, everybody would love us. Please join me in withholding all federal taxes until that is accomplished.
+5 # PABLO DIABLO 2015-11-17 18:05
Gotte keep the war machine well fed so they can buy politicians.
+4 # danireland46 2015-11-18 07:21
In Ghoulish times only Ghouls profit.
+2 # elkingo 2015-11-18 13:07
Hey: a human being is a mere biological specimen who's going to die anyway. But a buck is a buck!

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