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Hensch writes: "Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said late Tuesday that Sen. Bernie Sanders won the first Democratic presidential debate. Moore praised Sanders's handling of both fiscal and racial issues."

Michael Moore. (photo: unknown)
Michael Moore. (photo: unknown)

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Michael Moore: Sanders Won the Dem Debate

By Mark Hensch, The Hill

14 October 15


ocumentary filmmaker Michael Moore said late Tuesday that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won the first Democratic presidential debate.

“Chris Matthews nails it: Sanders won,” he tweeted, echoing the MSNBC anchor’s assessment of the event in Las Vegas.

"Never be4 @ a mainstream debate has a Prez candidate dared 2 question the core system of wealth & power,” Moore said of Sanders’s performance.

“History was made tonite: A conscientious objector running 4 Prez, who believes in democratic socialism, stood & spoke & was wildly applauded,” he added.

Moore praised Sanders’s handling of both fiscal and racial issues.

“Thank you Bernie for just saying it: Black Lives Matter,” he wrote. "And for mentioning Sandra Bland – killed in a cop’s jail in Texas.”

“Quote of the night – Sanders: 'Congress doesn’t regulate Wall Street, Wall Street regulates Congress,” Moore said. "Huge applause.”

Moore also charged that Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s is not capable of resisting wealthy special interests.

“Well, any of you with a good sniffer knows what I know from what we all just heard: The banks are going to love President H. Clinton,” he said.

“Clinton said she told the banks to ‘cut it out’ – yeah, that worked,” Moore then quipped.

Moore additionally charged that the GOP presidential field lacks the substance of their Democratic counterparts.

“Get ready for something we’re not used to in a 2016 presidential debate: Decency. Smart people. Facts. Tons of facts,” he wrote of the Democratic contest.

“Parental warning to Republicans watching this debate: These people believe in evolution, science and a woman’s right to her own body,” Moore tweeted.

“These are candidates who know the USA is nearly 75 percent women, people of color or young adults,” the “Fahrenheit 9/11” director added of the Democratic contenders. "They know that’s the only way to win.”

Clinton and Sanders met former Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) and former Govs. Martin O’Malley (D-Md.) and Lincoln Chafee (D-R.I.) during Tuesday night’s event. The next Democratic National Committee debate is scheduled for Nov. 14 in Des Moines, Iowa. your social media marketing partner


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+111 # Activista 2015-10-14 11:17
" A conscientious objector running 4 Prez, who believes in democratic socialism"
yes the system works - like in Finland - free education, healthcare - quality and affordable.
"Health care in Finland consists of a highly decentralized, three-level publicly funded health care system and a much smaller private health care sector. Although the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has the highest decision-making authority, the municipalities (local governments) are responsible in providing health care to their residents.

Finland offers its residents universal health care. Health promotion, including prevention of diseases has been the main focus of Finnish health care policies for decades. This has resulted in the eradication of certain communicable diseases and improvement in the health of population.

The quality of service in Finnish health care is considered to be good; according to a survey published by the European Commission in 2000, Finland has the highest number of people satisfied with their hospital care system in the EU: 88% of Finnish respondents were satisfied compared with the EU average of 41.3%.[1]"
+58 # ritawalpoleague 2015-10-14 14:43
And, thank you Activista for pointing out this truly accurate info. on Finland, and thank dear St. Michael Moore, the Irish devil (takes one to know one), for his soooooo truthful and accurate coverage and conclusion.

On a personal note - I stopped first at the local Dem. headquarters, as I'd been invited to do, and found only a small handful of people present to watch the debate. I then very quickly left for the Bernie Sanders supporters' debate watching gathering, which I'd also been asked to attend, and found approx. 80 folks present.

The claps and shouts for what Bernie had to say was intense, while the grim plus faces, with head shaking 'no's', was what prevailed when Hillary spoke.

Following what I learned in New York, while on the plaintiffs' legal team at the Hedges, et. al. v. Obama, et. al. trial, re. the Clinton Foundation's and Hillary's corruption, I do believe that the 1%ers and their puppet cronies are doing all they can to make certain that Hillary is the Dem. nominee, and Trump or Jeb is the G.O.P. nominee.

The 1%ers must vomit at the thought of Bernie Sanders getting the post-debate overwhelming approval he got online, following the debate, and the vast numbers (1 mil.) of 'small' donations that came to him, from his ever growing numbers of regular supporters (myself included). All the while, as the 'mess' media declared Hillary Clinton to be the 'debate winner'.
+92 # Capn Canard 2015-10-14 11:49
Agree Michael Moore. The powers that be, aka the Wealthy who own this nation, want Hilary or Jeb! or Trump. They want no part of Sanders. My gut feeling is that TPTB feel they can turn an O'Malley, Webb, and Chaffee into an automatons they can be easily control. Just like Obama has been easily corralled.
-31 # indian weaver 2015-10-14 11:53
Obama was hired by the banks, Wehrmacht and energy industry because he's an obvious liar and coward, and afraid to confront or contest any of the CIA / NSA policies. He knows, like all of us, go off script and be assassinated by the CIA / FBI. He is the perfect shill, will do anything to cover his ass and escape the White House to his golden parachute, his only goal apparently.
+50 # marind 2015-10-14 14:46
Sadly, most if not all of what you say is true. My suspicion is that Obama knows full well what would happen to him and his family if he were to go off the reservation. And for all we know, it was made explicit from the beginning.
+4 # vt143 2015-10-15 05:33
And if Sanders by some miracle (that I pray for) gets elected, within a year of trying to form a much-needed revolution in this country some CIA/NSA shill "wacko" will assassinate on it (sadly!!).
+11 # jimallyn 2015-10-15 00:40
I really don't understand why you have (at this moment) 25 dislikes for your comment. There is nothing there that I could argue with. I voted for Obama the first time, because I believed what he said. But the second time? Hell no, I voted based on his record - for Jill Stein.
+4 # Majikman 2015-10-16 00:34
Cap'n, I don't think Chaffee could be so easily turned. I watched with glee as the Rep senator from my home state of Rhode Island told his fellow R's to go piss up a rope as he consistently voted with the D's. Just my take on Chaffee
+54 # indian weaver 2015-10-14 11:51
A much better, more detailed and thoughtful article relating why Bernie is the obvious debate winner can be read on Al Jazeera America.
+158 # CL38 2015-10-14 12:24
I'll give Clinton this: she's had significant experience debating for the Presidency and as a result, gave a polished performance as a progressive, which she is not. She's reversed several important positions due to Bernie's candidacy, positions that demonstrate she belongs to banks, Wall Street and corporations.

We need a genuine progressive who sees that revolution is necessary to return this country to a path of sanity and equality for all. Bernie Sanders is the ONLY genuine article.
+103 # GreenBee 2015-10-14 13:49
We need genuine progressives in the State legislatures and Congress or Bernie, if elected, will be obstructed by the same forces that obstructed Obama and everyone who is progressive.

Time for Liberals, Dems, and Progressives to unite to get their base to the polls in EVERY election and to begin real face-to-face grass roots organizing.
+51 # CL38 2015-10-14 15:23
Agree. Bernie's path to real revolution involves electing a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate. After 40 years of republican hate, discrimination, looting, racism, destroying our economy, rights and a clear path to justice, IT IS TIME FOR REVOLUTION.
+94 # Merlin 2015-10-14 14:04
CL38 2015-10-14 12:24

"… as a result, gave a polished performance as a progressive."

NO! she is not a Progressive! She is a corporatist Dem. A right of center war hawk who has until the recent primary, been AGAINST Progressive issues, like Keystone and the TPP.

That she gave a "polished performance" has no affect on her policies or her beliefs. Her "performance" is for show. like an actress playing a role in a movie.
+48 # CL38 2015-10-14 15:12
yes, i agree but you misunderstood my comments.

Read past my first statement (which was criticism) to the heart of my comments. I'm not interested in a smooth performance, I want the genuine article. Hillary only shifted left to compete with Bernie & we need a genuine progressive for sanity and justice. Bernie is the ONLY progressive candidate for President.

Added a few sentences in the original comment to make what I meant, clearer.
+1 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-17 12:40
However, compared with ANY in the GOP Tealiban clown car I would vote for whoever wins the Democratic primary. I prefer Bernie, but I would like to see a woman President with smarts and ability and knows her way around.
+51 # reiverpacific 2015-10-14 15:40
Quoting CL38:
I'll give Clinton this: she's had significant experience debating for the Presidency and as a result, gave a polished performance as a progressive, which she is not. She's reversed several important positions due to Bernie's candidacy, positions that demonstrate she belongs to banks, Wall Street and corporations.

We need a genuine progressive who sees that revolution is necessary to return this country to a path of sanity and equality for all. Bernie Sanders is the ONLY genuine article.

A "Polished performance" is just that. Any seasoned Actor can give a "Polished" performance; that's their stock-in-trade and then it's up to their creative abilities that give the performance their own stamp to make it memorable.
Clinton is not about to step on her wealthy donors' tootsies -including Wall Street and the defense (a.k.a. War machine) industry- by telling hard, unpalatable truths and challenging the entrenched status-quo and underlying power structure.
Sanders on the other hand, makes it his outspoken business to do just that.
Clinton is completely shielded from populist issues just by virtue of her long term embedment in the Beltway culture. Sanders goes right out into the crowds and meets them -far from the "pressing the flesh; kissing babies" condescending attitude of those who are show-people and little else.
I've never seen such forthrightness in ANY candidate in my long association with and residence in the US of Armaments.
+46 # mozartssister 2015-10-14 16:14
Also agree!

Yes, it was a good performance--sh e convinced me that she's got the answers down that poll best and work with the audience she's trying to reach.

But BERNIE convinced me, yet, again, that he speaks from the heart and his compass is set for True North. I trust Bernie. He's the real deal. I don't trust Clinton's "right" answers, however good they sounded, one whit.
-17 # evanl 2015-10-14 12:31
Obama has just added more troops.
+31 # tpaillet 2015-10-14 15:02
What does adding troops have to do with the presidential debate? Stay on the subject.
+14 # reiverpacific 2015-10-14 15:40
Quoting evanl:
Obama has just added more troops.

You means to round up Bernie Sanders??!!
+16 # lsd 2015-10-14 12:53
The measure of success for sanders is much higher than clintons. She has the backing of the party and the media. No one wants to hear it, but she "won" the debate. Sanders won't critizice clinton; it's not in his nature. She's a car salesman that people continue to fall for. Hope I'm wrong, but it looks like another obama admin in the future.
+70 # CL38 2015-10-14 13:02
Agree with your first two sentences, but not the last.

FYI: The public donated another $1.3 million to Bernie's campaign after the debate.

Also, see: Bernie Won All the Focus Groups & Online Polls - So Why Is the Media Saying Hillary Won the Debate?
+41 # lsd 2015-10-14 15:00
Well, I did write won in quotes. Good article at the link. Reminds me of an Upton Sinclair quote regarding MSM reporters “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Points out how vested a lot of people are in the current system.
+27 # treespeaker 2015-10-14 13:42
Bern Baby Bernie
+67 # Buddha 2015-10-14 14:18
What is funny is seeing how polls of actual voters and voter focus groups all pretty much had Bernie strongly winning the debate...but most of the punditry and mainstream media slobbering up to HRC. Like we didn't see THAT coming.
+57 # Vardoz 2015-10-14 14:21
Hillary had a nerve calling herself a Progressive! We know that Bernie is our man and will put together a top notch team. We could not stand that shit eating smirk she had on her face! We are also outraged at the 6 debate limit and in the end I think it will help Bernie because it is so clearly corrupt. Also we will never vote for our Democratic reps again who sold out and endorsed Hillary!!!! We will only vote for a Progressive from now on and we have told them that- We feel betrayed, we do not want an Oligarchy and we do not want to vote for a person who is taking all her donations from Wall St, Banks, corporations and oil companies!!!! If our nation does not change direction we will be evermore abused and impoverished.
+49 # tapelt 2015-10-14 15:18

This is the message Hillary just doesn't get.
+50 # Art947 2015-10-14 14:41
Hilary basically did an "Obama" move. While the current President talked about "hope and change," what he really meant was he hoped that we could change him! Unfortunately we lost that bet!

Hilary's points were all about incrementalism. We only need to "tweek" the system. Sorry, Hilary. We need to do more than fix the system on the marginal. As Sen. Warren keeps saying, the system is rigged against the common people!

Examples to look at: Why is it taking so long for Mary Jo White to go after the crooks on Wall Street? (Check her husband's connections.) Why was Arne Duncan a stooge for the corporatists who want to take over public education? What is Loretta Lynch doing about the voter ID fraud being perpetrated by the Rethugnicans in Alabama? And on it goes - the need for systemic change in EVERY Federal department.
+28 # mozartssister 2015-10-14 16:16
As Bernie says, we need a political REVOLUTION.
+11 # motamanx 2015-10-14 22:56
Quoting mozartssister:
As Bernie says, we need a political REVOLUTION.

Not a revolution so much as this: Yer not liberal enough if you don't think a sea change is due for this country. Perhaps, I'm idealistic, maybe too idealistic, but The US needs to go in a very different direction, and very soon. Our pal, the State Senator from here, mentioned a while ago that we have seen twenty years of Dem and twenty years of Repub, but haven't seen any deviation from what seems a ruinous course of corporatism in all that time. One party has been predatory and the other party has been cowardly (you can guess who's who), so I figure a new paradigm is called for and Bernie shows me it might be possible. I was impressed, also, that all involved did not turn the evening into a teenage food fight, as did our far right wing brothers last week.
0 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-17 12:42
Not MY 'bros.' Tacky Tealiban extremists all.
+19 # COLMPS 2015-10-14 14:42
I hope that when Bernie run for re-election he can do so as an independent. The two major parties need to be weaned.
+27 # intheEPZ 2015-10-14 14:44
I think Lincoln Chaffee won with one statement: Hillary voted for the Iraq War when there was no evidence of WMD, I know, I did my homework. What she did in the past is indicative of what she'll do in the future.
End of argument.
+15 # Old4Poor 2015-10-14 18:35
Any gains he made were wiped out by his weird weak response re why he had voted to cancel Glass Stegall.

My Daddy had just died? Really? Well, my Dad died as well and I still knew that Glass Stegall was a major help to regulate big banks.
+16 # chaucer2 2015-10-14 14:49
Except for O'Malley...the other two are superflous. I refer to the bookends on either side......Hoora y for Bernie...I only hope he has a chance for the Presidency...Ca n you imagine...if Congress gets thrown out on its Gerrymandered Ear...what a truly wonderful country this could be...with Bernies thinking and drive and verve...Truly though, if Hillary does get in, at least he brought her around to a decent path by being verbal, decisive and honest.......
+24 # Buddha 2015-10-14 15:09
To me, that is the problem with a Bernie Presidency, and I love and support the guy. Simply put, there aren't enough guys like Bernie who are running for seats in the House and the Senate. Even if Bernie runs, even if Dems have a good enough showing in 2016 to take back the Senate and tighten the House, most of those Dem Congressmen will be of the "bought-and-pai d-for" Centrist DNC variety, and thus unlikely to be willing to implement a Progressive agenda. Sad reality to face, but that "Political Revolution" Bernie is calling for requires not just an awakened and aware electorate, but actual honest and non-corrupted candidates to vote for!
+18 # Doll 2015-10-14 17:40
There is one guy running for the Senate in PA you might want to take a look at: John Fetterman. He is mayor of Braddock, PA, an old steel mill town in Western PA. He looks like a pro wrestler and talks and acts like a real and honest progressive. We need people like him.
+1 # Buddha 2015-10-15 11:05
So now the count is up to "two". Against every GOP and the half or so of the Democrats who are bought and paid for.
+6 # SusanT136 2015-10-16 08:44
If there is enough political will in the US population to elect Bernie, there may be enough political will to bend the representatives to certain votes. What is really needed is for the Reps to understand that they really will lose their jobs if they don't vote according to the people's will. If they are drummed out of office, the Reps are less likely to be valuable as lobbyists either, as they will have a "tainted" reputation and Reps wanting to keep their jobs may not want to be associated with them. This, of course, requires that we the people really mobilize and are fierce and unrelenting in our message.
+1 # DaveEwoldt 2015-10-17 10:00
Hey Buddha... There may not be a whole bunch of progressives running currently, but the filing deadline is what, six months away still? Even here in Arizona we've got three or four running, and a few of them are even incumbents. If Bernie continues doing as well as he is currently, I expect a whole bunch more to file, and I'd expect more than a handful of liberals to come out of the closet as progressives.
+33 # jimmyjames 2015-10-14 14:54
Hillary tried very hard to mimic Bernie Sanders stand on the issues, but she failed in many respects. Her main selling point last night was that she was a "woman". Sorry Hillary, but that ain't good enough to overcome your being dishonest. Bernie won the debate and will continue to do so.
+26 # CL38 2015-10-14 15:15
My hope is that the first woman president is an Elizabeth Warren like progressive!
0 # motamanx 2015-10-17 00:34
If only she understood the Israel/Gaza conflict a little better. AIPAC has its hooks into her.
+1 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-17 12:46
Quoting motamanx:
If only she understood the Israel/Gaza conflict a little better. AIPAC has its hooks into her.

Every GOP armaments industry - shill has a profit$ motive for supporting right wing wackos like Netanyahu, and the creepy "Christian" evangelists only have programmed end-of-days rationales for helping the otherwise hated and despised by them Jews (in Israel and here both.)
+18 # GDW 2015-10-14 16:22
Whatever problems countries have with their socialized system's most of them rank higher in Health Care for their people then the US, which ranks 37 or 38Th.
I think it's the states duty to see that all children get Public Education of the highest quality, equally. These are our future leaders. We need them to be the top to compete in a global economy
+8 # Robbee 2015-10-14 16:34
about our little, local nation of soreheads! - # CL38 2015-10-14 15:12 "... Hillary only shifted left to compete with Bernie ..."

- bernie drives the dem debate progressive, as he drives hill progressive, as he drives the dem party progressive, as he drives the country progressive, as he drives the earth progressive

where else but here, is hill shifting progressive a bad thing? get over it, soreheads!

says - # GreenBee 2015-10-14 13:49 "We need genuine progressives in the State legislatures and Congress or Bernie, if elected, will be obstructed by the same forces that obstructed Obama and everyone who is progressive.

"Time for Liberals, Dems, and Progressives to unite to get their base to the polls in EVERY election and to begin real face-to-face grass roots organizing."
0 # DaveEwoldt 2015-10-17 10:06
I'm not sure it has anything to do with being a sorehead. From what I've heard so far, except for hardcore hillary-bots, most people--with good cause--doubt her sincerity. Hillary is a master of triangulation. Sometimes this is a good trait, but it's no way to run a country.
0 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-17 12:50
Unfortunately, may be the only way to actually 'run' a country inhabited by right wing radical extremists in both houses of congress ready to block and obstruct at every turn. Having no sense of the 'common good' of the founders, or any loyalty to other than their own Tealiban party determined to wreck our once-democracy so the plutocrats /oligarchy can have sway.
+8 # Khidr 2015-10-14 17:30
I am afraid that lots of women Democrats will vote for Hillary blindly, just because she is a women. They want to see a women President. This blind thinking might just get her to win the Democratic nomination. (Wasserman) types are sabotaging Berne in favor of Hillary.
+16 # CL38 2015-10-14 18:11
As you can see from my comments above, I'm a Bernie supporter and volunteer.

That said, remember that people have 'blindly' voted for men for centuries "just because they were men". In fact, if you weren't male, you had zero chance.

Many women ARE likely to vote for a woman who supports REAL change for women's lives today.

Almost 100 years after getting the vote, women are STILL treated as second class, no full equality or equal pay, no parity in corporate leadership, no family values corporate policies. Women were shut out from running for President for centuries, until 2008. The only woman with the cajones to take the risk--Hillary-- was mocked and ridiculed and treated with unparalleled disdain. Yes, her positions on most issues are too conservative, but that's not why she was treated with such disrespect.

Democrats have had 40 years since the birth of feminism to change the realities for women and work on all the other critical issues. They did almost nothing.

Clearly an important reason for Democrats to finally get ahead of the curve and take MUCH stronger stands for women and on all the other issues that need addressing.

Bernie has supported REAL CHANGE on all the issues for DECADES. We just have to help women see that Bernie has been with us all the way for 34 years AND he's a progressive on all the other issues, as well, unlike Clinton.
-4 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-14 22:03
Most -- even left -leaning -- males will, alas, vote for males ... bc they are unable to get over their mommie issues.

Too bad, though I prefer Bernie, Hillary is clearly head and shoulders above the other candidates --- those GOP clown car males and the granite blocks or standard issue DNC males like Chaffee, Biden et sl.
+9 # motamanx 2015-10-14 23:03
"Hillary is clearly head and shoulders above the other candidates." Yes perhaps she plays the game and talks the talk better, but her ties to big corporations anchor her to the same old path we've been going down for too long.
0 # CL38 2015-10-14 23:26
I support Bernie. But. Think about what you've said. Do you really think our still-very-domi nant patriarchal system would allow a woman to be a serious contender for President if she didn't 'play the corporate/banki ng game??
+2 # CL38 2015-10-15 13:38
I've been thinking about what I said above and realize I'm letting her off the hook.
0 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-17 12:59
Maybe those 4 negs are just butt-hurt males, but perhaps I do you a disservice--- and did not make myself clearer --- I WILL vote for Bernie, bec. I prefer his message, honesty, integrity, ideas and fresh take. However, compared to ANYONE in the GOP/Tealiban clown car would vote for whoever wins the Dem. primary though, bc males —even left-leaning males — do not seem to give a rat's a$$ for women's serious issues, my second choice would have to be Hillary, with all her WS shortcomings.
+3 # jpmarat 2015-10-14 17:53
Are "internet polls" conducted scientifically?
+7 # GDW 2015-10-14 18:37
She did say the thing that separates her from the rest is "she's a woman."
+1 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-14 22:06
Quoting GDW:
She did say the thing that separates her from the rest is "she's a woman."

Well she was the ONLY one who actively addressed the GOP 'War On Women' issues that, aside from a bit by Bernie, the males in the debate carefully avoided addressing.
+13 # geraldom 2015-10-14 18:37
I had stated in a previous post that Debbie Wasserman Schultz set up these Democratic presidential debates in order to protect and to support Hillary Clinton for president, and to do her best to hurt Hillary’s biggest threat, Bernie Sanders.

To me, it appeared that Hillary Clinton was made aware of all of the questions that were going to be asked prior to the debate, whereas Bernie Sanders as well as the other Democratic candidates were not. I believe that is why Bernie was somewhat clumsy at responding to questions such as why he voted against the Brady Bill. Hillary's responses were too quick and too clean. I believe she knew that the subject of gun control was on the agenda. And when Bernie was asked about Democratic Socialism, a question that should not have been part of the debate as far as I am concerned, he appeared totally unprepared, but Hillary’s response to who she was seemed too well prepared.

I also believe that like the first Republican debate where the Republican Party attempted to destroy Donald Trump right at the start, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the powers that be in the Democratic Party attempted to do the same against Bernie Sanders. Bernie was walking through a mine field.
0 # ishmael 2015-10-14 19:13
This might come off as a bad pun, but here is the elephant in the room: "Is Mr Sanders nominatable by the Democratic Party?"
+10 # motamanx 2015-10-14 23:10
Quoting ishmael:
This might come off as a bad pun, but here is the elephant in the room: "Is Mr Sanders nominatable by the Democratic Party?"

Yes. But only if those who are for him are REALLY for him and become part of a tidal wave of grass roots support, and conscientiously work to promote his progressive agendas. And of course, voting the near treasonous tea party trogs out of office, as well.
+9 # tanis 2015-10-14 21:15
Dear Mr. Moore; please write more articles about the candidates. People respond to your words. Thanks!
# Guest 2015-10-14 22:57
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
+19 # jimallyn 2015-10-15 00:45
Quoting NRESQ:

Horse shit. Stop falling for the establishment propaganda and start working to put Bernie Sanders in the White House.
+4 # CL38 2015-10-15 22:33
this comment is gonna haunt you after the election.
+7 # seeuingoa 2015-10-15 02:43
Elizabeth Warren !

Were are you ?
Bernie Sanders and the American people need you to support Bernie.
+2 # Cassandra2012 2015-10-17 12:54
She can do more where she is right now!
+3 # bullslam 2015-10-15 03:22
Karl Rove orchestrated the political demise of John Kerry with nothing more than the vast cloud of noxious gas escaping his butthole. Lies, lies, and more lies. And Karl most likely arranged some of those fatal airplane crashes (remember all those guys who were about to appear before a Congressional committee, like, the day before, and which nobody in Congress or the media thought a little too convenient). We'd better get ready for some really nasty business about Bernie -- again dreamed up by Rove and funded by his billionaire buddies, and executed by Karl's good friends at the FBI, the Cia, and the NSA.
+2 # End Endless Wars 2015-10-15 03:45
Sanders is a unique great man and we plan to vote for him: Buk he can do more: Here's our recent article about the debate that is published in Godot of this website. It's called The Democratic Debate Wasn't. We wish there were some way to get it to his campaign itself.
+12 # Sweet Pea 2015-10-15 10:22
Michael Moore, like myself, came from the Flint, Michigan, industrial town. We saw what a society with a good chance for everyone looks like. Perhaps that is why we are so adamant that we end wars and the destruction of other countries so that we can use our money to rebuild the wonderful society in which we grew up.

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