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Boardman writes: "How hard can it be to condemn police torture in Chicago? The charges are many and easy to document and have a long history of turning out to be true."

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. (photo: Reuters)
Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. (photo: Reuters)

Rahm Emanuel, the Face of Democratic Fascism, Deserves to Lose

By William Boardman, Reader Supported News

05 March 15


hicago’s mayoral election may look like a local event, and the media mostly cover it as a local event, but the presence of a large, diverse, and energized opposition demanding change on basic issues of fairness and justice gives the city’s local result a potentially important, totemic meaning for the country. The outcome of the April 7 runoff election, which includes 40% of the city council as well, may signify whether peaceful change is possible, or whether the suffocating status quo will grow more stifling.

There is another way of gauging the April vote: is Chicago yet ready to reject the police state practices of its local government? Is Chicago ready to reject a mayor who seems content to allow police state behavior to go unexamined and unpunished? Will Chicago be where a majority of Americans finally confront the nationwide plague of police hate and violence that makes the term “American justice” an oxymoron?

The current mayor since 2011, the arrogant and ineffective Rahm Emanuel, has catered to his rich-folks base (with “the actions of a mad king”). And he has treated the majority of Chicagoans with destructive disdain, whether he’s closing their schools, attacking teachers and other public employees, or ignoring police brutality and killing. (As a congressman in 2002, Emanuel supported the Iraq War right out of the box.) He is endorsed by major Chicago media that laud his “significant accomplishments,” but they can’t seem to name any. His record is mixed.

Given the preening self-satisfaction of the incumbent pugnacious bully, given the elitist priorities and anti-populist destructiveness of this Clinton-Obama Democrat, the best result for the national Democratic Party – and for the country – would be the clear rejection of regressive, right-wing Democrat Rahm Emanuel for a second term as mayor. Emanuel’s defeat could mean the end of almost 30 years of corporate Democrats (including Richard M. Daley, 1989-2011) running Chicago for the 1% and driving the city into heavy debt that the 99% will be expected to pay.

Chicagestapo story breaks, police lie, everyone else starts stonewalling

Chicago is already paying tens of millions of dollars in restitution to people who have been victimized by the Chicago Police Department over the past four decades (over $50 million paid in 2014 alone). On election day, February 24, Chicago police-state tactics became a clear and present issue in the current election, when the Guardian newspaper published a report about one of the city’s darker open secrets, the Homan Square holding facility that has functioned as a municipal black site for torture and interrogation for years.

In its essence, the story is simple and predictable: the Chicago police have a secure facility where they can take prisoners and hold them more or less indefinitely, keeping no official record of their whereabouts, while treating them with torture techniques made familiar by their application to prisoners at Guantánamo. The Guardian story by Spencer Ackerman, a reliable reporter who used to work for Wired, is based on public records and the personal accounts of both victims and attorneys, none of whom hide behind anonymity. The report provides ample detail that can be independently verified by any responsible public official or investigator or other news organization.

Despite the long Chicago police history of chronic brutality, the department promptly went into denial mode, issuing an unsigned, so-called “fact sheet” that is free of much relevant fact. Beyond that dishonest document, police officials refused to comment. Much of the police “defense” turns on the characterization by witnesses (not by Guardian reporters) of “what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site,” which it clearly is, based on current evidence.

Homan Square is a large, well-guarded warehouse secure from scrutiny

Homan Square used to be a Sears, Roebuck warehouse complex built in 1904, on a 40-plus acre site, providing 3.3 million square feet of floor space. In 1978, after Sears moved out, 16 acres of the site became a National Historic Landmark and the rest was re-developed in a variety of ways. In 1999, the police took over part of the Sears complex, one four-story warehouse covering most of a city block. In other words, even this smaller piece of the Sears complex is a big building, as the police acknowledge, without saying just how big the Homan Square Facility is:

“It serves a number of functions, some of which are sensitive and some of which are not, however it is not a secret facility. In fact, Homan Square is home to CPD’s Evidence and Recovered Property Section, which is open to the public…. Portions of the facility are sensitive. Homan Square is the base of operations for officers working undercover assignments…. Other sensitive units housed at the facility include the Bureau of Organized Crime (including the narcotics unit), the SWAT Unit, Evidence Technicians, and the CPD ballistics lab…. Homan Square contains several standard interview rooms. Most individuals interviewed at Homan Square are lower-level arrests from the Narcotics unit….”

This is an exercise in non-denial denial. The police acknowledge some of what Homan Square contains, but there is no claim that this is all it contains. Most of the facility is “sensitive” and inaccessible to the public. Lawyers and reporters have been barred in recent weeks from entering the grounds. Homan Square also reportedly houses a large number of military vehicles and has plenty of space for a secret section in which to hold and interrogate persons of interest.

The police “fact sheet” claims that there are “always records of anyone who is arrested,” which leaves all the room in the world for the truth of the allegation that people have been held and tortured at Homan Square without ever being arrested (as described by Victoria Suter). Similarly, the assertion that “it is not a secret facility” can be true, since it does not deny that this “sensitive” facility may hide one of more secret sections. Defending themselves against brutality claims, police admit that a prisoner in custody died of a heroin overdose. How does that happen with competent policing?

The second and third pages of the “fact sheet” are even less relevant or persuasive. The second page consists of mostly unattributed opinion from friendly local news media (Tribune, Sun-Times, WBEZ). At least one of the police quotes reinforces the possibility that an actual, unconstitutional detention facility exists: “it’s an exaggeration to call it a ‘black site,’” according to one law professor – only an exaggeration?

It’s so much easier to disappear someone you haven’t arrested

The Guardian report makes consistent allegations supported by testimony that can be independently verified:

  • that police take people into custody without arresting them;

  • that police hold prisoners incommunicado, sometimes for days;

  • that police deny prisoners their right to make a phone call;

  • that police deny prisoners any contact with their lawyers;

  • that police lie to lawyers about the whereabouts of their clients;

  • that police keep prisoners shackled hand and foot.

Additionally, there are allegations of further torture, including threats and brutality. Most of this behavior is prohibited by the Constitution.

The third page of the police “fact sheet” comprises a detailed outline of Chicago police “arrest and interview procedures.” In other words, it is no answer whatsoever to allegations about the treatment of people who have not been arrested.

Mayor Emanuel, police officials, and others choose not to address the specifics of the Guardian report. They have been hiding behind this “fact sheet” charade of a defense, referring questioners to it as if it actually meant something. The Chicago Sun-Times and MSNBC (perhaps others) ran portions of the police “fact sheet” verbatim, as if the anonymous police assertions were an independent news story. As the Columbia Journalism Review noted a week after the Homan Square story broke, it “was huge on the internet – but not in Chicago media.” The Review did not go on to note that the Homan Square story was all but invisible in national mainstream media (Democracy NOW covered the story early and in depth). The Review also made a rookie mistake, attributing the “CIA black site” characterization to reporter Ackerman, even though he was careful to attribute it to others.

Police lawlessness in Chicago is an old story – therefore it doesn’t matter?

Remember the Chicago police riot of 1968: it was sanctioned by then-mayor Richard J. Daley, who shouted anti-Semitic insults at the Connecticut senator who spoke out against the violent rampage of city cops against unarmed anti-war protestors. Chicago policing was not good before that, and it hasn’t improved appreciably since. Government in Chicago, as in so many other places, remains tolerant of illegal, racist, brutal, and sometimes lethal police behavior. That’s why it matters.

Rahm Emanuel has responded to the present “black site” report with denial and silence, mostly silence. Perhaps his only on-the-record comment on The Guardian report is: “That’s not true. We follow all the rules…. Everything’s done by the books.”

It’s not credible that he believes that. Emanuel knows full well that the Chicago police have sheltered their share of serial monsters, and may be sheltering others with their code of silence (which he has affirmed).

Emanuel is still dealing with the case of Chicago police detective Jon Burge, who tortured suspects into false confessions for twenty years (1973-1993). Burge was dismissed in 1993. He was never charged criminally. Burge’s settlement with the city protected the mayor at the time from having to testify, perhaps embarrassingly, under oath. That mayor was Richard M. Daley (in office 1989-2011), the son of Richard J. Daley (in office 1955-1976). In 2010, Burge was convicted of perjury in civil suits and sentenced to 4-plus years in prison. He is now a free man, collecting his $3,000-a-month pension, thanks to a decision, apparently barred by statute, by Chicago’s Police Pension Board. Every other taxpayer gets to pay for his crimes through multi-million dollar settlements to his victims ($67 million to 18 victims, and counting) and legal fees. Emanuel has opposed establishing a fund to provide health care and job training to Chicago torture victims.

In 2013, when the city council approved $12.3 million in settlements to two victims, Mayor Emanuel’s comments were cold:

This is a dark chapter on the history of the city of Chicago…. a stain on the city’s reputation…. I am sorry this happened…. Now let us now all move on.

Or not. Emanuel is also dealing with the more recent case of Chicago police detective Richard Zuley, whose possibly torture-induced convictions are also threatening to come back to haunt the city. Zuley was such a good Chicago torturer (1977-2007), that he went on loan as a Navy reserve lieutenant to Guantánamo, where his torture techniques set the bar high for brutality. Zuley, his attorney, and the Chicago police have refused to answer questions from The Guardian.

Police brutality, torture, black sites still not election factor

Emanuel has never shown any inclination to take on the corrupt history of Chicago policing, even as its costs mount for a city in declining financial health. Other public figures, like the media, are also leaving the issue alone. There have been a few well-deserved calls for an investigation, especially one by the U.S. Justice Department (which so far has refused any comment).

Even Emanuel’s opponent in the April runoff, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, has only promised public comment. How hard can it be to condemn police torture in Chicago? The charges are many and easy to document and have a long history of turning out to be true. Last November, the United Nations Committee Against Torture issued a report on U.S. compliance with torture law that singled out Chicago police violence against young black and Latino people as well as “excessive use of force” generally used by Chicago police.

Emanuel was expected to win the mayoral election in the first round, outspending his opponents roughly $15 million to $1.3 million. He also had President Obama’s endorsement. He won 45% of the low-turnout vote, with 55% preferring someone else (voting for three other candidates). Now the runoff is a one-on-one and the polls (which overrated Emanuel in the first round) are showing him with a small lead or in a dead heat. He seems aware of his vulnerability, having released an apologetic ad saying he’s sorry he rubs people wrong and should maybe listen more and talk less.

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is three years older than Emanuel (who is 56) and has a longer political career, all of it Illinois, most of it in Chicago. He is a current member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. He is an established progressive. He was an ally of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington (1983-1987). Garcia’s silence on Chicago police torture is somewhat mystifying, and likely only temporary.

Police: better than mere citizens, above accountability?

In 2012, Mayor Emanuel attempted to expunge a jury verdict that concluded that the Chicago police “code of silence” was a reality. The mayor backed a court motion to vacate the jury verdict and won the support of a woman who had been beaten by a cop, promising to pay her the $850,000 jury award even after the verdict was vacated. Emanuel effectively reached for a code of silence about the “code of silence,” hoping to protect future cops against the consequences of their own brutality. A federal judge rejected the ploy.

The police torture issue is as universal as it is local. The issue cuts deeply. Emanuel is already on the wrong side of it. Even as mild a position as a call for an investigation by the Justice Department would be difficult for traditional Democrats like Emanuel, Obama, Hilary Clinton, and all the rest of the don’t-prosecute-torturers crowd that has become the dominant, anti-democratic wing of the Democratic Party. The defeat of Rahm Emanuel would be at least a momentary check on the smart and soulless drift of the Democratic Party.

Rahm Emanuel is a particularly nasty piece of work as a political being. Why would anyone think it a good idea to be governed by a nasty piece of work? Have American voters learned nothing since 2000, when five nasty pieces of work on the Supreme Court imposed on us a whole nasty piece of work presidency that gave us endless war and debt for which we still pay dearly? Have American voters learned nothing since 2008 when we elected a not-so-nasty piece of work who promptly hired a nasty piece of work as his chief of staff, encouraging the nasty pieces of work in Congress to keep any good from happening – even closing Guantánamo – by any means possible? This collusion of nasty pieces of work prolongs the war crime of Guantánamo, one of America’s nastier pieces of work, preserved in perpetuity as a monument to the depravity of the nasty.

Is that really so hard to say in Chicago, or anywhere the nastiness won’t end if it’s not confronted?

William M. Boardman has over 40 years experience in theatre, radio, TV, print journalism, and non-fiction, including 20 years in the Vermont judiciary. He has received honors from Writers Guild of America, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Vermont Life magazine, and an Emmy Award nomination from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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+71 # ktony 2015-03-05 13:29
Thank you, Mr Boardman. Progressives in Chicago can only hope for a political miracle. That hope is slim, as Rahm had millions the first time around, and will likely have as much or more this time. He not only effectively bought the Mayor's office, but had plenty left over to buy city council seats for those willing to rubber-stamp his putrid, pro-corporate dispersal of city funds for private benefit.

It is hardly surprising though, coming from the former Chief of Staff who termed progressives "f***ing retards."
+8 # babalu 2015-03-06 05:55
Defending themselves against brutality claims, police admit that a prisoner in custody died of a heroin overdose. How does that happen with competent policing?
cheap trick to imply that they "let go" one of the dredges of society, so as to get the frustrated citizenry on their side. In fact, the Cook County jail has a large medical unit and protocols to avoid that type of situation and whoever allowed this to happen broke the rules and deserves to be punished.
0 # bingers 2015-03-08 22:38
At least he's in a close race and a dozen of his supporting aldermen are also facing runoffs. In nearly every way he is a Republican. And his incompetence and hatred of Howard Dean was the determining factor in the Wing Nut resurgence.
+29 # indian weaver 2015-03-05 14:12
Track him down. Take him out.
-3 # Henry 2015-03-05 14:29
Quoting indian weaver:
Track him down. Take him out.

This is infantile, at best, and Incitement to Commit a Crime at worst.
+35 # WestWinds 2015-03-05 14:47
Quoting Henry:
Quoting indian weaver:
Track him down. Take him out.

This is infantile, at best, and Incitement to Commit a Crime at worst.

--- I don't know... I think the shoe fits. It's alright for us to be hunted down, tortured, jailed, stripped naked and stood up against a wall while in military imprisonment for a "civil procedure offense," or hunted down so we have to take refuge in an embassy for years or run to Russia for safe harbor, but it's not alright for us to move a muscle??? When do we stop co-enabling, assisting in, and participating in our own gutting?
-4 # Merlin 2015-03-05 19:06
WestWinds 2015-03-05 14:47

“I just really don't understand…”

Your post above at WestWinds 2015-03-05 14:47 stated

“--- I don't know... “

I believe you have summed up both your posts quite accurately with these two statements.
+4 # RLF 2015-03-06 08:05
You obviously don't either. You'll continue to vote for "the least evil" of two absolutely evil people and pretend they are doing good.
+1 # Justice Lady 2015-03-08 12:14
Right none of the partys have any real solutions to our most pressing economic problems etc.
+4 # indian weaver 2015-03-06 07:50
It's justice. That is what justice looks like - the street where Obama lives and acts. The courts are no longer serving justice. Who will? Who served justice to Crazy Horse and Geronimo? Right! Your "government". And that list is endless - justice served by your presidents and Obama.
+4 # RLF 2015-03-06 08:03
Worse things could happen to this corporate scum!
+1 # bingers 2015-03-08 22:40
Quoting indian weaver:
Track him down. Take him out.

I agree assuming you mean destroy his political career. I'd like to see him cleaning port-a-potties, but that wont be happening. Sadly.
+26 # goodsensecynic 2015-03-05 14:36
"Have American voters learned nothing since 2000 ..."?

I don't know about that, but it doesn't seem that the citizens of Chicago have progressed much since 1968. Of course, the "whole world was watching" at the time.

Maybe it's time to Occupy Lincoln Park and, just maybe, provide President Obama's far-famed "folks" with a history lesson.
+22 # WestWinds 2015-03-05 14:54
Quoting goodsensecynic:
"Have American voters learned nothing since 2000 ..."?

I don't know about that, but it doesn't seem that the citizens of Chicago have progressed much since 1968. Of course, the "whole world was watching" at the time.

Maybe it's time to Occupy Lincoln Park and, just maybe, provide President Obama's far-famed "folks" with a history lesson.

--- I don't know what it's going to take to wake this country up. People seem to be much happier backing themselves steadily into an ever increasingly tighter corner and being taken for the fools that they are than seeing criminals for what they are and standing up against it.

Since men want to and seem to (for the most part) run the country, can we then assume that the vast majority of males are basically criminals and criminally inclined? Certainly seems so given the amount of support criminal politicians are getting these days.

Are people really that brain dead and bamboozled, or do they just think that if they support the bad guys they will end up rich and powerful, too?

Does it not occur to them that these guys are getting them (the poor) to foot all the bills for them (the rich) to become richer while the poor are getting (blanked) upon?

I just really don't understand the mentality that supports (1) their own undoing, and (2) exalting criminal behavior. Brain dead is all I keep coming up with.
+15 # RGV.REG 2015-03-06 05:03
+6 # babalu 2015-03-06 05:58
Agree! All the manufacturers/p roviders are run by Republicans and they hide behind "trade secret" law and refused to have their software checked.
Bushes had an IT expert offed before he could explain exactly how it was done in Ohio, but we know they ran the data through a private Republican owned server in Kentucky.
+1 # RLF 2015-03-06 08:07
I don't believe it because the have been voting the same since raygun and before the centralized machines.
+38 # Buddha 2015-03-05 14:45
"Emanuel’s defeat could mean the end of almost 30 years of corporate Democrats (including Richard M. Daley, 1989-2011) running Chicago for the 1% and driving the city into heavy debt that the 99% will be expected to pay"

Which is exactly why that 1% and the huge campaign-donati ng corporations backing the Establishment Wing Democrat candidates will spend whatever it takes to ensure their re-election. It is called an Oligarchy, where all political parties involved are equally owned and controlled by the moneyed interests running the system for their select benefit.
+1 # Justice Lady 2015-03-08 12:17
Yes, we need to get at the root of it all, our tax system which fosters monopoly, inequality & land speculation.
+7 # skylinefirepest 2015-03-05 14:53
One of the few times that I agree with Boardman.
+5 # WestWinds 2015-03-05 14:59
Rahm Emmanuel is a ***muck and "Democratic Fascism" is an oxymoron.
+8 # dquandle 2015-03-05 15:03
Obama is as nasty a piece of work as one could possibly dredge up out of a charnel house. He didn't just hire "nasty piece of work" Emanuel by accident. He and Emanuel subscribe to precisely the same code of murder, torture, and repression in the service of absolute power, profit, and empire. They both intend fascism and have made it a reality, following in the bloody footsteps of those who preceded them, and leaving new bloody footsteps while sowing misery and championing inequality and the heinous ascendancy of the plutocrats.
+4 # Merlin 2015-03-05 19:09
dquandle 2015-03-05 15:03

Strongly and well put.
+2 # RLF 2015-03-06 08:09
U of Chicago and Hrvard's best!
+38 # fredboy 2015-03-05 15:11
Police in Fort Myers FL recently "detained" an NFL player visiting here and wrongly accused him of a sex crime. Held him for four hours, badgered him to confess. He was innocent--at a restaurant at the time of the 9/11 call with photo proof of his restaurant visit that included a time stamp. Now the state and feds are investigating the police department. Such "disappearances " are happening all over the U.S. with the new, quite dangerous militarized police approach. When is the government we pay going to put a stop to this bullshit?
+14 # Pikewich 2015-03-05 15:26
Interesting that they are both products of the Chicago machine, isn't it?
+8 # reiverpacific 2015-03-05 15:54
Quoting Pikewich:
Interesting that they are both products of the Chicago machine, isn't it?

Aye; Al "Scarface" Capone would ha' loved him!
+9 # dandevries 2015-03-05 19:20
"This is a dark chapter on the history of the city of Chicago…. a stain on the city’s reputation…. I am sorry this happened…. Now let us now all move on."

Gee, who does that remind one of?
+3 # Helen Marshall 2015-03-06 10:05
Exactly! "We need to look forward, not back." Did he teach his boss this "get out of jail free" principle? What a horrible choice he was. Both of them.
+17 # Merlin 2015-03-05 19:21

And even more damaging is the University of Chicago where Milton Freedman taught. As Wiki notes. Here are the people Freedman influenced. This is quite an infamous list.

Freedman Influenced:
Thatcher, Becker, Pinochet, Greenspan, Schwartz, Bernanke, DeLong, Sowell, Stein, Markowitz, Cagan de Soto, Polar, Buckley, Friedman, Sumner, Cruz, Reagan, Ron Paul, Rand Paul,
Cato Institute, Chicago Boys, Fraser Institute.

All told, Scarface can't hold a candle to the likes of the above for the amount of damage done.
+2 # babalu 2015-03-06 06:01
And all of his "theories" have been debunked!
He was a smart boy, coming up with the idea of "libertarianism " to soak and prop up the egos of the maligned rich of WWII.
+5 # RLF 2015-03-06 08:11
Merlin...I have to agree and feel guilty for feeling like a person hostile to education but many of these big institutions seem to be turning out nothing but sociopaths!
0 # Justice Lady 2015-03-08 12:21
Agreed, the colleges are controlled by the monopoly interests & have been surpressing real reformers like Henry George for about a century and half, if not longer. They pretend to be liberal but don't support any really important badly needed changes that would really do some good.
+1 # Nick Reynolds 2015-03-06 08:36
The U of Chicago was JD Rockefeller's (of robber baron fame) creative idea of charity, an institution that attacks the causes of poverty rather than poverty itself.
+8 # davidr 2015-03-05 19:50
Boardman's emphasis is on abusive police practices, which is both a big story & a grotesque abuse of authority running from the mayor's office, throughout the police ranks, the DA's office & the criminal courts. While horrifying, however, it is not a particularly potent mayoral campaign issue for Garcia. Perhaps it should be, but police scandals are just not the way that mayors lose office. (Crime waves, yes; brutality, no.)

De Blasio's race in NYC is instructive. He acknowledged the poisonous effects of stop-and-frisk, but he campaigned on schools, day care, housing, minimum wage, taxes, income inequality, and other economic issues. Garcia's path to victory is similarly through schools & pocketbook issues. The more he discusses Homan Square, the less chance he's giving himself.

That doesn't mean that there will be no reckoning for Homan Square, but it will have to come through the offices of the State's Attorney and/or Federal Prosecutor. That's the way it is in Chicago (and pretty much throughout Illinois).
+4 # babalu 2015-03-06 06:03
Good points! Closing schools (and killing jobs and safe after-school activities) in neighborhoods that badly need them is a huge problem!
Hey, middle class people - what would happen to your neighborhood if Rahm gave it over to the hood.
+2 # WBoardman 2015-03-06 09:00
davidr makes good points that may be proven correct,
at least insofar as anyone can tell
what really moves an electorate.

My emphasis on Homan Square and the rest
derives from the hope that it would be a catalyst
for Garcia and ALL the other issues,
not that it should supplant them.

Maybe the best deployment of Homan Square
is through surrogates. But it still seems to me a potent
issue, not least because it makes Emaunel squirm,
but especially because the reality is likely worse than
we know now and most of Chicago would know that
if they allowed themselves to think about it, no?
+1 # davidr 2015-03-06 10:43
RSN, WBoardman, and the press generally will have to be Garcia's surrogates on Homan Square. There are always some "goo goo" votes to be had, and they're likely to go to Garcia. But to have a proper chance of winning, Garcia will have to mobilize his local, politically active surrogates in the neighborhoods, emphasizing schools & jobs, quietly trading favors, etc. Emanuel, the candidate, won't squirm about Homan Square. In fact, if he could choose, he might prefer that it be the dominant issue. Emanuel, the subject of official investigation, may or may not have something to squirm about. The political culture in Illinois is a bit perverse: Governors aren't voted out, they're imprisoned. And Chicago mayors are arguably more powerful than Illinois governors.
+17 # geraldom 2015-03-05 20:37
The fact that Barack Obama himself actually visited Chicago and personally backed up Rahm Emanuel is very telling. It says much about where Obama's true interests lie.
+1 # RLF 2015-03-06 08:13
Oh! You mean he is a scum bag corporatist oligarch? Think I knew that!
+2 # PABLO DIABLO 2015-03-06 16:25
Go Rahm, Go. Sink the armed wing of the Democratic Party. No more Clintons and NO MORE Bushes.
+2 # RnR 2015-03-07 07:21
Rumor is that RE is the 2nd in command of the Israeli Mossad on the North American continent (hell, maybe getting Chicago got him a promotion).

I'm sorry but RE as Chicago mayor, O coming from Chicago, Chicago's Black Sites...I don't know it just makes me sick. The covert implementation of the new one world order.
+4 # MDSolomon 2015-03-07 14:39
Emanuel, the carpetbagger, was sent to Chicago to apply the banking cartel's agenda, including privatization of public assets, population reduction, propaganda, power, and profit.
+2 # Citizen Mike 2015-03-07 22:17
I have always distrusted this guy and suspected him of the worst. Nobody with a dual citizenship of any kind should ever be elected to public office in the US or appointed to a position of high responsibilitie s.

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