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Gibson writes: "What would you call a veteran who answers a veteran's question about providing more jobs to veterans by saying it's his 'highest priority,' only to vote against more jobs for veterans when he's back in Washington?"

Arizona Senator John McCain. (photo: AP)
Arizona Senator John McCain. (photo: AP)

Open Letter to John McCain: Get Out of Washington, You Low-Life Scum

By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News

30 January 15


ear Senator McCain,

What would you call a war veteran who answers a veteran’s question about providing more jobs to veterans by saying it’s his “highest priority,” only to vote against more jobs for veterans when he’s back in Washington? What would you call a veteran who was tortured, survived miraculously, got elected to the U.S. Senate, sent more young men to die in a foreign war, voted to deny them jobs and benefits, and yet demands the arrest and full prosecution of those who exercise the constitutional rights he supposedly fought for? To borrow phrasing from you, Senator, I would call you low-life scum.

The Code PINK protesters you called “low-life scum” during a Senate hearing this week are Americans exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of speech, which you swore an oath to defend both as a naval officer and as a member of Congress. These protesters were also within their right to make a citizens’ arrest against someone who has committed a felony – in this case, war crimes. It’s critical for you to understand why these protesters are patriotic Americans and not “low-life scum,” as you called them.

When Henry Kissinger, whom you just vociferously defended from the dais, authorized the secret bombing of Laos and Cambodia in 1969 and 1970, his actions killed over 40,000 people, including civilians who had nothing to do with the Vietnam War. Kissinger has said he did so to stop North Vietnamese troops from using Cambodia as a staging ground. However, research has shown that all Kissinger’s bombing campaign did was pave the way for the brutal Khmer Rouge to take over Cambodia, then use the B-52 bombings as propaganda to justify their cause, leading to more death and destruction. Kissinger illegally bombed a sovereign nation that we never officially declared war on, destabilized its government, and allowed a violent, autocratic regime to seize power. If that isn't a felony, I don't know what is.

Washington D.C. statute allows for citizens’ arrests in the case of a felony. And in Code PINK’s case, war crimes are certainly a felony offense. When you called on the capitol police, it should’ve been to arrest Kissinger, not Code PINK activists. But your classless outburst during that hearing is indicative of the allegiances you hold, and the longstanding hypocrisy of your entire Congressional career.

Despite going through a war firsthand, and going on record saying “war is wretched beyond description,” you are one of the loudest voices consistently in favor of going to war with anyone at the drop of a hat. You bragged to a conservative radio host that nobody supported President Bush's war in Iraq more than you. You were the first member of the Senate to call for airstrikes on Syria. You’ve openly said you’d like to keep troops in Iraq for 100 years. You even made a joke about bombing Iran at a campaign rally. As a Vietnam veteran, haven't you had enough war for one lifetime?

Speaking of veterans, I would think that someone who has personally experienced the worst imaginable hell of war would be the first one to stand up for veterans when given the chance. But you, Senator McCain, have turned your back repeatedly on America’s veterans when they asked for even the most concrete necessities.

When the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) urged you to pass the Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits & Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014, you voted against even bringing it to the floor for debate, despite the fact that several of your Republican colleagues supported it. You claim to support better healthcare for veterans, and that bill would’ve provided that care by, among other things, expanding the Comprehensive Caregiver Assistance Program, and advanced veterans’ retirement payments even in the event of a government shutdown. As a fellow veteran who bears permanent scars of war, how could you deny your brothers and sisters at the PVA this vote?

After you came home from Vietnam, where you endured years of cruel imprisonment, solitary confinement, and torture, where would you be if you didn’t have for a father a four-star admiral who commanded all U.S. forces in Vietnam? Unlike you, many of the veterans who are lucky enough to come back from the wars you eagerly sent them off to don’t have wealthy, highly-connected families to support them when they return stateside. Almost 50,000 veterans today are struggling to survive on the streets despite serving their country. Yet when you were given multiple opportunities to show your commitment to homeless veterans, you did nothing.

When the House of Representatives passed the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization Act of 2009, which would have funded the transition for veterans to go from wandering the streets to having a roof over their head, you allowed the bill to die, and said nothing. You even allowed your party to kill the Homeless Women Veterans and Homeless Veterans with Children Act of 2009, which would have provided homes for single mothers who served their countries with distinction in the military. But as bad as your inaction was on those bills, it still wasn’t your biggest slight to America’s veterans.

At the 2012 Republican National Convention, Meg Lanker-Simons, a veteran and journalist, asked you about providing more jobs to veterans, 14 percent of whom are unemployed. You responded, to her face, that you were going to “try to find more and better ways to hire veterans,” that chronic unemployment of veterans was a “national disgrace,” and that making more jobs available to veterans was your “highest priority.” But just a month later, when the Senate was voting on the Veterans Job Corps Bill, which would’ve paired veterans up with job opportunities based on their skill sets, you mocked the idea before voting it down. While your reason was that the $1 billion cost was too high, the bill would have paid for itself by $1 billion of new revenue for the office of Veterans’ Affairs. So, Mr. McCain, not only are you a hypocrite, but a liar as well. If you didn’t run for elected office to serve your fellow veterans, why did you run in the first place?

With a net worth of over $10 million, you are one of the richest members of Congress. And as everyone learned in 2008, you own 8 properties, making you one of the wealthiest 0.01 percent of Americans. During your Congressional career, you voted 19 times against increasing the minimum wage, yet in 2010, you voted to extend George W. Bush’s tax cut package. That was a complete 180 from your earlier position against it, in which you rightly called it “generous tax relief to the wealthiest individuals of our country at the expense of lower and middle-income taxpayers.” You also voted for a $700 billion bailout of the big banks that crashed our economy in 2008. Those same banks gave you almost $2 million in campaign and leadership PAC donations between 2005 and 2010, including over $50,000 from bailout king Goldman Sachs. If someone who didn’t know any better took a look at that data, they would think you’re only in office to serve yourself.

You’ve been in Washington long enough, Senator McCain, and you’ve done enough damage to veterans and working people. Either resign now with some semblance of dignity, or prepare to be thrown out of office in 2016.

Carl Gibson, 25, is co-founder of US Uncut, a nationwide creative direct-action movement that mobilized tens of thousands of activists against corporate tax avoidance and budget cuts in the months leading up to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Carl and other US Uncut activists are featured in the documentary "We're Not Broke," which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. You can contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and follow him on twitter at @uncutCG.

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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+197 # seeuingoa 2015-01-30 13:45
What a stupid old man.
He didn´t give a shit about his
fellow Americans when he choose
SP to be a heart attack from being
He should have only one last say:
Choosing his retirement home where
nice nurses will change his diapers
and spoon feed him three times a day
and maybe cuddle him if he can shut up
with all his BS.
+153 # Trigon986 2015-01-30 17:48
McCain! When you point a finger or call someone a name, you have 3 fingers pointing back at you, so you're the low life scum, and that was a low class comment. It's the people's government, not yours! You have one low class scum defending another low class scum.

Henry Kissinger said: Henry Kissinger
“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

I hope he lives long enough to realize his record of corruption, just like his boss Richard Nixon.
Nancy Reagan quit speaking to McCain when he divorced his wife who was dying of cancer in a hospital to marry money bags Barbie. Nancy never spoke to him again. He's an opportunist and corrupt politician. Maybe someday we'll find out all the crooked schemes McCain participated in. He inflicted the coo coo, insane, Sarah Palin on the country. Thank God she, and anger management candidate McCain, did not win the 2008 Presidential election. McCain doesn't deserve respect militarily or as a Senator. The Radcons are bottom dwellers. They have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get candidates to run for office. This year we have 3 that have also been indicted of crimes: Walker, Christie, and Perry. Why do "good Christians" think it's ok to nominate a criminal for President? There at the bottom of the barrel because they have no moral integrity. It's all tricks, lies, and schemes for their own selfishness & greed. They represent the 1% who own more wealth than the 99%. And they want more.
+74 # candida 2015-01-30 23:09
No, he does not deserve even one more say, last or not. And why condemn nurses to wiping the ass of this man who's worth less than what comes out of it and has kept care providers' wages low? And let his wife cuddle him, if she can stomach it. She married and, with her wealth, enabled the worthless piece to become the powerful cuddler of fascists (Kissinger, Bush, Cheney) he is today.

Oh, and great article, Carl Gibson! Thanks!
+185 # chapdrum 2015-01-30 13:47
Yes, and now with so many like McCain in Congress, we are again reminded that tens of millions of Americans endorse this mentality. How did Scott Walker go from being the object of vociferous protests in Wisconsin, to forming a PAC to run for "president?" I don't know the answer, but it couldn't be good.
+133 # Saberoff 2015-01-30 15:08
I think it's election fraud.
I collected a part of one million signatures during that fools (Walker) recall election. People were waiting in lines at outside tables in the middle of wintertime; we couldn't sign them up fast enough! There were several (many) times we thought the beast surely dead, lo those many months, but no.

When they install Walker in Wash I think the curtain must finally go up, it's Fascism in America!

Still, how long the people too stupid, to recognize it.

Congratulations, Scootster.
+67 # Trigon986 2015-01-30 16:52
McCain! When you point a finger at someone and call them a name you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.'re a low life scum. This is what Henry Kissinger said about military men:

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger

One scum defending another scum. I don't care if Kissinger is 91 or 101. I hope he lives long enough to be found out and leaves this earth in the same disgraced position as his buddy Richard Nixon did. Nancy Reagan had it right when she never spoke to McCain again after McCain divorced his wife who was dying of cancer in the hospital to marry money bags Barbie. This is a man of the lowest of moral character. He is not worthy of the respect of a military uniform nor the respect that the office of a Senator once carried. He inflicted the coo coo and insane Sarah Palin on this country. Thank God that neither of these morally corrupt people ever got to the highest office in the land. Radcons are bottom dwellers. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get someone to run for President. They have 3 men who have been indicted for crimes, Walker, Perry, and Christie. Corrupt politicians from the Republican party hover at the bottom of the barrel because they have no moral integrity and they care nothing for the majority of the people. They're self-absorbed and it becomes more clearly all the time. Radcons represent the 1% who own more wealth than the 99% combined.
+53 # X Dane 2015-01-30 18:13
He did with KOCH MONEY and a LOT of greed and gall. I don't understand how enough Wisconcinites voted for him in the last election. They KNEW about a lot of his schenanigans this time. They KNOW he is in the pocket of the Koch brothers. And his state is not doin well financially.
+35 # ritawalpoleague 2015-01-30 19:01
chapdrum, the dreadful answer: People of any and all political persuasions need to wake up re. what's happened and has turned this no longer a democracy country of ours into such a deplorable, fascist farce...

+30 # Trigon986 2015-01-30 20:34
They're all doing whatever the Koch Bros. and those just like them are advocating. The politicians don't care, they're not afraid, because they have the wealthiest in the world backing them as long as they do what their told. Walker had indictments on him. The Koch's need him, so those indictments will go nowhere. Christie had indictments, and he'll beat them because of the Rockefellers, or people like them...or the mighty corporations that have their touts in Congress to do the dirty work so they can get richer and more powerful. The financiers buy elections, so they don't need the people. The voting machines are probably fixed. Politicians only come out with lies at election time to fool the people into voting for them then they do what they please. The Koch Bros. plan on spending 889 million this year. That's how their doing it. None of them have a conscience anymore....they fired them a long time ago.
+90 # jon 2015-01-30 13:50
I would like to see Clint Eastwood make a movie about Smedley Butler.

Now there is a real military hero whose story should be familiar to everybody.
-1 # jdd 2015-02-02 11:46
Especially his role in the aborted Morgan financed coup against Pres. Franklin Roosevelt. But don't hold your breath.
0 # Capn Canard 2015-02-02 20:24
Without Butler coming forward there is no way we would've heard about that attempted coup de tat of 1933 in the first place...
0 # Capn Canard 2015-02-02 20:21
Do you think a movie about Butler could ever get any funding?
+69 # CAMUS1111 2015-01-30 13:58
John McCain--Senator from the great State
of Drool (physically and mentally).
+53 # Eldon J. Bloedorn 2015-01-30 14:05
Politicians are store keepers. Their store merchandise are votes. Someone enters the store and decides to purchase a stock item, perhaps two items. !. McCain 2. His right to vote(s.) To enter the store requires an entrance key to the front door:a thick wallet, deep pockets. A deal is made. Money changes hands. A vote is purchased. (Called a campaign contribution.) There are three elements to a contract. !. Offer. 2. Acceptance. 3. Consideration which is usually money. This is Capitalism @ its worst.
+22 # WestWinds 2015-01-30 16:26
Yes. A bargained for promise of performance or consideration.
+121 # torch and pitchfork 2015-01-30 14:15
I totally agree with Carl Gibson's assessment of McCain's Non Compos Mentis mental capacity. Here is a man that miraculously survived the USS Forrestal disaster yet has no sense of responsibility for the care and well being of our nations veterans, let alone the rest of us. I find him personally revolting and change the station whenever he is speaking. He's got nothing for me.
+78 # X Dane 2015-01-30 18:35
torch and pitchfork.
I can't quite remember, was MCain not the one who CAUSED the disaster?? He crashed more than one plane because he was a stupid show off.

In regard to the war....He was sitting in a plane thousands of feet up in the air and bombing innocent people. That sure does not make you an expert on war or foreign policy.

He became a prisoner of war,.. again by his own stupidity and going against orders. He was ORDERED to stay away from the area, where he was shot down.

Back home he dumped a caring wife, who had worked hard to get him released, because Cindy had money and was young and cute. ....And HE calls others LOW LIFE SCUM?? He is an old idiot warmonger who should be kicked out of office NOW
+85 # pamelawy 2015-01-30 14:26
Damn! I wish I could find an eye-opening article about McCain's less than stellar military career that appeared in Rolling Stone in 2008, entitled " Make Believe Maverick: The Real John McCain." It completely bashes everything the low-life wants us to believe about his "heroism," but it's nowhere to be found. Seems to have been removed from the Internet. If anyone can find it, please post it! Brilliant letter, btw! Shame he'll never see it.
+64 # torch and pitchfork 2015-01-30 15:16
Make-Believe Maverick
Thursday 16 October 2008

By Tim Dickson, Rolling Stone
A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty.

too long to post, but I too saved it as a reminder of the man's incompetence.
+40 # janla 2015-01-30 15:23 torch and pitchfork:
Make-Believe Maverick
Thursday 16 October 2008

By Tim Dickson, Rolling Stone
A closer look at the life and career of John McCain reveals a disturbing record of recklessness and dishonesty.

too long to post, but I too saved it as a reminder of the man's incompetence.
+33 # WBoardman 2015-01-30 15:27
Goog;e "John McCain in Rolling Stone" –
the piece appears at the top of the list.
+4 # pamelawy 2015-01-31 18:12
Thank you! That one seems to work. All my googling yesterday led me to "this page has been removed" pages. This is a keeper.
+18 # Trigon986 2015-01-30 17:20
McCain's questionable record.
+14 # Trigon986 2015-01-30 17:53
There are a lot of sites online about McCain and why he's not fit to be President. This is one:
+6 # Merlin 2015-01-30 19:57
Check google for your article at Rolling Stone. I just did and unless it is the wrong article, it is the first one listed.
+53 # cymricmorty 2015-01-30 14:27
I believe he's running on some sort of experimental embalming fluid.
+59 # dyannne 2015-01-30 14:34
John McCain should have retired years ago, before he became senile. His legacy is so tarnished now, he will never recover.
+30 # Archie1954 2015-01-30 14:39
Wouldn't he have more fun just putting his feet up in his wife's beer store and guzzling several pints?
+23 # reiverpacific 2015-01-30 14:57
Quoting Archie1954:
Wouldn't he have more fun just putting his feet up in his wife's beer store and guzzling several pints?

Naw, -he has no "Stomach for that fight" either.
And it wasn't Mr Gibson who used the term "Low Life Scum": he was just paraphrasing the verbal poisoned dart flung with McPain's usual blurred vision at the courageous and righteous Code Pink activists.
+79 # jwb110 2015-01-30 14:51
McCAin needs to remember that those self-same protesters in the gallery pay his wages, his medical care, and his retirement. Talk about low life scum. He fits the bill.
+80 # PABLO DIABLO 2015-01-30 14:57
Kissinger already has a Federal warrant out for his arrest for the murder of a Chilean General (who had refused to assassinate President Allende in Chile). Why hasn't he been taken to court? IT'S THE LAW.
A Nobel Peace Prize instead for this ANGEL-OF-DEATH. Ask the Indonesians how many died after Kissinger told the dictator, "Wait till I leave before you start the killing". One of America's worst scumbags. Right up there with George Herbert Walker Bush. Both of them should be in the World Court for crimes against humanity
+54 # Blackjack 2015-01-30 15:06
Low life scum indeed. That pretty much sums up McCain's career, especially since unleashing Sarah Palin onto the scene in his already dismal run for President in 2008. Now he's toadying up to my esteemed Sen. Lindsey Graham as a silent supporter of Graham's establishment of a PAC (Security Through Strength) to gauge his support for a White House bid. Of course, Frick and Frack have toadied up together a lot in the past several years, McCain being Graham's mouthpiece (probably literally) much like Scalia is to Thomas. What a pair!
+65 # Luckyenough 2015-01-30 15:19
And I think just yesterday he actually said he thought Sarah Palin would do a great job if she were President. This man is comatose and well beyond his "sell by" date!
+50 # progressiveguy 2015-01-30 15:20
Wow, a great article, and my way of thinking exactly. He is a disgrace to anyone who values decency.
-35 # MidwesTom 2015-01-30 15:21
A private in the Army is paid $18,000 per year. I kid flipping burgers for $15/hour should clear $31,000, and an Army Sargent with 8 years experience is paid $34,000 per year. Do you see an injustice here?
+36 # DD1946 2015-01-30 15:41
What kid gets $15 for flipping burgers? Here in IN it's 7.25 an hour. I do see the injustice for the Army Sergeant as well.
+7 # allfedupton 2015-01-30 19:57
Quoting DD1946:
What kid gets $15 for flipping burgers? Here in IN it's 7.25 an hour. I do see the injustice for the Army Sergeant as well.

I think MidwesTom was referring to the $15/hour minimum wage proposal.
+12 # backwards_cinderella 2015-01-31 04:19
As usual, MidwesTom is referring to something that doesn't exist.
+78 # CarlGibson 2015-01-30 16:29
Rather than fighting over who gets more crumbs, we should be asking who stole the cake.
+26 # allfedupton 2015-01-30 19:59
Quoting CarlGibson:
Rather than fighting over who gets more crumbs, we should be asking who stole the cake.

Very well spoken.
+6 # Walter J Smith 2015-01-31 14:28
Indeed! And it should be very clear that who stole the cake was this very same scum bag bipartisan right wingnuts like McCain, Reid, Schumer, McConnel, Grassley, Feinstein, et. al., who never saw a peice of corporate pork they call legislation that wasn't pretty enought to add more corporate pork and domestic lipstick to and pass it with overwhelming bipartisan majorities!
+27 # Trigon986 2015-01-30 17:27
You can't compare the two, but if you tried you'd have to add the fact that a private has all his food, clothing, and housing paid for. He has no health or car insurance to pay, He doesn't need a car or gas, and I'm sure there are other benefits and differences I haven't mentioned.
+6 # backwards_cinderella 2015-01-31 04:21
YEAH!! An Army private has full health insurance! Something a "kid" or anyone else flipping burgers generally DOESN'T have!
+6 # Walter J Smith 2015-01-31 14:31
Well, yes, and keep in mind the private gets his patriotism, honor, and integrity all raped before he is mature enought to even know what is happening, while our education, public and private, systematically prevents him from learning before he becomes that private. It also happens to burger flippers, but they don't have to sign 4- & 6- & 8-year contracts to flip burgers, so they can at least shop among the rapists.
+3 # JJS 2015-02-01 09:18
speaking of rape:
"A 2012 Pentagon survey found that approximately 26,000 women and men were sexually assaulted. Of those, only 3,374 cases were reported. In 2013, a new pentagon report found that 5,061 troops reported cases of assault."
0 # politicfix 2015-02-02 22:44
You can train for specific jobs in the army and you're not paying tuition.
+58 # angelfish 2015-01-30 15:46
Mr Gibson is SO right! John McCain has sold his soul to the Right Wing Neo-Cons for, I would guess, a whole lot MORE than thirty pieces of silver. That, or he is TOTALLY over the edge and has lost his ability to form a sensible opinion on anything! Praising Sarah Palin as a "pretty good" Candidate for the Presidency is another indication that he needs to be taken back to the Home from which he wandered away! Henry Kissinger, what's left of Nixon's Cabal and the entire "shrub" Administration should ALL be cooling their heels in Leavenworth for their crimes against humanity. I hope I live to see SOME semblance of Justice return to this Country so we can attain our former stature on the World Stage. I DON'T mean as a Super-Power, but as the Beacon of Freedom and model for how a country SHOULD behave, that was once envied and emulated by the World!
+33 # elkingo 2015-01-30 16:38
Ditch Congress. These people are simply not qualified. Sociopathy is not a political position.
+12 # elkingo 2015-01-30 16:40
Bravo Angelfish, but can it be possible?
+16 # angelfish 2015-01-30 19:40
Quoting elkingo:
Bravo Angelfish, but can it be possible?

I HAVE to believe that it IS, elkingo! There are plenty of people with hearts, minds and WILL to MAKE it better. We just have to continue the fight against the Right-Wing Lunatics on the SCOTUS who do the bidding of the Koch brothers, et al! I hope this new Attorney General Nominee GETS the position and goes AFTER their totally prejudiced decisions that have favored the Hard Right-Wing of the ReTHUGlican Party since Bush's Administration! She is alleged to be "NO Eric Holder". I can only hope that she isn't! I DO believe that there are MORE of us than their are of THEM. They just have ALL the money, but, again, I HAVE to believe that GOOD overcomes Evil and that we WILL win, in the end!
-2 # angelfish 2015-01-30 19:40
-2 # angelfish 2015-01-30 19:40
-5 # angelfish 2015-01-30 19:40
+43 # walt 2015-01-30 17:07
Carl is deadly accurate with this one. McCain's behavior with those Code Pink demonstrators was a total disgrace. Sadly, McCain has proven himself capable of this and all the other allegations made in this article. He is far from being a man of integrity.

When a US senator calls citizen demonstrators "low-life scum," we have a serious problem.
-70 # allfedupton 2015-01-30 17:16
I'm sorry but I would have to say that Obama has done more damage than McCain has so could he please resign.
+29 # CAMUS1111 2015-01-30 19:04
you are sorry indeed
-53 # allfedupton 2015-01-30 19:46
Yes I am sorry to say that the President has caused more damage than McCain, senator or politician has. And if you and the rest of America can't see that than I'm afraid to see what the future of this country.
+7 # Walter J Smith 2015-01-31 14:36
Just like the president before him did, and the previous seven consecutive ones before that. Everyone of them hid behind the very most imaginably corrupt "christian" banner to do exactly what the world's most horribly corrupt corporate crimanals have requested, and it always passes legislative muster with an overwhelming bipartisan majority, just as we can anticipate will happen with the TPP massive theft Obama is orchestrating while a few Dems pretend to be opposed to it.
-1 # CAMUS1111 2015-01-31 19:45
such a neo-fascist; Obama has governed as a moderate as best. F You
-19 # AshamedAmerican 2015-01-31 00:39
allfedupton is correct. We have to be able to see that before we vote for clinton or whichever other candidate the media determines is electable. McCain is not a more decent human; he just hasn't had the power that Obama has. He escalated the troops twice in Afghanistan while allowing the heroin epidemic to continue here, kept as many troops in Iraq for as long as possible, and though he assassinates whoever he pleases by remote control, including numerous first-responder s, he was unable to prevent ISIS from somehow taking control of much of Iraq. He left what was probably the most progressive country in Africa in ruins. He has begun militarizing nearly all of Africa. He has further worked to isolate Russia and China, including being behind the coup in Ukraine. His Vice-President' s son and a close friend of his Secretary of State's son are already on the board of the largest oil company there. US allies paid "rebels" to overthrow the relatively progressive Assad regime, before the US began openly, directly aiding them. He is fasttracking the most devastating trade agreement yet. He signed the NDAA. He took his daughter for a swim to cover up the devastation of the worst oil spill in US history and the toxic chemicals used to sink it. His "transparent" administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than ever. Etc. He did not stage another 9/11. Beyond that, how has he not done as much damage as Bush, let alone McCain?
+25 # Bolduc619 2015-01-30 17:38
Thank you, Carl Gibson!
-24 # brux 2015-01-30 18:07
>> Low-Life Scum

Great political debate ... how informative and objective.

MCCain was a soldier in Vietnam, and Vietnam was a different time and place.

I tend to agree with some of the points made here, I just think "low-life scum" does not appeal to most people with a brain .. as long as we're clear on that.
+7 # bobjbax 2015-01-30 22:36
I think of Phoenix Investigative Reporter Don Bolles every time I get in my vehicle.

Tucson 30 January 2015

Bobby Baxter HCVeteran & Marihuana Felon
United States Army Security Agency 69-72
Founder Alternative Energy Systems SV.74
+22 # Rockster 2015-01-31 01:04
It's been said often that every journey begun on false premises and sustained with falsehoods will fail in all ways. The Vietnam War was all wrong , all lies all the time and our entire lives have spun out in sick ways since then. All the " wars " are founded on unconstitutiona l grounds. There is no intent of achieving victory so everyone is collateral damage. The rotting corpse of a moral America has polluted all our fluids. It's really hard to convince ourselves that ANYONE in politics is even honest, interested in the common good because our hearts have been broken so often. But here is an honest, forthright, courageous article by a young American that gives me a little glimmer of hope. The Truth is seeable, we can taste freedom, there is a path we can walk together. Keep safe , Carl and keep it up.
+18 # Rain17 2015-01-31 01:19
I don't like McCain either but that is because he hates Amtrak. For some reason he has spent his entire career trying to shut down Amtrak. It's been his decades-long crusade to eliminate all passenger rail. I could never figure out why McCain has always been hell-bent on eliminating Amtrak.
+18 # RMDC 2015-01-31 07:12
Rain17 -- the easy answer is just to find out who is paying him to hold these views. I'm sure he has noting personally against Amtrak. He's just paid by someone corporation to attack Amtrak. I'm with you. The US needs HUGE investment in passenger rail.
+10 # JJS 2015-01-31 09:31
This is very disturbing that McCain is such a hypocrite. It could be inferred that McCain is all but a psychopath with no empathy and totally narcissistic. However, locally in AZ, McCain participates and endorses Project H3 Vets.
I guess he only uses these local projects for votes at home and turns on his "two-face" and votes against the interests of Vets to project nationally his "cruel conservative" bona fides.
+9 # obidog 2015-01-31 10:04
I just received a fundraising letter from the old coot, and replied with this letter.
0 # georip 2015-01-31 18:04
+4 # LAellie33 2015-02-01 00:17
McCain is speaking for himself when he says, "Low-life scum." You know the saying, "Takes one to know one!" Time to retire!
+5 # Walter J Smith 2015-02-01 04:17
McCain would get his scumbag selfie out of Washington, D. C., but for the fact that he is too senile to slither.
+2 # indian weaver 2015-02-01 13:14
I believe McCain's so-called "torture" in Viet Nam was a publicity scam. I doubt that happened. If he had been "tortured", he'd be a different person than a two-bit low life scum he is.
+3 # sophiaragu 2015-02-01 22:35
How many times have i seen your story told on tv? More times than i can count. What IF YOU had received the same treatment YOU are now giving vets? McCain you are a big Stain on this country!
+3 # Dongi 2015-02-02 10:18
McCain puts money and power over values like freedom and the general welfare of all citizens. With Senators like him, America needs no more enemies. Plus, I think his policy on Ukraine will lead directly to a nuclear graveyard. How will his wealth help him then?
0 # BillPatt 2015-02-02 10:41
Evil Scumbag Prostitute Shill
+1 # BSMeterMaid 2015-02-02 17:55
Look at this!!
I am attempting to help the Native Americans in McCain's sell out of sacred and historic land at Oak Flat--only earmark he ever made was to betray Native Americans. One of them already had his number and did the research. Read down to the 2nd-3rd paragraph... you will be shocked, or maybe not....
0 # JJS 2015-02-03 05:43
Medea Benjamin:

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