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Gucciardi writes: "Monsanto lobbyists have gone as far as to generate legislative inclusions into a new bill that puts Monsanto above the federal government."

Genetically modified (GM) crops. (illustration: Melvyn Calderon/Greenpeace)
Genetically modified (GM) crops. (illustration: Melvyn Calderon/Greenpeace)

Monsanto Protection Act Proves Corporations More Powerful Than Government

By Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society

22 March 13


e've seen similar scenarios in the past, events in which the massive financial power of multi-national corporations is able to buy out legislators who were elected to ‘represent' voters. But now, Monsanto has set the bar even higher. Instead of just getting a few kickbacks or avoiding USDA regulation, Monsanto lobbyists have gone as far as to generate legislative inclusions into a new bill that puts Monsanto above the federal government.

It's called the Monsanto Protection Act among activists and concerned citizens who have been following the developments on the issue, and it consists of a legislative ‘rider' inside (Farmer Assurance Provision, Sec. 735) a majority-wise unrelated Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill. You may already be aware of what this rider consists of, but in case not you will likely be blown away by the tenacity of Monsanto lobbyist goons.

If this rider passes with the bill, which could be as early as this week, Monsanto would have complete immunity from federal courts when it comes to their ability to act against any new Monsanto GMO crops that are suspected to be endangering the public or the environment (or considered to be planted illegally by the USDA). We're talking about courts that literally can do nothing to Monsanto if it's found that their newest creation may be promoting cancer, for example. Whether it's a GMO banana or an apple, Monsanto could continue planting the food abomination all it wants under court review.

Food Democracy Now has launched a petition on the subject, explaining:

"The Monsanto Protection Act would strip judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops."

What really enraged Monsanto was the incident back in 2010, when a federal judge actually revoked Monsanto's approval to plant GMO sugar beets due to environmental concerns. This is exactly what Monsanto intends to stop, literally becoming more powerful than federal courts in their conquest to monopolize the entire food chain.

Monsanto Overcomes US Government

Monsanto has literally gotten away with murder ever since it was founded way back in 1901. Very few people actually realize the history of this company. Not many activists realize that this is the same company that was responsible, along with Dow Agrosciences, for creating Agent Orange. Created for the US military to be used during Vietnam as a ‘defoliant' (really used for incognito chemical warfare operations which affected both allied and enemy troops), the concoction that was Agent Orange consisted of a medley of highly toxic ingredients including dioxin - a type of toxic substance considered to be one of the deadliest on the planet.

Agent Orange, from Monsanto, killed 400,000 people and led to 500,000 children born with troubling birth defects. And in addition to those stats 1 million were rendered disabled or at least suffer from health issues from Agent Orange exposure. This includes US soldiers.

So what happened to Monsanto after they designed a ‘defoliant' that was actually a deadly chemical weapon that killed, maimed, and ruined lives of innocents and US soldiers? Monsanto issued a truly heart-felt statement that their Agent Orange wasn't really that dangerous despite all of the evidence that is now accepted as fact:

"We are sympathetic with people who believe they have been injured and understand their concern to find the cause, but reliable scientific evidence indicates that Agent Orange is not the cause of serious long-term health effects."

Oh, and they settled for what amounts to chump change in order to silence the dying veterans, paying 45% of the 180 million dollar payout in order to make the veterans drop the charges. Then, of course, they eventually went on to make genetically modified crops and take over 90 plus percent of the GM seed market. A market that they have actually cornered by patenting their seeds, which India calls ‘biopiracy'. Before that, they mass produced plastics that we now know are morphing the hormones of consumers.

But let's also not forget that Monsanto has so many ties inside the US government that it has managed to slip into a very comfortable position. Former Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto, Michael Taylor ultimately became a major head the FDA. Before that, Taylor conveniently worked specifically on Monsanto's "food and drug law" practices. Specifically in regards to Monsanto's cloned rBGH. But remember, this was before Monsanto decided to go for a more ‘blatant' route.

Now, instead of just operating in the shadows, Monsanto is pushing a much bolder move with the Monsanto Protection Act. It not only sets a troubling precedent for Monsanto, but also for other bloated multi-national corporations that want to obtain higher authority and immunity from US courts. your social media marketing partner


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+52 # Barbara K 2013-03-22 12:44
We need to take control of our government and let them know that we will not vote for them, if they won't vote FOR US. They need to be more afraid of us than Monsanto and the ilk that is killing us. Keep track how your congressmen are voting and write it all down to save for your next election decision. Put thought into who you are voting for so we can get rid of those not interested in our interests.

+20 # grandma lynn 2013-03-22 17:47
Let's make them afraid of us by claiming that they should foot the health care bill that relates to ill health due to toxic, Monsanto food. Skip lawsuits, just put them down as the subsidizer for the states as the states need more revenue for the health care of our citizenry.
+34 # PABLO DIABLO 2013-03-22 12:47
"Too big to jail"? Not in my book.
+6 # grandma lynn 2013-03-22 17:47
I've also had a thought that's sort of medieval or Colonial. Brand Monsanto head honchos for who they are: cut them off at the knees. Make them obvious when out in public. Shorten them, to reflect their low degree of morality.
+33 # AMLLLLL 2013-03-22 12:57
Thanks, Anthony, for the update and background on just one of the most evil corporations on the planet. So much for the eradication of the revolving door policy in DC.
+29 # barkingcarpet 2013-03-22 13:43
Corrupt, evil, and not survivable. Monsanto IS the Antichrist. We either abolish this B.S, or most life is likely toasty toast.

Global issues ARE local issues. Nukes like Fukushima which is still teetering and spewing, Fracking, GMO's, Endless Wars, Legitimate Rapist Bankers, Citizens United, etc, etc, etc.

Global issues are biting local communities and environments in the donkey, and are an indigestable elephant in our non living-"room."

Oops? It IS up to us with every waking dollar, as we consume on buy into oblivio,
+8 # vt143 2013-03-22 13:58
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Monsanto...
+26 # brux 2013-03-22 14:30
> Corporations More Powerful Than Government

You hit on it ... that is the problem ... or rather that is what we can see of the problem. Then the real problem is that it's not corporations it is the elites that run them and move back and forth from corporation to government and back and at the same time prevent regular people from getting representation.

This is a real problem because by the time we recognize and latch onto a problem it morphs and shows up somewhere else
+28 # cafetomo 2013-03-22 14:33
What else would explain how the majority of Californians prefer not knowing what is in their food? Ignorance of what goes in the mouth has been naturally selected against since we took up ingestion. That Monsanto legislates this ability from us marks them as heedless and us as guinea pigs. Such soulless regard for little beyond profit means society, agriculture and our ecosystem will pay a sorry price.
+24 # wantrealdemocracy 2013-03-22 15:19
The people in California voted against the initiative to require labeling GMOs because of very persuasive advertising. They took two issues that people hold as ethically good---fairness and choice. The ads against the labeling stressed how unfair it was because not all uses of GMO had to have a label but but only the GMOs in processed food had to be labeled. In a package of frozen apple pie had to be labeled but a pie purchased at a bakery did not have to be labeled. The ads said it would hurt family farmers. The ads said it would raise the price of food if they had to put a labels on all processed food. Now in California we know the only food fit to eat comes without a label. We need to eat fresh food in it's original state. Any food that comes in a package with labels on it is not good food.
+15 # sandyclaws 2013-03-22 15:11
What do you suppose will happen when the people realize they no longer are able to have a legal path to stop these evil actions? What do you suppose they will do? If we don't stop this idiocy now through the courts, I'm afraid of what might happen.
+29 # Depressionborn 2013-03-22 15:54
Corporations are the government. They bought it while we were watching TV.
+10 # Lowflyin Lolana 2013-03-22 20:38
And staring into the computer.
+5 # Regina 2013-03-23 12:06
They also bought TV with their phony-baloney ads.
+16 # reiverpacific 2013-03-22 16:05
A slap on the wrist to BP for screwing up an entire ecosystem and it's dependent creatures, including but not limited to humans and now another essential component of the death culture intent on destroying everything that lives on the planet, gets a leg-up from the termite/lobbyis t -infested US government who are all too adept at bartering what remains of our planetary natural freedoms for gain.
And then there's the company's huge staffs of lawyers distributed around the world like an further plague, almost a pandemic, of-despair-caus ing humanoid lethal germs, seeking out whom they might devour if they are in the way.
Pity that there isn't a pesticide developed that would wipe them out (yet) -but the planet has it's own defenses to counter anything we might do to it, just waiting somewhere and somewhen only our mother knows of!!!
+22 # wolflady52 2013-03-22 16:27
I find it interesting that other countries ban GMO from their lands; other countries have burned Monsanto crops and sent Monsanto packing. Yet we cater to these corporate killers in our own country, allowing our population to become guinea pigs. I guarantee you, we will be looking at another Agent Orange debacle going down the road. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Allowing Monsanto to be free from scrutiny and possible legal consequences is just crazy. I guess we know who owns Washington, don't we?
+16 # lastofthe line 2013-03-22 16:32
If there product is so good, why do they need this overwhelming protection??? All their demands just reinforces the opinion that they KNOW this is not a good thing. When will our Congress grow a pair and start protecting the people of this country and the world? It is as tho the mad scientists from old movies and cartoons are running the world.
+14 # FLAK88 2013-03-22 16:41
First step; Obviously, this legislation will now have to be vetoed. Second step; identify any Democrats that voted for it and give them a pink slip.
Third step; locate any GMO fields throughout the USA and start taking direct action.
-17 # egbegb 2013-03-22 16:44
I don't understand. The USDA and FDA prove stuff is not carcinogenic. If the USDA and FDA fail in that mission, shouldn't it be the USDA and FDA that are sued? Why should an innocent person be sued who merely follows the exact rules required of them by the USDA and FDA?

It seems to me USDA and FDA have culpability here
and Monsanto, only tertiarily.
+15 # pegasus4508 2013-03-22 21:31
Quoting egbegb:
I don't understand. The USDA and FDA prove stuff is not carcinogenic. If the USDA and FDA fail in that mission, shouldn't it be the USDA and FDA that are sued? Why should an innocent person be sued who merely follows the exact rules required of them by the USDA and FDA?

I am going to TRY to explain this to you slowly. For every company the Government contracted to test -WHATEVER regarding Monsanto - Monsanto BOUGHT that company out. They bought the companies doing the "testing" Those companies findings are now safe with their owner - Monsanto. Blaming the government for the free ride this company has been given is insane. Blame deregulation - a favorite of every breathing member of the GOP clan.
+7 # Regina 2013-03-23 12:10
"...every breathing member of the GOP clan" is probably a stockholder in Monsanto and/or other megacorporation s that buy the elections for the electees, who then vote the company line just to keep their congressional seats.
+3 # karenvista 2013-03-23 16:36
Quoting egbegb:
I don't understand. The USDA and FDA prove stuff is not carcinogenic. If the USDA and FDA fail in that mission, shouldn't it be the USDA and FDA that are sued? Why should an innocent person be sued who merely follows the exact rules required of them by the USDA and FDA?

It seems to me USDA and FDA have culpability here
and Monsanto, only tertiarily.

Look up who submits the testing to the FDA and USDA (for GMOs) and you will see that testing is funded by the manufacturers.

This occurred because, starting with Reagan, the Republicans cut the funding to all regulatory agencies so much that they don't have enough money to do their own testing.

Does that make you feel safer?
+12 # mudbike 2013-03-22 16:46
Thanks to the evil, greedy sellouts in every branch of our and other governments, we are all doomed. The willful ignorance of the population enables them. I fear we are pissing into a headwind.
+13 # DPM 2013-03-22 16:56
Sorry. I no longer believe that we can vote the evil out of office. Probably 98% of our legislators could care less about 98% of their constituency. They are beyond our threatening. They are beyond redemption. We need to start thinking about how we want ourselves and our children and grandchildren to live. With "voluntary lobotomies", as wage slaves? We can't all move to the middle of a forest or desert, free of government, to lead simple, healthful lives. So, what do you think? This is not the place to discuss everything, as these types of sites may be monitored (Hey! Stranger things happen. Yes?). But, we had better start thinking about the future. Voting isn't going to get it. I wish it would, but I think that ship has sailed.
+9 # da gaf 2013-03-22 16:58
when the mass is in deep sleep-or the sheep-people or asleep.. incomes the hungry long as man dwells in his ego-mind..dream ing his attention is lost..and mankind is more interested in dreaming than in being in reality-- hence the wolfs(corporati ons)take over and eat these sheep people ..and don't blame it on the government.. we are responsible for ourselves to wake up and be aware each moment of reality..then these greedy corporations can not take control..stop watching the idiot dream box(TV)and understand that the dreamer has to be be here and now!..being the watcher each moment then the dreamer is dropped.
+10 # Richard Miller 2013-03-22 19:05
My brother died in 1978 from exposure to Agent Orange that was dropped on him while in Nam. These assholes deserve the same fate-find where they live and turn lose the same chemicals in their backyard and see how they like it.
+5 # tedrey 2013-03-23 12:58
They say it's safe, so put it in their own food. Oh, and don't label it.
+3 # warrior woman 2013-03-23 07:05
For what it's worth: President Obama: the White House Comments: 202-456-1111

US Senate: click here

US Representatives :
+3 # warrior woman 2013-03-23 07:06
I posted the numbers above, however, one suggestion, when we need to call asap, the writer should post these contacts so that we can do it right away!
+4 # PABLO DIABLO 2013-03-23 11:24
Wait until TPP comes along. Boycott these companies (YES that includes Monsanto, BP, Coke and Pepsi, Dow, Bayer, etc.) and vote the rascals out of power. Wake up America. They are killing us

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