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Krugman writes: "There are multiple errors and misrepresentations in Niall Ferguson's cover story in Newsweek - I guess they don't do fact-checking."

Portrait, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, 06/15/09. (photo: Fred R. Conrad/NYT)
Portrait, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, 06/15/09. (photo: Fred R. Conrad/NYT)

Newsweek Obama Attack Draws Intense Fire

By Paul Krugman, The New York Times

21 August 12


here are multiple errors and misrepresentations in Niall Ferguson's cover story in Newsweek - I guess they don't do fact-checking - but this is the one that jumped out at me. Ferguson says:

The president pledged that health-care reform would not add a cent to the deficit. But the CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation now estimate that the insurance-coverage provisions of the ACA will have a net cost of close to $1.2 trillion over the 2012-22 period.

Readers are no doubt meant to interpret this as saying that CBO found that the Act will increase the deficit. But anyone who actually read, or even skimmed, the CBO report (pdf) knows that it found that the ACA would reduce, not increase, the deficit - because the insurance subsidies were fully paid for.

Now, people on the right like to argue that the CBO was wrong. But that's not the argument Ferguson is making - he is deliberately misleading readers, conveying the impression that the CBO had actually rejected Obama's claim that health reform is deficit-neutral, when in fact the opposite is true.

More than that: by its very nature, health reform that expands coverage requires that lower-income families receive subsidies to make coverage affordable. So of course reform comes with a positive number for subsidies - finding that this number is indeed positive says nothing at all about the impact on the deficit unless you ask whether and how the subsidies are paid for. Ferguson has to know this (unless he's completely ignorant about the whole subject, which I guess has to be considered as a possibility). But he goes for the cheap shot anyway.

We're not talking about ideology or even economic analysis here - just a plain misrepresentation of the facts, with an august publication letting itself be used to misinform readers. The Times would require an abject correction if something like that slipped through. Will Newsweek?

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+158 # C. Winslow 2012-08-21 15:48
What the Health Care Reform Act will do, if implemented correctly and honestly, will save the general public a lot of money and hardship. But, with a broken Congress and a broken economy, will that actually happen? We must continue to work for the democratic power that will eventually make it happen and never give up. But so many people cheat, it is not easy to remain positive about the intended health care and economic outcome. But the deficit is a very virulent disease as well, especially in the long term, so we must not take our eyes off of it.
+98 # doneasley 2012-08-21 23:50
Quoting C. Winslow:
... the Health Care Reform Act... if implemented... honestly, will save the general public... money and hardship... But the deficit is a very virulent disease...

Great comment on the deficit, Winslow. Many people - even informed people - confuse the deficit and the National Debt. Many do it intentionally to confuse, just as they talk about savings without specifying a time frame. No wonder the public has no idea about what's happening. We certainly don't need to worry about the Debt until we get the deficit - the "virulent disease" - under control, and as long as we run a deficit we're continually adding to the Debt.

You might remember that Dick Cheney said more than once, "Deficits don't matter", and his party, including Paul Ryan, went along with the story. But the Bush administration was slick about it. They acted as if they had no idea how much they were going to spend on Iraq and Afghanistan. When pressed, Rumsfeld came up with a $79 Billion figure for the first year, and they carried it as a supplemental expenditure WHICH DIDN'T SHOW AGAINST THE BUDGET! Congress allowed them to use this dodge each year, therefore the budget deficit looked a lot better than it really was. But all you had to do was look at the addition to the Debt at the end of the year to determine the actual deficit.

GOP smoke and mirrors, my friend, just as they're trying to confuse us on the costs of the Affordable Care Act.
+137 # Buddha 2012-08-21 17:03
Another GOP drone who has to lie and misrepresent everything to push their narrative, in the Andrew Breitbart School of Propaganda mold? I'm shocked, shocked I say, lol.
+47 # robniel 2012-08-22 10:06
When Zakaria left Newsweek and Ferguson came on I switched to Time after 50 years with Newsweek. Guess Newsweek thinks teabaggers will flock to their money-losing publication.

Postscript: Time's piece by Rich Lowry just killed their chances for a subscription renewal.
+23 # X Dane 2012-08-22 11:05
Fareed Zakaria is light years ahead of Ferguson. I love his Sunday program.
Intelligent polite people discuss important topics
+6 # Joe Bob 2012-08-23 10:32
I stopped reading these rags in the 60's, what trash, pablum for the masses.
+149 # lorenbliss 2012-08-21 22:34
Even if Ferguson's screed were not a Big Lie, the fact Newsweek now officially favors Romney/Ryan and their JesuNazi agenda -- total subjugation for women, genocidal destruction of the (tiny) remainder of the socioeconomic safety net, extermination of elderly and disabled people by ending Social Security and Medicare -- tells us the magazine is now nothing but Ruling Class propaganda.

In other words Newsweek has just repositioned itself as a 21st Century version of der Voelkischer Beobachter -- Hitler's primary hatemongering journal -- for which it will no doubt soon receive a Josef Goebbels award: perhaps even an all-time first place.

Sarcastic as my comment is, there is no humor in it. What we are seeing in Newsweek and in Ruling Class Media throughout the nation is a groundswell of support for Romney/Ryan. Bad as Obama is -- remember I am the one who dubbed him "Barack the Betrayer" -- Romney/Ryan will be infinitely worse, literally a death sentence to seniors, disabled and lower-income people in general – fascism exactly as the One Percent has wanted since the 1930s.
+83 # X Dane 2012-08-21 23:03
I really think this Brit has a lot of nerve. Telling the president: Hit the road Barak. Does he want us to follow the English pattern??? They are making a lot of CUTS ONLY, and they are sliding further into recession

For years I have read articles by Ferguson. I liked them, but the last years, he has become increasingly negative, turning me off.

And THIS takes the cake. He may fancy himself an economic smart guy!!!! I would say BULL COCKY. Since he obviously would want Romney to become president??

I have read and heard evaluation by people who knows what they are talking about, and they say, that Romney will add EXTRA tax cut for the wealthiest few, ON TOP OF THE EXISTING BUSH TAX CUTS.

He will NOT CUT medicare, social security OR cut military spending??

WHAT will he cut you ask?? ALL the programs helping the poor, education
food stamps, and healthcare for children, Pel grants for students, and more.

+59 # Eldon J. Bloedorn 2012-08-21 23:04
Ever since I was a youngster, the Republican slogan has been and still now is: "keep 'm poor and stupid and we'll (the corporations)ke ep all the money. J.Edgar Hoover, his Book "Masters Of Deceit" made a statement that if our young people were too devoted to math and science, they would become too smart. Nothing surprises me.
+37 # dyannne 2012-08-21 23:08
Makes me double happy that I've never put a dime in Newsweek's coffers.
+40 # conniejo 2012-08-22 08:08
I wish I had not. For many, many years, Newsweek was one of the few news magazines that could be trusted to provide factual, unbiased information, regardless of the positive or negative impact on the person being discussed. George Will used to be a regular contributor, and while I vehemently disagree with most of Will's positions (but not all), I respected Newsweek for presenting his side of the issue, and I benefited from exposure to his ideas. Will was presented in an opinion column. Newsweek presents Ferguson as "news," not opinion. This is disingenuous at best, a blatantly partisan effort to undermine Obama with lies at worst. I'm one of the many liberals disappointed with Obama, so my viewpoint doesn't come from unthinking loyalty to the Dems (who really screwed over Wisconsin). I just want the facts presented as facts. I'm canceling my 30-year subscription to Newsweek.
+1 # dalmeida 2012-08-24 14:50
I had already decided to let my subscription lapse after reading for several years but after this one I called up and told them where they could put the remaining issues
+59 # jlg 2012-08-21 23:18
What troubles me - because I see no solution to the problem - is that these deceptive statements seem to be swallowed as truth, and try as Krugman might (how many of the 'Believers' read him?) his explanation of the lie will not generally be believed. The result? Folks voting against their best interests, again!
+38 # KrazyFromPolitics 2012-08-21 23:22
If we could only regain some semblance of objective journalism that genuinely critiqued the existing government, all areas of the political spectrum, and the the monied and powerful elements of our society, instead of being complicit with them. Free press is supposed to be the fourth leg of our checks and balances. As with all of the other pillars much of the press has abdicated their duty. We rarely hear the ideals of the Fourth Estate anymore. Thanks for continuing to shine a light on the economic duplicity and slight-of-hand, Dr. Krugman.
+36 # BeaDeeBunker 2012-08-22 00:05
The ACA is a good first step. The fact that the president got it through the GOP (Great Obstructionist Party) is one of the crowning achievement of his first term; and one that has not been recognized enough.
The fact that the monopolistic health care industry subtly encouraged it, and didn't fight it, is understandable. It was like asking the fox whether he would like to have more young chickens stored in the newly renovated and expanded chicken coop. That's the same chicken coop that this same fox managed to land the job of chief security guard of all matters dealing with chickens (to be read as 'all matters dealing with the general health of the nation in general).

Only a Single-Payer System, like the systems in those backward countries such as Canada, England, and France, to name a few, are worthy of a country founded on the principles of 'Freedom & Justice for All.'

When someone holds your life in their hands, literally, you will pay anything. That's called blackmail; it is not justice and it does not promote freedom!
+38 # Pat Tibbs 2012-08-22 00:24
Newsweek is long past being august. It is a shadow of its former self. I am not surprised that Niall Ferguson's piece was published given that Tina Brown is in charge these days.
+32 # bigcatguy 2012-08-22 01:05
I am a Newsweek subscriber and would like to unsubscribe. Does anyone know how to go about doing this?
+30 # Sunshine 2012-08-22 05:43 to cancel.
+47 # The Ice Maiden 2012-08-22 07:08
Thank you, Sunshine!

I've been a subscriber to Newsweek since I was a kid - which means I've supported the magazine for nearly forty years, and this was the last straw. To present this story as if it is news, instead of the vote-Republican piece that it is, infuriated me. To see Ryan depicted as a good choice literally made me sick to my stomach. I'm done with this magazine.
+28 # The Ice Maiden 2012-08-22 07:23
Just sent my cancellation request to Newsweek. Thanks for making it so easy, Sunshine!
+12 # X Dane 2012-08-22 10:44
You are right Sunshine, but I like being able to,.... in a polite way...give people a piece of my mind, when I am mad.
+43 # NAVYVET 2012-08-22 06:02
Every issue of any major magazine contains an address, phone number & website for ending a subscription. A website can be googled, too, and would be fastest. Make sure to write an indignant letter to the editor, too!

You may want to find out who OWNS NEWSWEEK and who sits on the Board. Always "follow the money"! I did this and quit my AARP membership when AARP gave away its secret reason for existence during the Medicare Part D propaganda (it's a huckster insurance company). And it's why I long ago dropped TIME, NEWSWEEK and U.S. NEWS, which never were progressive & have become rightwing garbage. It's why, for 25 years, I've never turned on the smarmy, giggling "pretty people" who read American TV news and now get most news on the Internet. Let analysts read the propaganda of the right. I'm glad they have the stomach for it, but in my old age, avoiding the lies of the 1% can prevent a lot of ulcers.
+10 # X Dane 2012-08-22 10:42
Just call them and LET THEM KNOW HOW FED UP YOU ARE. There is a phone number one one of the first pages in all the VERY small writing. I know for I was also a subscriber. The operative word is WAS
+41 # angelfish 2012-08-22 01:23
For this reason and a million more, like Akin's take on "legitimate" rape, etc. for THESE reasons we MUST fight the right with every breath in our bodies. They have no problem lying, cheating and stealing their way into powerful places. Bush II's Presidency was a primary indicator that American Elections can be manipulated and "fixed" to benefit the Evil Geniuses of Big Business and others who don't give a DAMN about America or her people. MONEY is their God. That's why we MUST help our friends, family members and ANYONE else who needs a little assist with Voter Registration, Voter I.D. TURN-OUT will turn the Tide in our favor! oh yes, and encourage them to never, EVER vote ReTHUGlican!
+8 # barbaratodish 2012-08-22 01:38
Maybe seniors will stay away from hospitals and doctors and instead run to artists communities in droves like the fine ones in California's EngAGEDAGING.or g to get rejuvenation and wellness!
+36 # James Smith 2012-08-22 04:53
One of the lies told about the ACA was that of "death panels" who would decide when to stop providing care for the elderly and critically ill. Now it seems there is a death panel, except it's Romney and Ryan. Let's be sure they do not get the job.

Fortunately for me, I live in Brazil as a legal resident. I am covered by Brazil's total health care plan. It's one that was never even considered when Romneycare was used as the basis for the ASA. Ironically, Romney now wants to cancel his own plan.
+26 # BradFromSalem 2012-08-22 08:58
What is scary to me is that the Republicans are so totally backwards. Here is how. When they accuse their opposition of doing something, it really means that the Republicans are doing it. So, when they accuse the ACA of having death panels, it means that when and if the Republicans implement their version of Health Insurance reform it will have death panels. I will bet money on it. Also these panels will be named something like the "Enhanced Life Treatment Team".

+41 # natalierosen 2012-08-22 05:16
I simply, as a member of the 99%, do not know what to do. I am a hand wringer. I have written, blogged until my wrists are numb. I am just a one person and cannot go out and pound the pavement to try to get candidates elected who see through this Ryan/Romney sham. The more you see how utterly imbecilic the wingnuts are the more futile I feel it is because the power brokers of the right have bought it all to use.

Religious fanaticism of ALL stripes will kill us in so many ways too numerous to mention here. From climate change to health care to clean energy those who have the billions to make simply lasso the part of the stupid population which is millions to help them get it. They will stand on their own feet because their hatred of this black president is so profound and OUR base especially many in the academic left will NOT give up their inability to see that criticizing Obama while that has some veracity will ensure something SO horrific as Romney/Ryan slide into power much like Bush did.

Nader still will not take ownership that he truly put Bush into office in 2000. Whatever one thought of Gore he would have been significantly better than Bush. Bush presidency cost lives hundreds of thousands of them. Now are we poised to do it again? I shudder at that prospect.
+6 # unitedwestand 2012-08-23 02:27
I worry too that people are planning on protest voting and/or not vote at all. Many that I know that are thinking that way were furious and disgusted during the Bush years, and now they think that President Obama having not made that administration pay for their crimes is beyond their understanding. I certainly was hoping for the same, but very soon I saw how they had twisted President Obama into a pretzel so that he could only do so much. True, that when the Democrats had the House and the Senate, (although not a true majority), I wish they had done more.

Given all that, there is no way that I'm not voting for President Obama as it may make it easier for the RW to win. WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT AGAIN.
+1 # BeaDeeBunker 2012-08-23 23:44
Please, please get this Nader thing out of your head.
You said, "Nader still will not take ownership that he truly put Bush into office in 2000."

Why should he take ownership of something that he is not responsible for?

Why are you STILL harping on this?

If Nader didn't run, do you really believe that the GOP would not have stolen the election?
If Nader had not run do you think that Gore would have won his own state?
If Nader had not run, do you seriously think that Harris would not have purged the Florida polls of 40,000 voters?
If Nader had not run, do you think that old Jewish ladies from Palm Beach would not have voted for that antisemitic, Buchanan?

Need I go on?

You made a lot of sense, in your comment, up until you added that part about Nader.
It puts everything you said prior to that into question.
I would, most respectfully, suggest that you leave the 'Nader thing' out of your lexicon of commentary phrasing.
+25 # Sunshine 2012-08-22 05:42
Go to to cancel your subscription. I did yesterday and it was very satisfying. (Reply to BigCatGuy)
+40 # vgirl1 2012-08-22 06:06
Tina Brown gave a half baked excuse for her false Obama cover and article this morning on the Morning Joe program. However, her comments only went to show just why she was let go by the New Yorker as she almost drove that magazine into the ground. Now she apparently gets to do that at Newsweek as well with her admitted unfact check operation and weak attempt to defend her shear lack of management oversight or subsequent action. She owns the cover. She owns the poor operation that cause it to be failed to be fact checked. No more Newsweek ever. It is a magazine whose content obviously cannot be trusted.
+26 # cordleycoit 2012-08-22 06:52
Lying about health care is a national pasttime. It has been this way since the late forties and the public is literally sick about the quagmire that the politicians throw up. We need logical health care now not in the foggy future where they push the beneficial. And then they return to getting the food dishes filled by the merchants of death. They are corrupt and they cannot continue to rule us.
+28 # vgirl1 2012-08-22 07:11
Key Medicare Question for the GOP:

Question for Romney, Ryan and all these supporters of the Romney /Ryan Medicare strategy:
1) Since their plan exempts everyone 55 and older (they supposedly stay on current Medicare)and says those under 55 will have an opportunity to choose between today's Medicare plan or a Ryan alternative perhaps voucher type system, WILL THOSE 54 AND UNDER, AS OF THE DAY ROMNEY/RYAN ARE ELECTED, STILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY INTO THE CURRENT MEDICARE SYSTEM AT THE SAME RATES AS THEY DO TODAY? If not, how will today's seniors be ensured of the benefits they have today because of what they paid in to help all those before them expecting those behind them to do the same? If those 54 and under will still be required to pay in, then how will they do that and prepare themselves for their own "private" responsibility, retirement healthcare? The ROMNEY/RYAN APPROACH TO MEDICARE JUST DOES NOT ADD UP
+29 # zonaman 2012-08-22 07:29
Just the typical thing to expect from any brain-dead ReFlublican. Nothing new, nothing odd, same old, same old. I'm 66 years old and I literally hate every ReFlublican alive. I'm not proud of that fact, and throughout my life it never used to be that way until quite recently. I have not changed, but this so called political party deserves no more than extreme contempt from any thinking person, The Akin/Ryan legislative tag-team is just another nail in the coffin.
+22 # in deo veritas 2012-08-22 08:16
BRAVO! My feelings toward the Repukes are as yours. People I used to consider friends and respected are now avoided as they are ignorant beyond belief and a threat to everything this country has ever stood for.
+15 # natalierosen 2012-08-22 08:39
Never truer words uttered. I feel exactly as you zonaman, exactly!
+2 # BeaDeeBunker 2012-08-24 00:00
Just one suggestion to you about that part where you say, "...I literally hate..." Don't literally hate the person, hate the behavior of the person.
You and I are about the same age, and hate does weird things to ones body chemistry that, at this age, is not helpful.
I agree with your sentiment, but remember, just like they say in the cabin of the jet plane, when the oxygen mask comes down, put it on yourself FIRST, and your loved one second.
You're no good to us if your incapacitated.
+28 # The Ice Maiden 2012-08-22 07:31
I read the Newsweek article last night, in a rage. I will not buy another copy of NEWSWEEK after this latest pseudo reporting episode.

When I reread the article this morning, to be sure I wasn't over-reacting, I noticed that the author sounded almost like a kid with a crush. Seriously. Maybe the author's hormones have gotten the best of him this time!
+22 # phrixus 2012-08-22 07:35
Newsweek=corpor ation=bullshit.
+15 # zoomfactor 2012-08-22 08:13
I thought Newsweek was the more liberal of the two competing weeklies! Have to admit I haven't bought one in a couple of decades, so I am unable to punish them by never buying it again.
+14 # trevorlasvegas 2012-08-22 09:52
Healthcare reform started with me educating myself about how my body works, what it needs to run correctly, and respecting it enough to give it those things long enough until it made a difference. The result? At 45 I no longer take two blood pressure meds, a statin, two psych meds (at least), something for sleep, and something for reflux. I went from 208 with a 38" waist to not knowing what I weigh. My jeans are all 29" and 30" so probably 165-170. And I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. If my body gets what it needs, it heals itself. And you will heal one more fractal of the equation if you do the same. And you won't be as frightened of this whole drama, because you will have found where the power really lies.
+7 # X Dane 2012-08-22 11:01
BRAVO, trevorlasvegas. You are so right, unfortunately too many people fill themselves up with trash food, that has absolutely NO value.

We need fresh fruits and vegetables and not very much meat. Unfortunately it is more expensive and poor people may not have access or money to buy that .

The junk food is widely available and cheaper, which is ONE of the reasons we have so many overweight people.

My hat is off to you. As Mr. Spock said: Live long and prosper!!!
+9 # Anarchist 23 2012-08-22 11:02
I never read 'Newsweek'-or 'Time' for that matter-I am loyal 'Nation' and 'Progressive' subscriber-rath er more left wing than they are but..the Rethuglican motto seems to be 'The Greatest Evil For The Greatest Number' but what can you expect of a party that has three downward pointing 'reversed' five pointed stars (pentacles!) for their symbol! ReThuglicans-Pa rty of The Evil One and proud of it!
+7 # WallStWallFlowerGirl 2012-08-22 12:46
Dear Natalie- Your post compelled me to (finally) register, because your words ring true of how I feel & how I know others do. We want so much to save our country from the jaws of the Avengers of Avarice, but against the money machines, we feel lost no matter how many times we blog about betrayal. It's like we're in the final hour of a horror movie, where all hope seems lost & only a super hero can save us now. Well, it's up to us to put on our capes; somehow, we have to save ourselves. I have ideas, I'm sure others do- and we have to come together to part a (Republican) Red Sea before it drowns everyone who cannot afford to buy their life boats. We may not have money to fight with- but when did (lack of) stocks ever stop freedom fighters? If anything, history proves otherwise. I know we live in different times, when cell phones didn't add to the apathy of a nation, but we just have to find a way to use that in our favor. Royalty never took down royalty- the peasants did. We know we're "mad as Hell & not going to take it anymore..." but nobody is going to hear it with windows shut. Don't give up. We have the power to open them.
+13 # jerryball 2012-08-22 13:39
Gasp! Newsweek does NOT have a fact checking department. Unheard of. What are they thinking of? Maybe they cut corners in cost saving layoffs a big way too much? Every magazine I have ever worked for had a first-class fact checking department to avoid libel suits and presenting untrue facts as a member of the Fourth Estate. I blame this situation on Rupert Murdoch and his yellow journalistic rags that bribe policement for phone taps of private citizens for their own sensationalism headlines. My how the Fourth Estate (newspapers and print) has fallen. Now there is NO ONE to believe. The print newspaper and magazine business has truly fallen to being like the internet, a bunch of frilly dames gossiping.
+6 # Kathymoi 2012-08-22 14:52
Even if it slips in a small note of apology, this would not decrease the effect the original statement was intended to have. People read the cover story, not the fine print tiny editor's comments. Newsweek's bad.
+2 # jwb110 2012-08-22 15:05
Newsweek is just another version of Murdoch journalism. Reading it can only rot your brain.
+5 # 2012-08-22 19:20
Could someone explain to me how people like Niall Ferguson get into high positions of authority and are given a platform (Newsweek) to expound his bias. He's an historian--not an economist--but worst of all people like him are ideologues who have no respect for objectivity or truth. I'm sick of them. Are you?
-16 # think so 2012-08-22 21:35
wow I'm a conservative republican and I really don't believe in anything you claim republicans stand for in fact I know many republicans and I have to ask.... where are you all coming up with this nonsense? I know its really hard to believe but yeah more than 1% of the population are republican and most are not rich. I've worked for major corporations before and I have to tell you I appreciated my job and the health care that entailed. I spent a week in the hospital due to an ruptured appendix and had to pay 15$ for the week and surgery combined... seems pretty reasonable to me. it is good to hear both sides of any election to keep perspective and make a rational choice, but you all are to busy hate mongering and labeling to really say anything of worth. I had a democrat at college inform me that republicans are pro rape because of what todd akin said, that is both offensive and ridiculous. also a historian would be familiar with the rise and fall of many civilizations and the corresponding economies. an earlier post actually made me chuckle royalty never took down royalty the peasants did. are you speaking of Russia or France perhaps England lol you know where those same peasants preceded to act just as bad or in some cases worse than those they replaced lol a picture of Stalin actually came to mind the French massacre I mean revolution was a quick second.
-12 # Robt Eagle 2012-08-23 14:30
think so, sorry you made too much sense for the crazies on this site. You are acurate about how they just hate monger and wouldn't know the tuth if it came up and bit them on the nose. This site is so far to the left that there are no middle ground people to even get any traction with lucid insight. I get so many red thumbs when I comment it is rediculous. Logic just does not work here, only the left/Democrat bigotry/woman hating/racist (NOT by the Republicans) stuff they acuse the Republicans of doing. Seems the hatred was expressed in the Organize movement, and rational, good folks came out for the Tea Party demonstrations. These clowns on this site never even saw that was the real truth. Oh well, pray Obama doesn't get re-elected or we are all doomed, including the poor, middle and rich. It will be Emperor Obama if he is re-elected, mark my words...and all these folks will be on the bread and soup lines expecting more and more, getting less and less. Seems in America you need to work for what you get, unless you are illegal!
0 # jtatu 2012-09-05 11:26
Folks, we need to keep reading this site so we will know what these left wing loons are thinking.
+3 # WallStWallFlowerGirl 2012-08-23 15:54
The facts speak for themselves; we "claim" nothing. Wake up & smell the malfeasance. No civilization ever came to its knees because the Haves said they had too much- it is the passion of the Have Not's to just want equal rights as human beings that brought down egregious leaders 'round the world.

And unless you spent a week in Mexico w/a ruptured appendix, the pas-tense of your sentence implies it wasn't recent. Try getting that today, especially on part time wages without benefits.

Think so, you sound like Sarah Palin who recently stated "she knows of no Republicans" who speak of Democrats with such vitriol. I put as much worth into what she says as I do in Saran Wrap, but I think she said this while watching a Russian Revolution from her window.
+5 # BeaDeeBunker 2012-08-24 01:00
To Think so:
"wow I'm a conservative republican and I really don't believe in anything you claim republicans stand for in fact I know many republicans and I have to ask.... where are you all coming up with this nonsense?"

Are you a true 'conservative republican?'
So I guess you believe that the President of the USA was not born in the USA, and is, in fact, a practicing Muslim.

I guess you believe that global warming is not caused by mankind, but is in fact a myth.

You most probably believe that the banks will self regulate, and never lose sight of their fiduciary responsible, ergo just thrust them. And you trust the fox to guard the hen house, and take good care of those young chicks.

You might even believe that the whole Earth is only 6,000 years old, but you still want to get as much of that 100 million year old oil out of the ground as fast as possible.

A real conservative republican would believe that the Captain goes down with the ship, or is the last to abandon the ship. Do you believe that? But, if the 'ship' is a multi-billion dollar commercial bank, and said bank goes down, the 'captain' of that said bank get's a bonus, and all the deck hands who scuttled the 'ship' get bonuses also. Do you believe that too?

You also believe in the current GOP platform that says no abortion for any reason, no way.

And you ask where we get this 'stuff.' From you, a conservative republican!
+4 # unitedwestand 2012-08-23 02:12
Newsweek has lost me with this trashy and pseudo journalism.
+3 # ghostperson 2012-08-23 02:33
My lie meter is broken from being overburdened by crazy shit bouncing off the walls of the rubber rooms where the right-wing lunatic fringe ("RWLF") is kept at night to keep from hurting themselves. I can't even get cranked up anymore by lunacy. The Todd Akin's break with reality was the cracking point for me. That boys and girls even burned out my crazimeter. It used to cause great angst, now, I just find myself giggling watching the RWLF self-emolate.
+3 # tclose 2012-08-23 10:36
I subscribed to Newsweek for years and felt it was a fairly rational magazine, neither right or left in bias, and presenting multiple points of view. But not recently - it's one thing to include Ferguson's point of view (as they have done many times before); it's another thing for them to shout it from the rooftops by granting him a cover pronouncement.

Ferguson has unfortunately gone from being a fairly respected (although controversial) historian to being a shill for the right wing.

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