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Excerpt: "No American is dedicating as much of his money to defeat President Obama as Sheldon Adelson. He is the perfect illustration of the squalid state of political money ..."

Sheldon Adelson has donated millions of dollars to opponents of President Obama. (photo: Reuters)
Sheldon Adelson has donated millions of dollars to opponents of President Obama. (photo: Reuters)

What Sheldon Adelson Wants

By The New York Time | Editorial

24 June 12


o American is dedicating as much of his money to defeat President Obama as Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate who also happens to have made more money in the last three years than any other American. He is the perfect illustration of the squalid state of political money, spending sums greater than any political donation in history to advance his personal, ideological and financial agenda, which is wildly at odds with the nation's needs.

Mr. Adelson spent $20 million to prop up Newt Gingrich's failed candidacy for the Republican nomination. Now, he has given $10 million to a Mitt Romney super PAC, and has pledged at least $10 million to Crossroads GPS, the advocacy group founded by Karl Rove that is running attack ads against Mr. Obama and other Democrats. Another $10 million will probably go to a similar group founded by the Koch brothers, and $10 million more to Republican Congressional super PACs.

That's $60 million we know of (other huge donations may be secret), and it may be only a down payment. Mr. Adelson has made it clear he will fully exploit the anything-goes world created by the federal courts to donate a "limitless" portion of his $25 billion fortune to defeat the president and as many Democrats as he can take down.

One man cannot spend enough to ensure the election of an unpopular candidate, as Mr. Gingrich's collapse showed, but he can buy enough ads to help push a candidate over the top in a close race like this year's. Given that Mr. Romney was not his first choice, why is Mr. Adelson writing these huge checks?

The first answer is clearly his disgust for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, supported by President Obama and most Israelis. He considers a Palestinian state "a steppingstone for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people," and has called the Palestinian prime minister a terrorist. He is even further to the right than the main pro-Israeli lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which he broke with in 2007 when it supported economic aid to the Palestinians.

Mr. Romney is only slightly better, saying the Israelis want a two-state solution but the Palestinians do not, accusing them of wanting to eliminate Israel. The eight-figure checks are not paying for a more enlightened answer.

Mr. Adelson's other overriding interest is his own wallet. He rails against the president's "socialist-style economy" and redistribution of wealth, but what he really fears is Mr. Obama's proposal to raise taxes on companies like his that make a huge amount of money overseas. Ninety percent of the earnings of his company, the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, come from hotel and casino properties in Singapore and Macau. (The latter is located, by the way, in China, a socialist country the last time we checked.)

Because of the lower tax rate in those countries (currently zero in Macau), the company now has a United States corporate tax rate of 9.8 percent, compared with the statutory rate of 35 percent. President Obama has repeatedly proposed ending the deductions and credits that allow corporations like Las Vegas Sands to shelter billions in income overseas, but has been blocked by Republicans.

Mr. Obama's Justice Department is also investigating whether Mr. Adelson's Macau operations violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, an inquiry that Mr. Adelson undoubtedly hopes will go away in a Romney administration. For such a man, at a time when there are no legal or moral limits to the purchase of influence, spending tens of millions is a pittance to elect Republicans who promise to keep his billions intact. your social media marketing partner


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+188 # Third_stone 2012-06-24 13:20
He is obviously a prefect conduit for foreign money to buy a share of our election. He is a terrorist, and the bombs he throws are made of money.
+25 # readerz 2012-06-24 16:34
Casinos equals Las Vegas Incorporated. Who is that, you may ask? It is owned by three cooperating entities: the Mafia, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Mormon Church. Las Vegas was also founded by the New York Jewish branch of the mob. There is nothing about Romney that is unknown or unliked by Adelson.

And about Israel: I would hope that people allow that country to determine the best course of action for itself, and not pour money into campaigns that the Israelis themselves do not want. For those who point to Bible prophecy: I respect religious opinions, but consider the story of Jonah: he finally warned Ninevah, they repented, he got mad that he had spent time in the whale, and with the example of the gourd it was pointed out that sometimes forgiveness is given for repentance. Those prophecies are supposed to point to a good direction, not just give a blanket punishment, but prophecies may be self-fulfilling with the kind of meddling that Adelson is doing.
+52 # Barbara K 2012-06-24 17:36
readerz: We can defeat all this money. We just vote democratic. It's that simple, don't buy what these wealthy fleas are selling. I'm voting straight Dem, need to clean up my state of Michigan at the same time. Keep that all in mind when you vote. A vote for Romney is a vote for these wealthy cretens who don't give a bug about us. We don't have to just give up,
We the People just won't buy what they are selling. Let them waste their money. Don't vote republican on any level.
+23 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:23
I'm voting Dem. In Ohio, we are desperate, and we are also working on a campaign for better districting and against union-busting. We didn't try a recall, but our Gov. Kasich is as bad as Walker. On the Federal level, our hero Dennis Kucinich was districted out of the running, and we have a Senator Sherrod Brown up for re-election. And did I mention that Ohio is a swing state for the Presidency?
My post was to anybody who might give Adelson an excuse for his meddling. At one time, any foreign meddling in an American election was a serious offense; a foreign corporation could lose their licenses to do business in the United States. I wonder where those laws went?
This last year, I've been seeing loads of out-of-state license plates, all good cars. Most people change their license if they are moving here, so I assume these are all the out-of-state people coming to Ohio to pay people to vote Republican. Most people don't buy it, but all those out-of-state plates prove they are trying.
+18 # X Dane 2012-06-24 22:37
readerz. I am glad that you are voting Dem.
Yall benefited from the bail-out of GM I believe, so I hope many, many more Ohioans will also vote Dem. It is going to be a trying time, for since you are THE swing state, you will be bombarded with negative adds. STAY STRONG
+9 # Barbara K 2012-06-25 08:10
readerz: Glad to hear you are voting Dem. That is our only recourse to purge the money out of the system. A vote for Republican is a vote for the big money machine that will keep us down for generations. I am a Michigan resident, also going thru much of what Ohio is doing. Many are in this monstrous takeover of our states together and we need to fight the only way we can; and that is not to vote any Republican in any office.
+9 # rockieball 2012-06-26 06:23
I live in Las Vegas. He spends millions on political candidates yet at the same time lays off employees and cuts wages of the rest. He contributes nothing back to the community. If you complain since the Venation and Plazio are non unions you are fired (reason given change of personnel.He is worse than that old Nazi Ingelstat who used to own the Imperial Palace (which by the way from the air is built to look like a swastika).
+5 # X Dane 2012-06-27 02:56

Isn't that typical for the rich jerks. It is too bad that the people need the job, for I would LOVE to see them all march out and leave him stranded, high and dry with nobody to run his damn casino.
Of course, he does nothing for the community, People like him just take, take, take. they only give when they are certain to get what they want in return. A pox on him
+2 # Gringaryan 2012-06-27 11:31
Parasites... the current ruling class
+137 # madams12 2012-06-24 13:59
This ODIOUS PLUTOCRAT has come a long way from his little newspaper stand in Dorchester decades ago, where he bullied another kid for the corner...Not only has he forgotten his humble beginning and his immigrant family's origins but believes he is invincible. Al Capone served time for tax evasion...perha ps this thug will too.
+72 # hillwright 2012-06-24 15:09
Thank you Madam. I too recall his early trade show beginnings when he ran a competitive show out of business by staging his show on the same date and bullying the press and the convention centers to allow him.
+38 # doneasley 2012-06-24 17:08
Quoting madams12:
... Al Capone served time for tax evasion...perhaps this thug will too.

I've been wondering if and how all this money that's flowing so freely is being written off. Of course when you make that much money, the IRS turns a blind eye. But if $1 of the Adelson, Koch, Rove, or other Super Pac money is being hidden or written off, we are making up the difference. Isn't that the other aspect of anonymous donations?
+24 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:24
Yes, and where is the IRS in all this? These billionaires don't want to be taxed, but they'll spend a billion on an election? Something is fishy, and needs more than a little investigation.
+10 # Barbara K 2012-06-25 08:12
I think that the money spent on these elections should be taxed heftily, say 50%, that money could then be used for those without so much money to run for office. The wealthy are just in it for themselves, they don't give a whip about us.
-18 # RightForAReason 2012-06-25 09:00
So if I have two nickels to rub together and contribute to someone I agree with, I have to subsidize your choices that I might not agree with? What else of mine do you want me to share with you, my house, my car, my 70+ hour a week job I work my mass off at?
+7 # rockieball 2012-06-26 06:24
It's a big difference from two nickels to 20 million (so far).
+3 # tomtom 2012-06-26 08:55
You would be subsidising a more diverse and wider choice of candidates and options, which would give You a better shot at selecting the most qualified person. That isn't left or right. Tom
+4 # Muzzi 2012-06-26 13:46
Why can't the IRS audit him? Is this a "millionaire loophole?
+68 # ronnewmexico 2012-06-24 14:05
China has a totalitarian form of government that was and is called communist and socalist but the reality is not that.
Not even social security will you find there and their equilivent of medicaid was gutted in the 1980's. Their master plan calls for a social security program to increase domestic consumption but it is a longer term plan,not immediate.

This Mr Adelson...Don't know him of course but I can only assume he is not really considering himself a citizen with US interests at heart but a global citizen here to use the US for all it is worth..very.sim iliar to Reupert Murdouch.
Their interest is to use the US for personal financial interest.
When the US is no longer at the top of the financial heap, his heirs by my take will then be Chinese citizens using that place for their personal gain. Similar to Reupert and his Chinese wife, really they care not about what country they are in or meddling in...their concern is all about personal profit.

The amounts of money now being donated to campaigns compared to the amounts of money at stake for guys like this is minuscule.
Keep in mind the ramifications of citizens united are just now being is just starting..
I wonder why they do not just start paying people to vote a certain way....would that not also be a exercise of free speech...since money is speech by their determination.
Your ward goes this way...1k each to each voter...why not?
+28 # WestWinds 2012-06-24 16:26
Why not? Because that is a perversion of the way the founders set this place up and that's called corruption. It's no different than redistricting to get what you want. It's supposed to be one citizen, one vote and the representatives are supposed to do the will of the people unless that representative has some kind of first hand DC information not in the best interests of We the People. These clowns have subverted and perverted every aspect of our system so that they get everything and the rest of us can eat cake.
0 # Doubter 2012-06-26 09:02
Isn't that what Ron meant?
+92 # jackinmad 2012-06-24 14:46
This is beyond obscene. This guy is taking 60 to 100 million dollars, and throwing it in the toilet. For what? There are no "undecided" voters any more. More crap on tv is not going to sway people one way or another. Just image what homeless shelters, food banks, schools, research hospitals, animal shelters, etc etc could do with that kind of money. The priorities of this country are so screwed, it's hard to find hope.
+42 # WestWinds 2012-06-24 16:31
This is why we need an Amendment banning corporate personhood and then we need enforceable laws banning any individual or collection of individuals from controlling enough money to be able to control/buy governments.

Just imagine what Social Security and Medicare/Medica id could do with that money. Think of all the people it could help. And then I look at people like Cheney, Rove, Murdoch and this clown, Adelson... it puts me somewhere between rage and nausea.
+15 # Saberoff 2012-06-24 21:22

"..There are no "undecided" voters any more. More crap on tv is not going to sway people one way or another."

Never over-under-esti mate the ignorance of the American public! Of course money can, will and does, buy elections, over the TV.
+1 # X Dane 2012-06-25 21:43

You may be correct that there are no undecided voters THE PRESIDENTIAL part of the election,... but
all that money can make a HUGE difference in the CONGRESSIONAL election.

I doubt the democrats will have a lot of money, and most people don't pay much attention to representatives and senators therefor if Adelson's money is used to throw a lot of dirt at the democratic candidates, it can make a BIG difference

So unless democrats really work hard for their candidates, they will have little chance of getting more Dems in the house.
+47 # bigwally 2012-06-24 14:48
Why not just put the presidency on the auction block. Corporations, crooks, casino owners, whatever, can bid. The highest bidder can appoint the president. The money they spend can pay off the national debt! How about that?
+10 # DPM 2012-06-24 16:01
That is "pretty much" what is happening. Personally, I like a previous idea. Have the wealthy and corporations pay the voters for their votes. Those that pay the most to the most people, wins. I say that "tongue-in-chee k" of course, but it would benefit the common person a little more than the way it is being done now. With the same result!
+9 # WestWinds 2012-06-24 16:32
This makes as much sense as anything else that has been going on lately.
+17 # mdhome 2012-06-24 16:37
For all practical purposes the government is being auctioned off already.
+78 # X Dane 2012-06-24 14:50
Adelson is proof of how low we have sunk.
This nasty SOB may be able to determine who wins this election, because of all his money.

We are certainly not a democracy any longer. He MIGHT not be able to unseat the president he hates. But his filthy money could destroy GOOD law makers.
....Contrary to belief....they DO exist.

He proves that no matter HOW much money some people have they want STILL MORE. And they want the middle class to pay the taxes, they want to avoid. He is sickening
+30 # mdhome 2012-06-24 16:46
He is buying the USA and its' standing army with the thought of sending your kids in for cannon fodder in a war with Iran. Just because he can do it. And probably will.
-29 # cordleycoit 2012-06-24 15:04
Then why put up with the sham? This is not government it's oligarchy. Whom ever wins is simply the tyrant. Why vote it only encourages them. Obama is so secretive his life is a lie and Romney is a derivative slinging fat cat out to buy the office cheap. These guys are like outta Marvel Comixs so creepy weird.
+31 # readerz 2012-06-24 16:39
Obama is not so secretive. The big secret is, he isn't God, he's human. However, Romney is being packaged as God with no mercy; he doesn't care about anybody but his buddies.
+42 # WestWinds 2012-06-24 16:41
Why vote? Because if you don't use it you will lose it. Our system is all we have between us and these jerks running our lives. Instead of throwing up your hands and walking off, turn and fight. Occupy, run for office, send contributions to your favorite candidates, blog, petition, and make your presence felt. Let's face it, those guys have more money to buy more ads, but if YOU are out there talking, it's the same thing as an ad and make sure that your ad neutralizes their ad. Caesar said, "They can't take from you what you won't let go of." Don't let go. Democracy is only dead when you turn your back on it and walk away (to go along to get along.) Take your disgust, then turn and fight. There are only 1% of them and 99% of us. If we can't do something positive with those odds something is very wrong... with us. Let's not give them the satisfaction of an easy fight. At the very least, let's give them a run for their money.
+23 # doneasley 2012-06-24 17:32
Quoting WestWinds:
... turn and fight. Occupy, run for office, send contributions to your favorite candidates, blog, petition, and make your presence felt.

And don't forget to volunteer to work with your local political group. You don't have to have money to get involved. And your involvement may be just the thing that turns an election around. This money is being used not only to combat President Obama, but all the way down to the local level. You can bet that Rove knows who's running in every district in the country and will bring his money to bear against any candidate he thinks is vulnerable.

The only way we can beat the money is with bodies - lots and lots of bodies.
+64 # teineitalia 2012-06-24 15:06
What an ugly, unenlightened man this Sheldon Adelson is. Ugly inside and out. The NYT is right to shed light on his duplicity, his greed, and his quest for unlimited power for Israel (while defecating on the Palestinians, who have every right to exist, live in peace and prosper, as do all people)

It's men like Adelson who make the world an ugly place. If he continues, it will probably also be uninhabitable, because I guarantee to you that if the Rethugs win up and down the line, the biggest casualty will be the environment.
+28 # WestWinds 2012-06-24 16:42
Yah, right after Social Security and Medicare/Medica id.
+50 # X Dane 2012-06-24 15:07
Also we see, how we have NO idea about where the money comes from , the money that is buying the election. It could come from Israel....I am sure Netanyahu would want Romney to win...

It could come from China!...We simply have NO idea. We do not have elections anymore. We have AUCTIONS.
And the winner is???.....The highest bidder. How sickening, and we have the NERVE to tell other countries, how to run elections and build democracy??
-62 # 2012-06-24 15:17
On the flip side I guess one could say no one has spent more money to defeat Romney than George Soros. Most of his money is outside of the United States and in tax shelters also. Two peas in a pod I would think.
+45 # mini2 2012-06-24 15:43
+33 # ABen 2012-06-24 15:59
If you are trying to establish an equivalency, some credible evidence is required.
+6 # unitedwestand 2012-06-25 00:01
On the flip side I guess one could say no one has spent more money to defeat Romney than George Soros. Most of his money is outside of the United States and in tax shelters also. Two peas in a pod I would think.

I meant to give you a negative not a positive vote for your foolish remark. Adelson hates America, he is a Zionist who would rather have worn the military uniform of Israel rather than the American one he wore.
I can't believe I spent some money at his Venetian Casino in Las Vegas when I was there recently.
0 # jamal49 2012-06-28 00:29
Proof? Soros pays his taxes and has been strangely quiet this election cycle. Soros is just an "equivalency" straw-man for the whiny-cons. It's right up there with the conservative lie/myth that "40% of Americans pay no income taxes". Vote Democrat this November all across the board. The thought of an all-Republicon gov't for at least two years is too frightening to contemplate. Remember the Bush years. The cons had control then and they virtually destroyed our nation.
+26 # osully188 2012-06-24 15:28
This man`s picture portrays a nasty shaming man pointing at someone or some thing Whatever,he has not even learned one of the first thing you are supposed to learn in Kindergarten:"D on`t point,it`s impolite."
I would hope he has a better use for 30 million dollars than to point and shame;thus throwing himself into the shame/blame game, the Republicans favorite form of lying which works well in this imbecilac country.I wish I could stop these lunatics,but my bank account isn`t big enough.
+47 # Vardoz 2012-06-24 15:34
If this doesn't make you want to vote for Obama, I don't know what will. We will take our chances with Obama.
+40 # mini2 2012-06-24 15:40
This is a further aftermath of the Bush 43 Presidency. Adelson is within his legal rights because SCOTUS has made it so. All we can hope for is that voting citizens of the US will not be taken in by the blatant ads run by either party and that the only beneficiaries of these tainted $s will be ad agencies and media outlets (not that they should prosper).

Frankly, I think there is a good chance that that may happen and that the Republican office-holders and wannabes will be swept away in a spew of voter vomit.
+12 # readerz 2012-06-24 16:43
Here's the chemistry:
Billionaire (who owns a piece of everything) -
lots of ads, paid into big media -
owned by billionaires (who make profit on the ads) -
lots of ads, paid into big media - ...

They can't lose on this, and they will still have all their money in the end!
-15 # tahoevalleylines 2012-06-24 15:43
The history of this decade will note the supreme efforts of Mormon political endeavors, lacking honest introspection on the error of following a false prophet.

Of course that applies to the Middle East brand of Mormonism, another "M" cult absolutely devoted to denial of the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. Masons too.. Interesting, the "Shriners" with their Islamic symbolism, swords and red fez costumes?

But the mills of prophecy grind along, with the Saudis deepening their ties with China, closer to the long feared oil for nuclear missiles transaction. Mr. Adelson would show much greater discernment were he and Mr. Winn et al able to grasp the need for American transport policy re-orientation as key element in defusing the Middle East noose around America's neck. It's about Petrodollars, stupid!

The scriptural warnings about Jerusalem as stumbling block for the nations do not necessarily include America, but as things stand, it seems likely. Adelson should read "The Blood Of The Moon" and counsel Mitt Romney on the prophetic and spiritual forces at play. America's relationship with Israel must be considered, not overplayed to bad end.

Could Jastrow's "The War And The Bagdhad Railway" scheme offer engineering solution to Palestinian resettlement and Islamic goals of regional unity, hold Israel harmless, and stifle relentless moves to cataclysm?
+7 # readerz 2012-06-24 16:47
There is no Scriptural warning about how it is better to oppress people at the hands of the very rich and then somehow tell Israel how to govern itself...
I think that God is intelligent, don't you?
+21 # pjbrunner 2012-06-24 15:51
It really does not matter what Sheldon Adelson wants. I happen to dis agree with just about everything the man stands for but even if I did agree with his views the fact that we now live in a country where his "free speech" (or rather money) is more important than the free speech of virtually everyone else in the country combined marks the death knell of what we thought was democracy in our country. All of our political institutions, the legislature, the executive and the courts are all in the pockets of a few hundred of the very wealthiest Americans. And these people appear to have no real allegiance to the U.S. but are interested only in aggrandizing their own wealth,
+19 # CoyoteMan50 2012-06-24 16:00
Being around Vegas and its movers and shakers I prefer dealing with with Organized CRime than Adelson.
I also always felt that's why Adelson vigorously solicited the Chinese to build casinos in their territory. He has a delusion that the Chinese government will let him take all his money there and they will protect him and his money.
I predicted years ago that Adelson would eventually take his bad ideas and his money and head for Macau to live permanently just not to pay a few percent of taxes.
+13 # Skanner 2012-06-24 17:46
He should live so long... Adelson is an old, OLD man, and whatever machinations his money is able to bring into being, he's not likely to live long enough to enjoy. He does not appear to be a healthy man. Pallid, overweight, probably with a long history of heart disease. There are some medical miracles that even billions of money can't buy.
+4 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:32
If he doesn't have kids (or cousins), he will give his billions to whatever cause he believes in. Hmmm, I wonder what that is. His Last Will and Testament could tear the world economy apart, and start a few wars. Look at the history of the 19th century and the robber barons.
+25 # ABen 2012-06-24 16:07
The SCOTUS decision in Citizens United stands as probably the greatest threat to our representative democracy since WWII. If we don't want to operate as a corporate state like something from Orwell's "1984," we need to do our homework, turn off the political ads, have serious political conversations with our friends, and vote relentlessly!
+4 # 2012-06-25 09:22
Best comment in this thread! Thank you.
+23 # RMDC 2012-06-24 16:11
So Adelson's big issue is against Palestinian statehood. I wonder what he wants to do with Palestinians? Do they have any human rights? Or does he follow David ben Gurion who said "Let them live as dogs."

Either human beings have rights or they don't. If you believe some group of humans identified by their ethnicity or religion do not have human rights, then you are in violation of the UN Convention Against Genocide and the Universal Convention on Human Rights. Such beliefs put Adelson in the company with Nazis and other avowed racist groups. I'm sure he does not give a damn.

The truth is that Israel would be a lot safer and better off with a viable and healthy Palestinian state.
+14 # wwway 2012-06-24 16:15
These people have complete contempt for democracy. They want to be kings with henchmen to bleed the life out of the people.
I agree with Nick Neuaur (Ted Conference speaker who's speach isn't included because of what he had to say)that the middle class creates jobs because they can spend. Nick said he can buy 3 cars but the middle class can buy 3,000.
Adleson is in this for short term gain because when the middle class can't afford to gamble he's not going to make any more money.
+18 # dick 2012-06-24 16:27
This is why we need a serious progressive income tax. So monsters can't buy democracy while claiming they use their SURPLUS $$ to "create jobs." Tax rate on multi-millionai res' surplus $$ used to be 90%. Even 49.49% would be a start. They mostly steal it, anyway. If Dems won't prosecute Banksters, at least TAX them. Hedge fund managers too. Obamadems need more to offer than Mitt is the boogeyman. That dog is NOT going to hunt. "TAX BILLIONAIRES & BANKERS! Fund our colleges!"
+17 # seeuingoa 2012-06-24 16:29
the big difference between domocratic
Europe and America is:

No money in politics
No death penalty
No guns
universal healthcare

W O W what a difference that makes.

President Roosevelt in a message to Congress in 1938:

"A democratic society is in danger if people tolerate private powers...

Corporations, Adelson/Maher, AIPAC an extent where these powers are
more powerful than the democratical state
That is the essence of fascism."
-4 # barryg 2012-06-24 16:39
the repugs are not losing voters. Scott Walker won and it was not just the money. Repugs are gleefully using every trick of Pr, mind control and marketing. This field has been developed to such an extent that the average person is very controlled in their decision making process. Dems believe that people respond logically which has been well proven to be untrue. They refuse to get into the moral emotional battle and speak truth. The dems use repug talking points and so actually promote them because a not does not have any effect on the emotional mind.

And it is hard to tell if the top dems are so out of touch but are actually repugs in dems clothing. Can anyone explain the difference between cheney and Obama, who seems to enjoy taking out civilians and supports big oil.

Adelson would prefer Romney because his authoritarian mindset is deeper than Obama's, but he can buy either one.
+7 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:47
The marketing stuff is true, unfortunately, in this way.
Notice how suddenly, after a few years, there are headlines about an investigation into "Fast and Furious?" And suddenly there are stories steering "The Conversation" into areas where things might have gone slightly better? I love Dennis Kucinich, who said that as much money as Solyndria lost, it lost much less than any nuclear power plant commonly loses, and is covered up. But does Dennis make headlines?

I NEVER click on any news story that is a (not so hidden) smear tactic. Sure there were some mistakes in Obama's Presidency, but in my entire lifetime (late 50s) there has NEVER been a President who has tried to achieve ANY healthcare package that would help young adults and middle class; and rarely a President who tried to help common people at all (let's see, the ones who did were all Democrats). Clean energy is still being talked about, and it wouldn't even be in "The Conversation" with Repugs running the country.

As far as being bought, Pres. Obama has tried to steer the ship; he has reduced and brought home forces from overseas. If it were Romney, these tired forces would be simply gearing up for Iran. You can talk to Pres. Obama; enough people telling him that Democrats need to be Democrats and he listens, but would you ever in your life get a Republican to listen to the needs of anybody who earns less than $250,000 a year?
+11 # UpsetWally 2012-06-24 16:43
This could get far far worse as far as moneys spent. Gov. Rick Scott officially obliterated the Florida state record for campaign spending, pouring $85 million — including more than $73 million of his own family's money — into getting elected.
Compared to Adelson, Scott is a tadpole.
+39 # Elroys 2012-06-24 16:56
As a Jew and an American, I am embarrassed and disgusted by the likes of this guy. He represents the worst of our culture, religion and country.

Let's see - whose interests do you think a Pres. Romney would support? Sheldon "Mr. Greed" Adelson or the other 299 million Americans in the middle and "working" class? Hmmmm

If you care about the future of our country and our children, I'd suggest you don't vote for Sheldon Adelson (sorry - I mean, Mitt Romney).
-29 # 4merlib 2012-06-24 17:24
Ummm, don't forget George Soros, George Clooney, Warren Buffet, and a few others!
+25 # mari 2012-06-24 19:35
No we won't forget George Soros, George Clooney and Warren Buffet. Good and true caring Americans.
+4 # vt143 2012-06-25 05:33
Quoting 4merlib:
Ummm, don't forget George Soros, George Clooney, Warren Buffet, and a few others!

...and so it goes, the Republicans are pitted against the Democrats and their supporters against each other and above the fray are the fat cats, Democrat and Republican alike, stuffing their pockets and grabbing power while we fight little battles amongst ourselves, trying to extinguish the little fires they set to divert us while the wholes system burns. Good night and good luck.
+12 # jwb110 2012-06-24 17:35
Adelson is a typical schwartza hater, that's all. If he is so worried about the destruction of Israel invite the country to Nevada. It's desert. It would be familier. He would be surrounded by his friends. He is even rich enough to more the Wailing or the entire Temple Mount and make a theme park Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
+5 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:49
I respect the religions of Israel, but I just want people like Adelson to leave it alone and leave us alone.
+13 # ghostperson 2012-06-24 17:48
Can't add much to the conversation as expressed because I agree with 99.9% of all remarks.

All I can toss into pot concerns the auctioning of our democracy.

It is a "silent" auction and we aren't invited.
-25 # RightForAReason 2012-06-24 18:27
You obviously don't remember Al Gore getting huge donations from "penniless" Chinese monks. Obama got HUGE amounts under $200 in online donations last time that never had to be fully documented. MoveOn.Org gets hundreds of millions from a Hungarian Billionaire. How many millions came from the George Clooney and Sara Jessica Parker parties? How many conservative union members are forced to pay dues to support candidates they don't agree with?

The folks who own the construction companies contribute to Republicans, the road construction worker unions contribute to Democrats. They both lobby for crappy roads we have to replace every ten years. Good for their companies and jobs, bad for those of us who hate orange barrels.

Both sides buy influence.
Live with it, use it or figure out a way to fix it.
+11 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:53
Fix won't happen when Republicans are invited to add their input to the health care plan and they do nothing, not even supporting doctors and hospitals. The Democrats did everything, including things some Republicans had suggested before that debate. The point is, you think government is just about buying influence; no, it is about deciding what is to be done. And the Republicans do nothing, not even for their "friends," so I assume that they are not American.
+1 # RightForAReason 2012-06-25 08:52
Input? What input? Pelosi said we would know what was in the bill after it got voted on. The whole thing appeared out from closed doors to a up or down vote with no time for anyone else to read and comprehend the foot thick monstrosity.
+16 # Art947 2012-06-24 18:33
As a member of the Jewish faith, I am saddened by the action of this individual and his wife. He reminds of the arrogant Jews who made sure that they could flaunt their ill-gotten wealth by strutting into the synagogue on the holidays, using more seats than they had "paid" for, showing off their mink coats and fancy suits, and then figuratively "stabbing people in the back." A pox on the Adelsons. They deserve to be tried as the traitors to America that they seem to be.
+6 # doneasley 2012-06-24 21:29
Quoting Art947:
... A pox on the Adelsons. They deserve to be tried as the traitors to America that they seem to be.

They're all traitors, Art947. These guys claim to be so "religious" and so "patriotic", but they're just the opposite. The Southern Christians and disparate hate groups despise Jews, Catholics, and Mormons, but they REALLY despise Blacks, Hispanics and any other people of color. So they're in. The other groups - regular conservatives, neo-conservativ es, the super-rich, libertarians, bankers, and corporations ("are people too") - who, incidentally, consider the Southern Christians and hate groups to be useful tools, manage to hold this unholy cabal together. So they're in.

Adelson and the others are awash with money. Shame of it is, the lemmings will follow them right into the sea. That's what we're up against.
+4 # 2012-06-25 09:35
We put drug addicts in jail every day for robbing convenience stores. But this traitor, facist, anti-American, anti-democracy criminal is free to continue working to destroy our country out in the open. I am absolutely ashamed that Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy represent America.
+4 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:54
Hey, those same people must go to my church... never mind. It is a destructive mind-set, and really brings this country down.
+11 # HerbR 2012-06-24 19:08
Rendering Sheldon's money irrelevant or even counterproducti ve requires a major get-out-the-vot e effort for our side So, let's do that, EH ?
+24 # JayMagoo 2012-06-24 19:22
Thank George W. Bush and Republicans going back to Reagan. They gave us this Supreme Court, Scalia, Roberts, Alito, and Thomas, the most despicable group of Americans ever to sit on the court.
+6 # Rick Levy 2012-06-24 19:51
Did I miss something in all these comments bitching about Adelson and his powerful hold on Las Vegas?: A call for a national tourist boycott on that city. Or would that spoil the plans of fair-weather progressives who have no problem criticizing political dictators and ruthless capitalists as long as it doesn't interfere with their own visits to their favorite vacation spots?
+6 # Muzzi 2012-06-24 21:57
There is something to remember. Las Vegas has one of the highest rates of foreclosures in the country. It looks like someone is staying away and causing a loss of jobs.
+8 # readerz 2012-06-24 21:57
I haven't been to Las Vegas in... forever. There are many more beautiful places to visit in America. But there are also a lot of common folk who work in Nevada, and so, it is a difficult dilemma for those who do go there for tourism: I guess find places that are less bad. Does anybody know if there are any "good" casino owners?
+4 # Todd Williams 2012-06-25 06:12
I refuse to walk into any Trump-owned casino. Which casinos in America are owned by this rat fink Adelson? Are they all in Vegas or are others in the US? Boycott this asshole's business!
+3 # freeportguy 2012-06-25 06:28
What I get from it is: he doesn't mind the socialist/commu nist long as it doesn't cost him anything!
+2 # 2012-06-25 09:44
I think that if more than 50% of American voters would vote, the "fat cats" would not have enough money or power to put their people in office. We Americans need to look in a mirror and quit blaming someone else. Take some personal responsibility! !!
+9 # 2012-06-25 09:47
I hereby commit to a lifelong BOYCOTT of all of Sheldon Adelson's businesses! Will you join me? All "Sands" casinos. The "Venetian" reosrt and casino. The casino in Bethlehem, PA. The "Sands" Macau (in Communist China!). The "Marina Bay Sands" in Singapore. The Israeli newspaper "Israel HaYom." He makes his billions from the masses of middle class people who gamble in his casinos and stay in his hotels. Let's spend our money with people who do NOT want to destroy America!
+4 # Todd Williams 2012-06-25 10:38
Right on! Will do!
0 # michelle 2012-06-27 21:14
and not watch programs like America's Got Talent that are using Adelson's hotels/casinos. Write the sponsors of the show. Fight it everywhere you can spot it.

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