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Pierce writes: "I know theologians, Rick. I went to school with theologians, Rick. And you, Rick, are not a theologian, nor any great judge of who is and is not acting out of a 'theology.'"

Rick Santorum as preacher, illustration by DonkeyHotey. (art: DonkeyHotey/flickr)
Rick Santorum as preacher, illustration by DonkeyHotey. (art: DonkeyHotey/flickr)

Theology for Dummies

By Charles P. Pierce, Esquire Magazine

21 February 12


n case you all missed it in your preparations for today's celebration of Fillmore/Pierce/Buchanan Day today, Rick Santorum spent the weekend roaming the landscape and talking very much like a nut on a great many topics, and have I mentioned recently what a dick this guy is? I am not kidding. The Republican party is about a half-step away from handing its presidential nomination to an out-and-out religious fanatic whose views, as expressed to allegedly evolved primates on the campaign trail, are not dissimilar to those that some people listen to on their short-wave sets in survivalist camps in upper Michigan, or those that other people hear transmitted to them from St. Michael The Archangel through the fillings in their teeth. There were a number of reasons why the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided six years ago that they no longer wanted to be represented in the U.S. Senate by fetus-fondling Torquemada. Over the past few days, we have seen only a few of them.

Santorum now has attached himself to the most extreme rightist positions on both women's health care and on the various issues of environmental protection. He has aligned himself with the most extreme elements of his party on both those issues. It doesn't matter a damn any more that he has more "blue-collar credibility" than Mitt Romney - so does Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands - and it doesn't matter a damn that he actually makes the right mumble-noises about his plan to revive American manufacturing, which, anyway, if you look at it closely, is more a plan to revive the personal profits of the people who employ American manufacturing workers. He has decided, on issues that by his own admission are at the core of who he is, to make common cause with the most singularly exotic fauna of the political fringe. Let us face facts. If your opinion on the coverage of pre-natal screening within the Affordable Care Act is based on the notion that the president wants pre-natal screening to be used fundamentally as a Trojan Horse for culling disabled children from society, you've strayed pretty far from the pack. And if you start trafficking in the idea that, say, cap-and-trade is an expression of a "theology," phony or otherwise, you've gone zooming into that zany dimension where every word simply means what you want it to mean.

(Also, in opposing the coverage of all pre-natal screening for whatever reason, Santorum is also adopting a position that will save large insurance companies a lot of money. I do not believe this is accidental, either.)

As it happens, for non-bloggy reasons I need not go into here, I've spent the last week or so reading actual theology from actual theologians, going all the way back to Origen and Tertullian on Christian pacifism, and also hanging around with Erasmius, Luther, and Calvin, while they chew over predestination and free will. (Love that old Dion song. "I think I saw him walking over the hill/ With Desiderius, Martin and John.") I know theologians, Rick. I went to school with theologians, Rick. And you, Rick, are not a theologian, nor any great judge of who is and is not acting out of a "theology." And neither, I would point out, is the president of the United States. A difference in opinion on how we best save our battered planet is not a theological dispute. The answers to it are not to be found in Scripture, or in the writings of the Church Fathers, unless you count Glenn Beck, which I don't, and I think I probably could have gotten Clement of Alexandria to agree with me on that one, too. The answers are to be found in how we argue with each other through our politics. That's messy, and nasty, and uncivil, and so can theology be, but what is being argued about is neither sacred nor ineffable. The only reason to frame it that way is to demonstrate what a good theocrat you can be, and to give people a god-haunted reason for not recycling, or for bitching some more about lightbulbs.

This is not something a candidate should do lightly, or because it gives a candidate a leg up on another candidate who might be, you know, the member of a religion that some of your primary target voters think is a cult. Political campaigns are not theological. It is dangerous to make them so. You get people turning fundamentally political arguments into theological disputes, and you're not far from the darker impulses that lead to the bastinado and a very dire St. Bartholomew's Day. That Rick Santorum is willing to do this, like a child giggling with a blowtorch, is reason enough to disqualify him ever from a position of secular power. The rhetoric he has adopted comes from a history charred by fire, and sodden with blood. your social media marketing partner


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+194 # freeportguy 2012-02-21 22:13
A child giggling with a blowtorch: oh man, never as Santorum been better described!
+14 # PaineRad 2012-02-22 16:39
An apt description of Rush Limbaugh and Glen (missing many 'n'grams) Beck, among others.
+216 # Tippitc 2012-02-21 22:51
I totally agree with Bill Moyers - freedom FROM religion. The repugs are getting wackier all the time!
+40 # Rita Walpole Ague 2012-02-22 12:17
Santorum and the bishops and their like do not control, speak for, or MSD (manipulate, spin, distract) the majority of the populace, including Catholics.

Let's ignore the puppet whores, and get back on track of recognizing the coup d'etat that taken place, and build up our courage and determination to fight Wisconsin style to do all it takes to...

+30 # Ray Kondrasuk 2012-02-22 14:08

"fight Wisconsin style..."

A smile and a nod of thanks from a cheesehead!
+147 # DaveM 2012-02-21 23:02
I believe Santorum believes himself qualified to interpret, rearrange, or if necessary, dictate the will of his personal God. Who must not be mistaken for the God of the Bible, whatever Mr. Santorum may claim. Those of us who have read the Bible without being told which passages to read or what they "really meant" are well aware that Santorum's Commandments are nowhere within.
+56 # futhark 2012-02-22 04:27
Thanks DaveM: I was raised in a family of religious skeptics. My parents were apostates from the Methodist and Baptist churches and aligned themselves with Unitarianism. I had very little "Biblical" instruction, other than reading the children's rewrite of the Bible, "A Promise To Keep". At the end of high school I perceived this lack of background to be a liability, so dragged out my mother's King James Version and proceeded to read it cover-to-cover over the next 3 years. Most of it was very dull reading, a lot consists of the fantasies, myths, and legends of a pastoral people, some is good advice to backpackers and campers (check out Deuteronomy 23:13), and there are, of course, some lofty ethical principles. I'm surprised it made its way through the centuries of hand copying without some more severe excision of the dull parts.

My point is that almost all the Bible thumpers out there have never taken the trouble to read all of "God's Word" in its entirety and have been shown in a recent survey to be more ignorant of its content than most self-professed atheists and agnostics. Google "bible quiz" and test yourself on one of the many available. I just checked one out on the Book of Jonah and got 3 out of 4 right. Did you know that Jonah was despondent over having to go preach God's word because he feared that he would be successful and that the Ninehvites would repent and be spared?
+22 # cadan 2012-02-22 12:30
That whole passage is interesting.

It contains an infamous prohibition of "sodomites" (KJV) among the sons (but not the daughters) of Israel, and a prohibition of prostitutes among the daughters (but not the sons) of Israel.

But it also contains the command not to return an escaped servant of a master (contra Dred Scott --- my, how we pick and choose don't we?).

And of course, how to keep a clean camp, as you've pointed out!
+29 # pol 2012-02-21 23:55
Mr. Santorum is a dominionist.
+50 # angelfish 2012-02-21 23:56
Rick Santorum couldn't get "a leg up" on his Dog, for crying out loud! HOW did this Hiney Wipe EVER get to be a front runner in the ReTHUGlican Presidential race? I mean, he got found out in his home State and didn't last very long there. WHAT do THEY know that we DON'T? He's a One Trick Misogynist, a Johnny One Note singing the same old trash over and over again. Beware of a Zealot with delusions of Grandeur, for that is what he is. Be afraid, America, be VERY afraid. Ordinarily, I wouldn't worry about him at all but we all said the same things about the shrub! NEVER underestimate the idiocy of a certain segment of the American populace! On THIS side of the Looking Glass, ANYTHING is possible!
+26 # Okieangels 2012-02-22 00:19
Sheesh, do we need to pass a law that if a candidate for president mentions God or religion he should be disqualified? This is all just getting too creepy.
+36 # angelfish 2012-02-22 11:33
Quoting Okieangels:
Sheesh, do we need to pass a law that if a candidate for president mentions God or religion he should be disqualified? This is all just getting too creepy.

I'm curious to know what part of Separation of Church and State you don't understand? I have NO problem with ANYONE declaring his "faith" BUT when they try to cast aspersions on OTHERS by making WILD accusations and OUTRIGHT lies, I begin to question, not only that person's "faith", but, their motives as well! Santorum is a Fanatic, as bad as ANY Taliban Imam, demonizing OTHER people's faith and trying to make the Public Think that our President is lying when he declares HIS Christan Faith! If you ask me, Santorum is NO Christian, since he seems to have NO problem bearing false witness against others! He is certainly entitled to his opinions, however false, but he has NO right to espouse them as Gospel Truth!
+49 # 2012-02-22 00:26
I am hoping that this fine editorial by Charles Pierce will open a window of truth to Santorum's supporters regarding his disregard for the constitution, misconceptions about theology, & his
darker impulses that "disqualify him ever from a position of secualar power".
+34 # lourdmar 2012-02-22 00:38
Wow, simply brilliant and right on the money! Unfortunately Sanctum Sanctorum is incapable of understanding a word of it...he's driven by a 'calling' to save America by running for the position of Pope.
+33 # luvdoc 2012-02-22 00:51
How titilating ricky boy, all this talk about vaginas & eggs & penises and who puts what in what. Of course all GOP candidates seem to want to control the vagina and its contents. Some folks probably find this exciting & jerk off.
I find it more than pathetic and painfully demeaning to women.

I liked the original version of Vagina Monologues much better.

+49 # DrBill 2012-02-22 01:29
There is a long tradition of nuts and cranks and imbeciles in politics. The Filmore/Pierce/ Buchanan trio (to which I think Bush junior should be added) of POTUS's certainly points that out.
What is sadder though is the number of moron voters who actually agree with the guy, as the primary polls indicate.
+79 # Wolfchen 2012-02-22 01:34
Christian fundamentalism is our form of Islamic fundamentalism. ..same moronic voices with diffent faces.
+76 # rev1944 2012-02-22 01:38
As a priest in the Catholic tradition, I am astounded by Santorum's position. Has he not read the Holy Father's recent works on Social Justice as well as the positions on the environment. Santorum is not really Catholic. He is faux-catholic. Wake-up America!! Please don't elect a wolf in sheep's clothing!!!
+36 # maddave 2012-02-22 02:01
Hey! No doubt guys in the GOP Clown Car are frantically trying to find an issue that they can adopt as their very own, and this is it!

I'm offended, too, but he reason that they are going to God for help is that (for the present) they have lost/given-away the "Jobs" and "Economy" issues.

I'm waitin' for them to begin handling serpents. There's nothin' better'n a snake-bit republican to to liven-up an election.
+51 # maddave 2012-02-22 02:10
I learned a long time ago, that when anybody - especially a politician -walks up to you, puts his arm around your shoulder and says "You can trust me, 'cause I'm a Christian." , the first thing you MUST do is reach for your wallet. If you are not alert & quick, you'll find that yours is the second hand on scene.

If somebody is a true Christian, he/she doesn't need to advertise. You'll know it by his/her actions.

Are you listening, Mr. Santorum?
+40 # teineitalia 2012-02-22 03:09
I feel a little sorry (just a little) for Romney, who cannot make an end run to the right of Sanitarium Dick. If Romney does manage to do that, he will fall off the planet, because, after all, the world is flat. What a clown car of candidates this Re-puklican party has become. Jokers and thieves and emporers. One with no clothes.
+23 # kitster 2012-02-22 05:58
i am not a christian. but i do have a bible...and a koran and a baghvad gita and a dammapada and, well, a lot of so-called religious books.

in my bible...a king james version (oh, i know, i know...that's anathema to a true religionist like st. sanctum santorum of the froth)...there are some verses that sum up his fecal liquidness to a fair-thee-well.

i am speaking of matthew 7: 21-23. look it up.

suffice it to say i love it when they hoist themselves on their own petards.

as far as this fool ever becoming president...the pachy poobahs will never allow it. it would mean the end of the republican't party as they know it.

they're gonna lose anyway, but at least they'll want to put up a fight. with to-the-right-of -torquemada rick...well, there aren't enough old, white, male, racist, retards on this planet to elect him (even so, the planet HE comes from).

last night, god told me to look for a brokered, goper convention. amen.
+46 # Todd Williams 2012-02-22 06:32
Santorum's and Gingrich's comments over the past week or so have reached a new low in substance and taste. And if it weren't protected speech, it would be borderline treason. These two men are dangerous demagoges who have basically called for the overthrow of our president. And there are enough crazies out there who might be tempted to take them up on their desires. These are scary times folks. I just hope our president is well protected.
+66 # Ken Hall 2012-02-22 06:45
Last president we had that talked to god, from the same party, no less, was a disaster that brought the economy to its knees and involved the US in long term wars for false reasons.
+42 # walt 2012-02-22 07:00
The sad part of all this foolish religious commentary in the campaign is that, like many of the other GOP candidates, Santorum feels compelled to placate the religious right made up of folks mostly not even of his religion or "theology." And he is fool enough to think it will work.

What we have been seeing is political pressure from a right wing, fundamentalist, bigoted group whose real mission is to return the presidency to a white man.

Let's get "theology" out of our politics and start talking about the real needs of Americans.
+30 # Bruce Gruber 2012-02-22 07:13
Ditto! And the same to the 'soft sell' "practicing" believers of EVERY stripe who "Bless you!" at every pause.

America was POPULATED by outsiders - wanderers, nut jobs, criminals, sects and some common folk escaping from a society in which they couldn't 'make it'. The USA was GRANTED to aristocrats by "insider" aristocrats. Beneficiaries (our landed gentry) didn't exactly fit the mold of the monarchy's Court of the Moment. For some it may have been opportunity to 'prove' dissident beliefs in governmental participation - like voting and non-lineage ownership. For others it was 'purity' in the exercise of of 'faith'.

The point? Those who would use an assemblage of parables, legends, personal reflections, practical (w)holistic remedies, and political justifications for crowd control as the Word of God(!) to justify their personal perceptions or motivations about government MAY NOT have all their wheels on the ground.

The debates that led to our experiment in self governance were NOT a "Christian" transfer of some 'Ten Amendments' from God to the Constitutional Convention. They were hard fought compromises designed to make MOST citizens REASONABLY secure that past miseries might be avoided ... or at least be repairable - open ended system designed for growth and improvement as we gain wisdom.

Ideologues, the preachers of 'differences' and 'division', cannot lead us to wisdom OR enlightenment.
+28 # stonecutter 2012-02-22 07:16
This is brilliantly written, funny, funny stuff. Charles Pierce is a word cannon, a howitzer lobbing bombshells into the battlefield that Santorum and Gingrich have each drawn trying to derail Willard, and assume the mantle of the white supremacist "Christian" omni-bigots and gun-lusting "enthusiasts" who mostly seem stuffed, like a can of stone-dead sardines, into the cohort of southern and western states up for grabs between now and Super Tuesday.

Imagine Rick-Newt winning the nomination, then in the last 2 months of the campaign telling the whole country, "Hey, I didn't really mean any of that vile shit I was dumping every day in the primaries. You know how it gotta do what you gotta do. Jeez, I didn't want to end up like Huntsman, did I? I had to pander to all those 7-Mountain folks, the 'time travelers' who've never seen a cell phone, who think 'Godfather's' is real pizza, the bible-thumpers and fanatics that populate the grassroots GOP like ants at a picnic, and also, lest we not forgetteth, to Billy Graham's 'seed'."

The sweet irony in Newt's case: it's all financed by Mega-Rich Vegas Jewish Guy--sheez, they couldn't find one billionaire fundamentalist Catholic that loves Newt?--and in Rick's, you've got retro-doofis Foster Freiss, who thought it was "funny" to tell young American women to put aspirin between their knees. I was waiting for him to recommend FGM for tweeners. Break out the pepto bismol.
+3 # 2012-02-22 18:06
Santorum may be the one who needs peopto
bismol tonight at the Republican debate when the journalists question him about his claim that "Satan" is lurking in our government!
+49 # corallady 2012-02-22 07:42
Who is more dangerous to our democratic process than the God-drunk person who believes God speaks to them and directs them? George Bush said that God wanted him to be president and that God told him to invade Iraq. And look what that got us. We can't afford another one in the White House who thinks he knows the mind of God and thinks God is directing him on how to run the rest of us.
+24 # ozken 2012-02-22 07:43
Jeeeeeeesus Charles - why don't you tell it like it is mate- a man ejaculates about 250,000,000 sperm a go and the sperm that made it to the egg in this nutjobs case became Sick Rantorum. I love God - he has a such a great sense of humour. God sends people like Santorum so that the rest of us can grow strong. It's a character building thing right? Well I have news for you God - our characters are pretty well built after the Bush years and we do not need sight nor sound of anymore of these Republican Ratbags!They screw up the world and it even reaches us down here in Oz! We don't need it!

p.s. God - can you send a lightning bolt to fry this sucker! Please - pretty please.
+23 # mike/ 2012-02-22 08:21
and they said Bachmann was crazy? the old saying of "Be careful what you wish for" plays this one out to the hilt...
+12 # T4D 2012-02-22 08:27
Mr. Pierce, Esq.,
Crude language is inexcusable, except of course, for egregious cases, which you have well addressed.
+11 # tenureme 2012-02-22 08:37
... for Dummies. But THAT'S the point! "God" them up with simple Disneyesque sound bite myths to trigger emotionalism, then once you have "validated" yourself as one of "them", dumb them down with simple "truths". This cycle is SO much easier than the effort required by authentic thought or spirituality AND it fosters righteous indignation (ADDICTIVE and in limitless supply that dogs can't sniff!) It works for Nancy Grace, why not Santorum? Onward Khristchun $oldiers! In your heart, you know you are Right!
+26 # bbaldwin 2012-02-22 08:41
Whatever happen to religion and state ??? We now have candidats preaching on the campaign trail, plus telling women what they are suppose to do in their own privacy.... I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of all of them on the right side of the spectrum.
+4 # dick 2012-02-22 08:44
It would be nice if those who comment would discipline themselves to adding to the discussion, not just tweeting a like or dislike in order to see their name on the net somewhere. So sad. A consensus of one on who is the REAL God of the Bible is not helpful. Actually, sounds a lot like SanCtorum. I think we have to find the courage to publicly stand up to God-claimers in ways other than Oh My God Is Bigger Than Your God.We might need to ask people to please keep Dielusions out of the debate.
+24 # Factman 2012-02-22 08:52
It is well known what a bunch of hypocrites the Repellicans are. They want small, less expensive Gov't unless it requires more, expensive Gov't to support their idelology. Example: Virginia Reps want to pass a bill that requires anyone seeking an abortiion to undergo an ultra sound using a vaginal probe! Are these guys nuts? Yes, wingnuts!
+21 # BobbyLip 2012-02-22 09:02
The problem is, if santorum corners the nitwit vote, in this country that might constitute a majority.
+16 # erogers 2012-02-22 09:03
Santorum really needs to spend more time on the couch seeking qualified help and thus give us all a break by being banned from the podium and microphone.
+55 # Larry 2012-02-22 09:05
Let's be clear: Santorum is a dangerous lunatic. His fraudulent misrepresentati on of public policy as "theology" is a brazen attempt to re-cast the election as a holy war, with himself playing the role of Avenging Right Arm of God; an American Taliban. If history has taught us anything, it is that people like Santorum will not be satisfied until they are torturing and burning heretics (i.e., anyone who disagrees with them). All for the sanctfied purpose of saving the sinners' immortal souls, of course.

This bible-thumping bigot and Grand Inquisitor wannabe has no place in our nation's politics, or in any intelligent discussion of religion's role in society and culture.
+16 # carioca 2012-02-22 09:09
Dmitri Orlov said that it is testament to the wisdom of the American people that so few of them bother to vote. Rick Santorum is evidence of that claim.
+9 # phrixus 2012-02-22 09:25
Religion is a well-encapsulat ed delusion that meets many of the basic criteria defining mental illness.
+8 # Lucius 2012-02-22 09:31
If one sees Santorum as a player in a theater of the absurd, however, then his insane utterances can be appreciated as farce.
I kinda hope he gets the nod so that America will see just how crazy the religious right is. The very delusional crackpottery that for some 'reason' appeals to fringe voters will become magnified for all sane people to witness. Obama will win in another landslide. Either that or America is doomed and We become a christer theocracy based on the select passages from the Old Testement. Those would be the choices if Santorum gets the nomination.
+1 # Jesus Follower 2012-02-22 23:19
Quoting Lucius:
...I kinda hope he gets the nod so that America will see just how crazy the religious right is. The very delusional crackpottery that for some 'reason' appeals to fringe voters will become magnified for all sane people to witness. Obama will win in another landslide. Either that or America is doomed ...if Santorum gets the nomination.

He won't. Anyone notice the name "Jeb Bush" sneaking in every now and then lately? I have. Santorum is a red herring. J. Bush has been the candidate all along and will get nominated at the GOP convention and we're off to the races. The "faithful" will all vote for him in relief and Obama may well be a lost cause and we will be faced with a Bush once more but all the more dangerous because he has a few more brain cells than his other brothers. Watch this trend and be ready for the REAL battle.
+15 # phrixus 2012-02-22 09:41
GOP = Genitally Obsessed Party
+12 # artful 2012-02-22 09:49
But can he part the waters of Lake Michigan, and turn Gatorade into wine?
+16 # humactdoc 2012-02-22 10:04
I believe that Santorum's campaign strategy to present himself as the Christian gift to the US also accomplishes changing the subject away from low GOP Congressional ratings. An examination of Santorum's Congressional voting record reveals a very pro-corporate and top 1% America record that has contributed to the widening income and economic disparity in the US today. In other words, he wants voters hit by today's economically climate forget that he contributed to much of their economic woes.
-30 # 2012-02-22 10:58
While I would agree that Santorum is the least acceptable candidate in the running (including Obama), this article displays a shocking lack of knowledge about how conservatives (and climate skeptics in general) view the issue of climate warming.

For decades they have contended that global warming alarmists are motivated by a theology, that alarmists hold unsubstantiated beliefs in the face of facts that do not fit their worldview.

Santorum's remarks cannot be taken to be a criticism of Obama's Christianity since they had nothing to do with obama's religious beliefs. Santorum was, in fact, using the word "theology" as progressives generally use it -- to describe beliefs unsubstantiated by scientific facts.

And for those of you who are outraged by Santorum's mixing of religiosity with government (and I do agree with you), where were you when Obama did the same thing at the recent prayer breakfast? He essentially said that the Bible told him to raise taxes on the rich -- a clear perversion of Christian teachings in my view. Religion should never be manipulated to support political views. Your objections to Santorum are hypocritical to say the least.

Lee Nason
New Bedford, Massachusetts
+31 # bugbuster 2012-02-22 11:48
Those who believe that climate change is unsubstantiated do not understand the concept of modeling complex systems with computer algorithms. They also do not seem to understand the difference between global climate and local weather.

Models now widely accepted in the scientific community accurately predict what is happening now. When the affects of human activity are taken out of the input, the climate change predicted by the model is significantly reduced.

Willfully ignoring these facts is a reaction against the scientific method same as evolution denial is. *That* is theology.

Theology and ideology get people killed. Science is far from perfect, but I prefer its track record to any religion or ideology.
+6 # Bruce Gruber 2012-02-22 15:35
Climate change scientists have expressed concern that scientific calculations and models project potentially cataclysmic effects on ocean levels, food production, energy costs and crop and species viability. A correlation of current temperature trends has been associated with carbon dioxide emissions and industrialized development (say, more than a billion cars in daily use in the next decade or so). This doesn't represent "theology". Theology has to do with the study of faith, the practice of 'beliefs' handed down and accepted without question from generation to generation. Scientific study based on current, measurable and repeatable analyses is NOT "eyes closed" acceptance of a god's words to Santorum's, Graham's, Mitt's or Hannity's ears.

Your Dartmouth connection to the internet would suggest the association with, if not the capacity for, "thoughtful" contribution to this and other discussions. So far I am inclined to think you may clean up after, rather than contribute to, higher education and learning.
+5 # kelly 2012-02-22 11:09
Another debate tonight. I want to hear Santorum will explain how our problems here have been brought on by the "divil himself" but that Greece and Sudan have simple easily explained ordeals brought about naturally by a gentle understanding God who is merely teaching his faithful a lesson.
+24 # Buddha 2012-02-22 11:25
What is scary is that there is a significant number of Americans who believes as Santorum does, otherwise he wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the GOP field today. The same crew up in arms about Sharia Law want to turn us into a Christian theocracy. Pot, meet kettle.
+14 # lilpat126 2012-02-22 13:20
We are a country of scared little kids. We have lost our faith in ourselves to solve problems. we are constantly looking for some to do it for us. In steps the money men and the wingnuts telling us to relax, just vote the way I tell you and we will take care of you. Right, the faster we get rid of you to starving and disease all the more for us. Hey Folks, kwitchyerbitche n and work to make sure these guys don't get elected. Speak out about what is going on. Not only here we all know it but to the person in line at the check out, total strangers. They may think you are a whack job but they will remember you and what you said.
-15 # barbaratodish 2012-02-22 14:06
Charles P. Pierce says in the above article and I quote"The answers are to be found in how we argue with each other through our politics."
Before we can REALLY argue rationally, whether it is about politics, religion, sex, etc., we first must take a risk to BE RATIONAL. Most of us just PRACTICE at being RATIONAL. Most of us PRE EXIST as IRRATIONAL drama and ego.
IMHO, you only BECOME rational when and if "YOU" truly LOVE "YOU" with all your flaws and when you love your dark and light sides. THEN and only then can you try to find others that feel likewise. Then "YOU" will find acceptance because YOU, the RATIONAL YOU, will find others who are rational instead of toxic others that LIVE for ego and drama.
+6 # stonecutter 2012-02-22 16:44
of course...why didnt i think of that.
+11 # L mac 2012-02-22 19:45
Quoting barbaratodish:
"The answers are to be found in how we argue with each other through our politics." Before we argue, whether it is about politics, religion, sex, etc. we first must BE. Few if any of us ARE, to begin with, because most of us just PRACTICE at being, Most of us PRE EXIST as drama and ego. I say, IMHO, when "YOU" truly LOVE "YOU" with all your flaws and when you love your dark and light sides, THEN try to find others that feel likewise. Then "YOU" will find acceptance because YOU find YOU!

-6 # barbaratodish 2012-02-24 16:56
Quoting L mac:
Quoting barbaratodish:
"The answers are to be found in how we argue with each other through our politics." Before we argue, whether it is about politics, religion, sex, etc. we first must BE. Few if any of us ARE, to begin with, because most of us just PRACTICE at being, Most of us PRE EXIST as drama and ego. I say, IMHO, when "YOU" truly LOVE "YOU" with all your flaws and when you love your dark and light sides, THEN try to find others that feel likewise. Then "YOU" will find acceptance because YOU find YOU!


TRANSLATION: IMHO almost all arguments are just ego and drama, i.e., soap opera. Most of us are fearful of owning our complete personalities, our dark as well as our light sides. I have only just begun to be aware of the power that is in me, and I believe we all have power that we fear and/or are unaware of the power we have, so instead the POWER HAS US! I DARE now to speak to and with my POWERFUL self, and I speak regardless of what is "politically correct"! I would rather HAVE my power of communication, even if it JUST to MYSELF that I am communicating! The confidence of power and the power of confidence is worth more to me than external approval, (except, of course, if and when it involves issues of life or death, absolute physical survival, etc.)
-15 # The Voice of Reason 2012-02-22 19:52
People have such a strong distaste for the word of God as an assistance, and prefer instead to invoke God's wrath almost on a dare.

On the other hand, Religion has its most productive effect when shaping the morals and spiritual values of God's creatures, which is all of us. And their work is cut out for them considering the thoroughly rotten morals of this modern day.

Sadly, religious leaders prefer exercising control over carrying out the will of God, and they do more harm than the people they are trying to "save".

Then again, immorality, greed, corruption, and sexual excesses are the soup du jour of modern Western Civilization. And it's no better in the East, where murder, mayhem and abuse of women are mainstream activities.

Baha'u'llah is the Founder of the Baha'i Faith in 1844. He reserved His harshest condemnations for the religious leaders who usurp their position:

"Were the eye to be anointed and illumined with the collyrium of the knowledge of God, it would surely discover that a number of voracious beasts have gathered and preyed upon the carrion of the souls of men."

This society is devoid of moral values, cares nothing for spirituality, and is lost in the crush of selfish materialist pursuits. It will collapse under the weight of its own iniquities, and you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

But there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
0 # stonecutter 2012-02-23 04:58
How do you say "amen" in Baha'i?
-3 # The Voice of Reason 2012-02-23 23:21
Not in as many words. So be it. We finish passages from the Holy Writings by attributing the Author. So I guess we say amen with "Baha'u'llah".

The Writings also say, "Say!" which is short for "Thus sayeth the Lord".

And thanks for asking!
+4 # rblee 2012-02-23 13:19
Voice of Reason?! If you believe that an imaginary anthropomorphic supernatural entity writes books, you are confused at best, insane at worst. Religion is superstition and cannot by its very nature promote morality. "Spirituality" is just a means of social control and exploitation. Religion IS the "original sin": abandoning your true reasoning ability for a system of authoritarian mind control. Santorum is a great "Original Sinner". Hope this clears up your thinking. (Assuming, hopefully, that you are not insane.)
-5 # The Voice of Reason 2012-02-23 23:25
In another passage He likewise saith: "And if ye be in doubt as to that which We have sent down to Our Servant, then produce a Surah like it, and summon your witnesses, beside God, if ye are men of truth."

The Kitab-i-Iqan, p. 204
+6 # mghu 2012-02-23 07:37
I think we have reason to be afraid that Sanitorium might not only win the nomination, BUT might also win the election. He is a total nutcase, but, last time I looked, that was not an deterrent to the "geniuses" of the American public.

I've been listening carefully to him, and he has perfected the art of seeming sane, reasonable, and even likable-- a nice "standup" guy-- while all the while spouting words that should qualify him for institutionalization.
+6 # 2012-02-23 15:07
Rick Santorium is a very dangerous man, politically and psychologically .
+6 # ABen 2012-02-23 09:19
When I hear Rick Santorum speak, the adjectives 'sanctimonious' and 'holier-than-th ou' come to mind along with the term 'self-styled inquisitor.' This empty sweater vest has ZERO chance of winning a general election, and the fact that he is so popular with GOP primary voters speaks volumes about the current state of the GOP.
+2 # 2012-02-24 20:53
Are you saying he's "Kafkaesque, Aben?
+5 # ganymede 2012-02-23 11:16
What puzzles me more than anything else about the tragicomedy that is the Republican presidential contest is that not one Republican or rightwinger has roundly condemned Santorum who has to be the nuttiest and most dangerous character since Joseph McCarthy. What's wrong with you rightwingers?!
+1 # rblee 2012-02-23 13:24
The supreme delicious irony is that the Evangelical Protest-ants' Great White Hope, Santorum, is a Papist ("nutter", as qualified by Pierce recently).
+2 # Larkrise 2012-02-26 19:38
The Rethuglican Party is obsessed with controlling everything from women's bodies to the air we breathe. They want to harm both. They are regressive, paranoid, destructive and demented. Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, et. al. are poster boys for the sickness, anxieties and anger that controls the Party. Perry cannot put two words together. Santorum is displaying symptoms of mental illness in his constant religiosity. Hatemongering, fearmongering, bigotry, intolerance, greed, selfishness, warmongering, lack of compassion, mudslinging, lying, misrepreseting the facts, and denial are among the many negative qualities and actions defining the Republican Party of today. It is blatantly toxic! It has been a steady progression of dysfunctionalit y since Reagan. Too many people have become used to it; and fail to see how dangerous it is. On the other hand, the Dimocrats are only marginally better, if that. The NDAA, the failure to help people stay in their homes, drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, the war in Afghanistan, torture enclaves,lettin g bankers and crooks off the hook, nuclear energy folly, and on and on; are but a few of the Dimo failures. We keep hoping for a saviour,but it has to be ourselves.In the meantime, anyone who brags they are a Republican looks like a jackass without their nose.

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