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Gibson writes: "It really isn't that radical a thing to expect this government to kill someone who threatened their authority and had the power to organize millions to protest it."

Martin Luther King at Washington DC's Lincoln Memorial in 1968. (photo: Francis Miller/Getty Images)
Martin Luther King at Washington DC's Lincoln Memorial in 1968. (photo: Francis Miller/Getty Images)

How the Government Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News

03 April 13


efore scoffing at this headline, you should know that in 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee, more than three decades after MLK's death, a jury found local, state, and federal government agencies guilty of conspiring to assassinate the Nobel Peace Prize winner and civil rights leader. The same media you would expect to cover such a monumental decision was absent at the trial, because those news organizations were part of that conspiracy. William F. Pepper, who was James Earl Ray's first attorney, called over 70 witnesses to the stand to testify on every aspect of the assassination. The panel, which consisted of an even mix of both black and white jurors, took only an hour of deliberation to find Loyd Jowers and other defendants guilty. If you're skeptical of any factual claims made here, click here for a full transcript, broken into individual sections. Read the testimonies yourself if you don't want to take my word for it.

It really isn't that radical a thing to expect this government to kill someone who threatened their authority and had the power to organize millions to protest it. When MLK was killed on April 4, 1968, he was speaking to sanitation workers in Memphis, who were organizing to fight poverty wages and ruthless working conditions. He was an outspoken critic of the government's war in Vietnam, and his power to organize threatened the moneyed corporate interests who were profiting from the war. At the time of his death, he was gearing up for the Poor People's Campaign, an effort to get people to camp out on the National Mall to demand anti-poverty legislation – essentially the first inception of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The government perceived him as a threat, and had him killed. James Earl Ray was the designated fall guy, and a complicit media, taking its cues from a government in fear of MLK, helped sell the "official" story of the assassination. Here's how they did it.

The Setup

The defendant in the 1999 civil trial, Loyd Jowers, had been a Memphis PD officer in the 1940s. He owned a restaurant called Jim's Grill, a staging ground to orchestrate MLK's assassination underneath the rooming house where the corporate media alleges James Earl Ray shot Dr. King. During the trial, William Pepper, the plaintiff's attorney, played a tape of an incriminating 1998 conversation between Jowers, UN Ambassador Andrew Young, and Dexter King, MLK's son. Young testified that Jowers told them he "wanted to get right with God before he died, wanted to confess it and be free of it."

On the tape, Jowers mentions that those present at the meetings included MPD officer Marrell McCollough, Earl Clark, an MPD lieutenant and known as the department's best marksman, another MPD officer, and two men who were unknown to Jowers but whom he assumed to be representatives of federal agencies. While Dr. King was in Memphis, he was under open or eye-to-eye federal surveillance by the 111th Military Intelligence Group based at Fort McPherson in Atlanta, Georgia. Memphis PD intelligence officer Eli Arkin even admitted to having the group in his own office. During his last visit to Memphis in late March of 1968, MLK was under covert surveillance, meaning his room at the Rivermont was bugged and wired. Even if he went out to the balcony to speak, his words were recorded via relay. William Pepper alleges in his closing argument during King v. Jowers that such covert surveillance was usually done by the Army Security Agency, implying the involvement of at least two federal agencies.

Jowers also gave an interview to Sam Donaldson on "Prime Time Live" in 1993. The transcript of the interview was read during the trial, and it was revealed that Jowers openly talked about being asked by produce warehouse owner Frank Liberto to help with MLK's murder. Liberto had mafia connections, and sent a courier with $100,000 to Jowers, who owned a local restaurant, with instructions to hold the money at his restaurant.

John McFerren owned a store in Memphis and was making a pickup at Liberto's warehouse at 5:15 p.m. on April 4th, roughly 45 minutes before the assassination. McFerren testified that he overheard Liberto tell someone over the phone, "Shoot the son of a bitch on the balcony." Other witnesses who testified included café owner Lavada Addison, who was friends with Liberto in the 1970s. She recalled him confiding to her that he "had Martin Luther King killed." Addison's son, Nathan Whitlock, also testified. He asked Liberto if he killed MLK, and he responded, "I didn't kill the nigger but I had it done." When Whitlock pressed him about James Earl Ray, Liberto replied, "He wasn't nothing but a troublemaker from Missouri. He was a front man ... a setup man."

The back door of Loyd Jowers' establishment led to a thick crop of bushes across the street from the Lorraine Motel balcony where Dr. King was shot. On the taped confession to Andrew Young and Dexter King, Jowers says after he heard the shot, Lt. Earl Clark, who is now deceased, laid a smoking rifle at the rear of his restaurant. Jowers then disassembled the rifle, wrapped it in a tablecloth and prepared it for disposal.

The corporate media says it was James Earl Ray who shot MLK, and he did it from the 2nd floor bathroom window of the rooming house across the street from the Lorraine Motel. The official account alleges the murder weapon was dropped in a bundle and abandoned at Dan Canipe's storefront just before he made his getaway. But even those authorities and media admit that the bullet that tore through MLK's throat didn't have the same metallurgical composition as the bullets in the rifle left behind by James Earl Ray. And Judge Joe Brown, a weapons expert called to testify by Pepper in the 1999 trial, said the rifle allegedly used by James Earl Ray had a scope that was never sighted in, meaning that the weapon in question would have fired far to the left and far below the target.

The actual murder weapon was disposed of by taxi driver James McCraw, a friend of Jowers. William Hamblin testified in King v. Jowers that McCraw told him this story over a 15-year period whenever he got drunk. McCraw repeatedly told Hamblin that he threw the rifle over the Memphis-Arkansas bridge, meaning that the rifle is at the bottom of the Mississippi river to this day. And according to Hamblin's testimony, Canipe said he saw the bundle dropped in front of his store before the actual shooting occurred.

The Conspiracy

To make Dr. King vulnerable, plans had to be made to remove him from his security detail and anyone sympathetic who could be a witness or interfere with the killing. Two black firefighters, Floyd Newsum and Norvell Wallace, who were working at Fire Station #2 across the street from the Lorraine Motel, were each transferred to different fire stations. Newsum was a civil rights activist and witnessed MLK's last speech to the striking Memphis sanitation workers, "I Have Seen the Mountaintop," before getting the call about his transfer. Newsum testified that he wasn't needed at his new assignment, and that his transfer meant that Fire Station #2 would be out of commission unless someone else was sent there in his stead. Newsum talked about having to make a series of inquiries before finally learning that his reassignment had been ordered by the Memphis Police Department. Wallace testified that to that very day, while the official explanation was a vague death threat, he hadn't once received a satisfactory answer as to why he was suddenly reassigned.

Ed Redditt, a black MPD detective who was assigned to MLK's security detail, was also removed from the scene an hour before the shooting and sent home, and the only reason given was a vague death threat. Jerry Williams, another black MPD detective, was usually tasked with assembling a security team of black police officers for Dr. King. But he testified that on the night of the assassination, he wasn't assigned to form that team.

There was a Black Panther-inspired group called The Invaders, who were staying at the Lorraine Motel to help MLK organize a planned march with the striking garbage workers. The Invaders were ordered to leave the motel after getting into an argument with members of MLK's entourage. The origins of the argument are unclear, though several sources affirm that The Invaders had been infiltrated by Marrell McCollough of the MPD, who later went on to work for the CIA. And finally, the Tact 10 police escort of several MPD cars that accompanied Dr. King's security detail were pulled back the day before the shooting by Inspector Evans. With all possible obstacles out of the way, MLK was all alone just before the assassination.

The Cover-Up

Around 7 a.m. on April 5, the morning after the shooting, MPD Inspector Sam Evans called Public Works Administrator Maynard Stiles and told him to have a crew destroy the crop of bushes adjacent to the rooming house above Loyd Jowers' restaurant. This is particularly odd coming from a policeman, since the bushes were in a crime scene area, and crime scene areas are normally roped off, not to be disturbed. The official narrative of a sniper in the bathroom at the rooming house was then reinforced, since a sniper firing from an empty clearing would be far more visible than one hidden behind a thick crop of bushes.

Normally, when a major political figure is murdered, all possible witnesses are questioned and asked to make statements. But Memphis PD neglected to conduct even a basic house-to-house investigation. Olivia Catling, a resident of nearby Mulberry Street just a block away from the shooting, testified that she saw a man leave an alley next to the rooming house across from the Lorraine, climb into a Green 1965 Chevrolet, and speed away, burning rubber right in front of several police cars without any interference. There was also no questioning of Captain Weiden, a Memphis firefighter at the fire station closest to the Lorraine, the same one from which Floyd Newsum had been transferred just a day before.

Memphis PD and the FBI also suppressed the statements of Ray Hendricks and William Reed, who said they saw James Earl Ray's white mustang parked in front of Jowers' restaurant, before seeing it again driving away as they crossed another street. Ray's alibi was that he had driven away from the scene to fix a tire, and these two statements that affirmed his alibi were withheld from Ray's guilty plea jury.

The jury present at Ray's guilty plea hearing also wasn't informed about the bullet that killed MLK having different striations and markings than the other bullets kept as evidence, nor that the bullet couldn't be positively matched as coming from the alleged murder weapon. Three days after entering the guilty plea, James Earl Ray unsuccessfully attempted to retract it and demand a trial. Incredibly, James Earl Ray turned down two separate bribes, one of which was recorded by his brother Jerry Ray, where he was offered $220,000 by writer William Bradford Huey and the guarantee of a full pardon if he would just agree to have the story "Why I Killed Martin Luther King" written on his behalf.

The Deception

One of the 70 witnesses that William F. Pepper called to testify in King v. Jowers was Bill Schaap, a practicing attorney with particular experience in military law, with bar credentials in New York, Chicago, and DC. Schaap testified at great length about how the government, through the FBI and the CIA, puts people in key positions on editorial boards at influential papers like the New York Times and Washington Post. He describes that although these editorial board members and news directors at cable news outlets may be liberal in their politics, they always take the government's side in national security-related stories. Before you write that off as conspiracy theory, remember how people like Bill Keller at the New York Times, as well as the Washington Post editorial board, all cheerfully led the march to war in Iraq ten years ago.

Another King v. Jowers witness was Earl Caldwell, a New York Times reporter who was sent to Memphis by an editor named Claude Sitton. Caldwell testified that the orders from his editor were to "nail Dr. King." In the publication's effort to sell the story of James Earl Ray as the murderer, the Times cited an investigation into how Ray got the money for his Mustang, rifle, and the long road trip to Tennessee from California. The Times said that according to their own findings as well as the findings of federal agencies, Ray got the money by robbing a bank in his hometown of Alton, Illinois. In Pepper's closing argument, he says that when he or Jerry Ray talked to the chief of police in Alton, along with the bank president of the branch that was allegedly robbed, neither said they had been approached by the New York Times, or by the FBI. Essentially, the Times fabricated the entire story in order to sell a false narrative that there was no government intervention and that James Earl Ray was a lone wolf.

So for the following 31 years after King's death, nobody dared to question the constant reiteration of James Earl Ray as the murderer of Martin Luther King. Even 13 years after a jury found the government complicit in a conspiracy to murder the civil rights leader, the complicit media continues to propagate the false narrative they sold us three decades ago and vociferously shout down any alternative theories as to what happened as "conspiracy theory," framing those putting forth such theories as wackjobs undeserving of any credibility. It's strikingly similar to how the Washington Post defended their warmongering in a recent editorial commenting on the invasion of Iraq, and had one of their reporters defend the media's leading of the charge into Iraq.

As we remember Dr. King and the important work he did, we should also reject the official account of his death as loudly as the government and media shout down anyone who tries to contradict their lies. As Edward R. Murrow said, "Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit."

Carl Gibson, 25, is co-founder of US Uncut, a nationwide creative direct-action movement that mobilized tens of thousands of activists against corporate tax avoidance and budget cuts in the months leading up to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Carl and other US Uncut activists are featured in the documentary "We're Not Broke," which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. You can contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and follow him on twitter at @uncutCG.

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+65 # indian weaver 2013-04-03 14:36
Heavy duty investigation. I expect that NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox will air this story immediately. I'd suggest forwarding it to everyone you know who ignorant and loves amerika, the present Fascist Terrorist Regime of Amerika that is. Publish it wherever possible.
+23 # 2013-04-04 02:36
Sadly Wikipedia explains why it's hard for press to oppose the Government later whit-washing of the trial for want of substance? Press could risk libelous retribution cost to base on a civil suit denied by US Government own investigators later?

Allegations of conspiracy
In 2000, the U.S. Department of Justice completed the investigation about Jowers' claims but did not find evidence to support allegations about conspiracy. The investigation report recommended no further investigation unless some new reliable facts are presented.[179] In 2002, The New York Times reported that a church minister, Rev. Ronald Denton Wilson, claimed his father, Henry Clay Wilson—not James Earl Ray—assassinate d Martin Luther King, Jr. "There is no way a ten-cent white boy could develop a plan to kill a million-dollar black man."[183] In 2004, Jesse Jackson stated:

The fact is there were saboteurs to disrupt the march. And within our own organization, we found a very key person who was on the government payroll. So infiltration within, saboteurs from without and the press attacks. ... I will never believe that James Earl Ray had the motive, the money and the mobility to have done it himself. Our government was very involved in setting the stage for and I think the escape route for James Earl Ray.[184
+6 # moreover 2013-04-03 22:11
I had the privilege to record William F. Pepper at the Boston Public Library about 10 years ago. I remember thinking this is a conspiracy that makes sense: the motives fit, there were clear coordinated efforts to remove MLK's usual layers of protection, there is ballistic evidence - and even confessions!
Now compare that to the 9/11 conspiracy clowns who were never able to establish a clear convincing narrative combining any of these elements. They're giving the real conspiracies a bad name.
+7 # tingletlc 2013-04-05 19:44
Interesting. You're more willing to credit a plausible narrative based entirely on hearsay and circumstantial evidence (MLK) than a call, based on direct public evidence, for further investigation of claims that that very evidence proves are physically impossible (9/11). I refer you in the former instance to the June 2000 report by the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ declining to investigate the questions raised by Pepper in King v. Jowers (, and in the latter instance to the vast video archive of the collapse of WTC Buildings 1, 2 and 7 on the one hand, and the laws of physics on the other.

I have no compelling basis to reject Pepper's theory, but I haven't seen the forensic evidence to support it beyond a reasonable doubt. I do have grounds that I consider not only compelling but downright dispositive to doubt the official account of 9/11. I don't need a thesis of my own to substitute for the official one; it's enough to say that there is uncontroverted evidence proving that the government claim is simply impossible.

So what's the deal here? You must admit that a rigorously critical review of Pepper's evidence, while it was enough to persuade a jury, is not enough to remove all doubt. And you must equally admit that the plain evidence of our eyes and a stopwatch is far more than enough to warrant a thorough reinvestigation of 9/11. [continue]
+3 # tingletlc 2013-04-05 19:52

I gather that you're not incapable, given a satisfying narrative, of doubting your government; so I have to ask: what about 9/11 obliges you to dismiss as "conspiracy clowns" those who have demanded another look at evidence that has never been explained away?
+70 # MEBrowning 2013-04-03 22:13
We lost not one but three Democratic "kings" in 1963 and 1968, and we've been struggling, as a party and as a country, ever since.
+17 # wantrealdemocracy 2013-04-04 12:34
MEBrowning is obviously still holding the belief that the Democrats are a lesser evil than the Republicans. WRONG! They are hand in hand in destroying any semblance of democracy in our nation. We have lost John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Paul Wellstone, and Martin Luther King Jr. because they stood up against the corrupt 'leadership' of this nation. This evil has been going on for a very long time but now, in our current situation, it should be clear to all of us that we need regime change. Our government is not OURS in any sense. It is time for regime change here in the U.S. of A. First step is for each of us to resolve NEVER AGAIN TO VOTE FOR A D OR AN R. There is no lesser evil.
-6 # MEBrowning 2013-04-05 16:17
wantrealdemocra cy "obviously" hasn't read the first comment under this article:

Please read it and rethink your post.
+6 # kochadoodledoo 2013-04-06 05:52
A third party has never yet been successful in our elections and just seems to have helped the worst of the two evils. How do you expect to prevent that?
0 # RHytonen 2013-04-07 04:57
Quoting kochadoodledoo:
A third party has never yet been successful in our elections and just seems to have helped the worst of the two evils. How do you expect to prevent that?

Easy - just perhaps not as immediate as is sorely needed.

Everyone switches their official party registratin to GREEN (see the actual platform, jill s ) to send a clear anticorporate message.

Then you vote ONLY Green.

I mean this, it HAS to start somewhere.

"Fallout?" "Spoiler?"
The "fallout" we have now,
literally could not be worse.

Nor will it stop, pretty much no matter WHAT we do, but DEFINITELY if we do nothing (ie, vote for the choices corporations give us through THEIR media. And it IS all theirs.)

Of course, if you really wanted change, you would OCCUPY. At LEAST "bang a pan." (google: Cacelorazo )
+1 # Caliban 2018-08-26 13:52
Weak assertions, # wantrealdemocra cy. There is a big difference, and the political figures you seem to admire knew it. Thus, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy both ran for the Democratic party nomination for President -- as did Bernie Sanders. None of them went GOP.

My recollection is that the GOP did provide liberal leadership on some issues (civil rights, particularly) in the Eisenhower years when Southern Dems pulled the Democratic party rightwards. But the nomination of John Kennedy brought the Democrats back to a center liberal position (for the times). And when the GOP went Goldwaterish, that was the end of them as the party of the working class citizen.

The GOP then became the party of the bigots, the right wing religionists, and the very rich, and it has been such ever since, though the religionists have had to swallow their moral pride to tolerate The Trumpster.
+20 # DaveM 2013-04-03 22:42
In 1977, James Earl Ray appeared on a television pilot, "The Truth: With Jack Anderson". He was the highlight of a series of guests who were given polygraph examinations on camera. Ray was given two tests, and failed both spectacularly.

Polygraph tests are not evidence, of course. The examiner noted that Ray was "the most nervous subject he had ever encountered", which may have led to inaccurate results from the polygraph, which essentially measures one's stress level.

That said, there is at least some indication that James Earl Ray had some involvement in Martin Luther King's assassination. He had a rifle of the right type and caliber and was in the right place at the right time....surely this was not mere coincidence. Yes--he could have been set up. And it's hard to believe that anyone planning an assassination would not bother to sight in a scoped rifle. Or was the rifle dropped at some point and the scope knocked off aiming point?

On the other hand, as per the above, there were obviously other parties involved here. Whether they actually carried out the assassination, or just took several steps to "make sure" Ray was fingered as the guilty party, other dirty hands were at work. The "official" history should be re-examined accordingly.
-1 # Caliban 2016-02-11 22:33
Just because there is a scope on a rifle does not mean that any given shooter will care to use it. A good rifle has simple but effective rear and forward sights, and these are more than satisfactory for all but the most difficult targets.

And unfortunately, MLK Jr was not a difficult target.
+33 # jstick 2013-04-03 22:55
Mr. Gibson does not reference the book which provides all the details of the assassination: Orders to Kill by William Pepper. Look for the second edition, the one with all the revelations of the 1999 trial.
Nor does Mr. Gibson reference the role of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover as spelled out by Attorney Pepper in his book.
+55 # lark3650 2013-04-03 23:56
Every so often a leader comes along who truly wants to make the world a better place...someone who wants justice and equality for all people....someo ne with advanced intellectual ability that is able to bring people together for the common good....I guess that wasn't part of the agenda....
+37 # Milarepa 2013-04-03 23:57
The term conspiracy theory is used to discredit a lot of speculation based on deep, factual investigation. With conspiracy out of the way very little remains, to wit JFK, RK, MLK, 9/11 etc.
Who was behind Sirhan Sirhan? We may never know ...
+19 # wrodwell 2013-04-04 00:01
Revelations such as these have usually been viewed as classic cases of "the truth shall set us free."
But nowadays, it's a case of the truth imprisoning us even more as its revelations couldn't be more "instructive" in this era of growing surveillance and heightened "security". The more American citizens become aware of such heinous back room manipulations, the more they're apt to be cowed into silence and acquiescence. Just like the German people once were.
Long Live Freedom!
+33 # ladypyrates 2013-04-04 00:44
Funny how that same media refused to report the verdict of the US District Court Jury that found the CIA responsible for the murder of President Kennedy. (United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, case number 80-1121-Civ-JWK , February 6, 1985)...
+19 # Richard Raznikov 2013-04-04 00:48
Thank you, Carl. It's a very surreal experience living with the official story of this killing when one knows it's false. I've had the same experience for many years with respect to the killings of the Kennedys. The evidence is there but it's as though the difficulty in facing facts is too daunting for many people. If you haven't yet seen it, check out my novel which covers these events in the 'sixties:
+4 # kochadoodledoo 2013-04-06 05:59
As Keb Mo said, "We're just the victims of comfort." We've given the government, the courts, and corporate America carte blanche in exchange for comfort.
-2 # PRB 2013-04-04 00:55
I tried to read the transcript on the King Center site, but the links to the chapters of the transcript don't take you to the text at all.

If you were able to access it, please tell me how you got there.
+9 # CarlGibson 2013-04-04 09:36

Here's a PDF of the full transcript-
+50 # teineitalia 2013-04-04 02:14
This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a murder, committed in my name- and with the taxpayer dollars of my parent's generation. I am so ashamed of what we allow to happen by our silent, complicient behavior. I can only remember the words of King himself: "the moral arc of the universe is long- but it bends toward justice." hoping for Justice to be served here.. in my lifetime.
+31 # Muffy787 2013-04-04 02:27
Another wonderful investigative report by Carl. He is such a young man and so thorough in his work. I am sure that this article is more truth than fiction.
I would love to see him do a similar report on JFK's
assassination as there are so many theories out there, we need to find out who was really behind it and by no means was Oswald solely responsible for that heinous crime.
+22 # End Endless Wars 2013-04-04 02:53
Mr. Gibson,
Question: if a jury in Memphis found the conspirators guilty, were they later acquitted? If not what happened to them? This is an important piece of information that would help substantiate this article. Thank you.
+34 # walt 2013-04-04 06:10
All shocking to read! Thanks, Carl, for this report.

What is really tragic is the amount of hatred in America for black people. We may have thought that most of that ended decades ago, but it hasn't. The best proof is found watching those who have spent the last five years trying to damage or destroy President Obama's administration at every turn.

The white hoods from years ago may not be seen as much today, but another group has taken over and is working hard to maintain the bigotry.
+1 # Caliban 2016-02-11 22:40
Walt--the hatred you reference is indeed there. But this a USA that convincingly elected an African-America n to its Presidency, so I have to believe that nationwide race prejudice is on the decline.
+11 # tedrey 2013-04-04 06:15
It will be very important to observe how the media reports, or does not report, this story. Failure to report and deal with it will be almost tantamount to confession.
+12 # EternalTruth 2013-04-04 09:23
You mean this story from 1999? It's been 14 years of silence already. The evidence is in.
+37 # Oscar 2013-04-04 06:33
This story reminds me so much the murder of JF Kennedy: the same lack of due security, the same 'amateurish' handling of the investigation, the same accusations of conspiracy theory to those that dear to doubt the official story.
+6 # wantrealdemocracy 2013-04-04 12:38
Maybe it seems to be the same because it was done by the same evil forces--who are, unfortunately, still in control of 'our' government.
+1 # MidwestTom 2013-04-04 06:37
This is interesting, and I do not doubt one word of it. What I find odd is the omission of who was in the room with Dr. king. I have heard many stories over the years; this surely came up at this trial, but was not covered by this article. Does anyone know?
+27 # Glen 2013-04-04 06:48
No surprise here. Folks have been doing their own investigation since JFK was shot. The results have been published but too many citizens continue to believe the U.S. government reigns supreme and would never conduct any crime against citizens - that also includes such as the attack on the world trade center.

Assassination has never been uncommon in the U.S., no matter the method. Those wishing to change the system have always been in danger. Just ask folks who were street active or politically active during the '60's, as private citizens.

Hell, ask Marilyn Monroe.
-18 # charsjcca 2013-04-04 08:08
Rodney King was more of a threat.
+1 # genierae 2013-04-04 08:36
MLK, JFK, and RFK were hated by the same elements that hate our president, I pray that the Secret Service is doing its job.
+9 # Christopher Lutter-Gardella 2013-04-04 08:49
Excellent article Carl.
Keep-up the fantastic journalism!
Christopher Lutter-Gardella (of Backbone Campaign association)
+17 # dkonstruction 2013-04-04 08:50
The important question, I think is Why? Not why in general but why was King killed when he was killed? He had long been a thorn (to say the least) in the side of much of the power structure (and, e.g., Hoover had labeled him the most dangerous man in the country).

As long as King was just talking about race he was not a sufficient enough threat. When he moved from strictly to talking about race to talking about class as well (as Gibson notes, King was supporting a sanitation workers strike when he was killed) -- not to mention his opposition to the Vietnam War -- this was when he became "truly" dangerous. The same can be said of Malcolm X (who after going to Mecca and seeing white Muslims comes back to the US and, like King, his views evolved to understand that it is not just about race but also about class.

This should be a lesson to all those who have so enthusiasticall y embraced "identity politics" and in the process abandoned calls for economic equality and justice and organizing across racial and ethnic lines.
0 # mari48218 2016-08-22 19:11
Excellent point!
+29 # futhark 2013-04-04 09:24
As long as the public keeps accepting uncritically the official accounts of the murders of JFK, MLK, RFK, the 3000 who died as a result of the 9/11 coup, and the people that died as a result of the followup false flag anthrax attacks, the agents of the surveillance state apparatus behind them will continue to be emboldened in the use of criminal means to achieve their ends.

Support Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
0 # mari48218 2016-08-22 19:09
I thought engineers and mathematicians proved the planes and those planes alone caused the collapse of the towers. As the planes disintegrated when they hit, they also destroyed internal parts of the building. The jet fuel burned and raised temps and then there was water from the plumbing, the sprinklers, etc. Water combining with the aluminum from the planes caused further explosion. Temps were taken proving they were high enough. Then they did the math and found out the collapse would have taken exactly the amount of time it took under these conditions. Am I missing something??
+6 # reiverpacific 2013-04-04 09:35
Just confirms my disdain for the OS corporate owner-media and it's patsy-like pandering to the halls of power.
It's all smoke and mirrors in it's hubris and they get away with it as they have the rapt but incurious and fleeting attention of their lemmings addicted to content-free programming between ever-lengthenin g commercials for stuff they don't need but are persuaded to want.
Like all corporate self-aggrandizi ng commercials, if it comes our of the "official" channels, post helen Thomas white house press corps or owner-media, believe the opposite.
And stick to either the "Alternative" sources US or the foreign press if you want any facts and depth of reporting.
The quoted Edgar R. Murrow must be revolving in whatever his remains are in.
It's really becoming more and more like Franco's Spain or Suharto's Indonesia but instead of the papers being blacked out, they are just censored more subtly and the foc'rin' screen is merely a reflection of Rome's "Panem et Circences".
You have a hard time getting many books here like the late Phillip Agee's or Greg Palast's, except at "alternative" activist book stores one of which was attacked and the windows smashed in Portland OR not too long ago.
The message? "Conform or die"!.
+6 # Rita Walpole Ague 2013-04-04 10:06
And, how do the oh so tragic killings (slaughters of leaders I've felt, strongly, since they occurred, to have been by the evil, coup d'etat takeover, greed and power addicted wannabe govt. controller fiends) of MLK, JFK, and RFK, give notice to us today that more of such slayings are coming?

Anwers: The real McCoy, justice upholding judge, Hon. Judge Forrest in Fed. Dist. Court (New York's Southern Div.) had Navy Seals escorting her out of the courtroom and courthouse when ruling in favor of plaintiffs in the extremely under reported by the 'mess' media trial of the century: Hedges, et. al. v. Obama, et. al.. Very recently,I, a legal asst. member of plaintiffs' legal team, was humbled (and, I admit, comforted and then some), to be told by a big whig in law enforcement, that I was being watched and kept safe. My hope is that all truth telling plaintiffs/atto rneys/judge in the aforementioned trial, are also being kept an eye on, in order to be kept from MLK style martyrdom.

Yep, there's a war going on alright. But, what nearly all Americans do not comprehend, rather than lied into, erzatz terrorist wars, it's the war that a Pres. named Eisenhower foretold of, when he warned us of the power addicted takeover of the military-indust rial complex, the battle of the evil, villainaire rulers against those who lead and wish to lead the way to all of us occupying liberty and justice for all.
-8 # RHytonen 2013-04-07 05:02
I do believe Eisenhower was the LAST noncorporate President.

(Remember: It was under JFK that the first of a thousand cuts was delivered to the 90%+ TMR.)
-3 # wwway 2013-04-04 11:02
With the latest murder of a Texas prosector Texas lawmakers and enforcers are backing off from the Aryans. The gun manufacturers own our government. Americans have largely given permission and their consent to the murder of school children, theater goers and law enforcement officers for years now. Government by and for the people determines the government they want to live under and deserve. If they want the gun manufacturers and bankers to rule then that's what they get. Do Chickens for Col. Sanders really expect to survive?
+16 # lorenbliss 2013-04-04 11:20
Let us not forget – while government agents undoubtedly pulled the trigger of the rifle that murdered Martin Luther King Jr; while government agents undoubtedly fired the guns that killed President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Sen. Robert Kennedy, Fred Hampton, Alison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, William Schroeder, Sandy Scheuer, Phillip Gibbs, James Green; while government agents unquestionably helped protect the killers of Karen Silkwood and in all probability murdered Sen. Paul Wellstone – the kill orders nevertheless came from the real One Percent: the nameless, faceless, Bohemian Grove-type secret circle of Big Business tyrants that has ruled the United States with its neofascist regimen of death and suppression since the coup of 22 November 1963.

All that has changed under Barack the Betrayer is the government of the United States now publicly acknowledges it is no different from the government of Nazi Germany: constitutional protections have been nullified and rendered so meaningless, government agents can now murder us at any time for any reason. Such is capitalist governance: absolute power and unlimited profit for the Ruling Class, total subjugation for the rest of us. The only surprise in all this is the huge number of people who were too stupid to see that capitalism – infinite greed elevated to maximum virtue – invariably morphs into fascism.
+5 # Adoregon 2013-04-04 12:07
Let us not forget John Lennon.
0 # wantrealdemocracy 2013-04-04 12:42
Time for regime change in the U.S. of A.
-2 # Glen 2013-04-05 06:45
The security at Bohemian Grove just might be breached with a drone of the type these folks no doubt agree with when used over citizens. There are other gatherings, such as Bilderberg that would be difficult but not impossible to intrude upon.

Wanna take bets on when that will happen?
+3 # kochadoodledoo 2013-04-06 06:13
I'd almost rather see Barack the Dictator, as it is clear that no president can accomplish anything by himself (hopefully herself one of these days soon). A cooperative congress is necessary; a do-nothing racist congress just collects a salary and wastes our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.
+2 # BKnowswhitt 2013-04-04 13:14
All the dots are more connected here in:

“Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination” by Lamar Waldron. This guy did some real good research and he had the same except that King was killed in exchange for favors to please white supremies in the south in that era. No conspiracy just connects better dots than most .. this was good ole boy times and the rednecks in the south hated king ... like obama ...
+5 # Merschrod 2013-04-04 16:27
Dsten you seatbelts while the war with N. Korea is being cooked and promoted. It seems to have taken the front pge from Iran. I wonder why?
0 # indian weaver 2013-04-05 11:03
The Korean b.s. is only a government distraction for preparation to attack Iran, keeping the real agenda OFF THE FRONT PAGES. Don't believe a word you read anymore, look behind the words, not at the words.
+4 # frederico 2013-04-04 18:48
OK, Carl did a great job reminding us of the truth. First, they killed MLK, and then they gave him a national holiday. Hoover and the other trolls killed many of our most courageous and enlightened heroes, and the despicable corporate media continues to spin the web of lies and justifications. Many of agree that we need regime change. Fine, but now what? Nobody has the easy formula to make this happen. How do we do this and avoid a bloodbath? Forget the election process, that's one of the most rotten pillars of our society, rotten to the core. The only way is that the consciousness of many millions must raise so that they will be in the streets to seize our corrupt government. Is another government the answer? Will the same bottom feeders rise to the top of the food chain to oppress the rest of us, as they have done through all of human (his)story, with the exception of a very few advanced societies? How do we have direct democracy without having chaos? It's past time to start putting forth action plans to end the nightmare of amerIkA. I remain hopeful but skeptical that enough enlightened citizens will tear themselves away from TV, consumerism, greed and other distractions, to give a shit enough to have the massive revolt so obviously necessary. Even if we get that far, how do we deal with the morons and the GMO humans who will most definitely fuck things up all over again? The bottom line is: has human evolution come far enough yet, or has it come to it's ugly end?
+17 # eduardoben 2013-04-04 19:29
THIS is why Dr. King was assassinated. And why he was being shadowed by US Army intelligence for at least twelve months before his death. It is unlikely that a Poor People's March on Washington would have been a major cause of his death.

I served in an Airborne infantry unit in Vietnam --- the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

Because of institutionaliz ed racism within the Army, white boys would more often be assigned to learn helicopter maintenance, radar technology, how to work in tanks, intelligence and administrative skills etc. while black boys were much more likely to be assigned to carry a rifle in an infantry unit.

Consequently the closer you would get to the rifle squads (the grunts on the ground) the higher the percentage of black soldiers. In some infantry units black soldiers comprised 50% or more of the troops.

And that is why Dr. King WAS a threat. If he told black soldiers to put their rifles down and refuse to fight -- which he came close to doing in his Vietnam War speech at the Riverside Church in New York a year to the DAY before he was killed -- the US ground war in Vietnam would have come to a screeching halt.
If Malcolm X -- who King had reconciled with had joined in that call, there would have been no question about the ground war coming to an end. The Army knew that King had the power -- if he chose to use it -- to bring the US ground war to a halt. I believe THAT is why the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.

Eduardo Cohen
+4 # idic5 2013-04-04 20:09
I am a pretty interested and well educted citizen and I NEVER learned of MLK civil lawsuit til the last go around of MLK's birhtday last january, and I heard about it here on FB - probably from OM!!!! - mainstream meida - nothing. today's chciago trib - mentkioned raul, but that raul was never found . end of single sentence on this !
ck out this video where he talks about how , in the civil trial brought by teh king familiy inte late 90s, he was the oNLY person there watching this trial - this is incredible (as he saw it , also) - in addition to the incredbiole claims that were found to be true under the civil stds
at 2:20 he starts talking about the assassinations

at 4:52 he starts talking about teh mlk lawsuit
at 10:47 - NO ONE from mainstream media was there at the trial !!!
at 11:27 a portugal reporter that everyone in the US was on teh Simpson and clinton trials , but NO ONE was there
at 14:38 'it is amazing the care that teh govt took to kill mlk'. army intelligence was there, army rifle unit in case the shooter wd not do the job'.
at 18:36 talks about the viet name phoenix program and vets involved in this top secret forces pgm tasked with killing 'terrorists' were in Memphis that day.
at 20:47, Note also his comments on 'Crime Stop' from 1984 where the normal common sense moral and ratiocinative faculties of inference are blocked beause the conclusions wd be so beyond the pale that it is blocked .
+10 # Edwina 2013-04-05 09:24
This may explain why Dr. King's family came to the conclusion that James Earl Ray had not been the murderer, and "forgave" him. At the time, it was mysterious, and the media did not delve into the reasons for their change of opinion (that I saw). The federal government and its propaganda machine, the mainstream media, becomes less credible every day.
-3 # indian weaver 2013-04-05 11:09
For me, Obama / government / corporate Wehrmacht media have NO CREDIBILITY. I don't believe a word any of them say, starting with that baby boy toy the slave Obama, serving slavishly his mommy and daddy to kill, terrorize, assassinate, torture worldwide for his paycheck. This applies to most all employees of the government now who get paid to kill worldwide, all part of the War Machine. In fact, is this government anything but a war machine? Do something right or good and he's as good as dead. Does he know that? Obama has no insight or courage. insight. self evaluation and principles require courage.
+8 # noitall 2013-04-05 17:13
I've often wondered, why is it that the people I like, that are making headway doing what seems right for this country, get bumped off while those that seem totally evil and against everything that I believe in, do things that seem treasonous to this country, end up getting important political positions (fox guarding hen house type jobs). Is it that BIG TIME greed drives them (and these wolves don't hunt alone, ever) to connive against anyone that does not support their greedy ends? It is so obvious too, that they have everything SO TIED UP that anyone saying "Hey, that official story doesn't make sense" is called a "conspiracy theorist" and EVERYONE tells them to get on with life and accept the OFFICIAL STORY. I actually have had friends get short with me when I mention 9/11 not making sense; first time planes disintegrated on impact, metal buildings crumbling by fire whether hit by the planes or not. I get, "Oh you're one of those 'conspiracy theorists', eh?!" I've always learned that if it goes against my instincts and doesn't make sense, ITS BULLSHIT! Re: John Lennon, do you think his killer was an independent actor? Me neither. I guess we can see why Koch, et. al. are so hell bent to control what we hear and know. For me, Ignorance is NOT bliss!
+7 # kochadoodledoo 2013-04-06 06:24
For many there is "comfort in not-knowing." For those committed to knowing, there's no going back, no matter how painful.
+6 # Replicounts 2013-04-19 10:08
The most obvious reason for the U.S. government to kill Dr. King is that he threatened the pipeline of African American cannon fodder going to Vietnam.
-3 # gardenspirit64 2014-03-18 19:26
do you have sources re: Dr. King was changing his position on non-violence during time before his death, coz he was realizing non-violence did not work?
0 # mari48218 2016-08-22 18:58
I recall the interview Ray did before he died. But I never researched it, or thought much of it since then. After reading this article, and googling others that are not on conspiracy theory websites, I think more thorough investigations should be conducted. Deathbed confession, the King family's conclusions based on all of the information they have, and it sure looks like Ray was a convenient criminal idiot to pin it on. At the same time a good explanation for his fleeing to Canada and then London is needed. Excellent article!! :)
0 # TonyDelamo 2019-02-05 02:09
I met James Earl Ray in 1989 at the Brushy Mountain State Prison. I also met MLK Jr.'s family and spoke with them on several occasions. James Earl Ray never shot MLK Jr. His family knew this and worked for years to establish that he was the fall guy for a governmental conspiracy. I thought Ray was guilty until they convinced me that the guilty parties were getting off Scott free and Ray was innocent. Our government has been instrumental in effecting history and altering the facts in everything from the JFK assassination to Watergate, Whitewater and many other pages of our history. Nuff said, I'm outta here.

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