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Taliano writes: "In scenes hauntingly similar to those preceding the illegal invasion of Iraq, countries including Israel, the US and even Canada, are once again beating the drums of war - against Iran."

Many nations' foreign policies now benefit a few companies. (photo: Daily Cloudt)
Many nations' foreign policies now benefit a few companies. (photo: Daily Cloudt)

War, Inc: The Benefits of Endless Conflict

By Mark Taliano, Daily Cloudt

13 August 12


n scenes hauntingly similar to those preceding the illegal invasion of Iraq, countries including Israel, the U.S, and even Canada, are once again beating the drums of war - against Iran. The hapless citizens of Iran - whose democratically-elected government dared to nationalize their oil industry, and was subsequently overthrown in a 1953 U.S/U.K coup - may well be the next victims of a Western Global War, Inc.

What do I mean by this term? We must face the fact that Many nations' foreign policies now - from the US to the UK and Canada - are being run for the benefit of a few companies that profit vastly from keeping these countries on a permanent 'war footing.'

Lockheed Martin is part of War Inc., when it successfully lobbies Canada to buy sole-sourced F-35 war planes, designed for offensive bombing operations.  The contract for the planes is expected to be C$29.3 billion over 30 years, far more than the $C16 billion-C$18 billion promised to tax payers.

Blackwater Industries, more recently re-branded as "Academi,"  is also part of  part of War, Inc.,  by providing an ever-growing list of services, such as catering, construction, and even (well paid) private soldiers.  Each of these "services" was previously the exclusive domain of the military.  Blackwater charges about $1,222 per day per guard, about six times what a regular soldier receives, even though it's the taxpayer who foots the bill in each case. Since June 2004, Blackwater has been paid over $320 million out of a State Department Budget (Worldwide Personal Protective Services) of $1 billion.

Media conglomerates also profit from war and have become part of War, Inc.:  in 2003, when the U.S and the U.K unleashed weapons of mass destruction on Iraq, the corporate media barely mentioned the thousands of anti-war protestors in the U.S and the U.K.  Why not? CBS was owned by Westinghouse, and NBC by General Electric, two major weapons manufacturers, when the war began. Business is good for weapons manufacturers when there is war or the threat of war. Balanced reporting is of lesser importance in such circumstances.

As reported by Yves Engler, author of "Militarism On Rise in Conservative Canada," and in the context of plans to have overseas bases throughout Europe, Canadian Chief of Defence Staff Walter Natynczyk  told the Canadian Press recently, "We have some men and women who have had two, three, and four tours, and what they're telling me is 'Sir, we've got that bumper sticker.  Can we go somewhere else now?'"  He continues, "You also have the young sailors, soldiers, airmen and women who have just finished basic training and they want to go somewhere and in their minds it was going to be Afghanistan.  So if not Afghanistan, where's it going to be?  They all want to serve." Mainstream media's response to these statements - which spell out that War Inc. has to find new markets - has been a deafening silence.

Finally, Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper is a war-monger who profits from war.   Engler describes the Conservative's modus operandi in creating a war culture in Canada:
He explains that the war culture is first enabled by Canadian Forces promotions. In 2010 -2011, for example, the Canadian forces spent $353.6 million to promote their work - to message the positive value of militarization. After the war in Libya, the government spent an additional $850,000 to promote the message of peaceful, laid-back Canada being a "warrior nation."  This messaging creates a climate in which war profiteering can continue to roll in.

At the June 11 Conservative convention, when asked by Macleans editor Kenneth Whyte whether we were "in a great conflict or heading towards one," Harper responded, "I think we always are."  (Yves Engler, Militarism On Rise In Conservative Canada)

This statement indirectly reveals his intentions - to continue to keep Canada forever on a "war footing."  Harper, like Bush and Obama, has signed on for the profit machine of endless war as a global industry.

But war kills with equanimity far from these corporate boardrooms and Parliamentary councils, and the trauma experienced by survivors among both aggressors and victims is widespread. In 2012, the same number of U.S soldiers have killed themselves, as have been killed in battle.

There is no certainty that this war will manifest itself, but there is much certainty about who will gain and who will lose. Innocent Iranian non-combatants will surely pay the highest price … again.

People around the world now hate America for its support of endless War, Inc. If Harper's Canada continues on its present course, Canadians too will soon be asking themselves why people throughout the world hate their government as well. your social media marketing partner


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+29 # Kayjay 2012-08-13 15:46
As this article states, war these days is ALL about the kachinnnnng of the cash register. Maybe....we could bring back that Vietnam mantra of "Hell, NO we won't go!" And then bring back jobs, that don't rely on killing, to employ our youngest job seekers.
+22 # Peacedragon 2012-08-13 21:19
"Hell, NO we won't go!" meant resistance to the draft, which meant jail time for some brave young men. Now it means poverty for young people who can't find a job.
+10 # jlohman 2012-08-14 06:20
Or how about this: we get rid of campaign corruption with public funding of campaigns and let politicians make decisions based on reason rather than their campaign pocketbook.
+15 # MidwestTom 2012-08-13 21:46
In 1976 Professor Quigley wrote TRAGEDY and HOPE, wherein he proposes that US must forever be in UN-WINNABLE wars. He also proposes the New World Order, and states that in order for the US to accept one world government we must be forced into a desperate depression, and we must have enough non-traditional citizens to prevent us acting as one homogenous group. Our government is fulfilling his prediction as fast as possible.
+14 # MidwestTom 2012-08-13 21:48
Why attack Iran, far more like us than our allies the Saudis?
+10 # freedoverseas 2012-08-14 04:41
Only half of the one percent of the richest profit from war. It might be a good strategy to raise the voice of the half percent very wealthy who decide to not profit from war. The 99% are anyway better off when they no longer trust the daily news on new wars (that means also Lybia and Syria). Another way is possible. Look up Suisman Urban architects from Santa Monica CA. They have a Rand Corp -backed plan to build Palestine in a sustainable way. Exactly on the doorsteps of one of the biggest war mongers. Thus the new slogan: '99% profit from Peace. Build Peace.'
-2 # Glen 2012-08-14 06:42
Do consider average citizens who work in factories building war materials and all manufacturing related. The corporations that hire them are located in a great many states, which assists the economies of those states.

Any enterprise of this size is going to involve way more than just the upper levels of the economy.
+1 # Glen 2012-08-14 07:14
My post is to remind freedoverseas that it is more than the wealthy and corporations involved in the war machine. You get citizens caught up in the effort so their income depends on that job.

Most folks do know what an enormous enterprise war now is.
+19 # walt 2012-08-14 06:31
The author is right on. The question is, "Will the American people stand against more war?"

The military-indust rial complex and now the Israel Lobby are pushing this on America. And we will pay with loss of our lives and dollars. When is enough enough?

Looking at Romney announcing Ryan as his VP, one saw hundreds of flags being waved to a pair of vultures who would take us into more war in a heartbeat.

What is wrong with the USA? Wake up, people and demand an end to all this!
+10 # Kootenay Coyote 2012-08-14 08:31
Harper is the worst CDN Prime Minister so far, & appears to have learned Election Theft principles from the Bush Gang.
+8 # maddave 2012-08-14 08:37
All groups, large & small, develop an "ad hoc" culture which becomes ingrained and within which individuals thrive. Newcomers---eve n leaders--- either submit-and-conf orm to the very slowly evolving group mentality/mores or they are (successively) made to feel unwelcome; excluded; shunned; and eventually forced out. This applies in Corporations, Congregations, Universities, Military Units; Social/Politica l Groups; Governments, Families, etc.

Over time, social engineered may have an affect, but - basically - the only way that a deeply entrenched culture can be radically altered is through total dissolution - by dismantling the group and spreading its parts to the winds---OR---th rough co-option by an internal, orthodox cabal - which also dissolves and dismantles the basic "personality".

For example: 1n 1980 the disillusioned southern Jim Crow "Democrata for Reagan" were warmly welcomed by the GOP ---like a Trojan Horse---and proceeded to take over the Party; dismantle its social conscience; and re-build it in their own image. This process - which was never completed - is still in progress as witnessed by their Koch-funded tea-bagger revolution.

Regarding Canada's transformation? Not having been watching, I can't say, but what's likely is that they have welcomed their own economic Trojan Horse . . . complete with it's "Made in the USA" label.
+17 # Buddha 2012-08-14 09:59
"Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia" - 1984, George Orwell

War has always been a tool of the State to control its citizens as much or more than it has been to exert influence over other nations. The problem is our citizens are too programmed, too sheeplike to even know how they are being played by the Military-Indust rial-Congressio nal Complex. People like Orwell, even Eisenhower who coined the Military-Indust rial-Complex phrase, have warned us of this dynamic. Unfortunately the collective response from most citizens is usually a massive shrug of the shoulders. And then we all wonder why we have no money to pave our roads and keep our bridges from falling in our rivers, to keep our schools high quality, to keep tuitions low for higher education, etc.
+10 # Activista 2012-08-14 12:42
"Defense spending alone was 4.7 percent of GDP in 2009" (guess that it is OVER 5% with Obama $100 billion per year Afghanistan disaster - positive feedback - most of our GDP is building weapons - and deficit grows.
Any corporate analyst running spreadsheet to maximize (short term) profits finds that militarism is where the profits are.
This is NOT Democrat x Republican issue - it is the US Money-Militaris tic CULTURE now including Canada. It is the SYSTEM - not politics.
+1 # Kwelinyingi 2012-08-16 07:56
The real tragedy in all this lies in the impotence of the citizens who have become increasingly passive, giving free reign to the robber barons and warmongers to do as they please with total impunity. So much for "We the People..." and "A nation of laws". More like outlaws.

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