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Weissman writes: "These neo-Nazi ideas have won a far broader base, encouraged in no small measure by restrictive speech laws and criminal prosecutions."

Auschwitz survivor Leon Greenman displays his number tattoo. (photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)
Auschwitz survivor Leon Greenman displays his number tattoo. (photo: Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Denying the Holocaust: What Would Hitler Do?

By Steve Weissman, Reader Supported News

26 January 14


erhaps Hitler did not kill enough," lamented the deputy mayor, castigating Gypsies in his town last summer. If, in America, a local official said the same - whether about Gypsies, gays, Jews, or immigrants - decent people would condemn him, and the whole nasty business would quickly fade away. Not here in France, where the law makes it a crime to deny, minimize, or defend the Holocaust. So, Libération has now reported that the court found Gilles Bourdeleix guilty of "a crime against Humanity."

This sounds really big, I know, but do not be fooled. The Frenchman's punishment was a €3000 ($4,180) fine, which the court suspended, as seems par for the course. Even if the judges come down harder, an 8-time repeat offender like the openly anti-Semitic and Nazi-miming comic Dieudonné still has not paid a cent or served time in prison.

As an expatriate American who lives by free speech, I find all this bizarre. But prevailing French attitudes also offend the country's older values. Remember learning about the eighteenth century Voltaire, who vowed to defend to the death the right to express ideas he detested? Not here. Not now. Too many of his countrymen no longer grasp the distinction between defending someone's rights and promoting their views.

Drawing this all-important line can be tricky - and nowhere more painful than with the organized campaign to deny the Holocaust. Though few remember, this was a political movement in part "Made in America," where die-hard defenders of Adolph Hitler used their First Amendment freedoms to pollute American politics and peddle their poison across the Atlantic and into the Middle East.

"Hitler's defeat was the defeat of Europe. And of America," wrote the organizer and conspiracist Willis Carto in a purloined letter that journalist Drew Pearson quoted in his syndicated column in February 1967­. "How could we have been so blind? The blame, it seems, must be laid at the door of the international Jews. It was their propaganda, lies and demands which blinded the West to what Germany was doing."

Unabashed in his enthusiasm for the Nazis, Carto became "undoubtedly the central figure in the post-World War II American far right," explains his biographer, the anti-extremist academic George Michael. In 1958, Carto founded the Liberty Lobby and made it "a big tent" for everyone from Ku Klux Klansman David Duke to the libertarian Ron Paul, who used the group's mailing list to sell subscriptions to his own racist newsletters.

Believing that Jews were "Public Enemy No. 1," Carto railed incessantly against "the Jew-Zionist international banker's conspiracy." Warning of "the inevitable niggerification of America," he backed the segregationist Citizens' Councils in the South and helped organize George Wallace's 1968 campaign for president. Then, after the election, he joined with the long-time American Nazi William Pierce to create what became the more out-of-the-closet National Alliance. Carto soon broke with the group, while Pierce went on to write "The Turner Diaries," which inspired The Order, the Aryan Republican Army, and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

For years, Carto has remained a non-stop propagandist and purveyor of right-wing conspiracy theories, which would-be progressives too often buy. Carto's hate sheet "The Spotlight" was "the most influential medium of the far right." His Noontide Press peddled such classics as "The Protocols of the Learned Sages of Zion" and his mentor Frances Parker Yockey's "Imperium," which became the "Mein Kampf" of the postwar "Fascist International." At various times, Carto sponsored the nationally syndicated daily talk show Radio Free America and had his hand in a string of unsavory publications, including "Western Destiny," "American Mercury," "Washington Observer Newsletter," "Barnes Review," and "American Free Press." As far as I know, only the last two are still going, and both have continued to feature the fellow-traveling Ron Paul.

Carto's most lasting legacy lives on in the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), which he created in 1979 to shepherd his fellow Hitler fans, both open and covert, into a concerted campaign to deny that the Führer ever set out to eliminate European Jews. Most of IHR's arguments had circulated for years, often in Carto's "Spotlight." With his new institute, Carto tried to give them an academic gloss and a multi-national thrust.

A featured speaker at IHR's founding conference and a member of its advisory board was a French university professor, Robert Faurisson, who had just emerged from well-deserved obscurity with an article in Le Monde called "The Problem of the Gas Chambers or the Rumor of Auschwitz." His argument - and that of the IHR and its "Journal of Historical Review" - was deceptively simple: that the Nazis never committed sys­tematic genocide against the Jews. No gas chambers, except to disinfect clothing and kill lice. No death camps. No Holocaust. Many Jews might have died from exhaustion, hunger, or disease, Faurisson admitted. But the Germans never set out to exterminate them.

"Hitler no more committed 'genocide' than did Napoleon, Stalin, Churchill or Mao," he declared. "Hitler never ordered nor permitted that anyone should be killed on account of his race or his religion."

Such stories, Faurisson argued, were one huge historic lie, the invention of Allied propaganda and continuing media-hype. "The principal beneficiaries of the operation have been the state of Israel and international Zionism. The principal victims have been the German people - but not its leaders - and the Palestinian people as a whole."

On the surface, Faurisson wrote in measured tones, presenting himself as a humane, even-handed scholar in the tradition of earlier revisionist historians like Harry Elmer Barnes who had ques­tioned one-sided anti-German interpretations of World War I. But, on closer reading, Faurisson showed exactly where he was coming from. He too easily dismissed all eyewitness testimony about the gas chambers, especially from Jewish survivors, whom he unfailingly portrayed as false witnesses, telling either fantasies or lies. He dis­counted or misrepresented thousands of state­ments, documents, and other evidence that ran counter to the case he was making. He overlooked some 1.3 million Eastern European Jews that SS leader Heinrich Himmler's mobile killing squads, the Einsatsgruppen, systematically shot or gassed in specially built vans. He offered bogus "technical proof" that the gas chambers at Auschwitz and other death camps could not have existed as survivors described them. And, he tried to explain away Nazi imprison­ing of the Jews largely as a response to some interna­tional Jewish decla­ration of war against Hitler's Germany.

Had Faurisson never read the banned "Mein Kampf"? Did he not believe the Führer, who wrote as early as 1922 that his "first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews"?

Far from presenting the complexities of even-handed historical research, Faurisson put out simplistic propaganda of an obvious kind. As if to flaunt his ideological predi­lec­tions, he had aired an earlier version of his essay in Defense de l'Occident, a journal published by Maurice Bardèche, the country's best-known Fascist intellectual and a founding father of French negationnisme, as critics here call it.

In his writing, Faurisson also celebrated his intellectual debt to another of the early deniers, Paul Rassinier, a veteran of the Resistance whom the Nazis had deported to Buchenwald. An ex-Stalinist, a Socialist, and an anti-Semite - a combination not unknown in France - Rassinier wrote several books that Bardèche published, first minimizing, then rejecting the existence of gas chambers, and denying the death of anywhere near six million Jews. Faurisson portrayed himself as a disciple of Rassinier.

Faurisson drew as well on other prominent anti-Semites. One was Arthur Butz, an American engineering professor whose "Hoax of the Twentieth Century" was pub­lished by Britain's neo-Fascist National Front. Butz dismissed Auschwitz as just a rubber factory for the Nazi war effort. Another was an embittered German judge and ex-artillery officer, Wilhelm Stäglish, who wrote "The Auschwitz Myth." He wrote it, he said, to free his fellow Germans from their "national guilt complex" and subservience to "international Jewry."

All this came together in Willis Carto's Institute for Historical Research, which became the world's chief sponsor of Holocaust denial. Even after Carto lost control of IHR in 1993 in a very public, litigious feud, it has continued to promote the movement, while he has made his "Barnes Review" a competing revisionist journal.

One further note. In the U.S., denying the Holocaust has never won much of a popular following beyond the far-right fringe. In France and the rest of Europe, these neo-Nazi ideas have won a far broader base, encouraged in no small measure by restrictive speech laws and criminal prosecutions, which only give publicity to people like Faurisson and Dieudonné and turn them into anti-establishment martyrs. This is a lesson worth remembering on both sides of the Atlantic, especially today, the anniversary of the day Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz.

A veteran of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement and the New Left monthly Ramparts, Steve Weissman lived for many years in London, working as a magazine writer and television producer. He now lives and works in France, where he is researching a new book, "Big Money: How Global Banks, Corporations, and Speculators Rule and How To Break Their Hold."

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-68 # brux 2014-01-26 21:21
It sure seems like anything to do with the Holocaust of Jews gets pretty short shrift here on the supposedly humanistic Liberal blogs ... why are some Liberals so anti-Semitic?
-41 # brux 2014-01-27 02:22
+53 # ericlipps 2014-01-27 06:02
Quoting brux:

You're getting thumbs down not because liberals are anti-Semites but because your claim is ridiculous.
+33 # Glen 2014-01-27 06:34
Most folks are concerned about the actions of Israel, not Jews specifically. On the other hand, there were many millions more who died, who were not Jews. Some would argue those victims deserve as much attention.

I doubt that anyone would deny the heinous crimes and murder perpetrated by Lenin and his minions, but you don't hear much about that, either.
+10 # Interested Observer 2014-01-27 13:47
This has been a point of annoyance for me in regard to Holocaust memorials for some time now. I have started to cringe a bit every time yet another memorial to specifically Jewish victims of the Holocaust opens. Notwithstanding that Jews were, without question the primary target, purpose and inspiration for the Final Solution, there are a sufficient number of memorials, archives, books and films on the Jewish side of this story (1) while the story of the approximately equal number of non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust is all but totally neglected. The bottom line appears to be that Holocaust victims get all the memory their collective organizational clout and finances permit, something lacking among the diverse, and many still marginalized, peoples who were also designated for extinction by the Third Reich. This is a disservice to history and to the effort to drive Nazi ideals entirely from significant political discussion, as it interferes with an understanding of the full scope of the Nazi program and that all but a few people outside of the vicinity of Germany would have been eventually selected for non-existence if somehow the Nazis had gained the power to enforce their insanity upon the entire world.
(1) That is to say that if not one more is made, no one can say the Jewish experience has not been well if not utterly completely served except perhaps the full role of non-Germans who willingly assisted in their homelands.
+22 # Interested Observer 2014-01-27 14:04
For what it's worth, Yehudi Menuhin, the noted Jewish musician and citizen of the world, states flatly for the record in a biographical film (Violin of the Century) that "Israel has used up its Holocaust sympathy". He recognized decades ago the unhealthy connection between continuing Holocaust memorializing, that seems amplified now by the approaching moment when everyone directly involved on all sides will have passed away, and a call for unconditional, unquestioning support for whatever Israel does today and in the future.
+17 # Interested Observer 2014-01-27 14:29
As to the attention paid to other notable mass murders of the last century or two, see "collective organizational clout and finances" above. Pound for pound the greatest of all genocides is probably Rwanda in 1994, possibly the highest average death per minute rate achieved (between 500,000 and 1,000,000 in under four months, extrapolate that to duration of the Shoah) with a minimum of organization, leadership and means with a maximum participation of the people (few "good Germans" among the Rwandan Hutu). I expect few persons on the street can tell you much about what King Leopold II achieved in the Congo where responsible estimates hold that fully half the local population (10 million or more) was killed, and this only to make money from rubber without any ideological or explicit racial theory behind it. Pol Pot's exploits have faded fast in the public mind, and he has since died in bed without regrets. Recent events in the Balkans, mass murders, mass rape, are fading fast. Space does not permit the complete catalog of similar events that are not well remembered today. There has to be a compelling motivation and unrelenting effort to keep such memories alive among those who were not directly affected. There is so much of it that any one of them can easily slip into noise virtually forgotten, much as today only a few individual murders make the news because there are too many. Convenient memory is an attribute of whole cultures not just individuals.
+11 # Glen 2014-01-27 15:27
Nicely written Observer. Human murder and violence is swept under the rug by any who benefit from it or participated. It takes very little to draw the proverbial curtain across a stage of history. There is not one era in many countries that has not experienced everything you listed and more. It will take individuals to teach future generations of the murders of the past and to never forget that it must be resisted in that future.
0 # dipierro4 2015-09-01 21:55
To Interested Observer: Very well said. Thank you.
+9 # rockieball 2014-01-28 08:30
How true 6 million Jews out of over 13 million estimated deaths in concentration camps. When we hear about the camps we only hear about the Jewish people who died and many think it was only them that suffered. The Nazi's sent more including 3 MIL.Russian POW's and 2 Mil Russian citizens, I Mil. Polish plus mentally ill and physically disabled.
+3 # Glen 2014-01-28 10:22
Thank you rockieball. Yours is a sad list, but necessary to remember.

Quite a few people have posted excellent essays on this subject thread. Yours is a topper. A lot of waste and cruelty.
+16 # Jonathan Levy 2014-01-27 11:42
The very word Anti-semitic when describing prejudice against Jews is the biggest irony of all as Palestinians are true Semites and most of the die hard zionist Jews have hardly a lick of semitic blood, being mostly of European descent.
+2 # Radscal 2014-01-28 00:15
The gist of your comment is accurate, but most Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews do have some Semitic, Palestinian genetic heritage, too. Despite hundreds to thousands of years of living away from Palestine and intermarrying with the locals, most still have distinctive Semitic genes.

What is more accurately to your point is that Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews are nearly identical genetically, while most of the Jews presently living in Israel are less closely related genetically to any Palestinian/Sem itic populations that stayed there.
+1 # DrSkeep 2014-01-27 11:53
I perceived years ago that "liberal" and "conservative" have epithetical meaning only, so your black-is-white juxtaposition of "liberal" and "anti-Semitic" does not surprise me, but could you favor us with, say, the top three individuals you identify as having these two characteristics ? That would help us figure out the group toward which your animosity is directed. Thnx, brux.
+19 # Activista 2014-01-26 23:16
"Hitler did not kill enough," lamented the deputy mayor, castigating Gypsies .." heard that quite often (I am from Eastern Europe) - racism is quite acceptable there.
Holocaust was part of NAZI ideology/racism - but the prison guards in Czechoslovakia/ Poland/Ukraine were NOT only Germans.
Excellent article by Steve Weissman - would like to read his view on:
The Holocaust Industry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering is a 2000 book by Norman G. Finkelstein that argues that the American Jewish ...
+74 # 2014-01-26 23:48
Please don't forget the "other" and perhaps more central reason that Holocaust denial in the United States "has never won much of a popular following beyond the far-right fringe," which is that it didn't happen here. For the Native American holocaust, I use a lower-case "h" precisely because it has never been recognized and named as such. However, there is a long and continuing tradition of denying or minimizing what was done to the American Indian. In certain states, it has been excised from the history books. So while I understand the wisdom of a First Amendment, I wouldn't rule out our own tendency to play down our treatment of Native Americans and African Americans.
-11 # frankscott 2014-01-27 00:18
some very hateful types make arguments about the holocaust, often for the wrong reasons, because so few allegedly "free thought" advocates do so for the right ones... bigot labels of "denialist anti-semite fascist" are applied to anyone questioning aspects of the story.. sometimes they are, but often they're simply examining history and calling it what it often is: distorted exaggeration for propaganda use...the persecution and ethnic cleansing of european jews - at least the great number who could not afford to escape - was terrible, leading to the murder of many and the death of even more.. but the evidence for planned extermination, gas chambers with which to do it, and especially the incredible number of six million jews allegedly murdered in europe is as materially verifiable as is the resurrection from the dead of one jew in ancient palestine...hun dreds of millions believe both as fact but both are based on religious belief far more than material evidence..we don't need survivors of hiroshima or nagasaki to verify the use of atomic bombs and it borders on fanaticism to need such to verify the holocaust, but somehow fanaticism prevails under the name of science, and it is supposedly expressed in free speech such as this column, but denied to any who question this story by reducing them with bigot labeling every bit as nasty and evil as niggers, spics, kikes and other nasty language that tries to reduce people to something inhuman..that's the problem, not the solution.
+7 # BKnowswhitt 2014-01-27 19:05
"the incredible number of six million jews allegedly murdered in europe is as materially verifiable as is the resurrection from the dead of one jew in ancient palestine" WRONG! Dead Wrong! I might add. What Hitler did in a terrible economic climate was to blame JEWS for all that ails. He was able to label them the problem and only white arians the solution. First they cordoned off Jewish settlements in Europe. Then the put fences around them all to futher isolate them. Then he led the propaganda vs. Goebbels and the other minions via that propaganda back by the biggest armaments and arms of the day .. so no one could object or they would DIE ... then they set the trains in motion .. most I should say all of them didn't know what they were headed for .. many turned a blind eye to it all .. It was 6 Million my friend ...... don't miscue facts with religion .. for you are wrong on this one ...
+20 # Paul Larudee 2014-01-27 00:37
There is a difference between denying the Holocaust and questioning the historical objectivity of the scholars researching the subject. As far as I know, there is no other field of research where competing views and evidence is suppressed or, in some cases, forbidden by law. One need not deny the Holocaust the wonder why it is elevated to the status of doctrine, why it deserves a special, capitalized term and why the horrific massacre and genocide of a particular group of people should be given more importance and manipulated for propaganda than similar events in the history of other peoples.
+5 # stannadel 2014-01-27 04:31
Because denying the Holocaust is a means of defending and continuing it. This isn't a "field of research," it is an exercise in promoting hatred. We can allow 1st amendment protection to it, but this commentator gives it an undeserved legitimacy.
+1 # RMDC 2014-01-28 09:16
What about Holocausts that are denied every day and by official government policy. This is the genocide of Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians. The number of Native Americans who died as a result of their contact with Europeans is sometimes estimated at 90 million. Sure this was over a very long time.

No one has tried to place the holocaust of indigenous peopples at the hands of colonizers into the center of civilization in the way that the mass murder of Jews has been. There are Holocaust Museums in very many cities around the world, but no Holocaust Museums for indigenous people.

I'm kind of tired of the WW II mass murders. Hitler and the Nazis were mad men and they did horrible things. Their insanity was multiplied by the historical discrimination of most Europeans against Jews, Roma, homosexuals, and any of the other 40 or so categories of "inferior humans" that the Nazis listed.

We know this and it is over. We don't yet know about the Holocaust of indigenous peoples -- something that continues to this day. About 10 million people have been killed in eastern Congo in the last dozen years mining rare minerals for the cell phones of the rich of the world. That's a Holocaust. Why does everyone not know it. Look up Coltan, the mineral they are after.
+3 # Interested Observer 2014-01-27 15:12
That difference does not come close to an apology for the deniers I am familiar with examples such as David Irving and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. An example of the ludicrous assertions I have encountered is that the crematoria came into being to handle the German death toll from disease caused by the severity of Allied war efforts (often characterized as war crimes across the board, alas the poor innocent German people, the true victims so they say) rather than their well documented purpose of disposing of victims either killed outright or worked to death in the camps. Then there are those who deny the use of gas as if it matters (no gas, no genocide?). It goes on and on, and has little to do with getting to the bottom of it in the interest of assembling facts. (I was going to write "historical truth" but did not want to be accused of using an oxymoron.) Then there is the nice round figure "six million Jews". These deniers love to argue around that. (Leaving off the larger figure including non-Jews discussed elsewhere.) Wouldn't one million be enough given the manner, means and intent evident in this crime? What exact figure does it take to make systematic officially sanctioned mass murder, whether or not it is technically genocide (as the Holocaust clearly was), sufficiently significant?
0 # BKnowswhitt 2014-01-27 19:18
Because it's important to HISTORIANS to be factually accurate. As that is good reporting of real history. Why do you seek to minimize it because it is too large? And it was that amount. And i might add that is more important that the figure is so big. Then you would explore more of how the German Nazi's were able to pull it off. Read my rant herein to a Holocaust Deny Er if you disagree give us some real historical insight if not read it and then read more about it and learn ... you seek to minimize something that can't be ...and because of that kind of denial .. or lack of understanding it will possibly happen again ... USA killed at least half a million in Iraq USA media will deny that and won't even discuss it .. so you see that's how easily it all happens ....
+2 # Interested Observer 2014-01-27 21:19
You should re-read my post. There is nothing there to discount the value of having actual facts or minimize the event. My point is that EVEN IF it were shown to be just a bit smaller, say by a million or two, and that EVEN IF the role of gas could be shown to be less significant than usually thought, Hitler's Final Solution would still stand as an unsurpassed crime in history and be worthy of the same treatment it gets today. There is no Holocaust denial that does not require such a willful disregard for facts in evidence that it amounts simply to lying, or at best delusion, and that its promoter cannot be shielded as one seeking objective truth against a victor's propaganda tainted faux-history but can be nothing but a Nazi apologist for whatever twisted reasons. In the meantime, let the work of actual historians continue until as much is known and verified as possibly can be.
+24 # Crusader Rabbit 2014-01-27 00:56
The Holocaust fully deserves the particular status it has been given within our collective memory, since it was our shared European culture that gave birth to that obscenity. However, one has to wonder why its aftermath has been so delicately avoided. Every major Zionist founder of the state of Israel wrote about the necessity of the "forced removal" of the Palestinians from their ancestral lands - years before it actually happened. The first holocaust cannot be separated from the second — the Nakba.
-34 # brux 2014-01-27 02:24
If Palestinians had been raiding your villages, stealing your valuables, raping your woman for centuries you might want to have a alternate plan if you cannot live with them or they refuse to live with you.
+7 # Johnny 2014-01-27 09:58
So Brux is saying the Nazi Holocaust was "a alternative plan" because Jews had been raiding German villages, stealing Germans' valuables, and raping their women for centuries." What is his evidence?
+7 # fenox 2014-01-27 10:27
To read this.....someho w makes me understand stupid anti semitism. All people need respect. Palestinians as well.
Forcing everybody to think daily about the Holocaust without the slightest memory for Armenians, Gypties, the genocides of Rwanda, Indians, the 40 million Russians of world war 2, only creates hard feelings.
+4 # bmiluski 2014-01-27 12:19
Please, please, please, for the love of God, PLEASE read some real history books.
-17 # stannadel 2014-01-27 04:34
Att he end of the Holocaust the world Jewish population was less than half of what it had been when it started. How did the Palestinian population pre and post Nakba compare? There is no real comparability here,
+2 # BKnowswhitt 2014-01-27 19:14
Don't confuse present day Israel and problems there with the FACTS of what Hitler indeed did do .. rewrites are for those today who have a special agenda no doubt .. one we should keep appraised of so history may not be allowed to repeat itself ... as in the HOLOCAUST you asshole!!!!!!!! !!!
0 # StuBones1960 2014-01-27 22:53
Don't conflate Israel's current conduct towards the Jews with a holocaust. It's much closer to apartheid.
+45 # DaveM 2014-01-27 01:01
Sadly, the Holocaust was not unique even for its time period. It closely followed the Terror Famine in the Ukraine, which led to the death of uncounted millions. Also the Rape of Nanking, in which an unknown number were systematically slaughtered.

One could also include Stalin's purges, which led to the death of millions, and Mao's "Great Leap Forward" which may have killed more than all other dictators' efforts combined.

But the Holocaust is unique. Not merely for its targeting of racial/ethnic groups (by no means only Jews), but for the systematic way in which it came to pass. First sterilizations and "mercy killings", then labor camps where prisoners were worked and starved to death. Finally the death camps--murder factories where those who enter were processed like livestock, given identification numbers instead of names (in some cases tattoos), and herded by the millions into gas chambers specifically designed for efficiency. From Treblinka, there were 16 survivors. From Chelmno, two.

The remnants of these unimaginable horrors can be found scattered across Eastern Europe. I have stood alone in Auschwitz and Birkenau. I have met two survivors and was shown the tattoo on one man's wrist.

There are reconstructed elements on display in Auschwitz--main ly items the Germans destroyed before retreating from the advancing Russians. There are no fakes. All is documented. Those who say it never happened...let them go see for themselves.
+13 # Johnny 2014-01-27 10:05
We pretend we don't know that the Nazi Nuremberg laws of 1934, which stripped Jews of civil rights, were modeled on the Jim Crow laws of the United States.
+29 # DaveM 2014-01-27 01:05
I believe that those found guilty of hate crimes should be required to spend a day walking the compounds at Birkenau. let them lie on the bunks in the remaining barracks. Let them pick their way through the rubble of the destroyed gas chambers. And perhaps, let them go to the back of the camp and dig in the gray soil (ash) until the find a tooth or a bit of bone. Except that that would be a dishonor to those for who the camp is their last resting place.

Those who lie there may not have known, in some cases, what was going to become of them, so thorough was the Nazi deception. But we know. It is up to us to honor their memory.
0 # Rick Levy 2014-01-27 02:57
Another source of continued Holocaust denial in European countries is Islamic antisemitism from the large number of Muslim immigrants residing there.
0 # BKnowswhitt 2014-01-27 19:12
This case is most accurate. many deny it including last leader of Iran. A dick tator is a dick tator ... i'd like to take every Dick and shove it down their respective throats and watch em choke on the TRUTH ......... !!!!!!!!!!!!!
+24 # USAFsarge4u 2014-01-27 03:12
There have been many holocausts, not just one. Please make a note of that. I feel much more sympathy of the Native Americans. I hope we never have a holocaust again, because too many innocents are killed that way, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

However, the author of this article forgets that the holocaust of the 1940s should never be a licence to treat the Palestinians with barbaric cruelty. They do not deserve a holocaust either. Weissmann seems to leave out that thought intentionally.

We cannot change the past, or re-live it. We can only learn from it. If a nation intentionally repeats the worst elements of it, they are the ones who are guilty of atrocious behavior, not just the Nazis.

Something is fundamentally wrong with Weissmann's thinking. We can all agree and hope that mankind will eventually put an end to any and all would-be holocausts. Innocents need protection, of any ethnicity or faith.

Weissmman's enunciations are self-serving and self-centered. He seems not to care about any other mass murders. He had the chance to appeal broadly to us, but failed to do so. Meanwhile, the brutal treatment of the Palestinians is real and horrible, and it exists today. That includes Israels' dropping white phosphorus on innocent Palestinian children, and dropping cluster bombs on innocent families in Lebanon.

Where is Weissmann's outrage on those ongoing atrocities?
+22 # Citizen Mike 2014-01-27 07:37
There is no doubt that the Nazis committed genocidal atrocities on an efficient and industrialized scale and that millions of Jews were killed in their death factories.

But I am appalled at the way so many of my fellow Jews go on and wail endlessly about this historic crime. They cling to an identity forged out of victimhood, as if it were some priceless gem that gives them an eternal hold on the world's sympathy.

And they do not seem to recognize any connection between their experience and all the other genocidal atrocities that other ethnic groups have experienced and continue to experience.

The failure of the Israelis to give asylum to African refugees fleeing the same sort of persecution their own European forebears suffered is inexcusable moral blindness. Just proves that nobody learns from history and we are all adrift on a ship of fools.
+6 # JJMK3 2014-01-27 07:45
Anti Jewish owned/operated Banking IS ONLY ANTI- BAD BIG BUSINESS. STOP PULLING OUT THE NAZI CARD! . Money being made blowing PEOPLE AND THEIR TOWNS AWAY; and killing, then rebuilding ALL FOR PROFIT! Playing Favorites in Banking and Business is WRONG TOO. Are you telling us Anti Big/Bad Money, is antisemitic???? ? I'm Polish desent. Close to 1/2 of those killed in the( I will call it Polish Holocaust ) WERE POLISH PERIOD! The Poles are Die and Gone! Do you only care about those of Jewish Decent that died then? Please, If your going to Spout History; TELL IT WHOLE AND TRUE. "POLES AND ALL PEOPLE MATTER-PERIOD."
+4 # suzyskier 2014-01-27 13:50
You are indeed correct about the murder of at least 5 Million Poles under Nazi's but also the Russians were guilty as well especially when you consider the murder of 15,000 Polish officers in the Katyan Forrest and also when the soviets stopped on the other side of the Vistula and waited while the Germans put down the Polish uprising, thereby allowing thousands more to die. Book "Forgotten Holocaust is about the 5 million poles who died under occupation. Many in camps.
+2 # Rick Levy 2014-01-27 20:08
Poland has a history of virulent antisemitism, which is why Poles were more than willing to collaborate with the Nazis in the destruction of Jews there.
+17 # fredboy 2014-01-27 07:49
This ties in directly with the denial of science. First tobacco, now the frackers and the fertilizer/golf /landscape industries in Florida. More than 750 manatees died last year and last week more than three dozen pilot whales died along the Southwest Florida shoreline. The countless tons of fertilizer streaming into the Gulf waters ignite neurotoxic bacteria, extremely dangerous to all life forms. But opponents deny it.

Put simply, this mindset sees value in lying.
+6 # Seadog 2014-01-27 08:15
I am a long time Progressive, however I find myself increasingly put off by an increasingly nasty strain of (Jewish) anti-semitism on the left these days. It masks itself as being "anti-Zionist," but upon close examination in most cases I've come across it reeks of ( Jewish) antisemitic hatred. It's really kind of sad to see this particular evil taking root on left.On many left wing blog sites I read openly anti-semitic rants of the vilest kind, yet if someone were to say the same kinds of things about Blacks or Palestinians , gays or women they would get immediately banned in most cases. Its disturbing to say the least. I expect now to be attacked for saying all of this. Honestly, I don't care. Someone has to say it.
+2 # Cappucino 2014-01-27 19:51
No-- because I do think that you have a point. But as you can see, *I* am not posting it, because, well, I have enough stress in my life already and I don't need any more. ;)
+3 # Rick Levy 2014-01-27 20:14
I second that emotion, Seadog. See my post "Left Out"

And BTW I don't know how you managed not to get downvoted into the red for your comment, which is what happens to me when I so much as hint at that antisemitic trend in RSN.
+13 # Johnny 2014-01-27 09:53
When the victims of the Holocaust are Palestinians, the media and politicians deny it, even though it continues under their eyes. They never call the U.S. murder of 5 1/2 million Vietnamese a Holocaust. Unfortunately, our government and media acknowldge or deny Holocausts purely for political expediencey.
+4 # Rick Levy 2014-01-28 05:36
Possibly because what the Palestinians have experienced is not a holocaust, exaggerated rhetoric like yours notwithstanding . If they had experienced what had happened to the Jews in WWII, there would be almost none of them left.

Israel absorbed the Jews who were expelled from Arab countries--whic h is to say all of them--when it was granted statehood. Why didn't the Arab countries rescue Palestinian refugees instead of using them as pawns?
+5 # RICHARDKANEpa 2014-01-27 10:02
Hitler's Mein Kamph called for stopping Jews and Gipsies from having children. He wanted only Nazi Supermen to have children. Nowhere did it call to mass kill a race. I think there was more than politics to why Hitler was so ruthless:

Hitler was proud that Fascist Super-Science in Germany and Japan managed to crystallize and mass produce methamphetamine which he felt was a super-drug to make superman more super. He was high as a kite on speed and spread it to the troops and in the factories,
+3 # DrSkeep 2014-01-27 11:40
Good piece, Steve. Kate M. says, Hey.

While many of us in the colonies are more concerned with ACC (anthropogenic climate change) denial than Holocaust denial, these two share a common element -- faith-based ideation -- and a culture exhibiting one is proximately susceptible to the other. Here, the level of religiosity is an accurate metric of this susceptibility. "My strong feeling trumps your indisputable fact" is not a witty punch-line in many of these Divided States. While the French public attitude toward matters sexual remains admirable, the continuing Continental drift away from a rational worldview is troubling.
+2 # anarchteacher 2014-01-27 12:09

War Crimes, the Holocaust, and Today's National Security State
+8 # ahollman 2014-01-27 12:25
I fully agree with the author's main point. A few side comments.

Historical accuracy: The article's ending reference to the "Soviet liberation of Auschwitz" on 1/27/1945 implies military action to do so. According to, the Germans abandoned the camp on 1/18. Given a choice, 60,000 inmates chose to leave with them on a forced, mid-winter march to relocate them to other camps; many did not survive. The Germans left fewer than 10,000 inmates whose chose to remain to fend for themselves; some stayed, some ran away.

9 days later, the Soviets more discovered the camp than liberated it. They occupied it without military action, and provided some medical care with their limited resources, but did not take over the camps; despite their expertise in running gulags in the USSR, they still had a war to fight.

The remaining inmates were again left to fend for themselves, which meant leaving the camp, facing a hostile, anti-Semitic population, and trying to find their way "home", wherever or whatever that was.

The first camp to be liberated was Majdanek, again by the Soviets, 6 months earlier, on July 23, 1944. Despite that, International Holocaust Commemoration Day is on January 27, 1945, when the Soviets "liberated" Auschwitz.

Many Holocaust records came from the voluminous camp extermination records which the Germans unsuccessfully attempted to destroy before hastily abandoning the camps.
-6 # John Mortl 2014-01-27 15:00
After unsuccessfully sifting through German documents for nearly 70 years reasonable people would conclude that there isn't any evidence for Gas Chambers. But we are not dealing with reasonable people who would allow the lack of evidence to hinder their agenda. To mask this vacuum,on a regular basis, they trumpet that new evidence has come to light. Tellingly they never reveal what it is. Some time later the whole charade is repeated. Then there is the endless stream of movies and dogmadramas which have no probative value but play on the sensibilities of unsuspecting viewers. There's a constant stream of opinion pieces like the one above denigrating all those who would ask for proof of these wildly bizarre claims.
On the off chance that you get to the specifics of why no documents have been found, you are told that they used euphemisms. Can you believe that for such a huge undertaking there were no written orders, no plan, no budget, no construction blueprints.They just whispered euphemisms to each other. That's truly amazing especially when you consider that there is no physical evidence either. There is no forensic evidence for Gas Chambers. The autopsies performed by the Allies show that people died from typhus and other natural causes, not Gassing. When all else fails and they can't hoodwink you anymore or get you to shut up they resort to childish name calling.
0 # Activista 2014-01-27 15:35
reasonable people would conclude that there isn't any evidence for Gas Chambers??
Visit Auschwitz or/and ANY extermination concentration camp and THERE ARE GAS chambers. There were pogroms on Jews in Europe and Russia/Soviets - just because of their race. Here, almost each third book I have is written by somebody with "Jewish" name - I do not care - seems that an article above was written by the provocateur - to prove the opposite - that there are SOME estupidos as Israel government claims.
0 # Mannstein 2014-01-27 16:43
Could not have stated it better myself.
-4 # BKnowswhitt 2014-01-27 19:10
You are a murderous supporting ignorant (at very best) jackass of a very special breed .. dumb fucking americans like yourself who haven't had even a snivvel of education not doubt and a tribute to those who cut the funds to public education ..
+7 # Johnny 2014-01-27 15:35
In Europe and Canada, they shut scholars up with prison sentences. Truth does not have to imprison heretics: it will prevail in free debate. Only lies need the protection of criminal penalties for those who question them.
+1 # Mannstein 2014-01-27 16:41
If one is dragged into a German court for questioning certain aspects of the Holocaust truth is no defense. In fact should one's attorney put up too vigorous a defense he /she will be threatened by the presiding judge to be incarcerated along with the defendant.
-7 # Mannstein 2014-01-27 16:37
Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust, I'm all holocausted out!
-8 # The Skeptical Cynic 2014-01-27 18:16
The Holocaust is a phantasmagorica l event that occurred during World War II, in which 6,000,000 of the no more than at most 4,000,000 Jews who came under the jurisdiction of Germany's Third Reich were executed in homicidal gas chambers in Poland with only 5,000,000 surviving to write there memoirs.
There documentary proof, i.e., forensic evidence that 587 men and 7 women have been executed in lethal gas chambers in the United States of America. No one, anywhere, at any time has ever provided any forensically verifiable, documentary evidence of the name of even one person, who was executed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. Not one farggin name.
+2 # tigerlillie 2014-01-28 00:25
You are fucking insane.
+2 # suzyskier 2014-01-27 21:44
Another Holocaust Denier. Maybe it's time you took a trip to Poland and visited Aushwitz, it's a museum now. A former Polish Army baracks with the sigh over the gate Arbeit Mach Frei after that you can go over to Birkenau where most of the slauter took place. Why don't you r ead the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich? Seems you prefer literature denying the whole thing. People like you are what's wrong with the world. Bosnia, Rowanda I could go on, do you deny those as well? I have seen Aushwitz it is real and I have seen what is left of Birkenau many thousands died there from Zyclone B
-6 # John Mortl 2014-01-27 21:58
True to form these people who claim to have mounds of evidence can't site even one autopsy report, one document or forensic study to support their lucrative conspiracy theory. They desperately have to resort to obscenities and childish name calling to try to mask up their ignorance. It was my first visit to Auschwitz 1969 that really opened my eyes to the hoax. How do you explain the fact that both the front and back door were ordinary wooden doors opening inwards and had no air tight sealing? If people died in front of the doors they then couldn't be opened. The top half of the back door was ordinary window glass easily broken by those about to be gassed. There were drains in the room connected to the rest of the camp. The gas would have killed many of those in other parts of the camp, including the guards. The electric fixtures and wiring were not explosion proof which is required to prevent an explosion when a gas is introduced. These and other inconvenient facts are why they will stop at nothing to censor, demonize and destroy those who try to expose them.
+7 # tigerlillie 2014-01-28 00:29
My father liberated a German concentration camp. Too bad he's not alive to straighten you out. But I somehow suspect that eye witness testimony would have no effect on you and your delusions.
0 # tanis 2014-01-28 07:15
In every age there is a holocaust. Jews are great to focus on, always have been. Remember Jesus? He started the whole thing, or did he? Truth is, new people, new time, old story, old hate-glory. There always seems to be a need for people to hate someone, somewhere and then for others to react. How anyone can blame a jew, german, russian, chinese or the country they come from seems to be a human habit to get used to and then discard. A place to place your hate energy, hang your hat is all some people need. The real culprit goes unnoticed, economies and those who throw it out of balance.
-5 # John Mortl 2014-01-28 10:42
tigerlillie. Would your father have been able to answer any of the inconvenient questions that I have posed above, without having to resort to hyperbole and ad-honinom attacks? Obviously you can't because you don't engage your critical faculties and just accept the chewing gum for the mind produced by Hollywood. How credible are so the called eye witnesses who conveniently or is it magically 'remember' 20,30 or 50 years after the event, when they think they can't be challenged. Unfortunately for some of them who were challenged under oath, in a 1985 trial in Toronto, which showed them up to be delusional fantasist or blatant lairs. One of them claimed to be able to tell whether Polish or Hungarian jews were being cremated by the color of the smoke emitted. Aside from the ridiculous idea of language determining smoke color, crematoria are designed to emit smokeless fumes. Another claimed to know how many people were sent to the alleged Gas Chamber by counting the trucks he heard,but not seen, rumbling by his bunk house during the night. Another claimed, without evidence, to have lost 120 relatives. Under cross examination he was asked to name 20 of them and couldn't. There has been many reports of family reunions, some very large, after years of telling anyone who would listen that their whole family was murdered. Why would they claim this without credible evidence? Are they all delusional or just pathological lairs trying to buttress this beneficial tall tale of woe.
-3 # Secret Squirrel 2014-01-28 23:54
John Mortl is spot on. The gas chambers are part of Hollywood myth and deliberate disinformation. The curator of Yad Vashem Holocaust® memorial in al Quds even admitted that gas chambers were built AFTER the war by the Soviet Union for propaganda purposes.

Not even Holocaust poster boy Elie Wiesel mentioned gas chambers in his novel "Night" which was allegedly about his time In Auschwitz.

Not withstanding the denials of certain posters, and the frothing excesses of Steven Weissman, no evidence has ever surfaced to prove the existence of gas chambers, and the "6 million" figure is pure bunk.

I posted this information earlier but it was removed. Hmm. What does that say about moderation on this site?

The ONLY reason we venerate the Holocaust® like religious dogma is to sanctify the founding of Israel and prevent informed dissenters from pointing out obvious fallacies.

Mr. Mortl is to be commended.

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