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Rachel Takes Us Back to the Future

Sunday, 11 July 2010 11:50
Rachel Maddow on assignment in Afghanistan, 07/05/10. (photo: Rachel Maddow Show/MSNBC)

Rachel Maddow on assignment in Afghanistan, 07/05/10. (photo: Rachel Maddow Show/MSNBC)



Reader Supported News | Perspective

very June, I leave my Northern California home and head south to our annual Gulf Coast family reunion. I might as well be an alien visiting from another planet. My appearance at these soirees is a bit scandalous because, quite frankly, many suspect that my time in California has turned me gay.

Why do they think I've gone to the dark side? "It's her square glasses," one redneck "in the know" told my family. "She's from Cal-uh-forn-eye-eh and single ... at her age!" Well, what better proof is there?!

My smarter than usual smart-ass siblings goad me as they playfully drawl out their characteristically slow pronunciation of California. It's a knowing self-parody. They suspect Californians see Texans as nothing but fossil fuel guzzlin', rattlesnake humping hicks. And, it's true ... many Californians do. However, the preconceived notions cut both ways. My Texas friends call just about anyone from California a "socialist" or a "homo." Suspicion of the "dreaded socialist homo" is why they worry so much about the transformation of my appearance.

What they don't know is that my 22 years in television, endlessly coloring my hair and plucking my eyebrows and exercising into a size six has cured me forever of the desire to work hard at looking plastic. Still, though, they wonder ... sometimes out loud ... why I "let myself go," which simply means I refuse to wear make-up in the Gulf Coast heat. They think not "gettin' dolled up" means I've gone to the dogs. What my Southern friends cannot grasp is that I am no longer preoccupied with looks because I no longer have to be. I'm no longer in broadcast news.

Enter Rachel Maddow. Rachel's simple, clean and decidedly muted appearance harkens back to a time when credibility made the newscast what it was, and when sleeveless shirts and mini-skirts were the stock and trade of game show sidekicks and soap opera vixens. She is buttoned-down and smart and knows how to stay out of the way of a story. How does she manage it? Easy, she does not let sex get in the way. Is the hot button issue of "being gay" comforting in some way to viewers? Especially when juxtaposed with the alternatives? Rachel has somehow made it clear her "gayness" is not the sum of her identity. If only the vixens could rely more on grey matter than sculptured legs, perhaps we could take them more seriously.

Sometime during the 80s, "sex sells" crept in from the dark corners of advertising and into the bright lights of the newsroom. By the 90s, "sex" became an adjective. "Sexing up a show," became a newsroom mantra. I heard the word "sex" used so often in the world of news broadcasting, I wondered if we'd become pimps instead of anchors, call girls instead of reporters.

But there is Rachel, sitting smartly in her square glasses and easily disproving the conventional wisdom. Maybe sex sells some things, but smart sells the news. And the two should not go together. In a masterful stroke of genius, she appears a-sexual by simply refusing to put sex on display.

Normally this formula wouldn't make corporate stockholders happy. But, Rachel is focus-group friendly and demographically delightful.

Both men and women like her.

Women watch her mostly because she represents their Jungian shadow self. The good shadow, that is. Smart, funny, sarcastic, playful ... Rachel's the sort of woman other "down to earth" women look up to. She's un-plucked, unbleached, easy to relate to, and there's an added bonus. Rachel's not competing for their man's attention.

Men like to watch Rachel Maddow for some of the same reasons. They are not threatened by her. They can trust her because she's not leading with her cleavage. Rachel's power comes from the synapses between her lobes .

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp and FOX News, has been quoted as saying he is not prejudiced against smart women and that he "lets them 'do' the news." He's typical of many men and, in a strange twist, some women in corporate news today. Sex sells, and right now it's selling wars, corporate agendas, disrespect for government, and inane celebrity gossip.

Rachel gives broadcast news credibility by refusing to make it about her.

There's no sex for sale on Rachel's highly successful broadcast. Hey, Consultants ... are you watching?


Leslie Griffith has been a television anchor, foreign correspondent and an investigative reporter in newspaper, radio and television for over 25 years. Among her many achievements are two Edward R Murrow Awards, nine Emmies, 37 Emmy Nominations, a National Emmy nomination for writing, and more than a dozen other awards for journalism. She is currently working on a documentary, giving speeches on "Reforming the Media," and writing for many on-line publications, as well as writing a book called "Shut Up and Read." She hopes the book, her speeches, and her articles on the media will help remind the nation that journalism was once about public service ... not profit. To contact Leslie, go to

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+28 # Guest 2010-07-11 12:39
Better than sexy, Maddow is attractive - in the way she speaks, her directness, intelligence and humor. Maybe the sexy ones are just as smart, but we tend to pay more attention to what we see than to what we hear...
+1 # Guest 2010-07-13 15:27
Smart women are sexy, especially when their intelligence is front and center, not their legs. Don't even get me started about a certain network anchor who perched on the edge of her desk when she debuted as anchor. In her defense, however, I'm sure she was directed to do so in the competition for market share amongst the big three networks.
+22 # Guest 2010-07-11 12:39
Ms. Maddow's show informs - and pokes fun where others won't. The point is that we seem to agree on most issues, and her commentary follows what I would say if I had the time (and staff) to create.

I don't own a TV, so my friends invite me over to watch her show and the companion production. The we can have our collective agreements together.

Bottom line: Counterpoint within the MSM.
+30 # Guest 2010-07-11 13:12
My daughter's family was visiting me here on the California Coast. They live in Austin, Texas. I was watching Bill Maher interview Rachel Maddow. My granddaughters, ages 10 and 12 came into the room and settled down to watch with me. Brittany, the older, said "Grandpa, she looks like a boy." I was replying "She's lesbian and she's my absolute favorite newscaster" when my son-in-law, a Baptist minister, came in. Bill Maher, creator of the film RELIGULOUS, is not his favorite person. Add Rachel Maddow to the mix, and the inevitable next question, "Grandpa, what's a lesbian". I was soon alone with my show.

Rachel Maddow, whatever her sexuality, with her MIND OVER CHATTER slogan, is a National Treasure.

Senator Maddow?
+5 # Guest 2010-07-12 00:43
Before Senator Maddow, it would be great to see her anchor the PBS/Lehrer/(Che vron) News or replace Katie Courick as a real journalist.
Maybe later, President Maddow.
+10 # Guest 2010-07-11 13:25
I like cleavage ... but I love Rachel.
+26 # Guest 2010-07-11 13:36
Three cheers for Rachel.
Smart IS sexy.
+19 # Guest 2010-07-11 14:12
Gee, and I thought my wife and I were the only ones who noticed. I just wish she were on an hour earlier.
+13 # Guest 2010-07-11 14:19
Except you forgot that us lesbians find her incredibly sexy. ;)

When she told senator Barbara Boxer her reading glasses were "cute" I almost died!
+35 # Guest 2010-07-11 14:29
It is of no concern to me whatever people want to say Rachel is. Far as I'm concerned she is brilliant, well versed, an attractive woman, no question. I look forward each weekday evening to watching first Keith Olberman and then Rachel Maddow. Many other's can and could benefit from her show....
+21 # Guest 2010-07-11 14:49
I couldn't agree more and I'm so impressed with her intelligence and her thorough research.
+15 # Guest 2010-07-11 14:58
Ms. Maddow covers a story with the pointed questions formerly characteristic of the very best print reporters.

By the standards of the old Manhattan bohemia, she is also breathtakingly sexy -- the sort of nearly forgotten sexiness that emanates directly from the intellect. But of course bohemian Manhattan was truly "Another Country," just as James Baldwin so aptly wrote.

Alas, just as bohemia was methodically suppressed by the Ruling Class, so will Ms. Maddow's flawless reportage probably soon be silenced. It is too provocative for Moron Nation -- too challenging to Palinoid ignorance and bible-thump bigotry -- which is why I fear Ms. Maddow and her colleagues will be blacklisted to obscurity once Comcast buys NBC.
+2 # Guest 2010-07-13 08:16
To Loren Bliss: I sincerely hope you are wrong when you say Rachel Maddow will go by the wayside when CNN buys NBC. I don't know where you got that piece of info,but sincerely hope it is coming out of your brainpan, rather than outright knowledge. True, Rachel Maddow is breathtakingly sexy. Not in the way that someone like Marily Monroe would be, but because she has somthing between her ears, and this is total intelligence. She is a Rhodes Scholar, no mean thing, which only gives me the opinion that this Woman is truly one we cannot give up in her TV program. She tells it like is, speaks most intlligently and does not spin lies like the Becks, Oi'Reilly's and Limbaug give
out with their GOP dominated remarks.
Also, she is in appearance, a truly beautiful woman, no matter what her background is. That is her business, and I applaud her for that.. I can only hope that we will have Rachel Maddow on our TV programs for years and years to come. She is truly an inspiration.
+23 # Guest 2010-07-11 15:02
It's so refreshing to watch Rachel presenting her thoroughly researched, brilliantly prepared and informed news, holding her own with just about ANYONE. How novel to have news presented by a person and not a mask wearing a costume pretending to be a woman. Rachel has the attraction of intellect, for me the most appealing quality in anyone, and the quality I find sexiest in a man as a heterosexual female. Sadly 'looking sexy' is rewarded over and above 'intelligence" by most news networks and it's time for women to rebel and show their brains and not their boobs. The smaller the intellect the more elaborate the mask that seems de rigeur for TV women journalists. How lucky we are to have Rachel spending more time reading and preparing the news than applying war paint. Rachel Maddow, you rock!!!
+17 # Guest 2010-07-11 15:35
I don't watch broadcast TV, preferring to get my news from reading, NPR and on line. I have seen Rachel Maddow clips though, and am rather surprised to find out that she is a lesbian- because it didn't seem to matter to whatever I saw her reporting on. I was interested in what she was reporting, not whether I could fantasize about her personally. I like competence more than the "Bubble headed bleached blonde on the evening news" that we are subjected to. After all, isn't that what Sarah Palin finally got around to majoring in? Ms Maddow, keep being smart and hard working and even sarcastic when you feel it's called for
+12 # Guest 2010-07-11 15:40
Have loved her since her Air America show...wish I got MSNBC :( She is smart funny and frankly almost always deadon right! I once got rid of TV cable for 5 yrs. When I got it again I watched CNN and others I was amazed at the foxification and dumbing down that gone on in network newsland since then. These TV spokesmodels are ridiculous!
+18 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:16
Quoting max:
Have loved her since her Air America show...wish I got MSNBC

I live outside of the US, and watch Rachel's programme live on streaming video: No cable required.

Rachel has a PhD in Political Science from Oxford University in England. Arguably hence the depth of her notes, research and knowledge.

If anything she is overqualified for television, but let's hope she is a catalyst for change. Believe me, no one in Europe takes US news seriously...exc ept, they are her.
+3 # Guest 2010-07-11 23:07
I also live outside the US, so I get Rachel on podcast. You can get audio or video directly from MSNBC's website or search for her on iTunes and Zune.
+13 # Guest 2010-07-11 15:44
I am a heterosexual male and I think Rachael is not only brilliant but I find her sexy too. I would not disrespect her sexual preference but I can from a distance appreciate her in the full spectrum of her magnificence.
+13 # Guest 2010-07-11 15:44
I for one will take my news without sex. It is demeaning to see hypocritical news babes pander to some imagined goody-good viewpoint; worse if they are right-wingers. I appreciate Rachel Maddow because she is smart. She should consider running for elected office.
+22 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:45
I have to disagree with Nori. She should not run for elected office. Rachel has a far more important role to play outside the political gangbang. People like her need to keep holding politicians' feet to the fire
+7 # Guest 2010-07-11 15:47
Amen to the above
+9 # Guest 2010-07-11 15:56
rachel maddow is good decent smart clever person. god bless her.
+12 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:04
Rachel is unlike any other woman newscaster on the air. She is a natural beauty, but her real beauty comes across in the contents of her stories. They are well-researched , intelligently delivered, and at times, playful. I never think about her sexuality. She has interesting guests and she's not afraid to ask tough questions. What a treasure she is.
-28 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:05
I have watched Rachel Maddow for some time and, unfortunately, I became tired of her. Why? Here is someone who appears so credible and so intelligent yet, so it seems, the news is more than watered down by the manner that the news is treated much of the time by her: a game in which she is the contestant of Trivial Pursuit who always wins, who is always in the know. Her personna - great. Sheer quality of news - poor. She could accomplish a lot more than she does; however, it seems, she has also sold out on her intellectual cuteness over astuteness.
-12 # Guest 2010-07-11 18:47
I agree. I like Rachel Maddow BUT she blows her credibility when she does those silly antics. Same with Keith Olberman. They are both so intelligent and make their points, but when they do their rants and silliness, it makes them less credible to anyone who may be tuning in to learn something...
+3 # Guest 2010-07-11 22:31
Quoting Therese:
I agree. I like Rachel Maddow BUT she blows her credibility when she does those silly antics. Same with Keith Olberman. They are both so intelligent and make their points, but when they do their rants and silliness, it makes them less credible to anyone who may be tuning in to learn something...

I agree, too, except the word I would use is "wry." Her show seems to take that tone in every story and I don't know why. It feels like a "this is what they're doing to us" tone and I'm such a fan of her ability to translate difficult subjects for us to understand I wish she'd stick to her wonderful reportage. Still a fan, but irritated. She's better on Bill Maher... I think.
+8 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:12
Rachel is spectacular. I am so glad to see that many straight men think so too!
She's brilliant, funny and sincere. She has depth and a sense of irony...somethi ng the Fox babes wouldn't understand nor are paid to.
+11 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:24
Rachel Maddow is the antidote to the current crop of cookie-cutter female news purveyors on most networks, who are engaged (or entrapped) in cleavage competition and spend their airtime in giggly conversation instead of solid sober reportage. There are of course the established grandes dames of the big news hours; what sets Maddow above them (she's whizzed right past them!) is the depth of her research and the completeness of her verification on every issue she covers. She has set the new standard. Others will have to follow, sooner or later.
-3 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:38
wow, what a sex negative, misogynist post. as if the problem is smart women being sexy, rather than widespread preference for entertainment rather than civic engagement. as if rachel maddow is not sexy as hell, just because she doesn't look like Barbie. what a messed up analysis.
+16 # Guest 2010-07-11 16:49
Rachel, to my knowledge, is the only "news" person with a PhD
in political science....Dr. Maddow!! And she's Rhoades Scholar.
Some credentials huh? She restores my shrinking faith in
the ability of the media to serve the citizens.
+10 # Guest 2010-07-11 17:20
Thanks again to Leslie Griffith for pointing out once again that common wisdom (sex sells news) is wrong. As for Rachel Maddow herself, I can only add to the praise of previous commenters that she has a real enthusiasm for the twists and turns of the political scene, and she is able to convey that passion in a most positive way.
+9 # Guest 2010-07-11 17:24
Rachel deserves an "A" in investigative reporting, and sometimes an "A+". Her sexual orientation has undoubtedly brought about loyal GLBT following, but, sexuality aside (would that it could be set aside with all newscasters), she is a very talented journalist, who is very smart, smart smart, with a lot of heart, heart, heart. -40-
+5 # Guest 2010-07-11 17:30
AMEN to all the above! I am very pleased that so many have read through the garbage that goes on almost always in the media. Rachael would make an excellent candidate for office. If she ran she would win I'm confident. THEN - who will we watch on cable news that we can count on??
+7 # Guest 2010-07-11 18:02
Rachel Maddow is the best thing to happen to television. And, Leslie Griffith is the best thing to happen to reporting about television. It's a win-win situation.
+9 # Guest 2010-07-11 18:15
I've followed Rachel Maddow since Air America days. She and Al Franken were the only ones brave enough to tell the truth. She has continued to grow and I believe she is the most outstanding "news" person on the air. I trust her research, her honesty, and more importantly, she's one of the few sources of accurate information I have here in Texas.
+7 # Guest 2010-07-11 18:50
i got hooked with her radio show, but she is 100 times more impressive on TV. She & Tom Hartman are the epitomy of what broadcasters should strive for. Thank Heaven MSNBC web site for her is done. I rarely miss one of her shows, but if I do - I go to the web site.
+9 # Guest 2010-07-11 18:53
I remember when Phil Donahue was trying desperately to get the country to wake up about Bush's coming invasion of Iraq, and I wrote many protest letters to MSNBC when they axed his show. So I am extremely thankful that MSNBC has finally seen the light. I watch Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, and The Ed Show, and I pray that Comcast won't cancel these excellent programs. The reason that women in broadcast news have become so sexualized is because we live in a patriarchal empire, where rich white guys, who haven't evolved beyond their sophomoric high school days, call all the shots. Women have been taught from birth that they must suck up to men if they want to be successful, and most of them don't even question this mindset. Rachel Maddow is a sign of things to come, when more and more women regain their equilibrium, and take their rightful place as valued members of this society. We will overcome, and we will do it honestly, and our influence will heal the world.
+7 # Guest 2010-07-11 18:58
Lot of comments here relating to Rachel being "sexy" because she's smart. The whole idea of the article was to point out that "sex" shouldn't be a judging criteria in intelligent, informative news reports and commentaries. Rachel is, quite simply, the best news person in the business today. Period. Fearless, informed, passionate, dedicated and, most importantly, she cares about something else other than making herself rich and famous, namely, she's a humanitarian of the first order. Submitted for your perusal, an old Twilight Zone episode, the famous line, "and the best thing is Val, I look just like you". Watch practically every other female "news personality" and see if you don't make the connection.
+7 # Guest 2010-07-11 19:17
Love Rachel
I never feel as though I'm being yelled at on my own couch!
My problem is that we have to THINK of sex(y) when we think of news.

Maybe she'll be step one in helping us get past all that and grow up to just appreciate someone who delivers "straight scoop" regardless of their whatever orientation.

She's a genius. And Keith's "wry" delivery first won me over to MSNBC.

Hope they keep it up and hey, de best,lady!
You do good stuff.
+5 # Guest 2010-07-11 19:39
Maddow's the best. We're so lucky to have her.
- a retired journalist
+10 # Guest 2010-07-11 20:16
I hope Rachel seriously internalizes her significant impact on journalism and the news...especial ly with her stunning exposes which carefully present situations and facts in ways that bring new perspective even to news junkies and the sophisticates of news analysis. Her first-hand work on the Gulf trip and the Afghanistan trip were unprecedented in the subtle manner in which Rachel billy-clubs our brains with perspective without pontificating. She supports our intelligence to see the truth without getting herself in the way. Her magic with Chris Hayes, a person of consummate intelligence and insight, should be significantly extended to capture more than just explanation. They are a team. (I agree that the occasional silly segments are a detraction and serve little benefit but perhaps to bring appeal to some. This is a time when we need to hold nothing back.) Rachel, thanks, we have waited for you so long.
+7 # Guest 2010-07-11 22:08
Rachel is old time religion. No nonsense clear and direct facts. She does her homework and does not a lie go by her.
Wow MSNBC Must be really proud of itself. Finally an honest intelligent straight shooter. Who brings Truth and justice back to the News room. Walter Cronkite must be proud.

God Bless you rachel with Love
+3 # Guest 2010-07-11 22:12
No, Rachel Maddow is not a Brainless Bambi co-anchor, she's authentic and gifted at putting her intelligence to service in the public forum and giving a decent, thought-provoki ng interview. Perhaps there is a future for women and men of substance and integrity in news reporting!
+6 # Guest 2010-07-11 22:36
I just had to add these few words to the thousands already written here in praise of Rachel Maddow.
My friends and I had hoped that she would be the President's Press Secretary simply because of her eloquence, sense of humor and incredible intellect. I am now so thankful that she is, instead, the beacon of light in a medium that has become filled with darkness. We need journalists who speak truthfully and are not afraid of the 'difficult' interviews where, when the evidence is revealed, so is the truth. Thank you Rachel for giving us truth in journalism again!
+3 # Guest 2010-07-12 08:28
What are you trying to do? Frighten the male republicans in the House and Senate out of their ignorant arrogant racist skins?

The facts are, the US government on the republican side has degraded the nation into a country of lies, deception, mayhem and hypocrisy. And they did all of these in 8 years they were in power.
+4 # Guest 2010-07-11 23:45
Hey, I'm a fan of Rachel's too, ever since I started listening to her on Air America.

It's comforting to find so many like-minded fans writing in here, but it's troubling as well. It suggests that ideologically based Internet news lists and websites, combined with many cable and radio news channels, encourage us to seek out only those sources that tend to reinforce our own political leanings.

I worry that most of us--myself and my elected representatives included--are losing the ability to seriously exchange ideas with those who disagree with us. We'd rather score points than solve problems; we'd rather win power, reward friends and punish enemies than use power to "...form a more perfect Union, establish Justice,...prom ote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."

Rachel Maddow--and all too few others-- are perhaps happy exceptions.
+6 # Guest 2010-07-11 23:51
I've met Rachel and she is the real deal. She is authentic, brilliant, warm, funny, passionate. I love that she is willing to make a fool of herself to make a point, doesn't take herself too seriously and is very humble and kind. I disagree with some of the comments above, I find the levity adds some welcome relief to so much heavy reportage. I've followed her since the beginning of Air America. We are lucky to have her to "reset" the standard. We have waited for her for a long time! Edward R. Murrow would be proud!
-6 # Guest 2010-07-12 01:09
"Sustainability " applies to immigration limits along with everything else.

If Rachel was honest about that, I'd be a fan.
+3 # Guest 2010-07-12 08:24
It seem to me you don't know what "honesty" mean, much less the truth!

Rachel is a blessing in disguise. She is what America needs the most, courage, honesty, convictions, commitment.

Hello, are listening out there?
+6 # Guest 2010-07-12 01:47
I agree with all the compliments you paid Rachel. I will add 0ne more. since she is human she has a couple of times made a mistake; but the next day she mentioned it and made a correction.
+4 # Guest 2010-07-12 08:59
Rachel rocks! When I am exhausted and can't take any more of the inanity of broadcast news, I still tune in to the Rachel Maddow Show. She is my touchstone for what is going on in the world. She is smart, insightful, informative, bold, respectful, yet combative when necessary. She is all over stories (like the BP disaster) weeks before anyone else pays the slightest attention. And, bonus time, she knows and loves sports. My wife insists I have a crush on her. I guess that is true. If I were not happily married and she were not gay, and of course, she'd have to be attracted to overweight, bald men thirty years her senior, then we'd have to be together. As it is, I'll settle for watching her host the best damn news program available anywhere.
-7 # Guest 2010-07-12 09:42
You guys are being played. She is just another War-porate PR person. They keep you distracted with gay rights (which I support) and silly putdowns between Keith and Rachel and Glenn and Bill while they take your money, ruin your environment and blow up people on the other side of the world for oil, minerals, real estate and power.

Rachel Maddow just went and saved the War in Afghanistan for the neo-cons. Like all MSM news people, she does not allow anything critical of Israel on her show. She serves power and wealth. Her cute lesbianism is just another way to play you.
+4 # Guest 2010-07-12 10:53
It seems rather clear that you didn't pay deep enough attention to her reporting on Afghanistan. She uncovered astounding misappropriatio n of funds and other resources, and brought into question, time and time again, just why we are really there.
0 # Guest 2010-07-15 08:22
right on, she's a rhodes scholar, groomed for the position, you are all being played hard. remember she was on the morning show with chuck d on air america, coming out of no where, peculiar and now obvious.
+4 # Guest 2010-07-12 10:42
Rachel Maddow is an educated, intelligent, and thought-provoki ng journalist. Her analysis and synthesis of the problems facing our nation and the world as well as her ability to investigate with integrity the personalities which impact these events is a Gift to MSNBC NEWS. Dr. Maddow, thank you for your honesty in reporting. Leslie, thank you for your article; it made my day!
+3 # Guest 2010-07-12 12:10
I dont know why her sexuality has to be mentioned at all,she is smart,she is informed and has empithy,we need more people like her to get this country on the right path,if she ran for public office she would have my vote,but who gets all the media attention,that moron Palin does,which in it self explains a lot of what is wrong in this country.
+2 # Guest 2010-07-12 17:11
Rachel is a champion. She is everything a newscaster should be: intelligent, informed, and fair. She is a wonderful complement to Kieth. i hope she'll be around for a long time--we need her counterbalance to the weirdos on the right who take their marching orders from the gremlins in Murdoch's dungeons.
0 # Guest 2010-07-13 12:46
I made the error of watching Faux "News" one day and was shocked at how beautiful the women announcers were. Of course as soon as they opened their mouths the beauty disappeared. I could no more put up with that kind of egregious "news" casting then I could with watching mud wrestling. They are both stupid and futile. Thank goodness for Ms. Maddow!
0 # Guest 2010-07-13 21:05
Too true Leslie, Rachel is such a good role model, especially for young women today. Rupert Murdoch would replace blonde cleavage as newscasters with Maddow-types if he thought he could make more money doing it. Unfortunately, I think that there is a larger pool of wannabe anchors sans brains than anchors like Maddow who've won the Rhodes Scholarship.
0 # Guest 2010-07-13 21:23
I am addicted! Every night I make it my business to watch MSNBC news, and like ALL the newscasters, but especially Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman, and all the news guests they have on their broadcasts.
They give news not propaganda.
I feel sorry for the newscasters who are forced to give out contrived propaganda and not news, by the station owners whose motives are driven by their politics, and even more sad are the people who believe the distortions and
their slanted views.
I can only hope that listeners learn to distinguish between news and propaganda.
0 # Guest 2010-07-14 14:30
Rachel Maddow is far and away the best looking and sounding person in TV news. That's because she does her homework and her primary allegiance is to the truth, not her ego. She's also witty, thoughtful, educated, and well-spoken. She's not an empty-headed bundle of hair and make-up mindlessly reading a teleprompter, she's a journalist....a nearly extinct species in contemporary broadcasting.
0 # Guest 2010-07-17 10:35
Rachel is one show I won't miss. If I miss it at 8, I watch it at 10, or tape it. I tell everyone I know to watch her to get the truth of what is happening. She is fearless! Her reporting brings us the facts other "reporters" will not touch. I wish she was the President.
+1 # Guest 2010-07-20 13:35
not going to jump into the debate of whether rachel m is, in fact, another corporate shill, but...just wanted to say every straight male i know think she's hot. it's a no-brainer. but maybe that's because i'm from nyc.
0 # greytheart 2010-08-03 12:22
Love the description of your visit home, I'm still laughing!!!!! Thanks for another insightful piece, this time on one of my favorite people, esteemed role model for our youth, trailblazer for the times. Rachel brings me back to sanity after a dose of angry blonds in mini skirts.

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