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Scheer writes: "Does anyone care that the economy is floundering and that we are not getting out of this crisis anytime soon? Housing values are in the cellar, the Fed foresees unemployment remaining unacceptably high for the next three years, and national economic growth is predicted to be, at best, anemic."

Foreclosures continue to wreck families lives. (photo: Corbis)
Foreclosures continue to wreck families lives. (photo: Corbis)

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+1 # Virginia 2012-04-26 12:50
Democrats have only themselves to blame. The party line stemming from the Obama cover-up campaign is to not acknowledge the wrath and pain foreclosures and evictions have played, or to point the finger at the Wall Street bank fraud that pillaged Trillion$ from pension and retirement funds for fear the public will get wind that their pension and retirement funds are gone before the election.

The Democrats have failed to exploit the need for government regulation in the securities market. They have allowed Bill Clinton to continue to tout his de-regulation and repeal of Glass Steagal as good for the economy - which is total BS. By their silence and "party line" they have caused Americans to doubt that the party of Democracy is anything but the left-er wing of the Republicans - all bought and paid for by the Wall Street banks.

Chris Whalen, a leading financial economist, is right. This current Congress and administration has allowed the Wall Street banksters to get off without arrests and convictions and to continue their trading tricks at the peril of the American public and the world.

Are there better choices? Certainly not with the current media darlings and their "Wag the Dog" tactics. We're in for another 6-10 years of the same Depression if either of the top two candidates and the current Congress remain in office.
+7 # Billy Bob 2012-04-26 14:32
Unfortunately, no one was willing to primary Obama. Also unfortunately, the American electoral process sets up a two party system. We can either change the process (with a Constitutional Amendment), or we can draft someone to primary Obama. Those are the only two viable options available. I see ABSOLUTELY NO push to do either one of them.
+2 # Virginia 2012-04-27 14:19
And that's because the average American doesn't realize what is going on. The corruption is at all time high levels. Take a look at the major banks' SEC 10k filings and look at the disclosures. The American public would be aghast at the connections to the Cayman Islands, Luxemboug, Malaysia and off shore money laundering that is going on while we, the people, provide them with TRILLION$ to prop them up.

It's hard not to point fingers at the administration and Congress who are benefiting from these crooks.

Yeah, there is no push - because the average American doesn't know about the Wall Street securitization fraud because it's not discussed on American Idol.

However, it is discussed on
+14 # Billy Bob 2012-04-26 12:55
"Does anyone care...?"

In short, NO. The fact is that anyone in a position to fix it doesn't care. The other fact is that IT COULD BE FIXED. Government could take control and fix it. It won't. No one cares.

The rest of the article just underlines that fact.
+13 # jlohman 2012-04-26 13:16
Yea, people care. They are just waiting for government to fix it, when government (corrupt politicians) is the problem.
+11 # Billy Bob 2012-04-26 14:29
The thing is that government is the ONLY thing that can fix it. It won't fix itself. The "market won't correct this". The market CAUSED IT.
+5 # jlohman 2012-04-26 14:50
No, the voters are going to have to fix it. ALL of the old-timers will have to be voted out, and if the newbies don't clean up the bribes even they must go in 2014. (And yes, the government could fix this overnight, but they like it broken.)
+6 # Billy Bob 2012-04-26 18:23
The government is chosen by the voters and the voters need to actually agree first. Many voters like things the way they are.
+23 # jlohman 2012-04-26 13:00
No, things are not looking up yet, and won't ... at least until we sheeple get off of the little fires and tackle the root problem: corrupt politicians. Both R's and D's, and the laws they pass depends on the highest in bribe money. ONLY public funding of campaigns and ONLY a 100% turnover in November will get us there. Live with it, or FIX it!
+7 # Bodiotoo 2012-04-26 15:02
Limitations need to be placed on the $$$. Congressional District Elections should be no more than $1.00 per eligible voter...this ais about $400,000.00 being spent on a job that pays less than half...that...
Senate office seekers, 50...cents a voter

President: One Penny per citizen...$3.3 Million...

Then allow air time (required) of all licensed radio and to clear, concise Candidate flip flopping, we want your planks to be listed...

National Presdiential Debates (lets say 7 in line with the Douglass-Lincol n debates...and the same formula...Coin flip determines who goes first at the intial debate and then it is alternatingly reversed. NO notes...lets see just how smart these wanna bes are...on there feet.

The above reduces the junk mail, and the BS., and with such limits "Ordinary Joes (not necessary the plumber type we have heard more than enough from) could actually consider running as a populist!

Federal Election Commission needs to address the basic WRONGNESS of limitation to get on the ballots.

Make the White House a direct vote, most are the next throwing it to the Lions in Congress any more...that was the old back door system (see the election of 1824).
+6 # hutlee 2012-04-26 20:29
Corrupted politicians is only the symptoms of the political disease. Those who corrupt them are the viruses.. Until we truly address campaign finance, and kill Citizens United, things will only grow worse for the we, the 99%ers.

And that won't come about by simply acknowledging the problem. It has to be addressed, but it will not be until the streets are on fire, and wholesale civil disobedience makes business as usual impossible, and that is where Occupy comes into play. Don't just complain about your situation, go out and join those that are in the same boat as you.

Yes, it is still your country, you're just being denied the use of it by a certain group of greedsters on Wall Street and in Washington. The ball is in your court.
+12 # Regina 2012-04-26 13:14
It's not just physics -- ALL things are "relative." As bad as things are, they will get relatively worse if Romney gets elected. So Obama is "relatively" the better choice. There are no other viable options -- "relatively" to Obama and Romney, no other presidential candidate stands a chance. So idealists and dreamers will have to learn political relativity, and vote for Obama.
+5 # Billy Bob 2012-04-26 14:28
Or they can learn the relativity of staying "above the fray", "refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils", and deal with the fact that things WILL get worse.
+1 # genierae 2012-04-28 11:22
Ideals, in this imperfect world, are objects of our aspirations, not achievable, but symbols of excellence for our best efforts. In our idealism we reach for the highest possible outcomes, and we must not allow the perfect to hinder our efforts to achieve the best ends possible. Instead of seeing President Obama in a lesser-of-two-e vils way, why not see him as the choice that best serves the common good of the people? Realistic optimism is far better than harmful negativity that brings everyone down. Thinking positive used to be a very American trait, let's bring it back into fashion and remake our way of life. Our thoughts control our lives, why not think in a positive way?
+5 # bugbuster 2012-04-26 13:35
It's not obvious to me that this is anything but a bigger flock of chickens coming home to roost, that is, the inevitable demise of a world economy driven by the manufacture and sale of irrelevant gadgets.

Cars and iPads have nothing to do with the natural laws that put us here and keep us here. The closest meeting between nature and civilization that we have is agriculture.

Some smart young folks have cast their lot with farming and selling their goods at the farmers' markets. One possible outcome of all these goings on these days is that the smart ones will own the farms, and the rest of us will work for them.
+7 # cordleycoit 2012-04-26 14:12
A grim truth without a solution, showing that the choiceless choice always wins. Not so but the alternatives need to be highlight and thought out. To allow the criminals to escape and profit fits the definition of insanity. I do not see a coming together of the economists who think outside the smell of the Laural leaves. That might be a good first step to curing the problem.
+3 # mjc 2012-04-27 08:23
Scheer is one of the few commentators on the present scene who speaks the truth, and doesn't try to find excuses for the way our government representatives have handled this crisis. The Wall St. gang has been aided and abetted by the hard-line conservatives, mostly Republican but with some Democrats, who want the government to keep its hands off its precious right to accumulate wealth any way they want, even at the off chance that the public might be harmed. As Willard Romney has stated so many times, being wealthy, successfully making money, is THE important goal of every American. Greed is a more important motivator than altruism. We are and have been in a depression, damn close to the intensity of the so-called Great Depression. And the only solution most of our leaders offer is cut back, give the funding to private interests because they create jobs...not that many can be seen on the horizon. The Republicans in the 1930s fought the same battle and won many of those battles against the "New Deal" as well. World War II probably did more to end that depression but today we are an empire in search for an empire of oil and gas and we have already been involved in two unprovoked wars. Everyone cries out against GOVERNMENT SPENDING but that is what kept this nation from going completely under in 1933: WPA, CCC, banking holidays, and the ultimately discredited ERA. Not much of those programs being proposed today.
+1 # genierae 2012-04-28 08:42
Where do you think these corrupt corporations and politicians get their power? From the gullibility and the indifference of the majority of Americans. It is not fair to blame only those who lead us around by the nose, those of us who are led are equally responsible. Corrupt leaders come from a corrupt citizenry and only by healing this American society can we solve this problem. I am not sure that we will survive as a nation, we may have to crash and burn before we can create the kind of culture that benefits everyone. We have gotten ourselves into this mess and now we must suffer the consequences. Ignorance is the root of all evil, and it seems to me the United States of America is the most ignorant country on earth. Mr. Scheer tells only half the story, he must include every partner in the crime, including the willful apathy of the American people, if he wants to tell the whole truth.

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