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Blow writes: "Florida ought to know better. And must do better, particularly on the issue of voting and discrimination. But, then again, we are talking about Florida, the state of Bush v. Gore infamy and the one that will celebrate the birthday of Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederacy, with a statewide holiday on Sunday."

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is overseeing another voter purge in Florida. (photo: Think Progress)
Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott is overseeing another voter purge in Florida. (photo: Think Progress)

Darkness in the Sunshine State

By Charles Blow, The New York Times

02 June 12


lorida ought to know better. And must do better, particularly on the issue of voting and discrimination.

But, then again, we are talking about Florida, the state of Bush v. Gore infamy and the one that will celebrate the birthday of Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederacy, with a statewide holiday on Sunday.

What am I getting at? This: Few states in the union have done more in recent years to restrict and suppress voting - particularly by groups who lean Democratic, such as young people, the poor and minorities - than Florida.

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+21 # Peacedragon 2012-06-02 16:05
It's hard for me to see this election as a "nail biter." But then I am a Rachel watcher.
0 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:48
Me too!
+48 # giraffee2012 2012-06-03 00:35
So we know Florida will rig the election and all we can do is "complain"? Huh? Somebody's head should roll. We know WHO the somebodies are -- so DOJ, Supreme Court, Police, President Obama --- all of you 'put your guns on and take the pose' to round 'em up. It's not 1855 so you can't hang 'em but we have COURTS with prosecutors and judges and there are laws!

NO MORE 2000 crap. Fool me once shame on YOU (Florida). Fool me twice, shame on ME (99%) --- so THERE SHALL BE NO "TWICE" in Florida or any of the other Koch brother invested states.

NOW DO YOUR JOB or resign and allow other "officers of the court" take your jobs!

RATS in the Supreme Court - Keep your hands out of 'deciding' state voter issues. The constitution of the United States does NOT allow YOU (Supremes) to interfere in state elections (yes, even for the Presidency) - You did it in 2000 but NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN.

Rest of you - please register and VOTE DEM/ VOTE OBAMA (unless you want Mitt the mouth of the Koch brothers to run our country) --- The Koch want to be King!

Rove - you'd better watch where you stick your nose this election also -- We know what you've done!
+5 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:13
I hope you have sent seperate emails or faxes to all these people. I have...Scott,Ru bio,Allan West in Miami,the Supreme Court, our local Florida politicians, Supervisior of Elections here in Florida, Rove and I have raked them over the coals, the bast__ds.
+2 # giraffee2012 2012-06-04 13:36
Florida (and other states) who violate the Federal Voting Rights' law should not have their delegates vote in any Federal Election ---- INCLUDING the 2012 Presidential Election, Senators, Reps
+28 # sol4u2 2012-06-03 01:16
It's unfortunate that the Grand Ol' Party continues to act in not so great a manner. Reviewing voter registration and purging voter rolls should be done but not done but NOT four months before a national election as many will again be disinfrancized of their voting right. We have a very poor governor who does not appear to think rationally on many matters, this being one of them. Strange but I was born and raised in Florida 66 years ago and have NEVER heard of Florida having a statewide holiday celebrating Jefferson Davis's birthday -- where have I been?
+2 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:15
I have lived here since 1977 and I have never heard of Davis's birthday celebration either.
+9 # JohnnyK 2012-06-03 03:41
Confederate states will always vote Republican. They are racist and anti democratic as well as backward.
+13 # Granny Mari 2012-06-03 04:06
We didn't vote them in we can't vote them out, throw the bums in jail. Boycott Koch products, anything made by Georgia Pacific.


+2 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:19
Unfortunatly, we don't have a RECALL in our state.
I boycott Koch products. Florida had been Democratic a while back, then the out of state Repubs moved in just to take over the state. I told folks what was happening, but nobody listened, and now they are having to pay for it.
+5 # sapereaudeprime 2012-06-03 05:17
My great great grandfather closed up his Vermont classroom and sacrificed several years of his life to deal with these racist scum. In 1865, he led the 9th Vermont over the defensive lines and into Richmond, with minimal losses, as the traitors fled. Sadly, at the end of that conflict, we had mercy and did not hang the Treasonous leadership, Jeff Davis included. The next time, we won't make that mistake. We will leave these disgusting piglets purple-faced, goggle-eyed and wet-pantsed at the end of a rope in a public venue, and their vile corpses will be dissolved in lye and flushed down a public toilet.
-18 # brucbaker 2012-06-03 05:45
How about VOTERS present picture I.D. to confirm they are who they are and maybe ... with today's computer savvy world ... it is scanned and saved on hard drive and DISC so it can be reviewed if there are ANY question about who voted and if their I.D. matched the name registered in the voting roles? Or .. would that simple investment PUT the FREAKING criminal voting MACHINE companies OUT OF BUSINESS and BRING HONEST elections to Florida? ENOUGH ALREADY with the LEFT DRUMMING the old slogans ... technology is cheap and can easily be backed up by cheap hard discs .. at a FRACTION of the cost of these freaking voting machines that seemed to be easily HACKED and the votes changed.
+5 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:22
They have always asked for picture ID from what I remember. Florida Drivers license was fine. You show it before you vote, so I don't know why the need for a purge, other than to get rid of minority voters, who make up the purge list and vote Democrate.
+13 # walt 2012-06-03 05:58
One has to ask a serious question: What is wrong with a political party that wants to deny people the right to vote?

The GOP continues to shame themselves over this and dozens more incidents over the last four years showing how they do not stand for the people, the workers or any of the 99%.

We have to vote them out!
+7 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:23
They only want the rich to vote, because most of them are Repubs.
+5 # soularddave 2012-06-03 06:53
And then there are always those pesky (and expensive) voting machines to worry about.
+2 # giraffee2012 2012-06-03 23:43
Quoting soularddave:
And then there are always those pesky (and expensive) voting machines to worry about.

You can ask for a paper ballot - don't have to use the machine. Make sure you seal it and dump ballot in proper place to be counted!
+9 # fredboy 2012-06-03 06:53
I urge all of you -- especially my Hispanic friends -- to keep this in mind when Marco Rubio is being considered for the VP slot with Romney. Rubio stands by his party's efforts to purge voters, particularly Hispanics. Let's keep this guy off the ticket, and generate national pressure on Florida to rid itself of these foul, vicious practices.
+7 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:24
Rubio is liar. He even lied about his own parents.
+5 # Linda 2012-06-03 07:34
I agree with giraffee2012 there are laws that are suppose to prevent this sort of thing from happening and these laws should be upheld before the election !
Why these states are getting away with breaking the laws set fourth in the Constitution is beyond me .
When they became part of the union they agreed to obey the laws set fourth in the Constitution and they should be held accountable or all government money that is sent to these states should be stopped and they should be warned that if they persist in breaking the laws they will be kicked out of the union and nolonger be part of the United States !
I am sick to death of hearing how these red states are constantly breaking the law taking away the peoples civil rights and nothing is being done about it . Arizona for one has a horrible record of civil rights abuse . Forida wants to join them and see who can be the worst state in the union !
Please President Obama use your authority and make these states accountable for their actions and do it swiftly before the election so we don't see a repeat of 2000 !
All citizens should know that there vote counts in this country ! Its bad enough that we have a Supreme Court that has broken the law when it voted on the side of Citizens United making corporations people so they can pour all the money they want into elections tipping the scales in their favor . Those who voted on the side of corporations should have been impeached for that decision !
+5 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:32
They are getting away with breaking the law, just like George W. did for starting and illegal war and lying to the public about it. Just like the Wall Street people did, who ruined peoples lives. Just like the Repub. Senators and Reps get away with adultery,lying and stealing from the public.They go back to work, whereas, if a Demo. does it then that person must resign. Just like Daddy Bush buying Florida for Jeb's birthday. Just like the Surpreme Court giving the Presidency to George W. when voter fraud was rampant here in Florida and hundreds of elegible votes were tossed out.
+13 # dick 2012-06-03 08:33
BOYCOTT Florida. Inform Disney. Do not buy Florida products.
Inform the distributors. Pressure got Zimmerman arrested.
+3 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:39
I wish people would boycott Disney, but they won't. You would really need to hit the travel market in the UK and Europe. We have friends and family in the UK and we have spred the word to them and they will pass it on.
+6 # stonecutter 2012-06-03 08:47
Many thousands of Floridians are transplants from various northern blue states, where their politics (my politics) are diametrically opposed to the current felonious troglodyte governor, who aside from passing for Lurch's twin brother, is the darling of central and northern knuckle-draggin g crackers, and some segment of the reactionary Dade County community. He and Allen West should go on the road as a "Sin City" mutation of "Mutt and Jeff".

Scott will get his comeuppance; what goes around comes around. I predict West will end up as a criminal defendant or in a rubber room.
+6 # humanmancalvin 2012-06-03 10:17
As I understand it the Tea Bagging powers that be here in sunny Florida have decided to continue their (Democrat leaning) voter purge in spite of a judges decree that it is illegal. Sounds right for the course of action promoted by these radical right insurgents. One presidential election was stolen as a direct action by these anti-American way scoundrels. They must be stopped at all costs & by any way necessary to insure that that this does not occur a second time.
No matter what & for the sake of all things at least partially sane vote Obama/Biden in November & be sure to fill both houses with nothing but Blue.
+5 # tswhiskers 2012-06-03 10:25
Fortunately Fla. election officials seem to have learned from the 2000 and 2004 presidential election disasters in that state. In answer to Walt, the GOP has since the 1990's dreamed of becoming the permanent majority party in the country and thanks to all the Rep. governors voted into office in 2010, they are on their way to achieving the dream. That is why the Wisc election this Tues. is so important; if Scott Walker is not recalled it will send a message to all Republican governors that they can kill unions and continue to stomp on voter rights until the Dems do indeed become the permanent minority party for lack of funds and voters.
+4 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:47
I told my Scottish husband, when George W. was running, that if he get's the Presidency, then the whole country would go to s__t. I was absolutly correct in everything that I told him. It has all come true. I warned others,to deaf ears.
If I can see the truth, then why can't others? If I can pick fact from fiction, then why can't others?
+2 # jwb110 2012-06-03 11:27
Why would an ilegal alien vote and tip his hand that he was in the US? That thinking flies in the face of reason and surely make the GOP/TP's Xenophobia more than real.
It also proves that even the GOP/TP knows that it has something to be very afraid of and that is its people. The whole thing is so transparent as a thug ballot box stuffing that I reel that they aren't shamed and embarrassed by their own behavior. They are just a bunch of thugs.
+4 # wfalco 2012-06-03 12:07
Such an obviously blatant, arrogant attempt to swing an election. Down here in the sun baked state I find many average, decent, hard working Americans who barely give a glance to the news or what is going on.

As a follower of politics in this state for quite a while- the Republican majority legislature and recent governors are well aware of what they are dealing with. They know the public, as a whole, is not paying close attention. They have done well to provoke enough voter anger and the ability to utilize various "wedge" issues to get their base out to vote. That "base" has seemingly been strong enough to dominate state politics with republicans for many years. And what are most doing when their ability to vote is being taken away? ,arguing about football games, hosting various relatives who come down to visit,and catering to elderly retirees who love the Fl tax rates and lack of a state tax.

It seems the wool can be easily pulled over the eyes of many in a state like Florida. The politicians down here know what they are dealing with. What they are dealing with is a majority of residents who are simply not paying attention.
+3 # Listner 2012-06-03 12:17
The Florida situation is a highly visible example of why it's so important to keep the issue in the press, and on peoples minds. If I'm a Floridian, I'm bringing a camera to my polling place and spending time there, even if I'm not filming anything, I'll send a message. The reason the baggers are continuing down this path is because it worked once, (Bush V Gore) so they'll try it again. Same will be true if Walker keeps his job in Wisconsin.
I would also encourage people in FL to help people who don't have the ability, for whatever reason, to register to vote. A picture I.D. is fairly inexpensive (DMV) and easy to come by. Drive them or help them with the funds. NOBODY in this country should be denied the right to vote.It's hard to believe the GOP has stooped this low but they're desparate, and we know the rest of that saying. Lets make this the year we told the world our Nation is NOT FOR SALE !!!
0 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:50
How long does it take for my comments to show up here?


Our comments are moderated by real people, not a software program. Depending on when you submit a comment during the approval cycle, it can take up to an hour to be approved and be live on the page.

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+7 # DHa7763100 2012-06-03 13:52
+7 # rockieball 2012-06-03 14:14
I think "WE THE PEOPLE" of the United States should petition the United Nations to oversee the elections, just like this country does to other countries including the former USSR countries to see that elections are fair and above board. For sure they are not in the good old US of A.
-6 # Noni77 2012-06-03 21:22
HOW is taking dead people, illegal aliens, or other such fraudulent voters OFF the voting rosters a BAD thing?!?! Are you insane? We all have to show ID for opening bank accounts, getting utilities turned on, writing checks, using our credit cards in some stores, getting driver's licenses, getting post office boxes, getting passports, getting medical care, buying a car, buying a home, getting a loan, etc., etc., Showing ID is an E-Q-U-A-L-I-Z-E -R!! Are you saying this universal requirement of a modern society hinders who? Cave dwellers who want to vote? You people have snorted way too many "bath salts"...

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