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Chait writes: "President Obama's remarks today about the so-called 'fiscal cliff' set the stage for a showdown with Congress likely to last for the next few months."

'Obama set one line in the sand: revenue.' (photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)
'Obama set one line in the sand: revenue.' (photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

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+80 # karlarove 2012-11-11 15:09
During President Obama's 1st term in office, corporations did REALLY well. Record profits actually in 2009, 2010,2011; and at the same time paid the LOWEST corporate taxes on record since World War II. If Obama selects Bowles, I hardly think it will be a bipartisan effort. All the heads of corporations that are involved with “Fix the Debt” are closet Mitt Romney’s. I am complexly mystified “the Keynesian's in the White House claim to believe that taxes on the wealthy don't affect economic growth.” ??
Where has the author been since the Bush tax cuts took place? Seen any economic growth? Low taxes = low economic growth. Here’s an idea – increase taxes on the wealthy to create jobs and spur economic growth. That used to work, why not try it again?
+23 # karlarove 2012-11-11 15:35
As I said before this guy is a Mitt wanna be. As part of "Fix the Debt" campaign, these guys have not made any suggestions about what tax cuts or tax loopholes they are willing to let go of personally or for corporations. That should make Americans VERY suspicious. The fiscal cliff is looming because of the choices Congress made. The so called "Super Committee", just as beholden to lobbyists as their not so super counter parts, didn't get anything done either. And the Wall Street Journal's panicked editorial - where has the author been since the Bush tax cuts took place? Seen any economic growth? Low taxes = low economic growth. Here’s an idea – increase taxes on the wealthy to create jobs and spur economic growth. That used to work, why not try it again?
+2 # robniel 2012-11-14 07:38
Romney is yesterday's news and should climb back under his rock.
+40 # ctorganizer 2012-11-11 17:53
The so called fatc that taxes on wealthy deter job growth is not proven at all. In fact we know tax cuts on wealthy do not create or result employment. This is strictly an ideological stance and not based on facts. Personally I think that the dems demonstrated the message they had resonated with the majority of voters. The upper hand will be held by the group that give the impression they will not blink.
+76 # The Ice Maiden 2012-11-11 18:33
I am so relieved that President Obama is FINALLY putting the focus on Republican obstructionism, and calling a spade a spade. It should be clear to him (at last!) that they will refuse to cooperate even with proposals they would readily/immedia tely agree to if proposed by a Republican.

If it were possible, I would tell President Obama: Keep the public in the loop, Mr President! PLEASE do not let the Republicans put their spin on their behavior without anything to the contrary from you and your office.
+56 # JSRaleigh 2012-11-11 18:57
$250,000 is 5 times the median income in this country.
+16 # Doctoretty 2012-11-11 19:12
GW Bush's immigration reform was actually supported by most Democrats. It was his fellow GOP that killed it. Yet this article tries to make it sound the other way around saying it was "scuppered in the Democrat-contro lled Congress." Amazing how history can be re-written to make a a change in thinking look like it isn't a change at all!!
+21 # Vardoz 2012-11-11 19:16
Tens of millions put their hearts and souls into reelecting Obama. Now he needs to deliver. No more games. If he fails we will be thrown to the wolves and it will be poverty for all as our already fragil economy continues to contract and millions will be standing on line for shit, low paying jobs. The nails will be put in the coffin for a new and bigger middle class.
+30 # Bruce Gruber 2012-11-11 19:24
The challenge should be offered immediately. Extend middle class tax cuts, pass a two year public works stimulus package with NO offsetting reductions in spending and waste NO House of Representatives time on Obamacare, Social Security or Medicare ...
If the Republican/Libe rtarian,RovRand ian pretenders really believed in their trickle down economic individualism, they could abstain in protest and wait for the failure they claim to expect. THEN they would be able to snatch their imagined victory from Dems who would have to take full responsibility at the polls - not because of Republican obstructionism, but because the progressive belief in equitable participation in the economy would have failed.

My sense is that 'Republican' capitalism would NEVER allow a clear comparison of philosophies. Their extinction would demonstrate the comparative value of peaceful humanistic goodness against the individualistic , opportunistic power hunger of 'ownership' of the invisible hand. They are risk averse and would rather invest in divisive propaganda and 'acquired' politicians.
+14 # X Dane 2012-11-11 20:06
Obama has a delicate balancing act coming up. Because he should be firm about the taxes, but he also NEEDS to work more with BOTH democrats and republicans. Voters have said that they WANT to see more co-operation.

I agree, nothing will happen without co-operation it will be impossible to move forward with all the projects we need to address, so it may be difficult ,.....B U T. Many republicans, Mitch McConnell is one of them are up for election in 2014.

I think that voters are going to loose patience with people in congress, if they keep obstructing, especially if they see the President reaching out, wanting to work with them in order to get people back to work, and the country moving forward.

Too much is at stake now, there is no time for playing games. We need the grown ups back in charge.
-19 # RLF 2012-11-12 08:11
The people don't want bipartisanship. ..they want progress...they want to see things getting done. Problem is that what Obama actually wants is not that far from what the reps. want. He will is what he does best.
+16 # rockieball 2012-11-12 10:53
And those are the people who voted Republican. Which party objected to every bill? Which party voted against every bill to help middle and low income people (in lock step)? Which party in control of the house voted over 30 times to end the Affordable Health Care Act, but not one time on the jobs bill? Which party filibustered everything? Which party said their major goal was to see that the President was a one term President? Not jobs, not healthcare, not education not anything else.
ANSWER; The party of Greed and I got mine so f%$^You. The party of no bipartisanship unless you vote my way. The RepubliCON Part. Wake up an smell their manure
+8 # Lolanne 2012-11-12 11:57
Quoting X Dane:
Obama has a delicate balancing act coming up. Because he should be firm about the taxes, but he also NEEDS to work more with BOTH democrats and republicans. Voters have said that they WANT to see more co-operation. . . .

I think the possibility of bipartisanship all depends on what the republican party does now. If they stay with their extremist,T-P'e r, hate-based positions, then no cooperation is possible. But if the election causes the reps to split and some of them to reclaim their sanity and start to work for the good of the WHOLE COUNTRY, then yes, maybe there will again be bipartisan collaboration in Congress.

And I totally agree with the rest of your post -- I think the people will no longer stand for leaving do-nothings in Congress, paying them to just sit there and say NO. In a way, I rather hope they do try that -- I'd like to see the lot of them voted out in 2 yrs time and more liberals and moderates voted in!

But you're right -- there is much at stake and we do need a return to sanity and common sense in government NOW.
+2 # X Dane 2012-11-13 01:09
Thank you Lolanne.

I do like to make sense. What I have heard the last day or two makes me think that there is a chance for a break through. Bill Cristol said that he also thought millionaires and billionaires could easily pay more in taxes.

And I think there may be mutiny in the ranks of Grover Norquist's followers. I hope they will kick him to the curb. SOME have NOT signed his pledge. If we can get HIM out of the way, there may be a deal.

As long as he is in the picture, the republicans are too scared of being "primaried" I love that when The old Bush was talking about Norquist and his pledge, he said: "Who the hell IS Grover Norquist anyway?"
+5 # rockieball 2012-11-12 15:03
He has tried compromise but the Republicans shot down and voted in lock step against any proposal even when it was their idea in the first place. They are the ones who cry partisan politics yet do not vote for any bill that just might help the country. Then they shout bipartisan when just one or two blue dog dem's vote in their favor. I would like to know how many vote their were where the Republicans if any agreed with the President outside of course the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the Rich.
0 # Eldon J. Bloedorn 2012-11-13 23:15
Mitt could get a job in the circus. His act, a performer walk the high wire. Assuring them that if they fall, there is a net to catch them. Then, as an added suspense and thriller, he as the stunt man would personally quickly remove the net before the high wire performer hit the concrete floor.
+23 # cherylpetro 2012-11-11 20:10
What the USA needs are representatives who put the welfare of the country and its people, BEFORE their limited, biased opinions and pledges! Even in one presidential debate, Mitt Romney said that "trickle down doesn't work, it never did!" (Words of treason to the GOP!) How many years of suffering does the country need to experience before the Republicans realize the US needs revenue, not just cut backs? (and it is funny, when one realizes that Republican governors gladly take federal money, and use it to balance their state's budgets, and pet projects). I think Americans are tired of Republican hostage taking of our government in order to deliver to us a poison pill! The Republicans don't seem to mind putting the country in peril, and letting us suffer for ideals that are merely a cover to give wealthy more money! They also play childish games of hurting the country to make Pres. Obama look bad! We AREADY know who is hurting the US and it's NOT Pres. Obama! Republicans who participate in this nonsense, should answer to charges of TREASON!
+21 # seniorcitizen 2012-11-11 21:39
Yes, it is treason! The obstructionist need to be impeached from their positions. The Republicans in Congress who have voted "NO" to everything that the president has tried to pass for the sake of making him a one term president, have failed.They not only failed in their goal, but they failed in their job at what they were elected to do. We are holding them responsible for getting those jobs back!
+21 # seniorcitizen 2012-11-11 21:50
Why are the oil companies still getting money in the form of subsidies from the government? If those subsidies were stopped, it would mean a lot more money to pay down the debt. Congress needs to pass a bill to end those subsidies and also end "aid" to countries who hate us. We need to take care of our own. Start with taking care of our debt by ending pork. Cut the unnecessary spending.
0 # Cassandra2012 2012-11-24 15:37

Corporate Welfare to fossil fuel corps. and giant Agribusiness needs to be ended now!
-17 # RLF 2012-11-12 08:13
THey are not the Bush tax cuts anymore...they are the Obama tax cuts. It is all he could accomplish and they are part of his legacy. If he wants history to show something differently, perhaps he should get rid of all the supply-siders in his administration.
+9 # Todd Williams 2012-11-12 14:13
You are wrong. They are the Bush era tax cuts. Period. End of discussion. Read your damn history and quit the stupid revisionism.
+3 # robniel 2012-11-14 07:42
Quoting RLF:
THey are not the Bush tax cuts anymore...they are the Obama tax cuts.

Still in the bubble, which caused the Grand Obstructionist Party to lose another election.
+6 # Todd Williams 2012-11-12 14:11
Yes, it is the Rethug govs and those states that take most of the tax revenue. As I've noted before, just look at charts that show how much revnue is sent back to the states vs. how much they pay out in fed taxes. For instance, California gets back about 90 cents for every dollar it sends the feds, while Mississippie gets back about $2.50 for every buck sent. Who do you think is paying for these crappily run Rethug states? It's the liberal Dem states supporting them How ironic!
+28 # angelfish 2012-11-11 20:15
If they refuse to bend in the wind, they will surely break. They MUST realize that Americans will NOT be held hostage to their Bull-Puckey any more re: Tax relief for the RICHEST 1%! If they don't, they are DONE as a political entity in this Country. Case closed, next case.
-7 # RLF 2012-11-12 08:15
Sho loses if the cliff happens...big business! I Obama caves...we will know why. He has the strongest bargaining position aand he will get exactly what he wants...and this time he has to take the credit/blame for casting it to the repubs.
+37 # Rick Levy 2012-11-11 20:26
Stand your ground, Mr.President, and set a precedent for yourself.
+24 # Kathymoi 2012-11-11 21:17
well done, Obama. I hope this is a sign of stances to come in this term.
+14 # Constant Voter 2012-11-11 23:25
Obama should not let the Republicans get their way and kick the can down the road. This is what they want, so that the debt ceiling issue comes at the same time as all the rest. But I am glad to see him not giving way on letting the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest expire - so far. Remember, the wealthiest not only got tax cuts they didn't need, they got the highest percentage of the tax cuts.
+18 # fredboy 2012-11-12 07:06
Democrats should now focus every strength on winning back the House. Starting now.
+2 # jlg 2012-11-12 12:33
Quoting fredboy:
Democrats should now focus every strength on winning back the House. Starting now.

Can anyone tell me why the Dems were so successful in the Senate, but not in the House?
+3 # ABen 2012-11-12 23:23
To answer your question, gerrymandered districts.
+3 # CAMUS1111 2012-11-12 12:36
Obama should immediately take Bowles and Simpson off the table...but he won't.
+2 # lollie 2012-11-13 11:51
Majority rules? The election spoke volumes. That same majority needs to be heard loud and clear. No more pandering to the irrational minority even if 2014 is at stake for some (Mcconnell is one,Yea!!). This posturing and strategizing for the next election only puts these very important issues in jeopardy. Maybe if it's clear that listening to the base is not going to have the desired payoff,then they will support Obama and the majority of voters.
+2 # Innocent Victim 2012-11-13 21:11
Any deal that these two servants of our corporate elite would make would come needlessly from Medicare and Social Security. The crisis does not come from either one. It comes from the corruption of our national leaders by corporate money and from US efforts to control the world by military force.
-1 # jerry mack 2012-11-14 07:55
wow..being new to the RSN..


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