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Chait writes: "Trying to categorize Romney's line as a kind of racial slur is unfair and almost certainly pointless. It is not unconnected to race, but not in the 'that's racist!' way that we tend to adjudicate these controversies."

Mitt Romney speaks to the NAACP, 07/11/12. (photo: Eric Kayne/Getty Images)
Mitt Romney speaks to the NAACP, 07/11/12. (photo: Eric Kayne/Getty Images)

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+9 # walthe310 2012-07-15 09:32
Free stuff and nonsense from Mitt.
+3 # DorothyK 2012-07-15 10:03
That almost makes sense
+7 # JSRaleigh 2012-07-15 11:06
"Good News! Obama's lame sellout healthcare plan has been ruled constitutional over the objections of republicans who just want us to die".

- Ted Rall
+17 # ABen 2012-07-15 11:26
Mittens' notion of "free stuff" is just more Randian style pandering to the Greed Obsessed Party. Romney continues to demonstrate his status as a platinum plated buffoon.
+8 # dick 2012-07-15 11:41
WHY don't the media ask Mitt if he opposes free stuff for billionaires, like TARP, ag subsidies in red states, Big Oil subsidies, etc.? It is pure nonsense to say that he was not being overtly racist & damn proud of it. Chait & others should make him choke on it, not look for ways to help him off the hook. Will Obama have the balls to ask him about free stuff for billionaires in ads & debates? The staggeringly blatant hypocrisy about govt hand-outs is sickening. Chait, get ON THE BALL, on TV, etc.
+7 # Bodiotoo 2012-07-15 11:54
Romney would be no where withotu the free it cash or connections from his father. Not so easy for those of us, like myself, that were orphaned and had to work our way through high school and college to garner my itsy bitsy slice of the American Dream...
Out of touch with reality in America...
and it is not the Federal governemnt that beats up on my is all the departmants and overlapping jurisdictions, redundant appplications, excessive fees for naught...that have taken 1/4th of my income away in the last 10 years. I push so much useless paper work, (submit 6 copies when applying ...and of course an excessive sized check to "start" an impact report...that no one will read!).
+4 # Adoregon 2012-07-15 15:00
The government redistributes the nation's tax wealth (and, unfortunately a lot more in the form of debt) every year. To grasp who really gets "free stuff" on a porcine scale, read the federal budget and the tax code.
+2 # bobby t. 2012-07-16 11:24
the cato institute reports that corporate welfare is 5% of the fed budget and social welfare is 3% of the federal budget. the 93 billion to corporations is sick. the ceo's of those corporations get millions in compensation because of these handouts that are not needed in those industries. even in farming, it doesn't save the lots of mom and pop farms which are rapidly disappearing, but does give most of the money to huge agribusiness corporations.
i don't accept cato's findings because the no bid war contracts that are in the trillions now, are also corporate welfare along with the bribes to foreign countries that are dovetailed with american corporate interests abroad. there are countries that will not accept american aid, and those people are lucky to be alive because cia wet teams haven't killed them like they did, for example, in chile, and many other countries. why vietnam, why nicaraqua? why indeed? free stuff willard?
perhaps the comment in the naacp meeting he intended to let the other gop members know that the blacks in america hate him. better for his self image, especially in the form of the southern strategy. never underestimate rove and his associates. not good.
0 # mscw42 2012-07-24 16:36
Possibly the reason Mitt Romney is concerned about cuts in Medicare is that it would mean cuts in Medicare Advantage which is the for profit part of Medicare. Private health insurance companies are reaping the wealth!

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