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Greenwald writes: "In February, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism documented that after the US kills people with drones in Pakistan, it then targets for death those who show up at the scene to rescue the survivors and retrieve the bodies, as well as those who gather to mourn the dead at funerals."

Pakistani villagers offer funeral prayers for people who were reportedly killed by a US drone attack, 06/16/11. (photo: AP)
Pakistani villagers offer funeral prayers for people who were reportedly killed by a US drone attack, 06/16/11. (photo: AP)

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+12 # RMDC 2012-06-04 17:24
Yes, Obama has become the worst of the worst terrorists. It is really hard anymore to consider him as any different from the lunatics who ran the Pentagon and CIA under GW Bush.

His cynical escalation of the proxy war against Syria is also a great crime.

When will we be rid of this murdering asshole? I can't wait until November (or really January when Romney is inaugurated). What a failure he has been.
+12 # tedrey 2012-06-04 21:48
To RMDC: Just because you realize Stalin is evil is no reason to embrace Hitler.
+8 # futhark 2012-06-05 05:00
Yes, just because you can't stomach Barack Obama's lack of ethics and his hypocrisy doesn't mean you have to cast your vote for the greater of two evils. I always vote for the candidate who best represents my views, even if they "can't win". In 40 years of voting, I've only voted for one presidential candidate who did win, Bill Clinton. Don't be shy about voting for the Green Party or any other third party. I think that there may be no better way than communicating to the Democratic Party establishment that they are losing their base than show them they don't own us. Cast your votes for candidates who really do stand for justice, peace, liberty, education, and environmental protection.
+5 # RMDC 2012-06-05 05:04
tedrey -- yes, good analogy.

the thing that worries me the most about Obama is that the number one agenda for the next 4 years will be the destruction of social security and medicare. The funds these programs collect from taxpayers are needed to prop up the banks and wars. Only a democrat president will be able to crash these programs and get the legislation through congress. Obama has already set up the fall of social security by cutting the payroll tax -- i.e., the special tax that is supposed to go only to SS. It is now actually underfunded.

this is what Clinton did to welfare. Obama's job will be to "end social security and medicare as we know it."

I'm pretty confident Obama will be re-elected and this will be his mandate.
+5 # Activista 2012-06-05 01:36
Yes RMDC - it is time to STOP playing Democrats - Republican game - it is all the same NAZI party controlled by MONEY/militarism.
Obama/Clinton watching execution/killi ng of sick bin Laden in bed was quite psychopathic.
+4 # John Locke 2012-06-05 08:56
I fully agree. We need this arrogant fool out of office and out of our sight...He should be prosecuted as his friend Bush should be, War Crimes and Treason against the US. They want more wars, that is the neoconservative plan for the US Empire!
+9 # PABLO DIABLO 2012-06-04 22:43
It's the old "good cop - bad cop" The Republicans come in and propose evil doings, but they're the bad cop, the democrats come in and do the same things, but with a "I feel your pain" mindset and we all go aaaaahhhh. Besides Obama, also,think Clinton cutting Welfare, signing off on Glass-Stegal, and pushing NAFTA.
THANK YOU Glen Greenwald.
+3 # Capn Canard 2012-06-05 06:48
Pablo, absolutely... same shit, different day...
+4 # tedrey 2012-06-05 09:12
I was in South Africa in the 1950s. The blacks (don't freak out, they called themselves that) told me the difference between the Boers and the English was that the Boers' position was "Blacks keep out," while the British was "Please understand that this facility is only for Whites." Dem. vs. Rep. on many issues, are much like this.
But South Africa, despite serious new problems, has at least achieved a higher level of tolerance and aspiration. It appears this was made possible because some of their 1% (think de Klerk) realized the insane results of their current course, and reached across the divide to stop it.
This is not unique . . . think Gorbachev, think Daniel Ortega. I hope this can happen here, but it doesn't happen very often. Don't count on it, though it would save lives.
In the meantime, keep your eye on the desirable immediate future . . . a real two-party system, far-right Republicans mostly out of it (self-destroyed ,) Democrats on the "right," Green/Progressi ve on the "left," Communist, Black Bloc, Anarchist out there on the far left, to keep us progressives honest.
If you disagree, don't attack me, lovingly persuade me. Our discussions here are a simulacrum of the society we are trying to create. Let's assume it can be an reasonable and inclusive one. one.
+5 # Activista 2012-06-05 01:24
Glen Greenwald courage and intelligence showed US what press should be in free country without censorship.
We live in the age of propaganda/tota litarian state.
Compare this article to "official controlled media" propaganda. This goes for Iran, Libya, Syria - almost the EXACT opposite is true compared to White House "facts". Masses are brainwashed - one fuhrer, one party ... I am scared.
+3 # fredboy 2012-06-05 07:08
After viewing the Wiki leaked gunship slaughter video, this comes as no surprise.

The big question is where do we go now? How do we find and champion the higher ground?
+2 # Activista 2012-06-05 12:21
Obama is a pawn - Clinton Foundation/Gang rules.
Search Clinton AIPAC -
+3 # Activista 2012-06-05 22:28
Bill Clinton said Tuesday that broad tax cuts that expire in January should be temporarily renewed, including for the wealthiest Americans, to give lawmakers time to reach a deal on a longer-term extension that should exclude the rich."
Bill is protecting his clients ...
+2 # Glen 2012-06-06 06:33
Just one reason I am ashamed of the U.S. government. The list gets longer with each administration. RMDC has posted, along with Activista, numerous facts and policies that the average U.S. citizen is not aware of. If there were to be more information for citizens, and awareness, there would be panic and paranoia beyond what we are seeing now relative to the government.

One more time with feeling - the U.S. government is going to start a world war, if it hasn't already begun.
+2 # Activista 2012-06-06 14:09
Glen I grew up in the totalitarian system in Eastern Europe - escaped to USA. Know what government propaganda is - what government censorship is.
The same totalitarian system now rules USA - with ONE big difference. People in Eastern Europe knew how the the system works - I am not sure that most of the American people do.
Havel wrote the pamphlet - Power of Powerless - regime change has to come from the bottom - people.
+1 # Glen 2012-06-07 10:14
Thank you, Activista. Many Americans continue to think traditionally, never realizing even the slightest change in this country. That is the most disturbing aspect of the coming suppression of citizens - their complete ignorance and susceptibility to propaganda. I will look into Power of the Powerless. Thanks again.

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