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Amy Davidson begins: "On the Island of Utoya, seven girls came to talk to Gro Harlem Brundtland, who, in 1981, when she was forty-two, had become Norway's first female Prime Minister. This was last Friday, just before the shooting started ..."

A woman mourns in Sundvollen, close to Utoya island, 07/26/11. (photo: AP)
A woman mourns in Sundvollen, close to Utoya island, 07/26/11. (photo: AP)

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+74 # Josippie 2011-07-29 13:43
When I was in my junior or senior year of high school, I went to a youth camp about "politics", as a result of winning a contest. I had been one of the essay winners, the title being "I Speak for Democracy". Its purpose was to foster good citizenship and leadership. The interstate, regional contest had been offered in many high schools. It was a wonderful growth experience. Once again, Beck has defecated on innocent people, with his hateful remark. No responsible media producer would tolerate this, but who said some of our media people were responsible?
+26 # Texan 4 Peace 2011-07-29 14:19
Last month I attended a Youth Activist camp for LGBTQ youth. It was not only great fun, but also one of the most inspiring weekends in many of those young people's lives. But I guess for those who distrust the idea of regular folks coming together to talk about their ideals of community and how to put them into practice, it's a scary thing.
+35 # DaveM 2011-07-29 14:30
I went to a YMCA camp when I was nine. I wonder what I was "indoctrinated" with?

At the risk of being misunderstood, it is in a sense sad that people like Glen Beck tend to inspire "lone gunmen" rather than attract them. If the latter was true, the problem would long since have taken care of itself.
+27 # DLT888 2011-07-29 14:33
Those who want to rule selfishly with an iron fist are threatened by young people in politics because they want no adult interested enough in politics to call them on the table when they do wrong on a daily basis. Educating the youth on being good leaders is a scary thing to those who want a hidden government headed towards Fascism.
+32 # stonecutter 2011-07-29 14:40
I spoke to my 26 year old son today. During his college days, he was immersed in politics. Today, he is fed up. He considers what's going on in Washington "idiotic and pathetic", and I have to agree with him. His interest in politics has curdled into disdain. Again, I have to agree with him. He believes as I do that the ordinary citizen is truly powerless, and the disgusting meme "The American People", when spoken by one of these con artists, refers to the offices over on K street, period.

There's nothing to respect, let alone admire in these ass-kissing, water-carrying, poll-driven racketeers, who vote like hogs at a trough on corrupt bills written and interpreted for them by lobbyists, the same deep pockets that pay for their weasley campaigns and secret perks-dining at upscale restaurants, golf trips, "junkets", resort vacations, "consulting fees" for wives-make empty speeches to an empty chamber after hours, stand behind their "leadership" like lawn jockeys during press conferences, and never, never say anything that isn't scripted, glued to daily talking points, and then run through a PR scrubbing operation before being OK'd for public consumption. The whole thing makes any reasonably intelligent person want to switch to Turner Classic Movies.

But sure, it's just fine to send kids to political camp.
+33 # davidhp 2011-07-29 15:18
I don't the Becks and Beck followers complaining about religious indoctrination in vacation bible schools. If young people like what a political party stands for I would hope they participate in experiences to learn about political party - a voluntary summer camp is no way similar to re-eductation camps forced on people by totalitarian governments.
Beck is just an opportunist making a buck from people's fears and prejudice. His politics are probably for sale to the highest bidder and so far the fascists have been the highest bidders for Beck's services and he has no qualms about taking their money.
+26 # Dale 2011-07-29 15:18
Glen Beck and the Fox News crowd, the Tea Partyers, a lot of Republicans, and too many white guys victims of the legacy of racism and zenophobia, are the U.S. version of the Nazis. These are dangerous times with violent people who will adopt any means necessary. They cannot be stopped by pandering, a la Obama, to their viciousness and crazyness.
+38 # Dimitrios 2011-07-29 15:19
I'll bet Beck has no qualms about "Jesus Camp," but anyone who has seen the movie knows that it is very political, pro-Republican, even using a life-size poster of George W. Bush. If anything is abusing children the "Jesus Camp" is doing so. The movie shows how much closer it is to a Hitler Youth camp than anything in Norway.
+47 # wwway 2011-07-29 15:21
I remember being indoctrinated in my Christian faith at church camps every summer from age 9 to 18. Community service and humanity were the themes of that indoctrination in the American Baptist church. I'm a progressive.
I spent some time in the 1970's with the religious right that Michele Bachmann came from. Now one has to be a Republican to be a Christian. The message of Jesus is passe...replace d by right wing extreemism with a message that contains no peace, hope or love.
+28 # Glen 2011-07-29 16:31
Josippie, thank you for using the word "defecated", which is exactly what Beck's type does to all decent, considered, efforts to conduct civilized activities and communications. The list is long of folks who, no matter their loyalties, participate in hate mongering, appealing to the worst in human thinking.

I would prefer to completely ignore Glenn Beck and his ilk, but these people are now encroaching on international relations in addition to U.S. pot stirring. Civilized people should now speak out against this barbaric media.
+25 # historywriter 2011-07-29 16:43
When I was in college, I went to an encampment in New York, Encampment for citizenship, that had some of the same aims as "I speak for democracy," and some of the others. I learned so much, met so many different people from all over the United States. It was a magnificent experience.
No Beck didn't defecate on innocent people. He defecated only on himself.
+12 # Carina 2011-07-29 17:08
I don't get it. Political camp is creepy, but church camps crowd the landscape every summer. What is the difference?
+4 # KittatinyHawk 2011-07-29 17:23
GOP, TP are anti Union therefore anti Labor.
We put our nose into others lives. It is not a time for judgement but sorrow. GOP have no hearts so how would they understand the needs of the families and friends anywhere.
I look at Youth Camps and Shudder too many are very Hitler oriented. Children should be allowed to be children, being an adult comes soon enough and not for the better
+21 # moby doug 2011-07-29 17:46
I went to American Legion Boys' Camp in Williamsburg, VA, when I was 16. Sounds rightwing but wasn' was about participating in junior government....m eeting other aware kids, and playing baseball. And we are supposed to be self-governing, are we not? Bill Clinton went to the related Boys' Nation which is how he, as a teen, met JFK in the White House Rose Garden. It inspired him. When will the execrable Beck finally disintegrate of his own corruption, ignorance, hatefulness, and mendacity?
+23 # Huuna 2011-07-29 18:27
To Stonecutter and his son. Getting discouraged with participation is just what the Republicans and their ilk want. Why do you think they want to make it harder to vote? If you get discouraged and give up, don't complain when things get even worse. I am not saying the Democrats are perfect, but most of these problems would not exist if as many voters had turned out in 2010 as in 2008 and the Democrats had held the house and a clear majority in the Senate. If you get discouraged, get up and get active, don't sit home and whine.
+12 # stonecutter 2011-07-30 05:39
With respect, Huuna, whomever you are, "whining" is not what my son and I do or have done. I was more active than most for decades, as was my wife, who traveled by car from NY to PA to knock on doors for that great team of Kerry and Edwards in '04, made countless phone calls, but the system has a multiple compound fracture...unti l you find a way to take these private billions of corporate dollars out of campaigns, you're living in a delusion if you believe ordinary Americans can have the slightest influence.

The Dems had a majority after the 2008 election, and we were just as thrilled and hopeful as all of you must have been about Obama and the new, I haven't been this disappointed since JFK and RFK were murdered. The gap between Obama's campaign rhetoric and his serial capitulations in office, especially when he had the Congress, is at best embittering.

The GOP has morphed into a bonafied cult that controls the Speaker of the House, the RNC (that drone Preibus running the RNC is a Tea Party zombie) and most of the MSM. Progressive actions are no longer given news coverage, as if they aren't happening.

I've done my thing; now it's your turn. If you're so committed, neutralize these Tea Party neo-Nazis, or at least drive them back under the rocks they came out from, and I'll get off my ass and stop "whining".
+1 # X Dane 2011-07-31 15:56
stonecutter0602 , Sadly I agree with you. I was more involved than I had been in my life. And I was so exited, for I thought, the President and his team now have an ENORMOUS base and the email for it.

When important issues and votes come up, they will click and inform us to get on the phones to our representatives and MAKE them vote with us........IT NEVER HAPPENED???

I was so dissappointed, and when the disgusting summer of the ugly townhall??? meetings wore on with all the STUPID people talking about killing grandma holding signs saying KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE??? I was devastated..

The republicans now are preparing to not only kill grandma, but the entire middle class and poor people.
+14 # SR 2011-07-29 19:51
Glenn Beck should complain about camps, the right wing religious churches he loves hold Bible School and camps constantly to indoctrinate the youth to be followers of the right wing philosophy and prepare them for their political future. Indoctrination is indoctrination no matter how you slice it.
+3 # TrueAmericanPatriot 2011-07-30 06:16
Quoting SR:
Glenn Beck should complain about camps, the right wing religious churches he loves hold Bible School and camps constantly to indoctrinate the youth to be followers of the right wing philosophy and prepare them for their political future. Indoctrination is indoctrination no matter how you slice it.

I would NEVER mention the Bible and Glen Beck in the same sentence. He is an EVIL LITTLE MAN, who has seduced a group of followers, who were already boiling on the inside with what he's fomenting over the airwaves, and scripting with his "lying literature," that HE believes are documents of truth. Anyone who has thoroughly studied and familiarized themselves with the Bible, would know that if the Jesus describe in it WOULD NOT be in step with these extremists like the RIGHT WING, TEA PARTY, and the other NUT CASES who try to paralell their pathetic lives with. In fact, these people would (if he were walking the earth today), would CRUCIFY HIM ALL OVER AGAIN, WITHOUT RESERVATION. He would not be compliant with "their agenda." of hatred fearmongering, theft, oppression, world division, and dictatorship. These are the SAME "indoctrination camps" they claim to "be afraid" that the government is setting up.
+7 # Midwestgeezer 2011-07-29 22:08
The current Pope, Benedict, of the Roman Catholic Church was at 14 a member of the "Jugend" or Hitler Youth.
+3 # Scott479 2011-07-30 15:58
The reason the camps sounds "creepy" is largely an American sentiment rooted in the truly shameful behavior of their politicians-the thought of sullying youth with the slime that lubricates the American political machinery is disturbing.
+4 # Thomas L. Walsh 2011-07-30 18:13
I have written several columns on Beck over the last two years. To begin with, if you want to know Beck (and I haven't the slightest idea why anybody would want to) look no further than Cleon Skousen. Skousen was a member of the John Birch Society, a religion instructor at a religious school in Provo, Utah, and later the Sheriff of Salt lake County. He came perilously close to be excommunicated by the LDS church for his inflammatory rhetoric. Beck is naught more than a shadow of the somewhat daft Skousen. Interestingly, while Beck complains about these young Norwegians being akin to Hitler Youth (he loves the sound of Hitler Youth rolling off his tongue), it would be of interest to note that this own daughter attended a religious university in Idaho where the students were strongly urged to make thousands of phone calls into another state, in an attempt to codify into the laws of that state a distinct level of prejudice against a portion of that state's citizens. As I believe I recall, most of those students were young people as well. They were most definitely involved in politics at the time. My best guess is that Beck forgot about that. Certainly he wouldn't be hare-brained enough to ignore it.

Tom Walsh
0 # stonecutter 2011-07-30 21:45
All Beck has to do to find Nazis in the room is look in the mirror. Recommend to anyone who wants a huge laugh along with the truth of Beck's Nazi fixation google Olbermann's video, "Glen Beck has Nazi Tourette's". Brilliant. Beck is E Coli for the mind, but think, think of the thousands of whackos who slobbered over him a couple of summers ago in D.C., who behaved like he was the Second Coming of You-Know-Who. There are a helluva lot of little Nazi wannabes running around out there, throwing "tea" overboard.

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