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Excerpt: "The largest risk for a failure of discipline in a nonviolent movement is that some members may become violent. Therefore, nonviolent discipline - the ability of people to remain nonviolent, even in the face of provocations - is often continually instilled in participants. There are practical reasons for this. Violent incidents by members of a movement can dramatically reduce its legitimacy while giving the movement's opponent an excuse to use repression."

Occupy Wall Street eye-witnesses claim police brutality has accompanied arrests in New York City's Liberty Plaza 09/20/11. (photo: Sign Of the Times)
Occupy Wall Street eye-witnesses claim police brutality has accompanied arrests in New York City's Liberty Plaza 09/20/11. (photo: Sign Of the Times)

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+7 # Lulie 2011-09-24 12:09
Unfortunately, "the whole world is NOT watching." There has been a deafening silence about this in virtually all the corporate media.
+9 # Vardette 2011-09-24 12:20
Ghandi was a good example of successful non-vilent resistence. It Started out small and then grew. We should study how he organized.
+6 # noitall 2011-09-24 12:52
You know how it was done. Ghandi persisted and he wasn't for sale. Watch the movie, read the book if you need to study it but get in there and get it done. Time's awasting. They're there on the line NOW. Take your book, read it on the way there, finish it on the line and pass it to someone who needs it. He organized by getting his ass kicked and staying on course not wavering. The people eventually heard of and supported his cause. Persist! That's difficult for us Americans but There will be no immediate gratification from these greedy animals. They are being beat like asses by the stockholders who are you and me. Stockholders are the problem. If you want to participate from home, sell your stocks. They'll get the message. Otherwise, wait to next quarter and see how much you've made.
+14 # noitall 2011-09-24 12:46
When you are at one of these and see someone acting or inciting violence, step in and stop it! Don't allow THAT person to take action. Chances are that they are a plant from the other side and this is how they should be characterized by the people. Let everyone know that if they exhibit this non-peaceful behavior that it will be assumed that they are and infiltrator and will be dealt with accordingly (turned over to the authorities). This is the kind of discipline that needs to be made clear to the group. Don't let a few take control. That is clearly a tactic of the 'other side'. AND Luli is right, the whole world isn't watching. Maybe other countries, but the brown shirts have us in lock down mode here in the land of the free and we must use our own system to inform and communicate broadly. Put your nickles and dimes together, send your repreresentativ e(s) from your community to participate and bring back word and videos. Make your community known there, identify yourself to show that this is a country-wide demonstration of unity against this Democracy-killi ng agression by the NWO, Corpratocracy, Nazis, SOBs, whatever we want to call them, they are against what all you Vets and patriotic Americans stand for. Get it done!
+4 # Capn Canard 2011-09-24 13:11
I understand the need to protect the protesters but I also find myself in agreement with the more aggressive Anarchist ideas of resistance. It is a paradox

I am the 99%
+8 # Virginia 2011-09-24 13:33
Tell the NYPD that Wall Street screwed them out of their pension funds. Countrywide extracted nearly a billion dollars from NY pension fund coffers. There has been a "settlement" but likely no check has yet been issued and probably not for the full amount. If BofA, or rather when BofA goes under - so goes the e bye retirement - and it's that way all across America and around the world. Many pension funds have lost their lawsuits...

The settlement with NYPD was probably because it's too close to home and harder to hide their identity and whereabouts ... just buying them time until the bank finally tilts. See The Sucker Punch at
+5 # Barbara K 2011-09-24 15:26
Where were the police when the teabaggers were running around with idiotic signs and loaded weapons, even at Obama speeches? If they were not arrested there should be a precidence and these peaceful demonstrators should not be arrested. I also believe if there is some violence going on, it is a set-up (that is what they do), it's the teabaggers, kick them out of the group fast, or better yet, turn them over to the police that he is not part of your group.
+4 # iris 2011-09-24 15:34
once upon a time the workers on the trans alaska pieline and most companies in alaska , were isured by organized crime..(see mother jones feb 1980 issue) In organizing the sick, disabled and injured who could not get medical help or work comp I made it a point to introduce each to several others..we had a couple of small group meetings and telephone tree. then we had a car pool for those who were able to take the trip to picket the govs office We made sure the press covered it as we demanded to see the gov. The crowd may need to invite foreign press. good luck getting wall st. and our sham government to allow open dissent now.

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