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Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviews Rep. Dennis Kucinich about Ohio's Republican Governor John Kasich signing into law a measure stripping public workers of collective-bargaining rights and barring them from striking. Opponents say they'll attempt to undo the law by putting it to a public referendum.

Rep. Dennis Kuchinich, 04/01/11. (image: Democracy Now!)
Rep. Dennis Kuchinich, 04/01/11. (image: Democracy Now!)

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+5 # Buckles 2011-04-02 09:25
If and when the President gets behind the unions he can nip some of the republicans union busting goals. We should send a pettion to the president to come forward, get him some niki shoes.
+4 # KittatinyHawk 2011-04-02 12:32
Power to the People, We are One. This is the time for those who are now finding out what the God Ol Pukes are up to, Come together and let us start a New American Way. Less Government, more For the People.
Corporations we are going to Boycott.
We will find out who you are that wants the Nazi Way and hand you the walking Papers. Cutting Profit Margins of those intending to harm the Americans, Workers Seniors, Children, Handicapped, Victims is Over.
Only War we promote is the one going to turn the Country over to the People. No more Nukes, No more Weapons of Mass Destruction. America is moving forward and you are on the Train. Adios to the Rest.
Politician Welfare is Over, Corporate Welfare is Over. The only Wage in America is going to be one the Americans and their Families can live on. So Celebrities, Sports, everyone living beyond your or should I say our means, start living in the real world because We cannot afford your Salaries or the Big Corporate Advertisers No More. Not a one of you are worth a million dollars.

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