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Keith Olbermann writes: "The ham-handed self-serving greediness playing out in the background of Governor Scott Walker's attempt to make Wisconsin into the central battle zone in the Koch Brothers' attempt to end collective bargaining in this country, roared to the forefront Sunday night when the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the supposedly financially imperiled state had enough money to hire State Senator Randy Hopper's mistress."

Keith Olbermann. (photo: orlandoshaped/Photobucket)
Keith Olbermann. (photo: orlandoshaped/Photobucket)

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+38 # Carol Reese 2011-03-21 10:22
Thank you Keith. We need to hear more from Michael Hudson, economist re: privatization. It's new to me and I'm convinced is the Right's end game. People can google Michael Hudson.... and be utterly amazed!
+15 # VANCE REECE 2011-03-21 21:21
Thanks, RSN, for bringing Keith back to us. His is a much needed voice.

Carol Reese, would like to hear from you.
+50 # Melinda Hutchings 2011-03-21 10:47
I so miss you Keith...your erudite humor was the omega of my day!
+103 # hdutton 2011-03-21 10:49
Lest we forget where the American labor movement started; HBO documentary tonite about the Triangle fire of 1911.

This is where we will return if such as the Koch brothers have their way.

Maybe it's time for a nation wide strike to remind the politicians who is boss!
+1 # Larry Allen Brown 2011-03-26 01:40
Can somebody on this blog tell me why this issue of collective bargaining in Wisconsin isn't challenged as a violation of the First Amendment which guarentees the right of free speech, the right to assembly and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances?

If corporations are granted the rights of Free Speech it would indicate that corporations fall under the category of “Expressive Associations”. Expressive associations are groups that engage in activities protected by the First Amendment—speec h, assembly, press, petitioning government for a redress of grievances, and the free exercise of religion. Unions would also fall within that category would they not? I would think it would be hard (if not impossible)for the Supreme Court not to agree that a Union would share the same freedom of speech that a corporation would have and that the law in Wisconsin cannot stand because it violates the First Amendment. I haven't heard anybody even mentioning this.
I have tried to contact lawyers including Jonathan Turley and the ACLU on this...but get nothing. Maybe someone here can answer this question?
+92 # motamanx 2011-03-21 10:55
Why isn't the MAINSTREAM media following this?
+44 # patv 2011-03-21 11:14
Why, obviously becasue the mainstream media has such a liberal bias ;-)
+13 # granny 2011-03-21 11:17
I think the Milwaukee Journal/Sentine l IS part of the mainstream media.You might want to check the meaning of :mainstream."
+1 # soularddave 2011-03-21 20:23
Maybe change that to Electronic media?
+17 # Beth 2011-03-21 11:45
damn good question - one I have been asking for years...perhaps there is a reason, like the "liberal" (WTF??) media doesn't want the mainstream people to know what the agenda really is????
+59 # jose 2011-03-21 12:48

+9 # Capn Canard 2011-03-22 11:40
Yes, but in actuality the MSM is not for entirely for the GOP, the MSM is for PROFIT, first and foremost and it is but a small minor player in the world of industries. It is dwarfed by the industries that control it: OIL, COAL, BIG PHARMA, HEALTH CARE, MILITARY INDUST. COMPLEX, etc It will support what ever industry is in power and does so without question. Examine Glenn Greenwald's article in Alternet,,

It gives us a glimpse of what lengths Wealthy influences will go to to force the debate in their favor. The MSM is useless, they are captive collaborators in this war for information. Our nation is destroyed by WEALTH. And we are watching it erode from the inside.
+22 # J.Lind 2011-03-21 13:26
Quoting motamanx:
Why isn't the MAINSTREAM media following this?

That's easy....MainStr eamMedia is owned by industries. Google 'em!
That's why on-line news is the first place to go so you can see plain and clear the lies...or omissio...or misinfo twists of facts, that goes for MSM News.

Everything is connected.
-76 # BBaldwin 2011-03-21 14:31
Because the main stream media is owned by Labor itself. Main stream media is no longer a free press.
+16 # rambler american 2011-03-21 15:21
Huh? MSM owned by Labor? Shirley you aren't serious.
+14 # aikidokurt 2011-03-21 18:08
He's madcap serious; and quit calling him Shirley!
+1 # soularddave 2011-03-21 20:37
+3 # Care2Dream 2011-03-22 07:54
Lots of changes since 2003. Anyone have a more up to date list on who owns the major news stations now? Media Matters might.
+2 # Capn Canard 2011-03-22 11:42
lol... and don't call him Shirley!
+9 # aikidokurt 2011-03-21 18:03
duhhh, so all media is public now...duhhh, we better rectum-fry this, huh bbaldwin! just wonderin, why aren't there any union commercials? they seem to want to sell me cell phones and cars? sly, sly labor makes it appear so wonder I was fooled!
+15 # soularddave 2011-03-21 20:33
you've GOT to be kidding, right? Why play around on here when you should be doing your research?

POP QUIZ: Who owns NBC, ABC?

ANSWER:General Electric, Westinghouse

Extra credit: Both make nuclear reactors
+13 # alice 2011-03-22 09:27
Both also make weapons for war, and the drums for war are always heard loud and clear...
+10 # Ken Hall 2011-03-22 11:06
This is a main cause of the circumstances the US finds itself in now. There are some members of the electorate that will believe anything Rush and FOX tell them.
+2 # alted1 2011-03-21 14:52
Because they are owned.
+2 # Leonard Allan 2011-03-22 07:19
Quoting motamanx:
Why isn't the MAINSTREAM media following this?

Ask yourself this... Who owns the Main Stream Media?
+5 # TotalRecall 2011-03-24 05:20
Actually, this is one of the few stories that the MSM did cover. I REALLY hate to defend them, but they even hit upon a key point that Keith missed (sorry K.O.) - that the little tea shagger was hired at an annual rate of app. 11K or 35% in excess of her immediate predecessor. On this one rare occasion, the MSM covered the story and unearthed the facts. Probably because it was salacious and titillating.
+68 # Cranford 2011-03-21 10:56
I thought the republicans were the party of personal responsibility and accountability.

That is probably true untill they get caught with their hands out for corpritocracy "donations" and their "special boy & girl" friends.
+32 # Ken Byrne 2011-03-21 11:07
New name for th Republican Paty - The Insane Clown Posse
+27 # ToLo 2011-03-21 12:40
Quoting Ken Byrne:
New name for th Republican Paty - The Insane Clown Posse

I've been calling them the "Selfservatives " or the "Repugnicans."

But "Insane Clown Posse" fits, too.
+21 # teineitalia 2011-03-21 13:45
I think that's a huge insult to insane clowns.

Rethugs works for me. Recycled thugs, most of them. a few idealists.. sadly they, too will be drowned out by the idealogues and the misinformed corporate shills that pass for legislators today.
+5 # PERCHONTHIS 2011-03-21 14:47
Love the band, hate the RNC
+4 # JuggaLotus 2011-03-21 16:21
You know very little of ICP. The reason they started their own record label was to avoid any association with corporate f***wads such as the RNC.
+26 # tuandon 2011-03-21 11:09
I did not know Republicans even HAD sex!
+26 # in deo veritas 2011-03-21 12:32
A real shame that their parents had any. They supposedly oppose abortion but at the same time are the greatest incentive for it!
+21 # KT 2011-03-21 12:40
Quoting tuandon:
I did not know Republicans even HAD sex!

They do have sex, except it is with minors, people of the same sex or out of wedlock
+2 # Interested Observer 2011-03-21 13:25
They do, sort of.
+9 # AML 2011-03-21 15:03
Oh they have sex alright. Just tap your foot in the mens' room in any airport if you're feeling lonely....
+54 # tsubow 2011-03-21 11:17
Thanks Keith. Backroom deals and slight of hand trickery are all hallmarks of croney capitalism. Thanks to the Taliban Tea Party, the republicans are whipped up and ready to end democracy once and for all. I'm hoping that the rest of us will wake up in time to stave off this assault on our country.
+22 # gloria 2011-03-21 11:26
As always, Keith, you are the beat! Wish you were still on TV!Too much to hope for?
+6 # RSJ 2011-03-22 04:41
Gloria, word is KO will be back on the TV machine in late spring on the Current cable channel. I have a feeling MSNBC will be losing a sizable amount of its audience when he's on.
+50 # Len Smith 2011-03-21 11:26
Just like to share this from a friend--"The Republican Party--our bridge to the 13th Century."
I just think Walker is trying to beat Palin across that bridge.
+6 # KittatinyHawk 2011-03-21 12:41
Pretty Sad Goal
+11 # RSJ 2011-03-22 04:49
Walker in Wisconsin, Snyder in Michigan, Kasich in Ohio, Daniels in Indiana and Christie in New Jersey are all playing slight variations of the same game. For instance, Snyder tried to go full-boat fascist Der Fuhrer in MI in his unconstitutiona l attempts to nullify the results of local elections in that state, while Indiana's Daniels took a more 'circumspect' approach. The results of union-busting and rewarding the wealthy with huge tax cuts are the same, of course, but it seems the Koch Bros. GOP is experimenting to find out which method works and that will become the template for every Republican Governor to follow. Obviously, Wisconsin was a bust.
+51 # fredboy 2011-03-21 11:26
The greatest threat to our nation's national and homeland security is the Republican Party.

And the greatest constant upheaval of hypocrisy.

Just the other day I challenged a right wing GOP teabagger nut case I know regarding Newt the Sleazeball. Reminded him that while Newt was stalking Clinton he was banging a mistress--the lizard was still married. And, like all brain-washed GOP lemmings, the guy tries to clean the slate by belching "Well, I'm sure he had a good reason."

Yeah--he was and is a sleazebag, like most of your kind.

I'm sure the guy thought about it maybe a tenth of a second before sliming off to polish and load his gun or hunkering into the nearest house of worship and hatred.
+13 # fredboy 2011-03-21 11:30
Forgive me, but just saw a photo of Ms. Cass the piglet.
If you are going to destroy your life and party at least pick a looker.
Oink oink...
+4 # KittatinyHawk 2011-03-21 12:43
He will dump her after she gets all that money in his pocket. Good Life, nice home and family are not enough.
Probably has another already
+18 # pierre 2011-03-21 11:48
GOP = Gang Of Pricks!
Republicans & sex?... They don't even know the meaning of the word. Their slogans are "kill for peace" and "thoughts & prayers"...
They're the peasants of the country!
+43 # a prien 2011-03-21 11:53
it's long past time for the American people to get straight that the Republicans are the enemies of the people and nothing but the stooges of the corporate gangsters. Not that the Democrats are that much better, but they are more pliable.

It's also time to put forward programs that will take power from the corporate gangsters and place it in the hands of the people. My modest proposals are: (1) establish a state bank like North Dakota to run the finances and economic development for the state for the benefit of the people instead of letting the private gangsters gamble with our future; (2) amend the corporate charter law to strip from the corporations the authority to contribute so much as a dime to any politicians, political party or for political advertising, and confiscate the assets of any corporation that violates the ban; and (3) declare as a bribe any contribution beyond a minimal amount to any politicians or political party by anyone who then advocates the adoption or enactment of any public policy by the person to whom the contribution was made.

Putting those policies in place would go a long way toward stripping the corporate gangsters of their hold over public policies.
+25 # Moe 2011-03-21 11:58
And many of these Republicans went after President Clinton none stop. There isn't one I can think of that has one ethical bone in his/her body. I'm sure there must be one, no...OK.

Good to hear from Keith Olbermann. I miss him a lot on MSNBC. They were stupid to replace him with O'Donnell.
+22 # ToLo 2011-03-21 12:43
Quoting Moe:
. They were stupid to replace him with O'Donnell.

O'Donnell is good: he's fearless and passionate. But he ain't Keith.
+3 # Capn Canard 2011-03-22 11:59
O'Donnell suffers from the same sickness that ails Chris Mathews. He is to close to being an insider and then misses the forest for the trees. Notice that Schultz and Maddow do a far,far better job than Mathews or O'Donnell.
0 # Capn Canard 2011-03-22 11:56
once again if you want to see actual hipocrisy in action watch the GOP. Let me give you a link to an Alternet article by Glenn Greenwald:
+3 # Dallasite 2011-03-21 12:04
The Republicans - the party of the farbissina.
+16 # Beenie 2011-03-21 12:06
Republicans: Hypocrites, liars and thieves. Enough said.
+26 # pagrad 2011-03-21 12:11
CBS NEWS aired a good documentary piece, yesterday, Sunday, remembering the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in lower New York, which resulted in killing 146 workers, mostly women and girls.

The exit door was locked, in order to prevent ‘Union Organizers’ from entering.

The Republican governors of Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, and New Mexico and of some other states, and Republicans in the House of Representatives , who intend to keep workers from organizing, are simply bullies who are self-interested . They serve the right-wing interests of the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce who promise to take away the fundamental right of workers, in a democracy, to join together and bargain collectively.
They are no different than Muammar Gaddafi, and other dictators, who try to bully people, for their own greed and self-interests!
But, as most Republicans, they don’t know history and have not thought out the eventual conclusion. Their fundamentalist behavior lacks introspection and clear thinking.
It’s all in the History books.
The tables will turn in the 2014 election.
+18 # Valkyrie 2011-03-21 12:13
I glanced quickly at the by-line and almost fainted. If Keith had gone over to the dark side, I knew all was lost. His absence from MSNBC has left a void in my weeknights, so I am hoping to see more "FOK News" items in RSN. Thank you, Keith. You are irreplaceable.
+26 # WANDERING GRANNY 2011-03-21 12:16
+12 # teineitalia 2011-03-21 13:51
Wandering Granny,

I agree. I really miss Keith and his whip smart analysis each day. He calls it like he sees it and always spoke truth to power with great passion.
-54 # An American Democrat 2011-03-21 12:34
What a load of hooey. Slow news day, Keith? This is of no consequence. Outside of whatever may have caused their marriage to falter (their own personal business), I see no wrongdoing. Sensationalist crap.
+25 # Interested Observer 2011-03-21 13:41
Did you miss the part of putting her on the public payroll after an "interview"? A real conservative value, a bargain at $20+/hr of public (not their own) money. Plutocrats should at least keep their own mistresses, the old fashioned private sector/free market way.
+22 # tonenotvolume 2011-03-21 13:49
You see no wrong doing? No consequence. What is of consequence to you? Guess you missed the part about the undercover hiring of his girlfriend after she spoke with an RNC official. Good thing the dumped wife signed her ex-husbands recall petition.
+8 # RSJ 2011-03-22 05:05
Let's see: Randy Hopper violates state law by running for office from a district in which he is not residing and further tramples the law by representing the district without disclosing to his Fond du Lac constituents he has moved to Madison. Then his lobbyist mistress gets a do-nothing temporary job with the state at increased pay over the former job-holder, while her good friend the governor cries about how broke the state is. So, you still think there's no wrongdoing here and just a bunch of 'sensationalist crap'?

Tell me: What do Randy Hopper or Scott Walker have to do until it becomes, in your eyes, malfeasance and criminal?
-2 # Capn Canard 2011-03-22 12:07
An American Democrat, yes you are a Dumbocan. And that is why the Democrats are just LIKE THE REPUBLICANS, they are all rapists and thieves. IMO, the Democrats are useless to we, the people. It is time to make them pay as much as we have to pay for the unregulated greed of Wall Street and the complete incompetence of the MSM. This will only get worse and there is no turning back, i.e. you can't un-ring a bell.
+26 # liberalman 2011-03-21 12:35
Another case of so what else is new in corrupt Republicanville . They constantly rub their supporters noses in their dirty & tawdry scandals yet these blind-eyed followers find a way to bury their heads in the sand & look past the misdeeds because after all, Christians are a forgiving lot. Unless those that need any type of forgiveness happen to be Democrats. Then the Anti-Christ & Communist Hitler/Nazi tags get bandied about. One apt word: Hypocrites.
Another: Charlatans.
America as we know it is drowning in a cauldron of misinformation, hyperbole, and blind-ignorance .
+7 # tcatt57 2011-03-21 12:42
Main steam Media and drowns out Fox's,
Manson Family Media with their Fat Fascist in Florida taking the role of Charlie(not Sheen. If you really want to blow the lid off this Fiscal Scam the GOP engineered goto: Its revolution material.
+17 # Harry 2011-03-21 12:48
Meanwhile, in Michigan, Governeor Rick Snyder is called "a tough Nerd".
Snyder is a STINKING TURD.
+6 # jose 2011-03-21 12:53
+16 # Betsy Wells 2011-03-21 13:02
Thank you, Keith. You have again crystallized the Republican national agenda--self-se rving hypocrisy. I miss you on MSNBC, especially your scathing commentaries about the national Republican agenda. MSNBC really lost viewers when they lost you. Keep writing to wake up America's Democrats. Evil is among us!!!
+40 # stonecutter 2011-03-21 13:04
Once, around the time it seems when Robin Hood roamed Sherwood Forest, there were Republican Senators whom this moderate could actually respect: Lowell Weicker, Mark Hatfield, Everett Dirksen, John Danforth, Nelson Rockefeller, Arlen Specter, Jake Javits, and others whose point of view may have been business and not labor-centric, but who were intelligent, well-educated, experienced, reasonable people, willing to compromise for the sake of the common interest.

Now the GOP is hijacked by anti-intellectu al, cynical demagogues like Palin or Bachmann or Gingrich or their clones, or old-school, fatuous windbags like McCain or McConnell or Boehner, ready, willing and able to exploit the flatline fears, ignorance and hard-wired bigotry of their prevailing dumbed down audiences around the country. They appeal to the worst angels of our nature, the slimey underbelly of American culture and political discourse.

What's even more depressing is the collusion of so-called mainstream, corporate-contr olled media in the descent of most TV coverage, reporting and political punditry into the communal sewer of PR spin, unchallenged mendacity, factless propaganda and endless fearmongering, all for the sake of ratings, and the infinite need to stuff as many empty sound bytes and fake "news" as possible into the 24/7 broadcast cycle.
+23 # teineitalia 2011-03-21 13:49
Stonecutter, I completely agree with your assessment. The ability of the average voter to cut through the propaganda gets worse with each passing year. Republicans cut education funding for a reason... the same reason they do not want other points of view except their own on the airwaves. I fear for my country, I really do. thanks for your cogent and spot on assessment of the problem we face.
+15 # AML 2011-03-21 15:41
Watch for the ultimate politics slut; Donald Trump. Not a principle or scruple in sight. EVERYTHING to him is 'business', be it the ousting of a little old lady who happened to own property where he wanted a highrise, or the bottom-feeding excercise of casting doubt on the President's birthplace to steal Tea Party votes.
+1 # Larry Allen Brown 2011-03-26 02:18
What you're saying is true. I watched Anderson Cooper's reporting of the lies told by Mubarek during the Egyptian revolution. I couldn't help asking myself when would he ever point that same critique toward our own politicians or government officials? I used to have Keith Olbermann for that.
+7 # 2011-03-21 13:36
This is surely a sleazy incident and should be publicized to embarrass the actors.

One does however wonder about selectivity. Living in a thoroughly Democratic state and having worked within various Commonwealth agencies over my career, please be assured that elected Massachusetts politicians always "make room" on state payrolls for their supporters, relatives, and love interests. In one department I worked all of my dozen reporting staffers had guaranteed jobs and they were openly referred to as "Governor X's" or "Governor Y's" or "Governor Z's" appointees. All of these "employees" were more or less incompentent and none could be fired.

So, to be fair about this story, Olbermann might have also dug into Democratic Party political appointments and spoken to the need to have all employment with the state subject to civil service rules. He would have done a real service instead of merely digging up some dirt and throwing it at a political opponent.

Lee Nason
New Bedford, Massachusetts
+16 # jon 2011-03-21 16:50
The difference is, Lee, that Walker and his cronies are screaming "no money" to destroy unions at the same time they are hiring mistresses. That is a HUGE difference!
-2 # NCMike 2011-03-22 08:42
Should we discuss Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill owing $300,000 in taxes? The fact is that members of both parties view themselves above the law and try to manipulate the system for their own gain. Lee is right in pointing out the selective nature of journalists in only attacking those with whom they are ideologically opposed.
+2 # Larry Allen Brown 2011-03-26 02:30
No. NCMike. We probably shouldn't since it has nothing to do with shutting down a union as part of an austerity program and yet hiring a Republican Senator's mistriss for a government job that pays over $800/week. What you're presenting is a TuQuogue argument. It's like a little kid that does something wrong, and say's "but so and so did it too", completely ignoring that Old Family Value that we all were taught. Two Wrongs don't make a Right. If you're going to destroy the 1st Amendment rights of an entire group of people for the reasons of cost cutting and then hire some tart for a position at $20/hr your a lying hypocrite. It had nothing to do with cost cutting, and everything to do with trying to destroy unions in this country.
+17 # Blackhole2001 2011-03-21 13:40
And the Republicans always play the religion card! What hypocrites!
+11 # genierae 2011-03-21 13:59
I canceled MSNBC, I can get Ed and Rachel online without all those commercials. I'm beginning to think that they use all those ads to limit the time of progressive programs. MSNBC's other shows don't seem to have so many. I think the Ed Show should have been put in the eight pm slot, instead of The Last Word. Ed is much more down to earth, and action-oriented than is Lawrence O'Donnell. Now he's at ten pm, and I bet he lost some of his viewers. Keep up the good work Keith!
+5 # SteveM 2011-03-21 22:14
Quoting genierae:
.... I'm beginning to think that they use all those ads to limit the time of progressive programs. MSNBC's other shows don't seem to have so many. I think the Ed Show should have been put in the eight pm slot, instead of The Last Word. Ed is much more down to earth, and action-oriented than is Lawrence O'Donnell. Now he's at ten pm, and I bet he lost some of his viewers.

Ed Schultz is unabashedly pro-union & pro-labor, and THAT'S why, imho, his show was moved to 10 PM.

If I had my way, Mr. Schultz would swap MSNBC places with Chris Matthews because his show is more "hardball" than Matthews' show could ever be.

I miss Mr. Olbermann's presence, though!
+2 # genierae 2011-03-22 11:00
SteveM: I agree that The Ed Show was moved to ten pm because he was so liberal. He was beginning to really get noticed and so he had to be shoved up to a later time. I also agree that he would be better than Chris Matthews, but Chris is the moderate voice and so the execs at MSNBC can mold him in whatever image they like. I do have to say that he seems to be getting more liberal than he used to be. But Keith Olbermann was the guiding light and I miss him too.
+2 # Capn Canard 2011-03-22 12:20
I agree with you genierae. I see Ed as much more populous. He seems to really give a $&*# about the people. O'Donnell comes off as far too manufactured and plastic, a kind of inside baseball guy that is going down swinging. On the other hand Keith could pull off the insider quality while still keeping his eye on the ball and driving in runs. Maddow is decent, she does all the homework that confirms all that I presume. I don't see MSNBC sticking with the effective people much longer. So O'Donnell and Mathews will remain, Ed and Maddow will probably get sacked.
+4 # SgtCedar 2011-03-21 14:01
"... I was wondering if you had any more details about when you would have a spot ready for me?”

Just a routine hiring decision? No payback here. Sure sounds like it.
+1 # tjkenny13 2011-03-21 14:43
WHEN is is is Keith coming back? I would like to know. I thought he said in MARCH.
+2 # Laurence Glavin 2011-03-21 14:52
Four-dollar can of soup? Things really ARE expensive in New York!
+15 # Gnomic 2011-03-21 15:29
I will pay all expenses to send Ann Coulter to Japan to walk a route I will map out through the reactor site without safety gear so that she can come back and personally attest to the benefits of radiation. Ann? ANN! Free Trip! I promise that you will get lots of news coverage and another 15 minutes in the media spotlight! ANN! FREE TRIP ANN!
+5 # jon 2011-03-21 16:53
GOOD IDEA, Gnomic! -- I am SURE Ms. Coulter will be more than willing to put her body where her mouth is, just to prove that she is not a mendacious fascist flack, or will she??
+14 # terrybennettmd 2011-03-21 15:33
Keith Olbermann,
You have the time to do an in depth review of Koch Industries- where and how the money came into the possession of these 2 thieves and which politicians they have bought with it.
Somebody needs to spell it all out and disseminate it to the public at alrge, and particularly to the media, who seem mystified by decades of theft and political maneuverings.
These guys have "Koch-suckered" us all
--and made billiobs in doing it
When does Current TV open up a Countdown equivalent? They do not even have a working phone number
TM Bennett MD
+9 # UncleArte 2011-03-21 17:06
It appears with the Kock Bros and the other
super rich contributors having their way with the American Dream is to change the way We do politics, campaigns and financing. We need a 6year-1 time in office, reform...From the Dog Catcher to the Office of President...All financing should be from a pool, with an allotment to each candidate...All television/Radi o or other, for profit media, should be at NO Charge...(Their way of returning the
the value of the license given....With Our present system, across the nation slavery is inevitable...Ci vil unrest on the horizon...It's going to be Cairo in LA...
+7 # Gary in Midwest 2011-03-21 20:17
Keith, this article is funnier than A Midsummer's Night Dream, (I don't know why it reminded me of that except to paint all the little characters running around and so desperately looking for their little rewards, be it love or in this case, power. And so would, too, the Republicans in this case be funny -- if they weren't destroying the progress in this country that took generations of hard work and sacrifice to build for us, this America today. There's an old saying in gambling: greed will do you in. I hope that's the case with them, but then the story would have no bad guys, now would it?
+5 # Patricia Chang 2011-03-21 22:52
Dont get me wrong, the Dems have had some very public and destructive sex scandals. However, the Repugnants have the kind that are particularly disgusting. And, they are such hypocrites. Walker is greed-driven. He would sell his granny down the river for a bent nickel. The people of Wisconsin voted in a scumbag. If they are wise, they will recall him in 2011, before he does more damage.

And Keith, please, please have a blog where we can post comments, like Rachel does, and is on Facebook.
+2 # Rita Walpole Ague 2011-03-22 06:00
Go Keith, go! Lead us on in outing all the Koch suckers (love that saying of yours), and, God willing, we'll wake up even the dumbest and most naive of we the sheeple (a.k.a. the Faux News lovers) and get on with the French style revolution needed to...UNDO THE COUP!
0 # Leonard Allan 2011-03-22 07:41
I am watching what is happening down there in 'Woo Woo' land (Somebody spiked the Conservatives' Wheaties). Depending on how successful this program is on you the Cons in our country will try it on us. So good luck to you and remember you have friends that may think your government's policies 'Suck Big Time' But we still get along with you.
Do you watch NCIS? If not ask around and someone will tell you that a "Gibbs", is a mild smack delivered to the back of the head of anyone who says or does something stupid. As an experiment try using the "Gibbs" on select individuals that you feel are capable of less stupidity. Please think very carefully before using this technique on the loudmouth schnook at the ball game.
+5 # kalpal 2011-03-22 07:46
When a right winger says MSM is liberal he means they tell the truth about the right wing and that is about as dirty as can be in politics. Truth telling is not to be tolerated by America's conservatives. It is not acceptable behavior. If America knew the truth the conservatives would be exiled.
+2 # Charlotte 2011-03-22 09:32
I always refer to the gop as the GREEDY OLD POOPS! And Keith, we love you and count on you being there with the TRUTH!
+1 # sassymom60 2011-03-22 09:37
I have a name for the gop - GREEDY OLD POOPS!! We're counting on you, Keith, to keep the truth coming!
+6 # Gary Nelson 2011-03-22 10:43
If Wisconcin legislators are serious about balancing their state budget, they can start by eliminating all retirement benefits from elected state legislators! I bet not one Wisconcin legislator will bring this up for consideration. Their greed outshines their public duty!
+3 # Gary Nelson 2011-03-22 11:00
If the Wisconsin legislators really want to balance their budget, they must eliminate all their state legislator retirement benefits! I bet not one Wisconcin legislator will propose this. The greed of a Wisconsin legislator outshines their public duty!
+2 # Gary Nelson 2011-03-22 11:03
Wisconsin legislators first eliminate all your state retirement benefits before proposing further state employee changes!
+1 # Robert Bernstein 2011-03-22 13:45
And what an appropriate name for the
jerk, "Randy Hopper".
+3 # Foxtrottango 2011-03-22 14:29
Ironically, it was the Wisconsin voters that voted this rightwing fascist republican governor in. What did they expected, fair play?

What the old saying: "Keith told you so!"

Now those same voters in Wisconsin and elsewhere are paying through their nose for electing these corporate crooks in.

It serves the right!
+1 # T.R. 2011-03-23 13:17

I'll buy that! In the final analysis, it's all with the voters. They got what they voted for. Do your homework, dummies. Start with turning off the idiot box. You won't get any truth-sayers there.
+1 # marilynrssll 2011-03-24 01:18
As you say "turn off the idiot box".....
Here's a slogan for our t-shirts:

"Turn off the TV,
Get your own personality."

I miss Keith as well.
+1 # SHARON SANDERS 2011-03-24 09:48
Now that Glenn Beck is starting his own station, progressives should have their own station(s) as well and insist they be next door neighbors to NBC or Fox. There must be enough money from the sane side of our society to financially support and influence the moving of Currents or hopefully other small "d" democratic stations in the vicinity of the conglomerates controlling the airwaves. Is it time to contact Michael Moore, Warren Buffet, George Soros to cough up the big bucks and influence for this. As an activist in many organizations, I find it absolutely amazing as to how much our citizens don't know about the lies and what's being done to them by the libertarian/rig ht-wing extremists.
+1 # Zaineb Alani 2011-03-24 12:55
Keith, you need to start your own show on your own news channel or something! What's stopping you? :)
0 # Lorraine Stone 2011-04-11 14:02
What channel number (Florida) are you on now?

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