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Talbot writes: "The Republican assault on contraception and abortion rights seems to have revived an old question: is sexual freedom good for women?"

The Republicans have launched a war on women through a campaign against abortion rights and contraceptives. (photo: CurrentTV)
The Republicans have launched a war on women through a campaign against abortion rights and contraceptives. (photo: CurrentTV)

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+10 # Majikman 2012-04-09 23:45
I disagree that the repugs won't go after education..."vi rtually no one in American public life seriously worries that higher education spoils a woman, and fewer and fewer fret that working outside the home warps her destiny." Repugs have demonstrated that they are attacking education at every level and when the coming election shows that women have deserted the R's, they'll continue the assault on women with a vengeance. And that, children, is when the good witch finally said "Enough" and zapped the evil repugs into oblivion.
+6 # dick 2012-04-10 05:35
Until the late 19th Century, most American who were not Native lived in the same time frame, era, epoch. But urbanization produced "modernization, " which proceeded at different rates among different groups of American. Now some Americans live in the emerging mid-21st Century, some in the 1950s, & some seem farther back, toward Puritanism or even caves. We are left with enormous cultural gaps, antagonisms, clashes. With some peculiar consequences, modern communications, especially among young people, may even things out, for example, tolerance of sexual liberation, including homosexuality. Yet class antagonisms & racism persist. Hard to put sexual ecstasy back in the bottle.
+2 # Glen 2012-04-10 06:10
It is way past time to end the fixation on women and let them live their lives as they see fit and the best they can. Certainly women are at a disadvantage in that they can and do get pregnant, which renders them subject to further restrictions, but the social realities of their lives have gone a long way to confuse young women beyond how to handle pregnancies.

Both men and women are subjected to challenges no matter where they live, and growing up under different systems in the U.S. They realize the differences between them early on, and those differences will always be there. But it is past time to let women go - encourage the young women and men in our lives to handle what's involved in their own gender but to pursue freedom as a human being, rather than being labeled according to their gender. Time to work together.
+6 # ThinkRodan 2012-04-10 08:47
It is SAD to see a REPUBLICAN PARTY which refuses to join the 21st Century!
It appears that they don't understand that WOMEN are PEOPLE TOO! They also don't seem to understand that we live in a MULTI-RACIAL world and society!
+2 # dick 2012-04-10 11:32
Praise the Lord! We are truly blessed! In this special season wayward GOPer Christian wannabes keep shooting themselves in the mean foot. Thank you Jesus. Hopefully, 21st Centurions will march to polls & wherever else necessary to see to it that ALL human beings are perceived & treated as equals. Women should take some comfort in knowing they are SCARING the SHIT, literally, out of insecure & intimidated males. You go, girls. Take control. You CAN'T do worse than men have.
-2 # Anarchist 23 2012-04-10 12:33
Perhaps it is time for the Men's Liberation Party-where men give up their involvement in the boring areas of economics, city planning, foreign relations, budgets and other dull chores. The Men's Liberation Party stands for a permanent vacation from the cares of the world for all men-unlimited leisure-footbal l 24/7! Unlimited hunting and fishing, poker, camping,hiking, sports of all kinds, free higher education and DIY classes. In return let the women do the household work of making budgets and generally running the country! Organize your chapter today!

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