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"Obama cannot order pelicans not to die (no matter whose ass he kicks). And no amount of money - not BP's $20 billion, not $100 billion - can replace a culture that's lost its roots."

Gulf pelicans covered in oil from the BP oil spill, 06/16/10. (photo: Lee Celano/Reuters)
Gulf pelicans covered in oil from the BP oil spill, 06/16/10. (photo: Lee Celano/Reuters) your social media marketing partner


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+7 # Guest 2010-06-24 07:14
Greed and corruption has finally destroyed an unreplaceable ecological area. It could only happened in the right wing conservative bible belt south east portion of the USA. What left is anybody's guess. Of course, the corporate-bough t republicans party and it judicial appointees, all on the take of big oil money, will blame President Obama for it all!

And the most amusing fact of it all, the President is letting them do it! How that for incompentence! That's what he got for trusting republicans and putting some of them on his staff. He wasn't satisfied with the blue dogs on his staff, so he went big time. Only Jimmy Carter praying in the Rose Garden while Ronnie Reagan was stabbing him in the back was dumber than that!
+9 # Guest 2010-06-24 07:32
It was once said by an oil company CEO that the energy sector is strictly the domain of big oil and it shall stay that way..These people were the greatest opposition to alternative energy and they continue to be so today. They with the help of a bevy of lobbyist and sleezy lawyers literally "BOUGHT" the Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court of the USA and other heads of state from countries throughout the world.
Environmentalist were shoved aside like flys when they voiced concern and people like Naomi Klein were cast as nut cases or worst as purveyor of lies by the media who are now totally controlled by Corporate empires.
Is this the end of the world? Probably not but it is the end of life as we= once knew before economic greed took over aided ans abetted by some world Economist who made their money and fame for the elite of this planet.
+2 # Guest 2010-06-24 08:43
The biologists and oil spill clean up experts exclued from this catastrophy. There is no expertise. Commissioner Graham was on Thom Hartmanns show rubber stamping the clean up and Thom bought it Corexit has sunk the oil and poisoned suffocated much of the marine life in the gulf. Oil whales dolphins turtles.. at the bottom of the gulf so we cant see how much how many.Now its moving OUT - aroundthe world in 180 days killing ocean life and raining down on land. can still be addressed but not the way its going. Mike Papantonio , ringoffireradio .com, has been saying we need supertankers to suck up the oil, hundreds of them, Accept help of 17 countries who offered Stop the corexit now.... oxygenate the water and start bioremediation on water and coast. Spill can be contained by supertankers... Obama and BP know this. Millions of us need to get active and demand this or we well may be letting them kill our sweet earth.
-6 # Guest 2010-06-24 10:18
Her hindsight is remarkably keen, yet such mundane rhetoric overlooks the challenges of pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. If not on the cutting edge, we as a nation must at least recognize where the edge is, otherwise we would still exist as a series of disjointed tribes wandering the planet, on all fours, waiting to sing our death songs.
+1 # Guest 2010-06-24 18:11
The edge has to do with innovation, not exploitation. Until that is learned, America will continue down the slippery slope Reagan put us on, outsourcing everything for profit for the select. Trickle down never work, and ever since then our society has been going down hill faster and faster. Just like rental property, if you don't put money back into it, it will be condemned sooner than later.

Obama is the first step towards achieving long term goals. Unfortunately he must appease Republicans too to make it work, because they will be the ones undoing his work next time their man is in. Obama is faced with a seemingly Herculean task. It is up to the middle class and poor republicans to reject the elite corporatist leaders that make them victims, inveritable cannibalism.
+4 # Guest 2010-06-24 10:24
I have a better idea for a plaque above hayward's desk; anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
+4 # Guest 2010-06-24 11:13
our MONEY religion culture = maximise $$$ profit culture - this is a cancer that will destroy our "civilization".
In a sense money culture is less sustainable than Taliban and other extremists .. we are fighting for military-indust rial PROFIT
+4 # Guest 2010-06-24 11:57
Added to the mess and misery in the gulf and its shores, we now have the big burnoff of some salvaged oil, fouling the air over that region. Winds will move that carbon pollution even faster and further than the oil itself by the water currents. This rape of the earth is a crime, and all its consequences should be treated as a crime. Instead we have toney Tony Hayward whining to get his life back, consoling himself with a yacht regatta, and jingo Joe Barton apologizing to BP for the presidential "shakedown" to pay mere tokens for their criminal negligence and greed. Eisenhower warned us, and his party became the great enabler of this crime.
+2 # Guest 2010-06-24 18:16
This is ecological genocide. The innocent animals and species that perish are God's children just as much as Man. There will be Hell to pay, both in this world and the next. All we can do is to continue to atone for these industrial pigs. The science of alternate energies is proven and real. It has been suppressed fully since the 1970's by corporate elitists that abuse their powers while breaking no visible laws in the system they have intentionally corrupted.

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