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Kelly writes: "Since 1996, we had traveled to Iraq numerous times, carrying medicines for children and families there, in open violation of the economic sanctions which directly targeted the most vulnerable people in Iraqi society - the poor, the elderly and the children."

Is there an end in sight to the war on terror? (photo: US Army)
Is there an end in sight to the war on terror? (photo: US Army)

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0 # Kayjay 2013-03-19 14:38
Many thanks to kathy Kelly for sketching out the "grey. " details of making
+7 # Kayjay 2013-03-19 14:58
Many thanks to Kathy Kelly for sketching out the "grey," consequences of enduring war. The trouble is that wars are launched today in terms of black and white, or a genuine lack of understanding or disregard for what is left behind once the "mission," to enhance our national security has been declared. Except for those who have served our military, Americans have do not UNDERSTAND, nor ever seen war. This ignorance and feeling of helplessness as a result of the bleatings of war-makers and profiteers' paid for congressional reps, makes too many complicit. We have not had war within our shores since the 1860s. All subsequent world wars, police actions and anti-terror missions have been "over there." Thank god we do not understand firsthand, but our numbness allows the war-making to continue.
0 # RMDC 2013-03-22 05:28
Thanks, Kathy. You've always been so courageous for peace. American is lost in a dark night. Many of us once thought Obama was a beacon of hope. Now there is nothing but war without end.

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