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Ben Greenman writes: "An analysis of more than a hundred thousand documents recently leaked by a disgruntled elf has revealed several surprising facts about the North Pole's most famous citizen."

Santa and his military-style elves. (photo:
Santa and his military-style elves. (photo: your social media marketing partner


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+2 # kelly 2010-12-24 23:06
I've been wanting to see what the old guy was really up to all and now I know! Hmmm...I was surprised and impressed that he hadn't begun any outsourcing or made any deals with Walmart, Amazon or UPS.
0 # ApartmentStory 2010-12-25 01:47
Contrary to popular belief, Santa cannot really tell when you’re sleeping or when you’re awake, but he will fly into a rage if his ability to do so is questioned. ♦

That's kind of the point. :) Hugs/Kisses/Up the Bracket
+6 # Ralph Averill 2010-12-25 05:10
None of this is new, or surprising. Many of us have known for years that Santa Claus is not the "jolly old elf" his pr flacks would have everyone think he is. One wonders also if any of the leaked documents might confirm the rumor that Rudolf did not in fact guide the sleigh because of foggy conditions. He was the designated driver. Santa was plastered.
+3 # Sally 2010-12-25 12:09
I refuse to say anything negative about dear old Santa. I like the mythology of it all and... I want to stay on the "nice side." (I don't have 12 million, more like $12.00.)

Merry Christmas good citizens of this earth.
+1 # Cynthia 2010-12-25 14:53
It's all hearsay!
+4 # Charles H. Winslow 2010-12-25 21:33
When I was three, I protested to my older sister that the whole Santa business didn't make any sense. I pointed out such problems as fat man, small chimney, number of children, size of sleigh, come through door, locked door, bring presents, presents already wrapped. She was unhappy with my point of view and especially with my disinterest in magic. I just kept saying, "It doesn't make sense; it doesn't make sense!" I soon heard grandfathers voice from behind his newspaper, "It doesn't make sense; it makes money!"

Maybe, however, my sister was right. Santa may be the last magic many kids will experience.
+1 # Ronn Smith 2010-12-26 23:05
What can possibly be your point in having a whole series of so-called "security words" that your system doesn't recognize? This time I gave up trying after five of the silly things were rejected, and another time I remember I gave up after seven were rejected.

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