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Braune and Lusky write: "Robert Garza is scheduled to die on September 19. The state of Texas has not attempted to prove that he killed anyone. When a young Latino male in the Rio Grande Valley - the long-impoverished, southernmost tip of the state - is accused of gang involvement, the question of who actually pulled the trigger does not give pause to Texas' well-oiled killing machine."

Robert Garza is scheduled to die for being in a gang. (photo: movingtargetfilms)
Robert Garza is scheduled to die for being in a gang. (photo: movingtargetfilms)

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+8 # reiverpacific 2013-09-13 11:19
Well, well; Tejas does it again, the state that gave you governor Dimwits, he who mocked a woman on TV that he'd just executed, in a whining voiced parody "Oh pleeese don't kill me" after she, like her executioner, had "Accepted Jesus as her saviour" in prison and was a model prisoner, unlike her vapid, incurious, strutting reincarnation of the idiot Mussolini who claimed with a straight face that "God wanted him to be president".
It's not the first time that somebody was silenced by execution in the "Land of the free" -if you can afford a top-notch law firm to keep your nefarious deeds quiet and buy legislators to make them legal.
+10 # Helen 2013-09-13 11:43
"Garza contends that he did not participate in shooting the women whose murder has landed him on death row, and that he was not even at the scene of the crim.".

Texas must be a terrible place, with a lot of terrible people. I cannot believe that this is happening in our United States, and that the federal government could not intervene.
+4 # tedrey 2013-09-13 12:03
How do we register a protest?
-1 # barbaratodish 2013-09-15 12:48
Perhaps no one INTENDS to kill, because before there CAN be INTENTION (MALICE AFORETHOUGHT, etc.) there first must be LIFE and those who kill hardly HAVE their LIFE, because, mostly, their LIFE, the pre excuse FOR a life as an INDIVIDUAL with INDIVIDUAL INTENT, HAS THEM, otherwise why the need to BE in a gang, in the first place? In other words, almost ALL humanly designed, humanly generated law (except natuaral "law") is F/LAW and it is F-LAWED! The LAW, all law, especially the "LAW OF PARTIES", attributes PARTY or GANG intent as equal to INDIVIDUAL INTENT. As if a CORPORATION, legally defined as a "PERSON" CAN EVEN BE EXECUTED! lol By all means, TEXAS: on October 19, EXECUTE any and all PARTIES that you can find, execute CORPORATIONS,to o, while you are at it, but allow Robert Garza to live!

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